10 Disney Jokes That Got Funnier As Adults

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  • Disney isn't always just for kids. Sometime adults find things is movies that kinds wouldn't understand! Here is 10 Disney Jokes That Got Funnier As Adults!
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    It’s a tale as old as time. A mother and father will take their smiling happy pair of children to the movies. They find the latest release from Walt Disney and sit down to enjoy a fun, family friendly two hours. The kids will smile and laugh and so will their parents… but what is it about Finding Dory that makes parents laugh out loud?

    Well Disney knows that children are dragging their parents kicking and screaming to see these movies, and adults always know how to make other adults laugh. That’s why Disney has always included sneaky, hidden adult jokes in movies for those parents to get a snicker out of. The children may laugh too, only for completely different reasons. Movies like Aladdin, Tangled and even Frozen have had rude jokes that are mischievously placed in them. Sometimes they’re not even rude jokes at all, just jokes that kids are too young to appreciate like The Rock’s character in Moana.

    Today at Screen Rant we’re going to be looking back and remembering those sneaky adult references like Chris Pratt’s immensely risqué Jackson Pollock joke in Guardians of the Galaxy and Johnny Depp’s taking off of Rolling Stones Guitarist Keith Richards in Pirates of the Caribbean.

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    Script by: Andrew Bryan
    Voice Over by: Joseph Delaney

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    Moana | 0:41
    Aladdin | 1:59
    Cars | 3:04
    Muppet Treasure Island | 4:09
    Starship Troopers | 5:24
    Hercules | 7:04
    Guardians of the Galaxy | 8:12
    Pirates of the Caribbean | 9:16
    Frozen | 10:28
    Tangled | 11:41

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  • Laura
    Laura 55 minutes ago

    Did no one notice that when he said "Kristoff" Hans showed up and when he said "Hans" Kristoff showed up?

  • Beastmode9000
    Beastmode9000 4 hours ago +1

    Pirates Of The Caribbean

  • Zach Judd
    Zach Judd 23 hours ago

    Only wrestler famous enough to go beyond wrestling? Have you heard of Andre the Giant?

  • Austin Spradlin
    Austin Spradlin 1 day ago

    seriously....all the ads....

  • Isha Damle
    Isha Damle 1 day ago

    Oh I know! Pirates of the Caribbean!

  • Dan Williams
    Dan Williams 1 day ago

    Dwayne johnson played mowi in moana

  • Game Job
    Game Job 1 day ago

    I think they are reading too much into it.

  • Back2Goodtimes
    Back2Goodtimes 1 day ago

    Steve Austin is the Greatest Mic Worker, next to team DX

  • Cassidy Wansor
    Cassidy Wansor 1 day ago

    You do know they did the eyebrows because the rof my plays him

    LAUGHING JILL 2 days ago

    Moui (didnt spell his name right) was voiced by Dwayne Johnson XD

  • Anna Kennedy
    Anna Kennedy 2 days ago

    Well the Rock also voiced Maui in the movie so...

  • Daniel Viljoen
    Daniel Viljoen 2 days ago

    if you look for sex in everything, ill find it in anything.

  • The Ent Gang
    The Ent Gang 2 days ago

    Pirates of The Carribean Dead Men Tell No Tales

  • Puppy Kinz
    Puppy Kinz 2 days ago

    pirates and the Caribbean

  • Mira Sahin
    Mira Sahin 2 days ago

    Pirates of the Caribbean my favourite movie ever

  • Kayla Trent
    Kayla Trent 2 days ago

    pirates is an AMAZING MOVIE!!!

  • Royal_Gaming _
    Royal_Gaming _ 2 days ago

    I got the genies joke before you explained it.

  • TaintedGenre
    TaintedGenre 3 days ago

    There's no way that the Tangled poster shows that. I can't even see it when they highlighted the word.

  • Caleb Pulepule
    Caleb Pulepule 3 days ago

    Pirates of the Caribean!

  • Super sandile
    Super sandile 3 days ago

    Pirates of the carribean

  • Anime Cat
    Anime Cat 3 days ago

    I guessed the Goonies

  • Digital_Utopia
    Digital_Utopia 4 days ago

    I like how they went through all that time to explain The Rock's "People's Eyebrow", but actually show Lightning McQueen's tongue wag, and not bring up *it's* reference.

    Hint: It's Michael Jordan. Y'know - one of the best known sports stars in the world. And it was even a *real* sport.

  • Rose Petraev
    Rose Petraev 4 days ago

    My favourite thing about the Keith Richards joke in POTC is that in Dead Men Tell No Tales, Paul McCartney is cast as Jack Sparrow's 'Uncle Jack'.

  • Synthia Frog
    Synthia Frog 4 days ago

    I guess I'm a messed up kid for getting all of them

  • shrekfan92
    shrekfan92 4 days ago

    Uh, gee, maybe Rapunzel's hair also spelled SFX?

  • -/ferretser/-
    -/ferretser/- 5 days ago


  • Jasmine Harrison
    Jasmine Harrison 5 days ago

    Also moana's moui was voiced BY the rock

  • Hansenfmly
    Hansenfmly 5 days ago

    If you guys hear foot size and think of penises you're really perverted. How do you get penis from feet?

  • Tonya Garrett
    Tonya Garrett 5 days ago

    pirates of the carabian

  • Kiara Camacho
    Kiara Camacho 5 days ago

    Hey! I'm not a screwed up kid!!

  • emily nalinnes
    emily nalinnes 5 days ago

    I only knew the last one

  • Halle101 McBeth
    Halle101 McBeth 6 days ago

    Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Skankhunt42 sp Sp
    Skankhunt42 sp Sp 6 days ago


  • Music that's all
    Music that's all 6 days ago

    Shoe size = size of a guys joystick

  • Blake Wangsness
    Blake Wangsness 6 days ago

    I'm 12 I've been masturbating since I was eleven

  • Falkjar
    Falkjar 6 days ago

    The Moana one is because Dwayne voices Maui.

  • CountRisingMoonStar Anderson

    Maui is Dwane you dumbo he's voiced by Maui

  • Sapphire Stone
    Sapphire Stone 7 days ago

    The rock probably asked for them to do that since he was the voice actor for that character

  • Melanie Irwin
    Melanie Irwin 7 days ago

    and Paul McCartney was Uncle Jack ( captain Jacks Uncle)

  • Pops and Holly
    Pops and Holly 7 days ago

    It's pirates of the Caribbean

  • rylee Coughlin
    rylee Coughlin 7 days ago

    The emojis are Pirates Of The Caribbean

  • Wolfyyoyogamer
    Wolfyyoyogamer 8 days ago

    pirates of the Caribbean.

  • Miss Scarlett
    Miss Scarlett 8 days ago

    I remember in Toy Story 2 they're driving the car to the airport and Hamm is reading the handbook and says 'I doubt he gets this kinda mileage' and I remember my dad just spitting popcorn EVERYWHERE in the cinema. He thought it was hilarious.

  • Umbreon Wing45914
    Umbreon Wing45914 8 days ago

    Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Poole22
    Poole22 8 days ago

    Little did they know that John rock played the character

  • Emma Long
    Emma Long 8 days ago

    pirates of the Caribbean dead man tells no tales or blue lagoon

  • Ace Moreno
    Ace Moreno 8 days ago

    Pirates of the caribbean

  • CredibleGirlygamer 5

    Maui did the rock thing because the rock voiced Maui

  • Lucifer666
    Lucifer666 9 days ago

    am I the only one who thinks the Tangled poster ALSO says SFX?

  • Snijjar57 Girl
    Snijjar57 Girl 9 days ago

    The emoji answer was pirates of the Caribbean I also didn't cheat

  • Nanashii Hime
    Nanashii Hime 9 days ago

    Pirates of the Caribian

  • Qrazy Quarian
    Qrazy Quarian 9 days ago

    One of my favorites: Mr. Potato Head putting his lips to his butt while Slinky is sucking up to Woody.

  • Toy keeper Collector
    Toy keeper Collector 10 days ago

    The rock voices moai

  • Harley
    Harley 10 days ago

    ugh that movie emoji challenge is so OBVIOUSLY pirates of the carribean

  • Marlissa Cunningham
    Marlissa Cunningham 10 days ago

    Ok...I can't even see the "sex" in the hair. That's a SUUUUPER stretch. If you were going to talk about posters, talk about the original little mermaid with the dick castle.

    Also, you were trying super hard..couldn't actually come up with disney stuff so you put in starship troopers? Really?

  • Dee's Channel
    Dee's Channel 10 days ago

    Pirates of the Carrabean

  • Moon_Chalice
    Moon_Chalice 10 days ago

    ummm in the frozen one you called hans kristoff and kristoff hans

  • Felix Daglish
    Felix Daglish 11 days ago

    tangled is bae

  • Ummmmm80
    Ummmmm80 11 days ago

    What about the time in cars where Lightening is starring at the Porches backside

  • Trinity Valente
    Trinity Valente 11 days ago

    Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Troy Dueker
    Troy Dueker 11 days ago


  • Troy Dueker
    Troy Dueker 11 days ago

    Pirates of the Carribeans.

  • AmayaBabyLoves
    AmayaBabyLoves 11 days ago

    I'm eleven and got the guardians of the galaxy joke

  • m lword
    m lword 12 days ago

    that. was. boring.

  • The black Devil
    The black Devil 12 days ago

    The emojis are pirates of the Caribbean

  • // Muffintje \\
    // Muffintje \\ 12 days ago

    Pirates of the caribbean I love Them😂

  • Fire Evolution
    Fire Evolution 12 days ago

    pirate's of the Caribbean dead mans chest

  • rolarth
    rolarth 12 days ago

    (tangled poster) does anyone else notice that one of the only parts of Flynn not covered with hair is his crotch? reread this comment to find a penis joke hehe oops 17 year olds make mistakes.

  • michelle guerra
    michelle guerra 12 days ago

    I think the tangled thing was a mistake

  • LeeWang85
    LeeWang85 12 days ago

    I'm an adult and did not get most of them

  • Oros Abaddon
    Oros Abaddon 13 days ago

    what? There were sequels to Disney's Aladdin? They must have really sucked cause I never heard anything about them.

  • David CunninghamJr
    David CunninghamJr 13 days ago

    pirates of the caribean

  • JackH 2005
    JackH 2005 14 days ago

    If u smellllllll what the rock is cooking!!!

  • Selma Preljevic
    Selma Preljevic 15 days ago

    Pirates of the Caribbean

  • My D.I.Y
    My D.I.Y 15 days ago

    u always do the "size" one

  • Steve Connolly
    Steve Connolly 17 days ago

    Did you seriously just explain what a convertible is??? Talk about patronizing...

  • larry lewis
    larry lewis 17 days ago

    In Moana it makes sense because Maui is Dwayne Johnson.

  • Batsy Catsy
    Batsy Catsy 17 days ago

    I actually got the Guardians of The Galaxy joke when I was younger.

  • İsimsiz Oyuncu
    İsimsiz Oyuncu 17 days ago

    Marvel is owned by disney?!? My life is a lie

  • Aedin Lucid
    Aedin Lucid 17 days ago

    I wanted sex jokes

  • Elizay
    Elizay 17 days ago

    This guy isn't aware that the rock was playing Maui

  • Harshini Treepati
    Harshini Treepati 17 days ago

    'petter pan' is the answer

  • Naton
    Naton 18 days ago

    i recently rewatched starship troopers and i'm amazed how i didnt realise it's about German Nazism

  • Shadow Decidueye
    Shadow Decidueye 19 days ago


  • Avatar Korra
    Avatar Korra 19 days ago

    "with something and something else, but something and something. But then everything changed-" WHEN THE FIRE NATION ATTACKED

  • Super Lightning
    Super Lightning 19 days ago

    Well I guess I was one messed up kid

  • Charlene Tee
    Charlene Tee 21 day ago

    pirates of the Caribbean

  • The DRAGON Master
    The DRAGON Master 21 day ago

    Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Clay and Crafts
    Clay and Crafts 21 day ago

    Pirates of Caribbean is the movie.

  • AdraicStarks
    AdraicStarks 22 days ago

    Umm... doesn't Starship Troopers show a girl's tits like twice?

  • DIY Madness
    DIY Madness 24 days ago

    11:25 they mixed up Hans and kristoff

  • Robert Perez
    Robert Perez 24 days ago

    Pirates of da Caribbean

  • The Mad Phantom
    The Mad Phantom 24 days ago

    The emojis at the beginning are pirates of the Caribbean

  • penelope middleweek
    penelope middleweek 25 days ago

    pirates of the carribean

  • lauren shankle
    lauren shankle 25 days ago


  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover 25 days ago

    I like the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels although to be honest the fourth one kind it did suck

  • WolvesAreAwesome
    WolvesAreAwesome 26 days ago

    Man... I'm one screwed up kid. I knew all of these and I'm so screwed up, that I told my friend about the Frozen one, and now we say that all the time.

  • Dash H
    Dash H 26 days ago

    I think it's be nice if for ONCE these people that have no lives would just ENJOY a disney movie rather than make it dirty or just tear it apart
    For the love of GOD, people, IT'S A FXXXXN ANIMATED MOVIE. What the heck do you people do in your "DisneyDidn'tPutOutAMovieThisMonthSoIHaveNothingToDo" time???

  • Golden blue Wolf products

    Petter pan

  • Christian Presson
    Christian Presson 26 days ago

    treasure island

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