Oh My God, I Can’t Wait To See It!’ Watch Joe And Mika ‘Learn’ About SNL Satire

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  • It’s been a time-honored debate in the executive suites of television networks and studios for years, and comes to mind after watching the Morning Joe clip above.

    Saturday Night Live began its most recent episode with a cold open that satirized the not-so-subtle and amorous interactions between co-hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough who very recently announced their engagement publicly.

    As a very popular morning news program, Morning Joe walks that fine line between smart news conversation and the relatable prattle that make viewers feel connected to the super famous and influential hosts.

    … Well file this under the later.

    Mika and Joe appeared to be caught unaware that SNL opened their show ostensibly mocking the host’s secret feeling for one another.

    Now, it’s possible that both co-hosts missed the segment on Saturday night, but given how wired-in they are, their public profiles and what’s going on in the world — and featured on Mediaite! — it seems rather implausible that neither had seen, or were somehow unaware of this segment. This, of course, appeared to be the joke that Mika and Joe were playing on viewers.

    Mika’s reaction of “Oh my God, I can’t wait to see it” felt a little like another SNL segment from a previous time. You know, the one that featured Cheri Oteri and Will Ferrell as shallow and craven TV hosts? — the one called “Morning Latte.”

    There is no denying the popularity and influence that Morning Joe hosts are enjoying. But as is the case with almost any TV host, they are walking a fine line between authenticity and living in their own caricature.
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  • John Acobs
    John Acobs 1 day ago


  • doitee52
    doitee52 3 days ago

    Couldn't find two more arrogant morons anywhere. Just disgusting people.....

    I FOUNDMYKEYS 5 days ago

    hahaha that was so funny

  • To ry
    To ry 6 days ago

    They can't find someone better than this empty head for the morning show?

  • SoTexasLandman
    SoTexasLandman 6 days ago

    Who the hell is doing crazy Joe's hair these days? He looks like he is standing in the middle of a tornado in Kansas. For the life of me I can't understand how these two bozo's keep their job. I guess management is even more out to lunch. If it weren't for You Tube nobody would even know about Joe and his crazy girlfriend, Mika. It's obvious from the ratings that nobody watches Morning Joke.

  • Cap One
    Cap One 10 days ago


  • Michael wood
    Michael wood 11 days ago

    arrest them both!

  • Dbunkr55
    Dbunkr55 12 days ago

    Horrible show...with these two narcissists surrounded by boring sycophants. SNL nailed it.

  • Carol Harris
    Carol Harris 16 days ago

    is actual Joe imitating SNL Joe? he sounds like it.

  • Jacob Young
    Jacob Young 17 days ago

    They were joking. If you watch the whole show they kept alluding to it afterwards.

  • Anna Nymous
    Anna Nymous 17 days ago

    Nice facelift Mika!

  • Renee Elliett
    Renee Elliett 17 days ago

    Hope these fucktards can't have children. Mila would give birth to a Hillary Clinton.

  • James R
    James R 19 days ago

    They saw... they died from shame... they agreed over unhappy shots... "it never happened!!!!  Next day... "Oh really"!?  Usually there good liars... but not today!!!

  • Phillip DeBong
    Phillip DeBong 21 day ago +1

    Joe = Biggest Douche bag on TV

  • Bernie Sanders
    Bernie Sanders 23 days ago

    MAGA mother fuckers fuck you stupid cucks and fuck that hippie producer.

  • Kim Jong Drumpf
    Kim Jong Drumpf 24 days ago


  • VBtown
    VBtown 28 days ago

    Youre in the same network! Of course you saw it.

  • somuchkooleronline.
    somuchkooleronline. 1 month ago

    They're kinda creepy. They look related....yikes maybe they are related.

  • Bruce David
    Bruce David 1 month ago

    The Crazy Mika & Traitor Joe show Crazy Mika, hope you don`t end up just another woman in Traitor Joe`s way like the Intern Lori Klausutis who was Found murdered in Joe Scarborough`s office. OOPS!

  • Stephen Rankin
    Stephen Rankin 1 month ago

    they suck

  • lola g
    lola g 1 month ago

    The illuminati couple. Spent the beginning of the weekend, drinking some babies' blood, got turned on, and went for it, the rest of the weekend.

  • Noelia Jaime
    Noelia Jaime 2 months ago

    I love Mika.Her face always says it all.Not a phony bone in her body.I like people like that.

  • Skg Gee
    Skg Gee 2 months ago

    Spit on you two.May you two lying traitors be cursed ! Fuck you two. I bet you two will now be more prone to lying for each other in conflict of your duty to report on the truth.💩💀

  • jim hydle
    jim hydle 2 months ago

    Mika found a hole between her breast and sped to the hospital.  The doctors weren't shocked only to find the old fart bags belly button.

  • woolybooger
    woolybooger 2 months ago

    Boris and Natasha

  • Sterling Johnson
    Sterling Johnson 2 months ago

    Joe said lets go to France. Uncomfortable weird

  • Sterling Johnson
    Sterling Johnson 2 months ago

    Joe say mika like he beat her. Mika

  • snow76creek
    snow76creek 2 months ago +1


  • G.R, Dray
    G.R, Dray 2 months ago +2

    They are shit.

  • Jewels Star
    Jewels Star 2 months ago +1

    They were taking the p1ss clearly!! Of course they were aware of it... and they were just messing about or joking... I don't know what the US is for "taking the p1ss" or "taking the mickey" but please tell you guys understand that, right? Do you *honestly* think they were trying to pretend they hadn't seen it or heard about it and they're commentators?? C'MON!!

  • MGB
    MGB 2 months ago

    When Joe and Mika get married, which gay marriage would that be?


    Like those two fucking idiots didn't see it.


    Ok. I'm in England.
    This KAY woman, from England, had to assume an Americanesque name, so she comes up with:
    What a fucking embarrassingly piss~poor attempt.
    That's not even close to a name, it's more a WWE nametag.
    I bet her real stupid fucking name is something like Moira Robotham.

    And that fucking mess of a plastic abortion for a face.


  • Morpheus
    Morpheus 2 months ago

    What exactly is that Morning Joe woman's job anyway?

  • The Meister
    The Meister 2 months ago

    boy these liberals sure have an all white cast. in fact, this show is 99% white. but hey, they want to help black and brown ppl, so long its not in their plush media world. what a bunch of phonies...

    • Lew Alcindor
      Lew Alcindor 2 months ago

      You just assumed he was a liberal because he was on MSNBC and don't want to admit you had no idea he's actually a Republican. It's okay, lol. I understand.

    • Lew Alcindor
      Lew Alcindor 2 months ago

      The Meister Alternative facts FTW, lol

    • The Meister
      The Meister 2 months ago

      Lew Alcindor you make my point. WAS...nicely done ✔

    • Lew Alcindor
      Lew Alcindor 2 months ago

      The Meister He was literally a Republican congressman. But you carry on with your alternative facts, lol. Whatever makes you happy.

    • The Meister
      The Meister 2 months ago

      lmao. if you really believe that joe is anything but a closet liberal, you're confused. my point is liberals pretend to be so accomodating so long it isn't them having to do the accomodation. again, bunch of phonies. joe is a pretender a total " republican " mascot. he's as republican as bill clinton.

  • S. Bass
    S. Bass 2 months ago

    What a bunch of morons.

    INFOCOOL 2 months ago

    More lies from MSNBC. What a surprise!

  • Antoine Morin-Prévost
    Antoine Morin-Prévost 2 months ago

    These two are awesome, if they had to do what they did to be together then I wish them the best.

  • jack johnson
    jack johnson 2 months ago

    "Can`t wait to see what"....Slo Joe`s little penis.

  • David W.
    David W. 2 months ago +4

    you people are morons. why obviously saw it this clip was called SARCASM!!! inwatched this last Monday morning and after the commerical break they were joking about it even more. Joe called Mika "mikaboo" and referenced if his nose hurt. I love mj in the morning. it's the perfect balance of a liberal cohost and a conservative cohost who are both willing to call out their own party in their bs. Mika critisizes liberals all the time and Joe does the same with conservatives, especially Trump. and they debate back and forth all the time too. watching Fox where they all just agree with each other about how awesome Trump is makes me want to vomit. maybe this is why fox has been slipping in the ratings and MSNBC beat them in ratings last week?? and it was Rachel Maddow who beat Tucker Carlson!!! I never thought I would see Rachel Maddow beat fox news ever!!!

    • cindi 0
      cindi 0 2 months ago

      +David W. -- Thanks

    • David W.
      David W. 2 months ago

      cindi 0 his base represents about 30-35% of America but the issue is the political makeup of the 115th congress. and you should have been emailing your congressmen/women the day mike Flynn got fired. make you tell everyone you know to do the same. best of luck to you and our cause but if we want impeachment it will take the people to force the republicans in congress to grow a backbone.

    • cindi 0
      cindi 0 2 months ago

      +David W. -- Wow. What kind of world are we living in when facts don't matter anymore however...his base is only a fraction of the people in this country. Why should they run things? Hopeless. Thanks for the conversation David. I will start emailing if that what it takes.

    • David W.
      David W. 2 months ago

      cindi 0 but facts don't matter to these people. Trump was right about one thing. he could shoot someone on fifth Ave and won't lose any of his base. this war must be won without a whole lot of facts. apart of that strategy is to constantly email your republican senators and show up to the town hall, if republicans have the balls to hold them. I live in Ohio and I'm emailing Rob Portman every other day.

    • cindi 0
      cindi 0 2 months ago

      +David W.​ -- Cold hard strategy to the conservs would only seem as being bias this is true, so what we need are cold hard facts that cant be disputed and I think that is what Rachael strives for. The only time I was put off by her was when she had on repeat the embarrassing love connection phone call between some congressman and his mistress. Wasn't necessary.

  • Anthonyg Gordon
    Anthonyg Gordon 2 months ago

    Come on guys, you know its already was hard for them to tell NBC a large corporation that they are getting married. You know how large businesses are when it comes to co-worker marriages and them being the biggest co host make it worst. They are really trying to keepi it professional cause really joe being a republican and mika being a democrat, it can really affect their viewers cause they know their opinions can now be easily influence by one another. They are probably doing whatever the executive tell them to do at this point.

  • Bones D Weiser
    Bones D Weiser 2 months ago +5


  • Mary Lou Lee
    Mary Lou Lee 2 months ago

    Check President out at this site  DCReport.org

  • Emmy Johnson
    Emmy Johnson 2 months ago +1

    It was brilliant SNL. Kate got Mika right.

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M 2 months ago

    They took it well

  • Giraffa Camelopardalis
    Giraffa Camelopardalis 2 months ago

    So sad they haven't seen it before going on air

  • 44excalibur
    44excalibur 2 months ago +4


  • Mimi Ebisuya
    Mimi Ebisuya 2 months ago +1

    Congradulations Mika And Joe on your engagement! You two are are a cute couple and the banter between you guys is why I watch your show!!! :)

  • Gene VonderLinden
    Gene VonderLinden 2 months ago

    good for joe !give it to mika how she likes it ! happy times !!

  • mikemoair
    mikemoair 2 months ago


  • L M Falaschetti Falaschetti

    it's funny, IF u have a sense of humor

  • little lilypad
    little lilypad 2 months ago +37

    OMG, you guys realy don't understand how TV and humor works. They are not pretending they didn't see, it's a joke. Joe kept referring to it throughout the show, even called her Mikaboo.

    • Kim Morris
      Kim Morris 2 months ago

      little lilypad we all know that they had seen it but come on they don't want to acknowledge it they don't mention the engagement hence the oh congrats on the ratings

  • Stephen
    Stephen 2 months ago +2

    Ha! They saw it.

  • banquetbeer1
    banquetbeer1 2 months ago +4

    Liars. Mika is so full of shit

  • Appliance Paul
    Appliance Paul 2 months ago +1

    never watched their show, and seeing what phonies they are, never will.

  • bondi bondo
    bondi bondo 2 months ago

    these 2 jackasses deserve each other  LOL

  • MCPrimetime
    MCPrimetime 2 months ago

    They tell these lies just like all the other lies.

  • Francis Herrera
    Francis Herrera 2 months ago +1

    Mika aint crazy...when the SNL skit played, her phone prolly got a couple hundred text/twitter/email messages from friends and family alone, within minutes. Aint no way she didnt know lol

  • Lincoln H
    Lincoln H 2 months ago +1

    creepiest couple ever

  • somniumisdreaming
    somniumisdreaming 2 months ago +8

    Do ppl not realise they were taking the mickey, of course they saw it hence the jokes about the other guy. lol look at what they are wearing.

  • FYRFOX198
    FYRFOX198 2 months ago +2

    Nobody ever talks about the Woman found Dead in Joe Scarborough's office when he was a Politician....

    • Teagan Mago
      Teagan Mago 2 months ago

      Did he murder Lori? Why did he resign from office? Did he resign after Lori was murdered? Very suspicious...

  • Kim Morris
    Kim Morris 2 months ago

    Of course they are going to pretend that they didn't see it!! They have children Joes child is only about 14

  • Vino
    Vino 2 months ago

    Yah, sure, their media friends didnt call em imjutley! Too bad these 2 couldnt be COOL and just say the spoof was hilarious. So corny to be pretend, they didnt see....quelle b.s.

  • TJ TJ
    TJ TJ 2 months ago +1

    I don't think they're lying. I bet they bring it up later. They seemed really intent on wanting to see it that second.

  • yes3443
    yes3443 2 months ago +1

    this is the funniest thing I've ever seen

  • thescorpionstrikes
    thescorpionstrikes 2 months ago +6

    Umm, Joe is wearing the exact same tie, and Mika is wearing the same colors (just reversed black sweater/red shirt vs. SNL's red sweater/black shirt). So yeah.... they knew about it. Unless their wardrobe people pulled a fast one.

  • AidanOttawa
    AidanOttawa 2 months ago

    Why can't they take a joke what do they have to hide huh? They have to lie and pretend?? They are both bad liars and bad actors! I'd fire them over this attitude.

    • Vino
      Vino 2 months ago

      Too bad they couldnt be swanky and say, Yes ! We loved the SNL skit.

  • M x
    M x 2 months ago

    The most annoying couple on tv..  and they're getting marry?!!  I may be blind, I don't know, but there's no love in his eyes when he looks at her..

  • bonovox103
    bonovox103 2 months ago +94

    Of course they saw it, they film snl in the same building haha

    • Carlos Loayza
      Carlos Loayza 2 months ago

      it was so obvious...i wonder why they pretended they dind't see it...maybe they were that embarrassed

    • Airsoftcleaner
      Airsoftcleaner 2 months ago

      YOU KNOW!!! They saw it and it was hilarious there was even a couple I was saying "Get a Room"

  • TalesofJunior
    TalesofJunior 2 months ago +1

    so did they show it??? LOL

  • Don Brown
    Don Brown 2 months ago +16

    I don't believe them for a minute... They just didn't want the SNL team to know it got to them. They're in the same building, for God's sake!

    • Don Brown
      Don Brown 23 days ago

      You said, quote, "the rest of this clip". Say what you mean...

    • D
      D 23 days ago

      YOU idiot...in the rest of the segment. find the other clips yourself.

    • Don Brown
      Don Brown 23 days ago

      Please give the timecode for all of the repeated "Mikaboo" references you see in this clip. Oh...didn't think so.

    • D
      D 24 days ago

      OMG it was a joke. he referred to her as Mikaboo during the rest of this clip

  • D Council
    D Council 2 months ago +12

    they heard about it, it was all over Twitter. 😂😂😂😊😂😂

  • tileman17
    tileman17 2 months ago +1


  • Rossclairborne
    Rossclairborne 2 months ago +1

    LOL! This fucking slimey and dishonest couple are going to get even worse now they're actually fucking!! LOL!

  • Sam Jones
    Sam Jones 2 months ago +1

    What a couple of phonies. I can't stand watching them anymore.

  • tedGEGI
    tedGEGI 2 months ago +5

    Gotta be kidding me. Didn't see it? Who they tryin' to shit?

  • Grateful Shed
    Grateful Shed 2 months ago +3

    Hehe the nose biting !

  • Political Addict!
    Political Addict! 2 months ago +62

    Wow...they obviously seen it

    • Vito Ranieri
      Vito Ranieri 2 months ago

      Look it up. Idiot. "Mika Brzezinski's Reaction To Joe Scarborough Calling Her 'Mika-Boo' Is Priceles"

    • Vito Ranieri
      Vito Ranieri 2 months ago

      Political Addict! Dude, it was in quotes. It's from the SNL sketch when Joe called Mika. Mika Boo. Fucking idiot.

    • Joe Dursma
      Joe Dursma 2 months ago

      Political Addict, Scorch428, Me thinks he doth protest too much! Questioning someones sexual orientation in an attempt to belittle or berate, only serves to expose your own insecurities, doubts, and curiosity.

      To quote the Willie Nelson song, "Cowboys Are Frequently, Secretly Fond of Each Other"

      And I believe to my soul that inside every man there's the feminine.

      And inside every lady there's a deep manly voice loud and clear.

      Well, a cowboy may brag about things that he's done with his women.

      But the ones who brag loudest are the ones that are most likely queer.

      Maybe you two should have a "Coming Out Party" and have wild, monkey sex with each other! LMAO

    • Jim ofPalmSprings
      Jim ofPalmSprings 2 months ago

      look at 'political' thinking he is making fun of gay people using the word 'fag'... ease up bottom boy... take a big cock.. it'll chill u out,,,,

  • Donald Hollenger
    Donald Hollenger 2 months ago

    In reparation to His hallowed Name, blessed be the Name of God.

    • Francie
      Francie 2 months ago

      I dunno, it seemed an appropriate comment somehow. It feels right.

    • Kerplunky
      Kerplunky 2 months ago


  • Common Cents
    Common Cents 2 months ago +29

    Although I'm a big watcher of the MSNBC evening shows, I can't stand these two people. Joe is an arrogant, pompous d-bag, and Mika is a snooty whiner. SNL perfectly captured the weird awkward moments between them that forced me to stop watching Morning Joe years ago. And yes, of course they knew about the skit, and the only way they could think of to acknowledge it was to show it right before a commercial break so they wouldn't have to comment on it afterwards.

    • ddcurtis21
      ddcurtis21 1 month ago

      Common Cents have to slightly disagree. Maybe in certain moments but overall it's a rather substantive show especially being on liberal MSNBC. Joes is one of the few republicans that isn't a puppet for his party

    • Kerplunky
      Kerplunky 2 months ago

      Pompous and snooty whiner, hah, riiiight. No, no, good stuff. Real in depth analysis.

  • susan smith
    susan smith 2 months ago +45

    Their egos are so big they can't take being made fun of. Of course they saw it they work in the same building. If you are made fun on on SNL you are going to get a text over 3 million have watched it on youtube. They deserve each other.

    • susan smith
      susan smith 2 months ago

      Just comparing to Chris Matthews when he gets mocked on SNL he replays it on his show the next day and laughs along with it. Some see it as an honor to make it to SNL and Joe and Mika are complete idiots.

    • Francie
      Francie 2 months ago

      Yeh when you're ALL EGO you can't take even the kindest of mockery.

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