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  • While this may cure a hangover, it also may cause death. I'm kidding. Eat responsibly. This burger was inspired by Red Robin releasing this on the 1st of the new year for 7 days as a remedy to all those party people over doing it on a milestone that literally doesn't mean anything in the global spectrum of the universe.

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    900 Calories Per Burger
    Prep: 10 min Cook: 20 min
    Brioche Buns
    1/2 Lb Burger Patties
    Cheddar Cheese
    White Mushrooms
    Signature Chili
    Sunny Side Up Egg

    Signature Chili Ingredients:
    1 Lb 80/20 Ground Beef
    1 Medium White Onion
    1/3 Cup Black Beans
    1/3 Cup Tomato Paste
    1/3 Cup Booze *Red Wine and/or Beer*
    1/3 Cup Water *add more or less as desired for thickness*
    1/2 Tbsp Brown Sugar
    1 Tsp Black Pepper
    1 Tsp Cayenne Pepper
    1 Tsp Chili Powder
    1 Tsp Paprika
    1/2 Tsp Ground Cumin
    1/2 Tsp Allspice
    1/2 Tsp Cinnamon
    1/2 Tsp Powdered Cloves

    Signature Sauce Directions:
    For the signature hot sauce, finely dice a medium white onion and saute until onion is soft.
    Add in all you dry spices listed along with 1 lb 80/20 ground beef and cook until meat has been browned.
    Add in your tomato paste, black beans, booze and water and let it simmer for 15-20 minutes or until the liquids reduce.

    Bacon Weave Cook Time:
    We made a bacon weave with an entire 1 lb package of bacon. In order to cook this properly, weave your bacon on a baking pan and place in the oven prior to preheat.
    Bake at 400°F for 20 minutes. Check the bacon after 16 minutes and keep track because the bacon can easily overcook during this time.
    Take the bacon out when it looks 90% done and let it rest. The bacon will continue to cook during this time giving you that perfect soft and chewy bacon.

    Sunny Side Up Egg Directions:
    Get a non stick fry pan with a Tbsp of butter and let it melt in the pan.
    Crack an egg over the pan and make sure you do not break the yolk or otherwise it is ruined.
    Let the egg cook on that one side until the whites start to cook on medium to medium low heat.
    Start to baste the top of the egg with the hot butter to help the whites cooked on top and cover if necessary to avoid overcooking your egg.
    Take the egg out and let it drain off any excess butter and season with salt and pepper.

    Burger Layers:
    The burger is going to be layered with a toasted brioche bun, ketchup, burger patty with cheddar cheese, mushrooms, bacon weave, signature chili and a sunny side up egg on top. Cut in Half and Serve.

    Nutrition Facts:
    Serving Size 1 Burger
    Calories 900
    Total Fat 35g
    Saturated 13g
    Trans 0g
    Cholesterol 250mg
    Sodium 1000mg
    Total Carbs 30g
    Dietary Fiber 5g
    Sugars 8g
    Protein 45g

    Disclaimer: Nutrition Facts are estimated through MyFitnessPal and should act as a general guideline. It does not represent any actual facts.

    Music by Noseyuk Licensed under a Creative Commons License
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  • Ant Lee
    Ant Lee 11 days ago

    I'm like 3 years late

  • Dave Kane
    Dave Kane 19 days ago

    My cure for a hangover is to never drink on an empty stomach and to drink water all night when I'm drinking. If you do this, you will never get a hangover.

  • Brian Vang
    Brian Vang 27 days ago

    They forgot the one ingredient

  • Jason Agullana
    Jason Agullana 1 month ago

    who's watching this in 2017

  • Gummi Koalabears
    Gummi Koalabears 1 month ago

    am I the only one who noticed that he used alcohol in a thing that was supposed to cure a hangover? dafuq?

  • Assblast USA
    Assblast USA 2 months ago

    only ketchup? what are you, 6?

  • bahboy2000
    bahboy2000 2 months ago

    I miss these old videos lol

  • Gnumber Nine
    Gnumber Nine 2 months ago

    MOM!!! tripping in college!


    cool , I was close to just cutting my throat

  • SπdR
    SπdR 2 months ago

    Thought you put mustard for a sec

  • Sapphira Glow
    Sapphira Glow 2 months ago

    Jp has 2 moms?

  • Amy Na
    Amy Na 2 months ago

    will JP find me and kill me if I'm in morocco cuz I think it's too far

  • Savannah Gonzalez
    Savannah Gonzalez 2 months ago

    "if this cant cure a hangover, then just start drinking again" LOL

  • PattyC8ke97
    PattyC8ke97 3 months ago

    Why mushroooms, why

  • William Pancamo
    William Pancamo 3 months ago

    For the perfect sunny side up don't use bacon, use bacon grease

  • Daniel Caprar
    Daniel Caprar 3 months ago

    I guarantee healthy butter tastes like pounded ass, where do I get unhealthy butter?

  • Cj Proctor
    Cj Proctor 4 months ago

    4:06 I don't remember what happened hahahaha

  • DCAFS Once-Ler Muniz 54

    I would like it with mustard and hashbrown replacing ketchup and egg

  • #gamer Pro
    #gamer Pro 4 months ago

    They forgot the red onions

  • tony
    tony 4 months ago

    Is it me or does Red Robins have like the worst customer service ever.

  • dietlamp
    dietlamp 4 months ago

    Needs mustard

  • Eitan R.
    Eitan R. 4 months ago

    whos the hottie with black leggins in the back, JP's sister?

  • The King Slayer 45
    The King Slayer 45 5 months ago

    I made the chili sauce come find me

  • Steven Gee
    Steven Gee 5 months ago

    I don't need this burger I've got my raw egg two shots of Tabasco salt and pepper

  • Yolo Yololol
    Yolo Yololol 5 months ago

    the chewing sound I swear to god I will end myself that sound is disgusting

  • Sitou Dien
    Sitou Dien 5 months ago

    Was JP adopted? He has a Asian sister as well. Is that really his mom?

  • Trump Rocks
    Trump Rocks 5 months ago

    I live my whole life with a hangover. No seriously I have a problem.

    • Trump Rocks
      Trump Rocks 5 months ago

      Hylian Warrior lol, Trump is doing amazing bud. Don't believe fake news mainstream media.

    • Hylian Warrior
      Hylian Warrior 5 months ago

      Trump Rocks with the name trump rocks I'll have a drinking problem too

  • Malaka Dharmasiri
    Malaka Dharmasiri 6 months ago

    I started drinking again..

  • Erin H.
    Erin H. 6 months ago

    omg you guys took off so many calories from the Red Robin burger with your version!

  • rafael santiago
    rafael santiago 6 months ago

    Lmfao if it doesnt cure a hangover keep drinking

  • Nick Nickerson
    Nick Nickerson 6 months ago

    instead of chili you should add hash browns!!!

  • Caleb Alexander
    Caleb Alexander 6 months ago

    the way i cure a hangover is just to drink more eventually you will get alcohol poisoning be in the hospital and be asleep while you have the hangover

  • Caleb Alexander
    Caleb Alexander 6 months ago

    wait i am pretty sure that mushrooms contribute to hangovers not cure them if you know what i mean

  • Saiyan TV
    Saiyan TV 6 months ago

    how is jp Korean if his parents arent?

    • Nishtha Sagar
      Nishtha Sagar 3 months ago

      EdoSuperSaiyan he was adopted, his parents are Italian

    • souperman72
      souperman72 6 months ago

      ThatEdoUchiha maybe he was adopted

  • Briana D
    Briana D 6 months ago

    this is awesome I'm a line cook at red robin lol

  • Brent Gattis
    Brent Gattis 7 months ago

    If I have a bad hangover. I ain't cooking crap. Any go to restaurants

  • Noize Tv
    Noize Tv 7 months ago

    ususally if you smoke some crack and have a strong drink you would cure it aswell

  • Tara Lee
    Tara Lee 7 months ago

    Damn that's a fine burger 😍👌

  • •olivia •
    •olivia • 7 months ago

    Jp basically made the ground beef like picadillo or at least how my mom and I make it

  • Nisa Harris
    Nisa Harris 7 months ago

    oreo churros

  • Rachel Smith
    Rachel Smith 7 months ago


  • Katy Glendenning [CharcoalWolf28]

    Ok I just noticed that they added alcohol to the chili that they put on the burger that his niece took a bite uncle ever.

    • garchompTHEXD
      garchompTHEXD 8 months ago

      CharcoalWolf28 alcohol evaporates at and extremely low temperature therefore when he cooks it it leaves only flavour no alcohol

  • Gabriella Marie
    Gabriella Marie 8 months ago

    JP's Mom is super adorable!!!!

  • Ass Eater
    Ass Eater 9 months ago

    Do a Q&A sometime

  • hektorlinko
    hektorlinko 9 months ago

    You guys are awesome!!! Love that magic bacon in the oven and the leftover liquor in the pan. Yummy! : ))) I'm now a new fan. A+++

  • LivingLikeRylie
    LivingLikeRylie 9 months ago

    I'm so glad he ate the whole thing

  • cheesew1re
    cheesew1re 10 months ago

    HIs mom looked so guilty after the LSD question.

  • BeeBee Tee
    BeeBee Tee 10 months ago

    Burger looked sooooo good! That oozing egg is definitely food porn worthy!

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 10 months ago

    JP's mom reminds me of.y grandmother

  • Michaela Hooks
    Michaela Hooks 10 months ago

    That looks so good

  • mwm ceo
    mwm ceo 10 months ago

    I know you was feeling that platinum ...thats all I drink baby

  • Gangster Waffle
    Gangster Waffle 10 months ago


  • Jade[d]
    Jade[d] 10 months ago

    "I dont remember what happened."

    Me after a food binge.

  • starsapphire2013
    starsapphire2013 10 months ago

    how did you end up with lesser calories but more meat in your burger??

    • Jade[d]
      Jade[d] 10 months ago

      Legally, a lot of restouarnts need to... Heighten the value, because if it's too low, and it turns out to be higher they can be sued/fined for false advertising. Also the food might be prepared differently. A lot of stats and numbers go into it. A lot of bullshit. etc etc.

  • TheGoddess AmongYou
    TheGoddess AmongYou 11 months ago

    Drink water. You're hung over because you're dehydrated.

  • Cesar Lopez
    Cesar Lopez 11 months ago

    damn she has a phat ass 😍

    • Nafej101
      Nafej101 2 months ago

      In this video she was like 13

  • Va Gina
    Va Gina 11 months ago

    I bottled and sold some of your ingredients at the farmers market.

  • Tutorials Bel3araby
    Tutorials Bel3araby 11 months ago

    Hey please make the kfc spicey tiger sauce or i donno what they call it , its like dark red and full of spices

  • Rickey P
    Rickey P 1 year ago

    The thing is how would you do this with a hangover?

    • Kalamite
      Kalamite 11 months ago

      Dude, this is very easy to do hungover.

  • ernizzle jahizzle rizzle

    dang it I'm 2 years late for the burger.

  • MrAamupalamies
    MrAamupalamies 1 year ago

    nami :3

  • MrAamupalamies
    MrAamupalamies 1 year ago

    on muuten hyvännäköinen hampurilainen!

  • MrAamupalamies
    MrAamupalamies 1 year ago


  • Dan
    Dan 1 year ago

    I need to make this

  • Potion125
    Potion125 1 year ago

    im a new suscriber, is that girl your girlfriend/wife? or sister just curious

    • Potion125
      Potion125 1 year ago

      +Akiyo P thank you , didnt kno anyone was gonna get back to me, i was just curious

    • coobi
      coobi 1 year ago

      Julia is his girlfriend

  • Tim Tucker
    Tim Tucker 1 year ago

    calling the cops on you.

  • sarah Valdez
    sarah Valdez 1 year ago

    Uploaded on my birthday ☺️

  • Jourdan Christian
    Jourdan Christian 1 year ago

    3:19 So fast... so fast Julia.. You're good.. I thought you are a pro..

  • Ghostacy
    Ghostacy 1 year ago

    Oml Drunk julia is hilarious.

  • raymond spencer
    raymond spencer 1 year ago

    it look like british breakfast burger will no baked beans?

  • Danslife
    Danslife 1 year ago

    That chicks funny as.
    I was loling
    Next bites for grandma!

  • Circle-H Kitchen
    Circle-H Kitchen 1 year ago

    Not a fan of ketchup since I grew up......unless I'm using to make cocktail sauce.

  • Amanda Love
    Amanda Love 1 year ago

    I'm just gonna subscribe because it's obvious you lot are having too much fun.

  • Alexander Rahl
    Alexander Rahl 1 year ago

    3:00 cues the Quake 3 "HOLY SHIT!" sound bite. For the Hellth of it of course.

  • im a pirhana
    im a pirhana 1 year ago

    3:23 dat ass in the back

  • MariaHernandezX3
    MariaHernandezX3 1 year ago

    Aweeeee ur mom is so sweet and cute like a penguin

  • Roy Bellafire
    Roy Bellafire 1 year ago

    4:35 My thoughts exactly, Carmen.

  • Grand Pu
    Grand Pu 1 year ago

    Someone is actually going to put packaged bacon in the over. People are fucking retarded.

    • Kalamite
      Kalamite 11 months ago

      Dude, people will believe the sky is falling. Especially in this generation of followers who just wanna be popular or in the cool crowd

    • ㅁㅈㅇㅃ
      ㅁㅈㅇㅃ 1 year ago

      +Anthony Pickett
      Someone actually believes they cooked packaged bacon in the oven? People are fucking retarded.

    • Sig Shooter
      Sig Shooter 1 year ago

      +Anthony Pickett It's a confection oven so it's all good.

  • LolDarrellLol
    LolDarrellLol 1 year ago

    LMAO i lost my shit when you asked your mom how to deal with a bad lsd trip

  • Eli Morren
    Eli Morren 1 year ago

    This would be so much better w/ Monterey Jack

  • DevilicousDevil
    DevilicousDevil 1 year ago

    3:45 girl on the right looked like "Oh no, I wanted some!"

  • John milshnogenberg

    3:23 she dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Dan Garcia
    Dan Garcia 1 year ago

    dat sis donk

  • ucantkeepup583
    ucantkeepup583 1 year ago

    But uhh...what if I don't have a hangover to cure? lol

  • RJK
    RJK 1 year ago

    Who's the other girl besides Julia and his mum?

    • Allen G
      Allen G 2 months ago

      RJK cousin see the video we go to bill grays

    • MiBariloche
      MiBariloche 1 year ago

      she's his niece.

    • Calmaressurgebat
      Calmaressurgebat 1 year ago

      +RJK i assume his sister but no idea...

  • sKitZoBonKa
    sKitZoBonKa 1 year ago

    Well I started drinking again

  • Hunter Uriel
    Hunter Uriel 1 year ago

    When l watch your videos, l get hungry everytime :)

  • Rafael Vigil
    Rafael Vigil 1 year ago

    everybody just gonna ignore the fact his mom didn't answer his question about the bad lsd trip?

    • Zoidy Joe
      Zoidy Joe 9 months ago

      drink milk

    • BeeBee Tee
      BeeBee Tee 10 months ago

      LOL, she changed the subject by offering cookies. Naughty Mimi!

    • Sig Shooter
      Sig Shooter 1 year ago

      +Rafael Vigil Lol, because they can be really bad. Trust me ;)

    • Riley Dyck
      Riley Dyck 1 year ago

      but the cookies

  • TiYa Williams
    TiYa Williams 1 year ago

    Great video but I just wanted to know; if you always take 'one bite for the health of it', what do you do with the rest of the food? Do you throw it away???

  • Coolmedina117
    Coolmedina117 1 year ago

    you should make an uberburger

  • Carmen Hanna
    Carmen Hanna 1 year ago

    Heyyy my name is Carmen too 😏😏

  • mattman1227
    mattman1227 1 year ago

    how did you do the bacon weve

    • HellthyJunkFood
      HellthyJunkFood 1 year ago


  • Joseph Park
    Joseph Park 2 years ago

    Who is that chick beside Julia?

  • Da Hui
    Da Hui 2 years ago

    beans in chili are yall out yalls minds

    BIANCA JOHNSON 2 years ago

    Damn that looks good

  • Cee Wills on
    Cee Wills on 2 years ago

    "now you know where the meat comes from"!! that's was funny shit

  • Benjamin Rovik
    Benjamin Rovik 2 years ago

    I can't make that with a hangover... I can barely order a pizza...

  • Isaac Perkins
    Isaac Perkins 2 years ago

    I don't drink much, but I might just eat this burger anyways!

  • samuel tijerino
    samuel tijerino 2 years ago

    Jp make sum Krispy Kreme doughnuts

  • Scott Wilson
    Scott Wilson 2 years ago

    More women WITH LESS CLOTHES

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