Part 2. Rep. Tom MacArthur town hall in Willingboro, NJ Republican Party May 10, 2017

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  • Michael Wherly
    Michael Wherly 16 hours ago

    Starting at 7 min and 30 secs, you'll witness a great speech. Right up there with the 'Have You No Decency?' response of the McCarthy trials. Triumphant!

  • Ibee Hebgb
    Ibee Hebgb 1 day ago

    what a drama Queen

  • Basil Loucas
    Basil Loucas 5 days ago

    SSDI INCLUDES MEDICARE. I receive it and have received it for numerous years. Hence, do not listen to the sweet-words, lip service, word-of mouth promises or fall for their pretty smiles.

  • Basil Loucas
    Basil Loucas 5 days ago

    Stop the lying it is called Federalism Federal Level and Dual Federalism at the state level.

  • Basil Loucas
    Basil Loucas 5 days ago

    That person is legitimizing the Republican Health Care Bill. One lie after another using sweet-words, lip-service, word-of- mouth promises and pretty smiles. Vote him out.

  • Basil Loucas
    Basil Loucas 5 days ago

    Stop the lying

  • Khalil Das
    Khalil Das 6 days ago

    1:33 "we did nothing to be diabetic." Not entirely true. My opinion is, diabetes is mostly a rich man's disease - u normally wont find it in countries where ppl r malnourished. Secondly, to me, she looks overweight (or she'd be viewed as overweight in my country) - once that happens, ur back, knees, feet r affected (body isn't designed for higher loads). Heart needs to work harder and pump thru narrower vessels in someone heavier.

  • Grace Spurling
    Grace Spurling 6 days ago

    Trump is an orange head bafoon did y'all catch that

  • Grace Spurling
    Grace Spurling 6 days ago

    he does not have a pot to piss in

  • Richard Donato
    Richard Donato 6 days ago

    I don't really understand. Republicans told you what they were going to do. You were cheering then. Why not now?

  • Kathy Nickele
    Kathy Nickele 8 days ago

    Another solution is ACA or Single payor. Both are better than the republican. Rep MacArthur is flat out lying to these people. The CBO is the one saying the premiums are going to go up.

  • Kathy Nickele
    Kathy Nickele 8 days ago

    You cannot be denied coverage but they can charge you more than you can afford. The money they put in the risk pool over covers about a third of those that will need it.

  • Susie Q
    Susie Q 9 days ago

    Pretty pathetic when representatives need the police to protect them. USA, USA, USA!

    The young man made a point that nobody ever acknowledges. Politicians don't want or trust bureaucrats to control health care. THEY are the bureaucrats.

    Competition does NOT lower prices because insurance companies are a conglomerate like OPEC. OPEC colludes together to keep oil prices high. They get together and set the prices and screw the public. So do insurance companies. That's why they are fighting the ACA, they are losing that control.

  • Madronaxyz
    Madronaxyz 14 days ago

    This is a good article that explains exactly why Obamacare premiums went up. Marco Rubio sabatoged the ACA by diverting billions from the ACA.

  • Madronaxyz
    Madronaxyz 14 days ago

    You cannot be denied coverage for any pre-exisitng condition, but the insurance cabal can charge such high rates for pre-existing conditions that most people cannot afford to buy the health insurance. The "Risk Pools" can charge 5x or more higher rates.

    OF course he doesn't like single payer--he's a multi millionaire from being an insurance executive. Like all insurance executives, he lies. Risk poools can make your rates very high.

  • Aldo Sfalcin
    Aldo Sfalcin 17 days ago

    A country of dupes. Fooled by a corporate paid media and your leaders are bribed psychopaths. They make it seem complicated and it confuses you. Laughable. Solution is childs play as the rest of the modern world has universal health care and the USA the richest country in the world kills sick people for money.

  • scooby doo
    scooby doo 18 days ago

    As shitty as things are here, I am so proud of my fellow citizens for taking it upon themselves to get involved in politics. We the people can and will get our country back! Fight on, friends!

  • hook2233
    hook2233 19 days ago

    Rubio submitted a amendment to remove the money to insurance companies that's why some pulled out

  • Gilbert Sanchez
    Gilbert Sanchez 20 days ago +1

    I remember a time when life was good in America and people were concerned about right and wrong. in 1969 the dolor was so strong u could get sick and wouldn't have to think you'd be on the street if u went to the Dr for special treatment. I was here I remember life was good and everyone was positive and did their best to to be honest and tell the truth . this Congress man is I dishonest list. twist s the truth to suit his ideas. but we live in reality not perverted ideology that the right will fear monger everyone to belive. let this Congress man give up his perks and salary and benefits from the government he thinks is tooo big. and take a risk on his plan he wants for us . let him deal with cobra or have him but his own insurance under his plan for his family. if he believes soo much in cuts let us cut his salary and no perks fromonbyist to him.... he'll cry like a baby and as would all his right wing supporters would .BIG CRY BABYS.. THat what these right wingers are. blame everyone but themselves for bad public policy to gain a buck for themselves. cowards with big mouths

    • Gilbert Sanchez
      Gilbert Sanchez 19 days ago

      Great job speaking up and being involved.This the best example of patriotism and good citizenry for our young adults and children to follow. This type of person is what we need our children to look up to instead of synicizm and greed like most of the right wing politicians and media hero's of the day...

  • Alfie Green
    Alfie Green 20 days ago

    The nurse at the end is a lovely woman. The problems with our system are not reflected in her, she cares. The problems stem from the toxic effects of the greed and callousness found in those who have the wealth and power. History proves this.

  • ninuxy
    ninuxy 20 days ago

    Guess what... now they want to simply repeal ACA and leave 10's of millions without insurance. Uninsured numbers are going to go up around 60 million in several years.

    Next time go vote.

  • Rafael Garcia
    Rafael Garcia 21 day ago

    My deepest respect to this man. I'm a Cuban doctor and I know a free health for all is possible. The American people and the whole world deserves that. God bless this great country!

  • calkelpdiver
    calkelpdiver 21 day ago

    So this GOP representative was in the Insurance industry before he went on to the golden parachute of Congress.  Figures, this guy isn't going to turn on his buddies.  I'm sure if you looked into his campaign donation information you will find the Insurance Industry has contributed a large amount to him.  Bought and paid for.

  • rherlih
    rherlih 22 days ago +1

    You do not have an understanding of healthcare, congressman. Don't you hear these people? Do you have time to take some classes on health care systems in US and around the world? I also am a nurse. This was the area of study I pursued after my RN. No one tries to get off Medicare or refuses it do they? We Americans believe in a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Starting with life, you wouldn't have it without healthcare. It's time for a one payer system.

  • Mary J
    Mary J 22 days ago

    This man is my hero

  • don quixote
    don quixote 22 days ago

    If everyone would eat a low fat vegan diet, health care costs would plummet!

  • Billy Crenshaw
    Billy Crenshaw 22 days ago

    all u people who voted for this man it's hard to feel sorry for u now u see the republicans plan for u how do u like it? Obama care is not perfect but that man tried to help America with this for profit health care we have the good thing is that redemption is a real thing and God loves us so much that we can receive it don't make the same mistake in 2018 mid-terms America needs to send a loud and clear message on what kind of country we want to be

  • Nancy Peterson
    Nancy Peterson 23 days ago +1

    This congressman is lying and is spouting a bunch of bull. Risk pools create problems because (DUH) if you put all sickly people in a pool - the insurance $$ will go through the roof - the way you keep the 10 essentials (of the ACA) is by SPREADING the risk over the entire population not grouping the higher risk together - spreading the risk IS what insurance policies do. Go Geoff - you have it so, so , right Thank you to whoever put this video up - everyone needs to watch it.

  • ufofireninja99
    ufofireninja99 24 days ago

    All these paid actors pretending to make MacArthur look evil

  • Dennis Kinch
    Dennis Kinch 24 days ago +1

    This Rep is a major liar. Was he an insurance salesman? He definitely is on the side of the ins lobby. If he's right about Healthcare, why go through all this to take away ACA? Why not just ammend it? If Bush can spend 3 trillion on nonsense wars and the Dept of Defense can lose 2 more trillion out of nowhere and State loses another 7 T...all under 1 pres...why can't we have single payer health ins for everyone and free college in-state? We can. Get rid of the greedy congressmen 1st. Recall anyone who breaks their campaign promises. Research a lot so we don't have take this bozo's word for it. Jersey must have different laws than most states according to your Rep there, but he's wrong about his claims at least in my state.

  • muddyriverdogz
    muddyriverdogz 24 days ago

    "Why do some people deserve better healthcare than other's"? Because they have more money that's why. Any other answer is BS

  • poo shoveler
    poo shoveler 25 days ago

    what a dishonest fuck. you can't be denied, but you can pay 10x as much.

  • Rick Morgan
    Rick Morgan 25 days ago

    This Rethuglicant talks bullshit and almost makes it sound feasible.

  • Chris Tindall
    Chris Tindall 25 days ago

    What an asshole.

  • Katey Carr
    Katey Carr 25 days ago

    In a civilised country where capitalist activities produce danger, pollution, disabilty and poverty, it is only right that people who get ill should be fixed at the point of need. The UK is civilised.

  • Peter J. Andros
    Peter J. Andros 26 days ago

    Hmmm...New Jersey is waking up at last. Better late than never..Congratualations

  • Helen Trope
    Helen Trope 26 days ago

    It sounds horribly complicated. You just need a NHS but I don't think you'd be allowed to have one.

  • Jerry Lewis
    Jerry Lewis 26 days ago

    I love this guy, everything he said is true

  • Barbara Friedkin
    Barbara Friedkin 26 days ago

    The AARP saying it!
    HE is lying through his teeth!!!!!

  • Karemaker
    Karemaker 26 days ago

    lol "Tiny boy"

  • Mike Kennedy
    Mike Kennedy 26 days ago +1

    Does this clown know what COBRA costs? When I was out of a job and lost my 140.00 a pay check medical coverage, COBRA was going to be 850.00 a month. How the hell does he expect a person out of a job to pay 850.00 a month? This repre is a moron.

  • Michael Christopher Lucas

    America leaders of the free world, yet cant take care of thier own people ?????? How can health be a profitable buisness ! Only in America

  • Jacqueline Grey
    Jacqueline Grey 26 days ago

    single payer

  • wayne johnson
    wayne johnson 26 days ago

    what i suggest is to rout this idiot and and others in the party

  • randall rhoads
    randall rhoads 26 days ago

    want insurance?...go fuckin buy it. Quit bying phones and flat screens. Quit waiting for other people to take care of you and your family. This is America, not gotta work .

  • Melissa Denbo
    Melissa Denbo 27 days ago

    The Republicans have had 8 years to come up with a good plan.

  • Eric Silva
    Eric Silva 27 days ago


    WORK IN PROGRESS 27 days ago +1

    This guy full of SXXX, he'll have best healthcare for him self and family Oh and riches asshole 1% get all the money you want and rest working class get Nothing period !!

    SADFFD 27 days ago

    thank you, all you trump voters and Republicans voters lol

  • Hit-marka
    Hit-marka 27 days ago

    A "Free for all"? That fucker is lucky he didn't get lynched!

  • Jester Trey
    Jester Trey 27 days ago

    Thank you that there are people like this in America.

  • horace bynum
    horace bynum 27 days ago

    shudve beat him n2' a COMA so wen they pass this weakass law he wud hav a pre-existng condition' fuk him'

  • jhm s-tagg
    jhm s-tagg 28 days ago

    wow!!! that was great, what happened to him? the others had great comments too, clear questions and comments. The ex nurse spoke very well too. Great meeting.

  • Nana Brown
    Nana Brown 28 days ago +1

    you can not be denied...BUT they will charge you a hell of a lot more for it.
    Under the ACA you are not charged more.

  • Miah Leissa
    Miah Leissa 28 days ago +1

    Tom MacArthur, obviously, you are not listening. This "free-for-all" is reality. You need to pay attention, listen and act on the will and welfare of your constituents. You are going to fall and fall far. Grow a SPINE and some ethics.

  • Royal Johnson
    Royal Johnson 28 days ago

    for the Love of money and the white lie

  • Jackie Binns
    Jackie Binns 28 days ago

    Your a idiot ! Congressman!!!!

  • Jackie Binns
    Jackie Binns 28 days ago

    If medicare is so small why take it away 800 by billion dollars

  • Chris Buck
    Chris Buck 29 days ago

    You can't be denied coverage by a new employer, you can be denied the job however. And cobra is so expensive it sends people to the poor house if not bankruptcy if you have an illness that MUST be dealt ... unless you just go without and then roll the dice that you don't get worse or God forbid die before you get another job with good health benefits.

  • scott nola
    scott nola 1 month ago

    This guy is a martyr he's the man! He's a Dr and he's defending everybody including all you egocentric stingy republican voters. 90% of Republicans politicians are lying scumbags. Republican politicians who tell the truth, who says their honest intentions don't win elections. If a Republican didn't lie they would NEVER GET ELECTED!!! Republicans can't win elections w/o cheating ie.. gerrymandering voter suppression berating and attacking opposition. Republican voters are either wealthy, religious-bigoted (brainwashed) or COMPLETE FUCKING IDIOTS who will believe anything. Keep voting for the Koch Brothers you IDIOTS keep saying global warming is a myth. Made up by the oil lobby. Republican Politicians KNOW it is real the republican voter are the idiots for believing them

  • G. Bravo
    G. Bravo 1 month ago

    Republicans are not making it better there taking it away to put more money for the rich. but they want to feed you horse shit.

  • xxxxmimi
    xxxxmimi 1 month ago

    Why isnt a single payer option better for all Americans? Just because he says so, doesnt make it so

  • Czotie
    Czotie 1 month ago

    I love how the dude next to Jeff in the brown Sports Coat is totally confused and perplexed.

  • jasontube22
    jasontube22 1 month ago

    Jeff is one of the greatest people I've ever seen. You can't even get actors to be this authentic with acting their entire lives. Jeff is one of the most sincere real Americans I've ever seen.

  • Johan Ivar Kvalø
    Johan Ivar Kvalø 1 month ago

    Very good, except MacArthur isn't challenged on his parties flawed logic regarding health care

  • Michael Sonn
    Michael Sonn 1 month ago

    SCRUBS GUY FOR 2018!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dan Rush
    Dan Rush 1 month ago

    How about these cry baby bastards shut the hell up!

  • samiproductions kuz
    samiproductions kuz 1 month ago

    This bold man is a liar. Please don't beleive this shit.

  • Mike Arbo
    Mike Arbo 1 month ago

    just a bunch of victims. that one guy goes on for 10 mins and doesnt even need healthcare frm the gvrmnt! he def looked like a paid actor if there ever was one. libtards at their finest in this vid!

  • HoldenNY22
    HoldenNY22 1 month ago

    I would like to have seen the Whole Town Hall Meeting Uncut ad Unedited including Conservatives , Trump Supporter or even leftitsts who comdemn the Democrats as well as the Replublicans.

  • HoldenNY22
    HoldenNY22 1 month ago

    I would like to have seen the Congressman''s Response to the Angry Audience Member

  • HoldenNY22
    HoldenNY22 1 month ago

    Hilary Clinton was against Single Payer. Obamacare is basically RomneyCare- a Republican Solution. I would like to have see

  • Realnews
    Realnews 1 month ago

    Why not have the Federal government pay for universal healthcare like the better countries? GOP goodbye goodbye.

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 1 month ago

    Hey Republicans, ever wonder why we always have plenty of money for the security state/military, but none for the citizens?

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 1 month ago

    These stories are why healthcare is a right, not a commodity. The rest of the advanced world realized this decades ago and provides it for their ppl at far lower costs and greater results/health. Maybe one day Americans will realize this?

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 1 month ago

    Hey Americans, if you want job security let's start with bringing back the unions. We've been complicit in allowing the GOP to dismantle decades of things we've fought for, and been cowed to submit for fear that fighting for things that benefit the majority is evil "socialism". What cowards we have been to allow these bullies to take from us and enrich themselves and never lift a finger. Well, this is what being pushed to the limit looks like. If we sit back and continue voting for the GOP, we can expect the entire public sector to be dismantled and then we live in a world that is nastu, brutish, and short - the very thing government was created to protect us from. This is also what happens when you no longer teach civics, or let it be taught by frigging coaches.

  • Rona Kidd
    Rona Kidd 1 month ago

    How can people pay COBRA if they don't have a job or the money to pay you idiot!

  • ko a go go
    ko a go go 1 month ago +1


  • Josh Smithson
    Josh Smithson 1 month ago

    Isn't this the guy whose daughter is DEAD! Bring that up and make the fucker realize what he is doing.

  • elmartillogrande
    elmartillogrande 1 month ago

    remember vote for the republicans again.. FreeDUMB and guns they hate us for our FreeDUMB.. vote republican dummies..

  • elmartillogrande
    elmartillogrande 1 month ago

    you're all going to vote for these republicans again.. because you're stupid..

  • Alicia Wilson
    Alicia Wilson 1 month ago

    daaaaaang dude went completely in on him

  • SkinoReturns
    SkinoReturns 1 month ago

    Fucking pigs! Swarming around

  • Shadow Phace
    Shadow Phace 1 month ago

    In 2018...see you later Tommy boy.

  • carling 1
    carling 1 1 month ago

    i always trust insurance salesmen ,( and car salesmen)

  • Bi Al
    Bi Al 1 month ago

    Tom MacArthur is a garbage human, the lowest form of vile scum in existence. Lie lie lie right to everyone's face, your day will come.

  • wakajumba
    wakajumba 2 months ago

    Fact: Paul Ryan says the CBO report confirms TrumpCare will lower premiums and the deficit.
    Fact: Plans will be cheaper because they will cover less coverage
    Fact: Plan premiums will be higher for older, sicker people who will be priced out
    Fact: Average premiums will appear cheaper because they will target younger, healthier people while pricing out older sicker people

    Fact: 23 Million people will lose health care

    Fact: Republicans exempted themselves from this great new TrumpCare train wreck

    Fact: Republicans are more concerned. about balancing budgets and lowering deficits, while important for prudent financial responsibility, than they are with the human impact of their decisions.

  • janet diaz
    janet diaz 2 months ago

    i hope jeff (7.30 min into the video) runs for office against MacArthur. medicare is the base for all health care bills. ie... dr office charges 90 to Medicare that is the most they can charge any insurance company. medicare say knee surgery hospital stay is 3 days all health care plans follow that as there max guideline. Go Jeff he spoak for so many sick people and there families.

  • Mihai Galea
    Mihai Galea 2 months ago

    wo this guy that did the speech , how a NORMAL HUMAN BEING THAT DOESN"T KNOW ABOUT THE ISSUE CAN TALK AND DO A SPEECH LIKE THAT ? :)))) not mossad at all...

  • Ferry Sugianto
    Ferry Sugianto 2 months ago

    He is one of the anonymous ,,

  • Arian de Bruijne
    Arian de Bruijne 2 months ago

    What happened at 19:07 did he get removed?

  • crash bandicoot
    crash bandicoot 2 months ago

    hooly fucking shit i just resercht how much hees werth hees werth 52.4millyin dollers

  • crash bandicoot
    crash bandicoot 2 months ago

    this giy makes me sic to my stumic skum like this just roind over 24millyin pepols lives and he cold care les as long as he gets pade its soo sad i feal soo bad for the peepol that have famly and frends to suport that are les forchonint its soo soo sad i hope we can make it alive for 4 fucking years

  • Sanna Hayes
    Sanna Hayes 2 months ago

    this guy "tom macArthur" is a smart jerk! I don't like him! I don't think he is trustworthy. I hope he loses his seat!!!

  • Sanna Hayes
    Sanna Hayes 2 months ago

    Single payer IS the best solution for AMERICA & AMERICANS!!

  • Kyle Nokes
    Kyle Nokes 2 months ago +1

    19:09, what got cut out?!

  • nashi nash
    nashi nash 2 months ago

    One cannot help but marvel at the sheer stupidity of Americans voters of self-inflicting wounds by voting Republican party members into power in all the Houses of Legislature. Its like knowing a train wreck is inevitable but still they stay rooted on the train tracks while the train crashed & mowed them over. Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Therapists, Mental health students will have treasure trove of potential patients & case studies over these kinds of situations where most other ppl are scratching their heads in puzzlement wondering if the average Americans have lost their marbles/senses Or is it just their choice to be blissfully ignorant until Reality hits them in the face.

  • Yo Stella
    Yo Stella 2 months ago

    This man makes me Sick!

  • Johnny Utah
    Johnny Utah 2 months ago

    Republicans are bad for America, vote them all out in 2018.

  • KJ Ritua
    KJ Ritua 2 months ago

    are they former Trump Supporters?

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