Andrew's 8th Grade Rube Goldberg Project - Final

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  • AsrielGameplay - Geometry Dash!

    Is This A Messy House Tour? lol

  • all rustler vxl
    all rustler vxl 2 months ago

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    KING FREAKING CRIMSON. 3 months ago


  • Vaughn Hansen
    Vaughn Hansen 4 months ago

    I encourage you to do more

  • MaddenMobileJosh
    MaddenMobileJosh 4 months ago

    Don't spend your whole life doing this just blow out the friggin candle your self.

  • BenoProductions
    BenoProductions 4 months ago

    I have a Rube Goldberg 8th grade assignment too! XD

  • Ivan DP
    Ivan DP 4 months ago


  • vandan agrawal
    vandan agrawal 4 months ago

    The train was the best

  • places1234
    places1234 4 months ago

    3:26 "The little train that could"

    MINECOOKY GAMING 4 months ago +3

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    MINECOOKY GAMING 4 months ago

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  • Sisnbub
    Sisnbub 5 months ago +1

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  • 289283
    289283 5 months ago +1

    Good job

  • ronaldmcdonald155
    ronaldmcdonald155 5 months ago +1

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  • Ashley Becker
    Ashley Becker 5 months ago +1

    This was so not fake if I were your teacher I would give you an A+. Hope you got an A+

  • Robbie Demarco
    Robbie Demarco 5 months ago

    your gonna fail in class u piece of nshit you know nothing u mess up ur parents shouldve woen a condom

    • 289283
      289283 5 months ago

      U did a amazing I am to give u a a+ because that was hard work and u deserve it and listen to add of the mean peps out their thay don't know anything u did amazing goog goob

  • Absurd Lies
    Absurd Lies 5 months ago

    sorry for the last comment my buddy is a moron

  • Aisha Gray
    Aisha Gray 5 months ago +1

    Amazing job well done if I was a teacher teaching u to do that I will give u a A

  • Tommy Graysen
    Tommy Graysen 5 months ago

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  • Fernando Garcia
    Fernando Garcia 5 months ago

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  • Jake Eves
    Jake Eves 6 months ago

    how long did this tack to set up

  • Drdeath49
    Drdeath49 6 months ago

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  • Drdeath49
    Drdeath49 6 months ago

    what do you mean encline plain

  • Bobby - Clash of Clans and Clash Royale

    awesome job!

  • Harasis kapoor
    Harasis kapoor 8 months ago

    The best part was 20:55 #videooftheyear

  • CrazyUnicornFTW
    CrazyUnicornFTW 8 months ago +3

    the best part was 4:55

    • Zach Soroka
      Zach Soroka 4 months ago


    • SamyBtsFL
      SamyBtsFL 4 months ago

      Heavy Water shut the fuck up
      I don't need you telling me this. Btw your not my mother so don't sass me.

    • Heavy Water
      Heavy Water 4 months ago

      SamanthaKeef10483 no shit

    • SamyBtsFL
      SamyBtsFL 5 months ago

      there is no 4:55

  • Reilly the bold and the brod

    Nice job dude i am doing a project for school on a rube goldberg

    AHHAN KUMAR 8 months ago +1

    the best part of the video was 3:43

  • Tameka Breland
    Tameka Breland 9 months ago +4

    Young man that was awesome! As an educator, it warmed my heart to see how elated you were to see your hard work pay off. Congratulations!

  • God
    God 9 months ago +1

    that was so cool! keep up the great work!

  • Genardo
    Genardo 10 months ago


  • John Cena
    John Cena 11 months ago +6


  • Luke Hadjakis
    Luke Hadjakis Year ago +8


  • Anita Miller
    Anita Miller Year ago +2

    What is this 9 frames per second!?

    MORTALMARIGOLD 8 Year ago +2

    And subscribing

    MORTALMARIGOLD 8 Year ago +1

    It's awesome but I got annoyed by the train

  • cameron wallace
    cameron wallace Year ago +5

    ur a fruit

  • Rowan Compton
    Rowan Compton Year ago +1


  • Rowan Compton
    Rowan Compton Year ago +2

    very wow

  • Rowan Compton
    Rowan Compton Year ago +2

    such cool

  • Rowan Compton
    Rowan Compton Year ago +1

    you diddly did it!

  • Salahuddin Mansour
    Salahuddin Mansour Year ago +1


  • evon
    evon Year ago

    Wow I had to do this in 6th grade and we only had FOUR DAYS to complete it.

    • JennyFur
      JennyFur Year ago

      +Evon-Edith Igwilo Yep, me too. And we had to do it in class... so 135 minutes in total

  • Dimitri Hepburn
    Dimitri Hepburn Year ago +24

    Great job! I hope you got an A! I'm an 8th grade science teacher and I think you deserved it.

  • George Clower
    George Clower Year ago +1

    gret moves andrew keep it up

  • FlyingAlpineHarry
    FlyingAlpineHarry Year ago +2

    that was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jueru Cosplay
    Jueru Cosplay Year ago +1

    Wow that was AMAZING!!

  • soulless skeletons
    soulless skeletons Year ago +2

    We had to do this in 6th grade

    • Heavy Water
      Heavy Water 4 months ago

      soulless skeletons I did this in first grade

    • john ban
      john ban 5 months ago

      |-/ stay alive fren

    • Rece zimmeht
      Rece zimmeht 8 months ago

      soulless skeletons same

    BTT GAMING Year ago

    awesome but it sucks

  • Jason Owlbright
    Jason Owlbright Year ago +1

    Wow you are doing this in grade 8 we are doing it in grade 11 o.O we have to have 8 different energy transformations though, its due in 2 days, and i still got no ideas xD

    • Manny
      Manny Year ago

      +Starzella Productions great grammar : )

    • Panda On Steroids
      Panda On Steroids Year ago

      +Jason Owlbright I'm in 8th grade and It's due in 3 days... Uggghhh!

    • Jason Owlbright
      Jason Owlbright Year ago

      +Tristan Carson ours is 8 DIFFERENT ones......... sooooo we also have to include hard ones like thermal and radiant and electric. All except nuclear. The ones he did are easy. They are mostly kinetic and gravitational potential. We even have to do chemical

    • Tristan Carson
      Tristan Carson Year ago

      I have to do 20 transitions, I'm a senior, and I hate you, because you only have to do 8...

  • sport stacking man 11


  • Ty // TheMainDude
    Ty // TheMainDude Year ago +2

    good job

  • 52 Skillz
    52 Skillz Year ago +6

    Very cool man!

    I used some inspiration from this for my own Rube Goldberg Machine, they're such a crazy challenge haha.

    Its on my channel if you're interested!

    Thanks for the inspiration, and keep being awesome!

  • beatfox9
    beatfox9 2 years ago +1

    Andrew is well on his way to college now!! Another successful Rube Goldberg graduate enters the workforce!

  • Chris Ragusa
    Chris Ragusa 2 years ago +1

    But it was awesome!

  • Chris Ragusa
    Chris Ragusa 2 years ago +1

    It will "light out" the candle? Do you mean extinguish?

  • Jennifer Pham
    Jennifer Pham 2 years ago +1

    good job

  • Allison Levine
    Allison Levine 2 years ago +1

    That was cool!!!

  • Zaclions_mm
    Zaclions_mm 2 years ago +4

    Skip to 2:15

  • TLGates68
    TLGates68 2 years ago +1

    Great job!!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 years ago +1

    Hi, this is really awesome work. Could you please tell me what you used as a screw and propeller? Thank you.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 2 years ago

      +Robert Larkin Thank you so much!

    • Robert Larkin
      Robert Larkin 2 years ago

      +John Smith UFO Propeller Toy on Amazon.

  • Audrey Beauchamp
    Audrey Beauchamp 2 years ago

    You gave me some ideas for my Rube Goldberg project for school, thanks!
    P.S. I can tell you have had a few failures with the train. How many times did it take you to finally get it to work?

  • alexander zegarra
    alexander zegarra 2 years ago

    Cool Rube Goldberg project .  

  • njlaylapink pink
    njlaylapink pink 2 years ago

    This was awesome.  Thanks for putting it on you tube. ;)  It really helped me.

  • Martin Harvancik
    Martin Harvancik 2 years ago

    haha most of it was that frickin train!  how did you use the kitchen with all that wood/junk in the way?

    • claptrap P. claptrappington
      claptrap P. claptrappington 2 years ago

      +Martin Harvancik tinned spaghti and baked beans in case the ligh didnt go out lol if you know what i mean

  • Jenna Zani
    Jenna Zani 2 years ago

    That was brilliant

  • Christopher G
    Christopher G 2 years ago +2

    Nice job dude! Impressive!!!

  • The Rube Group
    The Rube Group 2 years ago +2

    Come check out our Rube Goldberg Machine - - Thanks!

    P.S 😄 This Machine Rocks!

  • Ronnocbot
    Ronnocbot 3 years ago +7

    Hes really cute

  • Yoda Today
    Yoda Today 3 years ago

    What's a leather?

  • Spencer Pollack
    Spencer Pollack 3 years ago

    Grant misemer says that u r weird but i like it

  • Spencer Pollack
    Spencer Pollack 3 years ago

    that was amazing

  • TheFlamingTaco
    TheFlamingTaco 3 years ago

    Example of an Epic Fail: Walking around your Rube Goldberg and *trip* crash!

  • Domino Addict 2000
    Domino Addict 2000 3 years ago


  • reallysassytrash
    reallysassytrash 3 years ago

    We watched this in science class and now all the girls are in love with you! Haha great project!

  • Miranda Cabiad
    Miranda Cabiad 3 years ago

    THIS WAS AWESOME !! Gave me ideas for my project! Thanks!

  • Outoftheblue932
    Outoftheblue932 3 years ago

    Very cool

  • Outoftheblue932
    Outoftheblue932 3 years ago

    That candle sure got it

  • mrhockey1601
    mrhockey1601 3 years ago

    Very Cool, better than mine

  • SwaggySwagster
    SwaggySwagster 3 years ago


  • killerama shark
    killerama shark 3 years ago

    nice it gave me some ideas for my own grade 8 rube goldberg project at my school

  • jennifer menke
    jennifer menke 4 years ago

    good job!

  • CaptainComedyify
    CaptainComedyify 4 years ago


  • Paige Klein
    Paige Klein 4 years ago

    That was awesome! I'm doing a project for my class and you just inspired and gave me a whole bunch of ideas! Very creative, Andrew!

  • J-P Kalilec
    J-P Kalilec 5 years ago

    yo andrew its jp

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