Wall Street: Don't Listen To Donald Trump! | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  • No Calvinism
    No Calvinism 2 months ago


  • Wakingbiped Videos
    Wakingbiped Videos 2 months ago +1

    Can we all finally agree that he's a conman? Probably not I'm guessing... sad.

  • John O
    John O 2 months ago +1

    Big cut for rich at the cost of the middle class. The GOP has always killed the middle class.

  • Sam Lim
    Sam Lim 2 months ago +1



  • Dr. Hugh Bumazz
    Dr. Hugh Bumazz 2 months ago

    UnFuckWithAble (adj) when you are fully in touch and at peace ✌️ with yourself, and nothing anyone says or does bothers you, and no negativity or drama touches you.

  • Keoki Ciervo
    Keoki Ciervo 2 months ago +1

    45 is the biggest liar in U.S. history. And he had the balls to accuse others of lying. lol What a sleazeball mishap. He is mentally ill.

  • Vicki Springer
    Vicki Springer 2 months ago +1

    yep I will listen when I forget the 40 thousand dollars stolen from me in 2008 by the Chump buddies

  • Josh Azlin
    Josh Azlin 3 months ago


  • Joyce Distler
    Joyce Distler 3 months ago

    CRYING CLOWNS. Is liberalism merely a mental disorder or demonic possession?

  • Larinda Nomikos
    Larinda Nomikos 3 months ago +1

    Optimism on the street? What street does she live on?

  • Leroy A
    Leroy A 3 months ago

    Clinton being president is way more than mildly nauseating.

  • Robert Owen
    Robert Owen 3 months ago

    Kim Jong Trump?

  • Pangenda X
    Pangenda X 3 months ago +1

    rip America

  • Neil Boughton
    Neil Boughton 3 months ago +1

    When President Trump says "We" who does he mean?

  • Chum Kh
    Chum Kh 3 months ago

    What about America changing its name to Obama care. It's just a piece of ratification- legislation to be passed by an overwhelmingly majority party but not able to. The former President should have named it "N . . ro care" instead..

  • Van Rozay
    Van Rozay 3 months ago +3

    Trump must have slept through economics classes at Wharton. Wall Street pros ignore his pronouncements because his ideas are ad libs, based on mood, not on fact or understanding. Trump is a bull, and the American economy is a china shop. He'll be a sour historic footnote, a textbook example of overreach and the danger of populist simplism.

  • Carl Bayly
    Carl Bayly 3 months ago +1

    I honestly cant recall a single speech from Trump where I didn't cringe!

  • TheTruthNJ09
    TheTruthNJ09 3 months ago +1

    Trump's done, soon. Once you lose Wall Street like that, the gig is up. I don't think Wall St. wants to see a sequel to the Great Depression, either. That's what is shocking to me... If they didn't care and just wanted the money for themselves, they wouldn't have said ANYTHING AT ALL. They're not even trying to risk it!

    • TheTruthNJ09
      TheTruthNJ09 3 months ago

      I made this comment 5 DAYS AGO and look at what unfolded in that amount of time...
      Was I right, or was I _goddamned_ right?!

  • Scott InPhilly
    Scott InPhilly 3 months ago +1

    Robin Hood in reverse. Steal from the poor and give to the rich.

  • stephen andujar
    stephen andujar 3 months ago +1

    trump is great when he wears his aluminum foil hat he only gets in trouble when he takes it off lol

  • Jane Lin
    Jane Lin 3 months ago

    _Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain..._

  • bigart1993
    bigart1993 3 months ago +1

    We may have to implement a voter IQ test to screen out morons and dimwits. This may prevent a second term for Trump.

  • Holly Word
    Holly Word 3 months ago

    MSNBC Very Fake News, don't watch this fake news. Left wing media has agenda.

    • Holly Word
      Holly Word 3 months ago

      Go to your mama little snowflakes, and have your mama to wipe off your tear and grow up and be the person that God created you to be. Thank God He puts Donald J. Trump to run God's green earth.

    • Sir CrapALot
      Sir CrapALot 3 months ago

      Holly Word go to bed geek

  • Vic Med
    Vic Med 3 months ago +1

    impeach this orange guy already.

  • B6 schilke
    B6 schilke 3 months ago +2

    Insanity. Release your current taxes orange turd

  • VP Perf
    VP Perf 3 months ago

    The president who cried wolf

  • Holly Word
    Holly Word 3 months ago

    MSNBC Very Fake News

  • Stephen R McDonald
    Stephen R McDonald 3 months ago

    MOST people who have any intelligence know that "the Donald" who is playing the role of TRYING to be this "SO-CALLED" president is a JOKE!!! Since this new world-premier series has begun it is proving to be very entertaining throughout the entire world and is keeping everyone quite entertained! I look forward to each new episode and can't wait for the line-up of the shows that will be nominated for an ACADEMY, EMMY or an OSCAR AWARD for their performances! "the Donald" & his MINIONS show will most definitely be in the running!!!...ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!! LOL😋

  • Seth1006 Schreiner
    Seth1006 Schreiner 3 months ago +3

    I hate Trump!😬

  • SuperLeica1
    SuperLeica1 3 months ago

    Optimism is often followed by disappointment. Big vessels...

  • Glitters go
    Glitters go 3 months ago +3

    Trump is worst disaster ever

  • only asitiswritten
    only asitiswritten 3 months ago

    The more they cut-the more they keep. There has to be a balance poor people.

  • I am Sammi
    I am Sammi 3 months ago +2

    Raise taxes on the poor and lower them on the Rich, it is the same old, same old, trump is a horrible leader!

  • Claire Scott
    Claire Scott 3 months ago

    Black people in the Trump audience WTF??!!!

    • Will Mills
      Will Mills 3 months ago

      Claire Scott , Stockholm syndrome is real!!!!!

  • Henry Raymond
    Henry Raymond 3 months ago

    The "mainstream" media - ha, ha, ha, ha. What a colossal joke. These people wouldn't know the truth if it bit them in the as*. Please!

  • MrDoublehappy
    MrDoublehappy 3 months ago

    TRUMP has desensitised the markets - its not often markets become cynical ...

  • Warrior
    Warrior 3 months ago +8

    Repeal and Replace donald the orange chump trump !

  • Hulkonala
    Hulkonala 3 months ago +2

    Wall Street wants us to listen to them? F#@k you and Trump!

  • JJ20
    JJ20 3 months ago +2


  • Jeroen Wubbels
    Jeroen Wubbels 3 months ago

    Perhaps we need a new revolution

  • Will Sutcliffe
    Will Sutcliffe 3 months ago

    A negative headline for Trump!, nvm its MSNBC

    • Will Mills
      Will Mills 3 months ago

      Will Sutcliffe , if he would tell the truth we would not be having this discussion citizen. The White House today tried taking credit for the wall under construction since June last year in New Mexico.

  • Bobby
    Bobby 3 months ago


  • k mn
    k mn 3 months ago +5

    Every day I wake up with hope that it can't get any worse. Every day the POTUS proves me wrong.

  • BoB Bobroski
    BoB Bobroski 3 months ago +1

    Correction ** "We want to do a BIIIG tax cut, but we can't do that until we repeal and replace the disastrous *federal reserve*"

  • sweet rocka
    sweet rocka 3 months ago

    Is the same Lawrence Mcdoofus who said the Trump presidency was over when he didn't repeal Obamacare the first time? Same dude doing insane segments on the Russians, all of which has been debunked and Obamacare now repealed. The guy has as much credibility as a bowl of cornflakes

  • Lucas M
    Lucas M 3 months ago

    I like the way this woman looks..

  • real american
    real american 3 months ago

    how about the huge win, Obamacare is done. lolololololol

    • real american
      real american 3 months ago

      Will Mills what kind of black man wants to talk to a white man about thievery.

    • Will Mills
      Will Mills 3 months ago

      real american; what Caucasians say to themselves to prevent having to admit they're immigrants that stole a country.

  • Mikael Holmgren
    Mikael Holmgren 3 months ago +3

    It surely looks like USA now have the most expensive kindergarten ever seen. A big administration with people (caretakers) looking after one child with problems. Trying to limit the damage the child might inflict.

  • kamatz
    kamatz 3 months ago

    umm.. I shouldn't have voted for Trump.. I never thought of him winning could actually happen..

    • Bobby Y
      Bobby Y 3 months ago

      kamatz - stupid!

  • Daryl Bennett
    Daryl Bennett 3 months ago

    Pulpit trump

  • Anselmo Ventura
    Anselmo Ventura 3 months ago +2

    all those old people behind him are clapping as their health care gets cut... fine with me 😀

  • Holly Word
    Holly Word 3 months ago

    Don't believe and listen to Very Fake News MSNBC, they have agenda by lying to the American people.

  • DataWaveTaGo
    DataWaveTaGo 3 months ago

    I have viewed a CBC interview spot that featured gentle, non-threatening questioning of Trump supporters in "the heartland". It became clear that said supporters are mostly happy that a white man is back in the oval office and that is enough for them to conflate white man president with Christian values and thus they see only Truth, Justice and The American Way having found a safe harbor in Washington and so there is no need to expect anything less than Total Salvation for the working class. These supporters stated that nearly every day groups of supporters hold Prayer Vigils to help guide Trump to perform his good works

  • norman edwards
    norman edwards 3 months ago


    NO NAME SO 3 months ago +1

    Obama suxs

  • DrPanetto54
    DrPanetto54 3 months ago

    Stop by to see what "Fake News" Media looks like!!! The Comedy Show!

  • Ba Fi
    Ba Fi 3 months ago


  • Alex Jordon
    Alex Jordon 3 months ago

    Still dont get why ppl voted to drain the swamp and elected Trump over ANYONE!! for those independents and dems who voted for Trump WTF!!? for those who supported brenie and voted for Trump, seriously WTF!!? No one, and I mean NO ONE in their right frame of mind could possible think Trump was the lesser of two evils, so to speak. Whats done is done..we need to repair this damage. Removed and replaced the current admin and hold Democrats elects feet to the fire.

  • S G
    S G 3 months ago

    tax cut for who ?

  • jack flash
    jack flash 3 months ago +5

    Donald Holster Trump.

  • Aubrey
    Aubrey 3 months ago

    Stephanie Ruhle is hot! She's so smart and pretty!

  • OneFire1000
    OneFire1000 3 months ago +13

    Make America Great Again? More like bring back old problems that had been solved or were being solved.

  • pteran14
    pteran14 3 months ago +5

    every smart people in the world agree that Donald trump is the worst men ever take the white house and USA government. only the Nazis in America thinks he the savior. .ignorant people

  • Lord Frosty
    Lord Frosty 3 months ago +6

    how do people still support this fool???

  • K P
    K P 3 months ago

    His Yelling and hand waving is a Hitler-rite Reichstag mannerism. Then he goes into the Mussolini Look up and Away.He has Limited cognitive vocal skills.Yikes !! To All Americans Please make your way in an orderly fashion to the Canadian Border. Please bring your belongings. Please leave your Microwaves behind.!! He even attacked the Judiciary (9th Court). Is that not Treason? As a Canadian please leave your RNC cards behind as you will not be allowed to enter. You will be turned back at the Border and sent to Obergroupen Fuherer Kelly Anne and Waffen SS Steve Bannon for re education. Love from Canada.

  • Myballsitchsomethingfierce

    I know you liberal stains aren't taking advise from wall street

  • K P
    K P 3 months ago

    The WH just announced that ALL Cabinet members are to have exact Change to use the New Depends dispensing Machines Located in the Whitehouse. No one is to use the 2 Depends machines in the Oval Office as the president constantly defecates every time he speaks.The ORKIN man will be appointed to cabinet as the fumigator in residence.The Old man Smell during cabinet meetings cannot be explained as the EPA has been disbanded.LMFAO!!! Love from Canada!!!!

  • K P
    K P 3 months ago +20

    Your President is a perfect example of first stage Dementia (Called SUN DOWNING). Staying up late, Cannot sleep with language impairment and his Gait is impaired. He is on the verge of a Psychotic break. At 70 yrs old he has exhibited this disorder for at least 20 yrs but more likely all of his life to some degree.
    His awareness of his psychosis is limited to him,He knows but cannot stop himself.When he realizes he is railing, His attitude and mind goes in to a Protective rant.Lashing out and repeating himself 2-3 times in a row. His Syphilitic mind or Dementia is slowly being eroded. He will most likely Stroke out as he is in terrible physical shape.

    • nosuchthing8
      nosuchthing8 3 months ago

      K P Very interesting post, thanks.

    • Spone Mr
      Spone Mr 3 months ago

      shh, don't mention the war !

    • K P
      K P 3 months ago

      Yes I am aware of that beer. Exit from Brexit!!!!

  • Animalier
    Animalier 3 months ago

    After Mid term Dems will Rule!!! Try to get anything done then!

  • Billy Bunnell
    Billy Bunnell 3 months ago

    I wondered what ever happened to Dennis the menace

  • Soaring Hawk
    Soaring Hawk 3 months ago +1

    Obama Is A Bad Sick Guy

  • Caleb Vaughn
    Caleb Vaughn 3 months ago

    Donald Trump we you clean you up

  • Warren Lee
    Warren Lee 3 months ago +5

    The rich knows Trump is a fraud.

    • Virtuitous Vampire
      Virtuitous Vampire 3 months ago

      W L that's because every bank in the US has been screwed by Trumps investments. Since the 90's after he screwed them over and his investors for almost a billion dollars. The only way he makes money is through foreign or private investors. Those wealthy that have rubbed shoulders with Trump have have said they would never invest in his schemes. Unfortunately, it's not about loosing money it's about loosing pride in your country and loosing its people (literally like dying-if Trumpcare passes).

  • Darth Plagueis
    Darth Plagueis 3 months ago

    I don't get it,

    Cut taxes and we will just spend more, what else is money for?

    Lower taxes , make it up and higher volume of spending.

    We don't keep money, we get it and pass it to the next sucker, sure some of it is in saving and checking accounts but into the millions as a majority.

    Let US just keep more of OUR own money.

  • Mike Hawk
    Mike Hawk 3 months ago +3

    no repeal, no tax cuts :P what say you, republicans?

  • julian hobrough
    julian hobrough 3 months ago +1

    Germany was recovering after WW1, and Hitler went to jail. At that stage, very few people were aware of him. During Hitler's incarceration, and subsequent to his release, Germany was still in a phase of strong growth. Then Hitler had to stamp his toxic personality on Germany.

    • Mike Gardner
      Mike Gardner 3 months ago

      julian hobrough
      Not quite accurate. Here is a little history http://www.history.ucsb.edu/faculty/marcuse/classes/33d/projects/1920s/Econ20s.htm

  • Love3535
    Love3535 3 months ago +12


  • Argumemnon
    Argumemnon 3 months ago +19

    Every time I hear Donald Trump talk now, I know that none of the words he speaks mean anything.

  • Timo Tatro
    Timo Tatro 3 months ago +4

    Tax cut = Bigger deficit... way bigger... don't worry the Dems will fix it when they get in and Trump is gone

    • humboldthammer
      humboldthammer 3 months ago

      "It's a disaster" Know why? Because North Korea has been supplying opium to the World's markets, cutting "our" price, and the Taliban have been attacking the farms in Afghanistan again. The Dollar is at stake and being attacked from all sides. Without the Profits from Laundering Illegal drug Profits, the banks would fail. It's just about the only REAL Cash in the system.
      If the Dollar goes down -- there will be economic hardship. And likely Wars will be fought to Prevent the Dollar from reigning. One World Currency is US.

  • Don Lafontaine
    Don Lafontaine 3 months ago

    Stéphanie is a little hottie

  • Greene Leeves
    Greene Leeves 3 months ago +9

    I know just what they mean. The day stupid Trump said the dollar was "too strong" (!!!) I considered putting my entire retirement account into Australian dollars to help him out. Then I realized nothing he says means anything anyway. I think he must have dementia.

    • humboldthammer
      humboldthammer 3 months ago

      In fact, 30-year and 10-year bonds need to be at least 6% -- that would help assure the solvency of all the pension plans. But that raise would essentially cause 30% of world wealth, even Trump's, to Vanish.
      Raising Interest Rates would Strengthen the dollar -- if investors like your money, you are stronger. Lower Interest rates would weaken the dollar. Since we are nearly 0%, lower must mean Negative Interest rates. WTF?
      "It's a disaster."

  • humboldthammer
    humboldthammer 3 months ago

    Realistically, Trump proposed borrowing about One Trillion dollars per year for ten years to finance our way out of this slump. Tea-Party/Freedom Caucus Needs a WIN on CUTS. Especially, ESPECIALLY, if taxes are cut (otherwise there will be a $trillion/year deficit). It won't add UP! Give them what they WANT. For Republicans, that's Borrow and Bomb.

  • The Fibler
    The Fibler 3 months ago +2

    I thought Wall Street bankers were smart? I took them more than 3 months to figure this out?

  • killeing
    killeing 3 months ago

    Thumbs up if you want to assassinate Trump.

  • oneviwatara
    oneviwatara 3 months ago +1

    Fake news.

  • François Latreille
    François Latreille 3 months ago +2

    I love how we blame Trump for our common awakening, but really some years ago the same bulls* he's pulling would have been commended by wallstreet. I mean, if Trump is failing it's because of the people, not because of Trump

    • François Latreille
      François Latreille 3 months ago

      I don't find it stupid to think that Trump failing is a good thing. Maybe my thought isn't stupid but doesn't filter right... it's often hard to be understood by others. let's see, what would be happening to us if Trump was winning?

    • LadySaltlife J
      LadySaltlife J 3 months ago

      François Latreille now that's a stupid thought better kept to yourself

  • Chucks Grace
    Chucks Grace 3 months ago +1

    I love how people like Elizabeth Warren who called out Obama for his recent $400,000 payment for his upcoming Wall street speech but was absolutely silent when Hillary was paid over $140 million in Wall Street and Hedge fund speeches over the past 4 years.  Not to mention lying about being a native American.  Oh and don't forget her paying all her male employees way more than her female employees. I thought she was the champion of women's rights and equality?  Give me a break!  Can't wait for Libs to defend that when she runs in 2020.  Wall Street (or the 1%) never benefited more financially than under President Obama's administration.  That's a fact. Where were the Libs and Dems criticizing Obama for that? Crickets! Oh wait, I forgot, you're not allowed to ever criticize St. Obama.  Keep in mind people that during the campaign, hedge fund organizations donated over 48 million dollars to Hillary's campaign and only $19,000 to Trump.  $19,000 to 48 Million!!! Which side do you think is more in the swamp? I think the facts speak for themselves.

    • Darlos Stroud
      Darlos Stroud Month ago

      Chucks Grace typical....anytime someone criticizes trump you trump supporters always start talking about obama and hillary. quite amusing since they are both irrelevant except to trump who can't stand that obama is way more popular not just in the us but the world and hillary won the popular vote. SAD!

  • healdogtoe2c
    healdogtoe2c 3 months ago

    To many grains of salt. The water is saline.

  • linux lover
    linux lover 3 months ago +37

    When can we repeal and replace the disaster known as donald trump?

  • Hector Morales
    Hector Morales 3 months ago +33

    TRUMP.. the worst USA president ever ...ah, ah...sad but true... 3 painful years more

    • Grey Mouser
      Grey Mouser 3 months ago

      'Feel it closing in' ?

    • Jack van Houwelingen
      Jack van Houwelingen 3 months ago

      Grey Mouser No if there had been anything that could lead to impeachment Trumps enemies would have used it by now , the only things that could happen is that he is found to be unfit (insane) or he break his neck tripping on a golf ball . The last is most likely .

    • Grey Mouser
      Grey Mouser 3 months ago

      He'll be gone by August.

  • Inez Bakken
    Inez Bakken 3 months ago +9

    This will cost those who buckle under trumps crazy Bill's he wants passed there election in 2018 Good bye you all .

  • denny den
    denny den 3 months ago +52


  • Paul Duffy
    Paul Duffy 3 months ago

    Wall Street will listen very soon.

  • Jeff M
    Jeff M 3 months ago +29

    Big tax cuts for the rich at the expense of the poor. Make no mistake about it.

    Taxes were originally levied only on the rich, the poor and middle class cheered, until it expanded to them. The rich then found ways to avoid and mitigate taxes, then guess who beared the burden.

    And look at what Trump wants to get rid of... the estate tax... that will only affect the rich. They say this isn't class warfare but this is the culmination of the disparity of wealth.

    • Bruce Mincks
      Bruce Mincks 3 months ago

      How did they get rich? Why can't they pay taxes like everybody else? Are you referring to LLCs?

    • humboldthammer
      humboldthammer 3 months ago

      Face Facts -- the rich pay for everything. The Wars, the roads, the bridges, the politicians. Without them, most of us would be ignorant peasants.
      But today, they do not want to pay for anything anymore unless they OWN it.
      The Tax Exempt Worker relieves the employer of the huge tax burden of half of your Social Security and pools Worker's Comp into a federal program.
      When you can no longer work, if you have no resources of your own, there's the Safety Net -- voluntary FEMA Camps. No need for expensive guards -- these are the elderly and disabled. Where else will the find free food, shelter, toilets, . . . showers .. and Supplement F-U, which keeps everyone a Happy Camper.

    • Kilgore Trout
      Kilgore Trout 3 months ago

      Let me help you with something, Before becoming disabled, i owned and ran a company for 20+ yrs that started with just me. 1st year, it exploded, i had profits out the wazoo. How did i keep my tax bill low? I REINVESTED IN MY COMPANY, as well as hiring an Assistant. If profits were low, my tax burden was low, so i wouldn't put added funds into the company a.) because the year had been thin, and who knows about next year, an b.) because i didn't need to offset profits....but out of the time i had the business, i only had 4 thin years.

      There is the story of how business works, then there is the reality. The problem is companies relocating overseas, and i think there should be a penalty applied to this. When corporate taxes are higher, companies invest in equipment and workforce to offset tax liability.

      What is sold in respect to tax cuts for wealthy folks, and corporations, is the idea that Multi-Million(sometimes Billionaires) need financial help in any way. If they require free money from the government, else they wont hire, they went into biz for all the wrong reasons, and i have seen more of those companies fail than any other.

      If that isn't understandable, i don't know how to make it so.

    • Chucks Grace
      Chucks Grace 3 months ago

      I guess time will tell.  But have you ever gotten a job from a poor person? Coorporations will not expand or brings factories back from other countries when it doesn't make financial sense.  It seems like simple economics.  Trust me! Trump won't let these corporations take the tax cut and just pocket it and not keep jobs or bring job back.

    KING KONG 3 months ago

    idk what u all talking about trump is making americaaaa great again....lmao

  • Jermaine Steele
    Jermaine Steele 3 months ago +26

    I can't, I really CANNOT hate Donald Trump more than ever

    • nosuchthing8
      nosuchthing8 3 months ago

      Jermaine Steele give it a week

    • Jermaine Steele
      Jermaine Steele 3 months ago

      Cluckery Duckery Same. I just cannot shake the fact that even if the Trump supporters will never buy into Trump's destructive and conning attitude. I mean what do they see in him that we can't?

    • Cluckery Duckery
      Cluckery Duckery 3 months ago

      Jermaine Steele that's for sure. I mean somehow this country elected a mentally unfit and temperamentally unstable toddler with narcissistic delusions and a complete detachment from reality as its president. Didn't see that coming either. And a version will get through eventually, thats pretty unstoppable. But hopefully it will be a much less harmful version.

    • Jermaine Steele
      Jermaine Steele 3 months ago

      Cluckery Duckery Maybe but anything can happen

    • Cluckery Duckery
      Cluckery Duckery 3 months ago

      Jermaine Steele it's not even close to becoming law yet. The senate will not approve it as is. It'll have to go back and forth through committees. Still, it's a sad state of affairs that this morally depraved bill even got its foot in the door.

  • Steven Bee
    Steven Bee 3 months ago +10

    Won't Somebody Please Think about the Wall Street Executives?!?

    • James Patrick
      James Patrick 3 months ago

      its saad to see them that way, crying and having to stay just another year with their 2017 bentley, its a real tragedy, have you seen the Manhattan real state, saaad

    • Steven Bee
      Steven Bee 3 months ago

      Goldman Sach's CEO was given a bonus for running over my daughter's cat & making her cry?

    • humboldthammer
      humboldthammer 3 months ago

      Okay. The Good News is that those pesky derivatives from 2008 have been repackaged and sold to your pension plan as Safe High Yield Transactions (SHYT). Now ask me what the bad news is.

  • Bill VanHuss
    Bill VanHuss 3 months ago +1

    How stupid this fake news is the Trump leap has the dow the highest in history. You Democrat operative investor by himself and and the money you pay him

  • Ray Gonzalez
    Ray Gonzalez 3 months ago +92

    2017 Make america uninsured again.

    • Mae Moxie
      Mae Moxie 3 months ago

      Sarah Quid- Great clear, concise explanation why just not having insurance is a huge factor in the over all issue! Public and private hospitals are prohibited by law from denying a patient care in an emergency. The Emergency Medical and Treatment Labor Act (EMTLA) passed by Congress in 1986 explicitly forbids the denial of care to indigent or uninsured patients based on a lack of ability to pay.

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