Tom Holland Body Transformation for Spiderman Homecoming

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  • Mundo de Isabella Filadelfo

    Lindo e maravilhoso amo tom

  • MusicKnowledge1
    MusicKnowledge1 5 days ago +1

    Spider boy is more fitting of a title for him

  • Lily M
    Lily M 5 days ago +11

    His accent is so cute OML
    He is so cute!

  • MiloMCMobz
    MiloMCMobz 5 days ago +1

    2:05 Peter Parker is Vulture confirmed?

    • MiloMCMobz
      MiloMCMobz 4 days ago

      because he imitates batman, who also plays the vulture

    • David Guzman
      David Guzman 4 days ago

      MiloMCMobz I don't get it

    • MiloMCMobz
      MiloMCMobz 5 days ago

      Reply if you get the joke.

  • VFSactor67
    VFSactor67 6 days ago +17

    DAYME!😳 Didn't know he could actually do all that flipping around and stuff!👏🏽 For someone who can't touch his toes, that's AWESOME!👍🏽

    • MSadamgasm
      MSadamgasm 5 days ago

      marty mcdemarco he said that in the film 90% of the time it is him under the suit and not his stunt double
      Which is really cool

    • marty mcdemarco
      marty mcdemarco 5 days ago

      MiloMCMobz he stated himself that he can't touch his toes😂 but yes he does some of his stunts

    • MiloMCMobz
      MiloMCMobz 5 days ago

      Can't touch his toes? i am confused. Tom Holland did his own stunts

  • 1983Dave1983
    1983Dave1983 7 days ago +2

    MoS music at the end? really?

    • Gil Scharf
      Gil Scharf 7 days ago

      Yes it fits the endings perfectly.

  • John Kirk
    John Kirk 8 days ago +5

    Can you do Hugh Jackman?

    • Gil Scharf
      Gil Scharf 7 days ago

      Definitely! Thx for watching.

  • Theyylovedezzy
    Theyylovedezzy 8 days ago +4

    Jacob Batolon reminds me of Mowee from Monoa

  • Eddieboypancake
    Eddieboypancake 8 days ago +1

    Micheal B. Jordan.........

  • Person
    Person 8 days ago +2


  • luke666808g
    luke666808g 8 days ago +18

    His fat mate is so jelly.

  • Unknown Name
    Unknown Name 9 days ago +18

    Tobey Maguire will always be the best Spider-man

    • Kelvin Mendez
      Kelvin Mendez 2 days ago

      +Catherinechia 94305107 Watch these videos, they give in-depth analytical intellectual compelling reasons, facts, and details on why Tobey Maguire worked as Spider-Man/Peter Parker. &

    • Froilan Fuentes
      Froilan Fuentes 2 days ago

      Kelvin Mendez I have to disagree with you there. While Tobey's was more serious, he felt overly dramatic and those jokes never really sticked with you. I haven't watched the movies in a long time, but I remember more crying and awkward talks than anything. Garfield's felt weird, in my opinion.

      I like cause it was fun, but we also saw him fail and get back up. It was light-hearted and filled with jokes, but that is not a bad thing

    • Kelvin Mendez
      Kelvin Mendez 2 days ago

      +Froilan Fuentes Tobey did have the quips,
      Spider-Man 1: "That's a cute outfit. Did your husband give it to you ?", "Well, beats taking the subway, don't mind her, she needs to use the elevator.", "Hey kiddo, let mom & dad talk for a moment, will ya !", "You have a knack for getting in trouble.", and "It's you whose gobby, out of your mind !"

      Spider-Man 2: "Workout, plenty of rest, you know, eat your green vegetables.", "It rides up in the crotch a little bit too.", "Here's your change !" & "I have a knack for that."

      Spider-Man 3: "I guess you haven't heard, I'm the sheriff around these parts.", "Look at little goblin junior, gonna cry ?", & "A few minutes ago would'nt been so bad." Tobey's quips felt so natural and perfectly timed when the situation, scene, or moment had enough levity and was light hearted enough to warrant them while Andrew's quips were so forced and obnoxious to the point where he might as well be Deadpool.

      First of all, Spider-Man is not just about making jokes and that's it, when serious shit hits the fan, he's supposed to shut up and take the situation seriously. If you go to level of joking he does in the comics and translate that into film, you're gonna have the risk of making Spider-Man coming off as an asshole and that he's more focused on being funny then actually saving people and him blatantly making the situation worse and insufferable while doing it.

      That really came to life in ASM 1 & 2, especially in TASM 2 where Spider-Man is too busy making jokes while Rhino is driving that truck crashing into cars with people possibly in them and probably died. Spider-Man is not Deadpool !

      It's all because the writers and Sony were more interested in pleasing the fans who complained that Tobey didn't make enough jokes, in other words: they went for quantity over quality. In Raimi's trilogy, they portrayed him in a more serious manner where he still throws his one liners but at the appropriate time because he was more concerned about helping others than being funny for the sake of it.

  • TheRamatix
    TheRamatix 9 days ago +18

    Nice vid m8, can you do Chris Evans transformation?

  • Gil Scharf
    Gil Scharf 9 days ago +6

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