The Flash season 1 review

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  • Brendan Corbett
    Brendan Corbett 10 days ago

    Cisco should become a speedster

  • The Dark Knight
    The Dark Knight 10 days ago

    my favorite characters in the show are Firestorm, Cisco and Joe

  • Angelo Ferraro
    Angelo Ferraro 1 month ago +1


  • Youtube Guy
    Youtube Guy 1 month ago

    The other seasons were not that sad but the ending of season 3 made me cry like a little bitch

  • Ilija Kocev
    Ilija Kocev 1 month ago

    Too many spoilers for the second season characters,if you're watching it right now,stop the video.

  • Prometheus
    Prometheus 1 month ago +1

    can you do season 3

  • Shomerful
    Shomerful 2 months ago

    that comment about not making the flash dark and dredgy.... just loved it!

  • hamid nazari
    hamid nazari 2 months ago

    i cant believe u people liked the flash season 1 i found it so stupid his father was in prison he couldve freed him and he almost killed everybody and earth and himself to go back in time and save his mother.. the detective died because of him firestorm died becuz of him so stupid..

  • marnat61
    marnat61 2 months ago

    How did he not talk about the stuff with his mom?????

  • Panthers Nation
    Panthers Nation 3 months ago

    Eobard on Dc Legends of tomorrow season 2

  • Chaos Thierry
    Chaos Thierry 3 months ago

    It was awesome how Jeremy went all fan girl in this review. I felt the same way after season 1. Season 2 however......

  • The CR3ATOR
    The CR3ATOR 3 months ago +2

    I'm seeing a bunch of people complaining how they wanted the show to go, there was so many ways the writers could've went with the show, but they tried their best to give us a good season, let's just be thankful we got a show for him. Let's stop complaining about alot of things and just be thankful for once, huh?

  • Lunar Radiance
    Lunar Radiance 3 months ago

    I'm curious on Jeremy's opinion for Legends of Tomorrow. *Fingers crossed*

  • Knight of Gotham
    Knight of Gotham 4 months ago

    Is it just me or does Joe West look like Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4 in the season finale?

  • TruXByakuya
    TruXByakuya 4 months ago

    Marathoned the shit out of this and it was the best series I've ever seen. HOLY FK.

  • Yonis Hashi
    Yonis Hashi 4 months ago

    This show is terrible

  • Damian Billbrough
    Damian Billbrough 4 months ago

    I can't wait to see your season 3 review, as both your season 1 and season 2 reviews were incredible.

  • Darren Tham
    Darren Tham 4 months ago

    Why doesn't eddie shoot his dick off

  • NothingOriginal55
    NothingOriginal55 4 months ago

    It's getting to the point where I want something bad to happen to me cause afterwards I'll get super powers, right? You know simple stuff - get bit by a radioactive spider, get splashed with radioactive waste, hit by lightning - whatever...

  • Sayujya Vaishnav
    Sayujya Vaishnav 5 months ago

    Tom Cavanagh is seriously the best actor in this show. All 3 versions of him in the 3 seasons have been entertaining in their own respect.

  • Edwin Pereda Wolf
    Edwin Pereda Wolf 5 months ago

    I cant get past the first episode its sssoooo bad lol

  • Ethan Houdini
    Ethan Houdini 5 months ago

    Watch supergirl

  • Satyam Taparia
    Satyam Taparia 5 months ago

    In the season finale why do they let Thawne leave after Barry travels back in time? He already told Barry all he needed to know....there was no need to let h out...

  • Free Khalifah
    Free Khalifah 6 months ago

    my son loves the flash and he says he likes your video Jeremy!

  • Ron weasly #Alwaysahufflepuff!

    dude I'm watching season and oh my lrdie it just gets better and better I love cisco hes so funny hes like me

  • musti jaja
    musti jaja 7 months ago

    i thought there were only going to be spoilers for season one, now i know Caitlin is killerforst. Thanks.

    • Joey Martinez
      Joey Martinez 5 months ago

      chicken Yeah but still not a spoiler since they said in she was Killer Frost in season 1.

    • musti jaja
      musti jaja 5 months ago

      Joey Martinez 8 didn't know that, i didn't read the comics, it's as simple as that.

    • Joey Martinez
      Joey Martinez 5 months ago

      chicken Caitlin IS Killer Frost. It was in the comics, they referenced it in the show, and people knew it was going to happen since the beginning. It's not a spoiler just basic comic knowledge.

  • Hayley Christi
    Hayley Christi 7 months ago +1

    This is my favorite show!!

  • Game Bros
    Game Bros 8 months ago

    I love the flash

  • The Spectacular Gonzo
    The Spectacular Gonzo 8 months ago +3

    I like the show but ironically it's way too fast. lol. What I mean is that by the end of just season 1 Barry had traveled through time, defeated his greatest foe, was about to save the world and just about everyone in his life learns his secret identity. If I were writing this show I would've done things very differently.
    For example:
    1. Be more realistic: When he wakes up from being in a coma he's got perfect hair, no facial hair, and pretty much everyone treated him like he was out for a week when it was 9 fucking months! Give him a beard, put him in a wheelchair and make him feel like shit waking up after that long. Then the next day he can feel fantastic.
    2. Put some tension between Barry and Joe: Call me crazy but if my father were falsely accused for the death of my mother then the last thing I would want is to be raised by the cop who arrested him. Joe's redemption story was way too light. Joe should've been raked with guilt and I have Barry begrudgingly forced to work with him once Joe realized Barry was telling the truth and have them develop a friendship from that point.
    3. For gods sakes give the Rogues a bigger role: Why use Reverse Flash right away when Captain Cold could've been a much better threat to start the series with. Like make Lenard Snart the main villain and for the season finale use the Rogues to threaten the city and really stretch the Flash past his limits.
    4. No time travel: When Smallville first aired they kept Superman grounded and I think the same principle should've been applied to the Flash. At least for the first season anyways.
    5. Keep his identity a secret: That is one of the biggest rules for superheroes and The Flash couldn't wait to tell everyone. Jesus at least wait a few seasons.
    6. No Team Flash: As much as I love Cisco the show could've done without giving the Flash a support group. It would've been better if they only knew him as the Flash and he would only come to them once and a while for help. Superman does it all the time. That also would've made his relationship with Team Arrow stronger as they would be the only ones who knew that Barry was the Flash aside from Joe.
    7. And finally make Reverse Flash's mystery bigger and better: Like only hint at Eobard Thawne's existence during season one and then make him the main villain in season 2 but at the last minute just when you're convinced that Harrison Wells is RF pull the rug out from underneath and make someone you never expected be Reverse Flash like the police Captain or Eddie and show Harrison Wells as just a pawn and distraction to keep Barry off of Thawne's trail.

    Those are my ideas. Don't even get me started on Arrow.

    • The Spectacular Gonzo
      The Spectacular Gonzo 4 months ago

      Michael osei "Sigh" Ok then. Since you asked. But that is a LOT of ground to cover. So here's how I believe they could've made Arrow much better:
      1. They definitely should've stayed away from all the Batman material. Don't get me wrong, I like Green Arrow and am happy that they've brought him a long way from his Smallville counterpart but his personality is all wrong. Green Arrow is the everyman of superheroes that fights to clean up the neighborhood let alone the whole goddamn city or the world. His personality should've been more likened to that of Nathan Drake's from the Uncharted series. Oliver is supposed to be more of an adventurer with a sarcastic sense of humor rather than a brooding vigilante.
      2. Season 1 was damn near perfect in terms of style, plot and characters. For me season 2 was good but not especially great even though most people would disagree. My point is as much as I love Deathstroke his motivation for becoming a villain bent on destroying the city seemed really weak. It would've been a better story to have Sebastian Blood be the brains behind the plot to take over the city but after being continually thwarted by Arrow he'd naturally hire the only man capable of stopping Oliver. Henceforth a Judas contract. Slade Wilson would've been better off being a professional assassin rather than a vengeful psychopath who never shuts up about Shado the girl half his age that he never even kissed. Plus they never should've "cured" him either. It would've been so much cooler for Oliver to overcome Slade despite his super strength and the nuclear threat was stupid as well. All they needed was the threat of Blood or Deathstroke taking over Star city rather than destroying it.
      3. Sara was better off dead. And before you disagree just hear me out. Sara's death was simply a plot devise used in the beginning of season 3 to put Oliver in the crosshairs of Ra's al Ghul which once again is Batman material. And Ra's al Ghul didn't even care about Sara, he only dueled with Oliver out of respect for his daughter and just happened to admire Oliver's willingness to survive. See this is where it got way off point. Sara's death should've been more of a catalyst that changed everything for Laurel and Nyssa al Ghul. While Laurel becomes more of a hero it should've turned Nyssa into the main villain of season 3 instead of her father. And of course they needed to keep Laurel alive and maybe even turned her into a meta human like the Earth 2 version or the newest Black Canary. I mean why did they waste such a great character and bring back Sara who's pretty much turned into an arrogant bitch.
      4. I think that I speak for everyone when I say that Olicity was the biggest mistake the show ever made. While Felicity was (for some reason) a popular character at first she made a huge dive after she pretty much become a selfish brat in season 4. It feels like just now the writers have finally figured out that what Felicity needs is a character arc. I mean come on she sat behind a computer screen for five seasons. Oh wait yeah she became paralyzed (also Batman material) and then was able to walk again which is kind of a dick move really. It's a slap in the face to people who really are paralyzed. At least Barbara Gordon stayed in that wheelchair and didn't let it stop her from fighting crime but nope Felicity is the lucky one. Hopefully they're going in the direction of having her become a villain. Seriously if she wanted she could do some major damage and I think it would make an interesting story to have her cross that line and for Oliver to be forced to stop her.
      5. Damien Darhk should NOT have been the main villain of season 4. While I'm not saying that he should've been excluded from the show I think that it would've been better if he turned out to be only a mere puppet to a more powerful antagonist and the one I'm thinking of is Trigon. It would've been a good reason to bring Raven to the show or to keep Constantine around for more than one episode plus it's always interesting to have a villain as powerful as Damien Darhk only to find out that he works for someone even worse.

      So those are my thoughts on Arrow. Now if you're wondering what I think of Legends of tomorrow I think that should've made Rip Hunter more of a Malcolm Reynolds type and replaced every other character with the Justice Society of America. Same for Supergirl. Throw out that show, replace it with Superman. Done deal.

    • Michael osei
      Michael osei 4 months ago

      The Spectacular Gonzo do arrow

  • Rafael Marco Vistar
    Rafael Marco Vistar 8 months ago

    what can the 193 dislikes fight againts us the 15k plus likes ......anyone ?

  • Ace132
    Ace132 8 months ago +2

    Have y'all noticed how this show makes no sense in its time line. If Eddie is his great great great grandfather, then how come Barry is his enemy? How old is future Barry? Eubart said that he wouldn't be born until 100 years later while Barry was on his 20's. Is future Barry +120 years old?

    • Dattebayo04
      Dattebayo04 6 months ago

      The Reverse Flash is a time traveler. Plus, this plot hole is filled with information in the second season

    • The Slasher41
      The Slasher41 7 months ago

      It's called TIME TRAVEL you dumbass

    • Luke Groundflyer
      Luke Groundflyer 8 months ago

      Ace132 no the reverse flash is actually just a crazy fan boy who thought hey since i can't be the flash i might as well just be a dick

  • Really Now
    Really Now 9 months ago

    CW DC are a bunch of whiny soap. Netflix Marvel is the gold standard for superhero series.

  • Mona Imran
    Mona Imran 9 months ago

    Can you review Supergirl????

    • Mona Imran
      Mona Imran 5 months ago

      Well I figured since he reviewed Arrow and The Flash, he might as well also do Supergirl

    • Richard Cruz
      Richard Cruz 6 months ago

      This show sucks!!!

  • Luis Corral
    Luis Corral 9 months ago +1

    I loved season 1 one of the best shows out there I'm watching season 2 and it even got better so check it out

  • Uranius Johnson
    Uranius Johnson 10 months ago

    the simple theory about the singularity reopening is correct - Eobard's death created a paradox

  • Terence Tanyi
    Terence Tanyi 10 months ago

    the guy in this video looks like he could star as Barry Allen. like if you agree

  • Angel Cantú
    Angel Cantú 10 months ago

    God damn it Barry stop messing with the timeline

  • maria roldan
    maria roldan 10 months ago

    yeah i took it as the black hole opening up necause of the paradox that was created when wells ceased to exist. Because the black hole appears out of wells body so i just assumed it was implied that his death spawned the black hole

  • Connor Veenstra
    Connor Veenstra 10 months ago +89

    I cried like a bitch when Barry went back to save his mom.

  • Kenzi Dowdell
    Kenzi Dowdell 10 months ago

    Review SuperGirl season 1 please!!

  • Green Whovian
    Green Whovian 10 months ago

    I stopped at the series finale reveal I cant decide whether I need to watch this series now Ive started on the DCU since theres a Flash reference in B v S. Arrow jus sounded boring but I did watch the 90s Flash series as a kid do I need to watch this series for the films sake?

  • Mysterion SP
    Mysterion SP 10 months ago

    imagine how fast he could hatch pokemon eggs xD

  • Tarskybull Beme
    Tarskybull Beme 10 months ago +1

    "that shit was excellent" well I am sold

  • Rohan Gupte
    Rohan Gupte 11 months ago

    The flash is amazing

  • Tristan Matheny
    Tristan Matheny 11 months ago

    I cried....the entire 23rd episode.

  • Mark Welch
    Mark Welch 11 months ago

    I love the Flash! This is actually the first superhero content I ever gave a shit about! (I might like Arrow but its on the same time as my other shows)

  • benjamin oteko
    benjamin oteko 11 months ago

    The flash had the worst science ever. Like they're just throwing words everywhere and I'm like, "Do you guys even science? A guy smashing into a hydrogen atom causing a wormhole to form which if it stays open for too long will cause a black hole to form"? Really? I mean really? A GUY SMASHES INTO A HYDROGEN ATOM????!

    Before I get some crazy replies, just chill a few seconds. I'm not done!

    So in spite of that crazy science (not only in the last episode ,but all through the first season!), I would rather watch the flash again than watch a scientifically accurate sci-fi show. (unless it's interstellar)
    Because the flash is as awesome as a black hole forming from a wormhole that stays open for too long! Haha

    This show is amazing!

    But really?

    Just never mind. (to begin with, a hydrogen atom will go through anything at whichever speed It's moving)


    • Connor Coates
      Connor Coates 10 months ago

      The show is fake science for sure, but they explain it in way where you have to be like "is that a real thing?" It was a very good way of using science aspects. If you explain it in a way that seems realistic enough, people will buy it in the show

  • Zbuckner
    Zbuckner 11 months ago

    If he ceases to exist then he can't have killed Barry's mom

    • P K S
      P K S 10 months ago

      His world shouldn't exist. That's why the black hole appeared. To correct the time after the paradox. So now TGEY are living in a world that has broken physics

  • Chris Finoc
    Chris Finoc 11 months ago

    Glad I'm not the only person who cried during the finale!!!!

  • Phinx CSGO
    Phinx CSGO 11 months ago +2

    the last few episodes made no sense, the logic behind their decision was so terrible i couldn't stand it. The show is beautiful and well directed but script has so many holes that i wont bother watching further sadly. Was a great start and disappointing finish..

    • Cristian Delgado
      Cristian Delgado 10 months ago

      +Phinx CSGO because he's young, he is impetuous, he hasn't accepted his mother's death, he has this new power and he has a little bit of an invincibility complex and he's given this golden opportunity to risk it and get rid of eobard in the process. he's acting a bit selfish but out of a very human place. he's not superman he's not the best of all of us he's gonna make stupid ass decisions becuase he's a goddamn human. as far as why the black hole didn't destroy anything well I found a perfect analogy. think of the timeline as an oil soaked rope. now imagine the black hole as fire crawling up tell rope. it's gonna burn a bit of the timeline but if you put it out before it climbs higher up it the rest of the rope is reserved and eobard thawne can still come back in time.

    • Phinx CSGO
      Phinx CSGO 10 months ago

      +Cristian Delgado how?! why after caring so much about everyone in whole season he decides to risk the whole world getting sucked into bhole just because he wants to see his mother for last time and everyone doesnt say anything like yeah risk everyones life for this Flash !

    • Cristian Delgado
      Cristian Delgado 10 months ago

      I respectfully disagree I think everything made sense

    • noamasaf
      noamasaf 11 months ago

      hey sup dude I watch your videos lol
      You should really watch season 2
      It's awesome
      not gonna spoil it :DDD

  • Rason Austin
    Rason Austin 1 year ago

    it was amazing

  • Desiree Keifer
    Desiree Keifer 1 year ago

    Pls pls review Supernatural

  • Kikin_Likin
    Kikin_Likin 1 year ago

    Lol I watched the entire first season in 3 days and I loved it, but I was such a zombie I had no emotion when watching the finale. It was great though!

  • Liam Williams
    Liam Williams 1 year ago

    The show didn't get good until after the mid season finale when they did more reverse flash and from there it got better and better as you said but you talk about this season finale like its the best thing since sliced bread and I'm sorry but it was a huge disappointment for me, I went into it last night hearing nothing but amazing things about it so I thought that there would be high stakes and everyone will be in immediate danger because Harrison Wells would think of a clever way to get out, take over Star Labs and open the worm hole himself where Barry would confront him for one last big showdown, but instead I got the first 2/3 of the finale watching Barry decide on whether or not to take Wells offer and go back to save his mother, then a decent last 1/3 where we get admittedly a touching scene when he does go back and then a disappointing fight between Barry and Wells that lasted a solid 10 seconds before Eddie shoots himself which I seen coming but I thought we'd get more of a fight first, and then for the first time in this season finale it actually felt like they were in danger when the black hole opens what do they do? They pull a to be continued on us...tbh the episode beforehand would have made a better finale. The leading up to it was just so good yet the finale for me just left so much to be desired. I know everyone will probably hate on me but fuck it sure I don't care, I'm excited to start season 2 tonight, hopefully that gives me a finale with higher stakes and actually finishes in its season.

  • Trackrapper
    Trackrapper 1 year ago

    Oh my god dude, so ever 4th of July week, my dads side of the family goes to the beach. My brother had watched this a few weeks before, and while we were there, all of us kids, ranging from 7 to 15 all watched this, and there are about 12 of us, and we watched all of the episodes during the week, except the last one, and we loved watching every single one. I loved Sisco's joke about the guy, where he said, "he was normally a jerk, but every now and then, he could be a dick." Overall, this was an amazing show and it's quite possible that next year, we'll all watch season two together.

  • SwenglishGamer
    SwenglishGamer 1 year ago


  • SwenglishGamer
    SwenglishGamer 1 year ago

    I can't fucking stand Iris. I can't stand her. She doesn't do good for anyone for fucks sake, she just fucks with everyone's minds and causes problems, the actress is stale and I just can't see what the fuck everyone likes about her...

  • Bilbo Took
    Bilbo Took 1 year ago

    Does anyone know when season 2 will come to Netflix?

    • Connor Coates
      Connor Coates 10 months ago

      +Garrett Schanck September 19 is when it starts

    • gart scak
      gart scak 1 year ago

      +TheMarsGamer Good.

    • TheMarsGamer
      TheMarsGamer 1 year ago

      +Garrett Schanck probably around early or mid October maybe sooner

    • gart scak
      gart scak 1 year ago

      +TheMarsGamer when is that

    • Bilbo Took
      Bilbo Took 1 year ago

      +TheMarsGamer Ok thanks

  • Ormagoden
    Ormagoden 1 year ago

    I hated Eddie so much. like seeing him with iris made me upset cause she should have been Barry damn it. 😡

  • Amit Barabi
    Amit Barabi 1 year ago

    Smallville was great, I still like it

  • Logesh Waran
    Logesh Waran 1 year ago +1

    im here from the future

  • 11105Ahmed
    11105Ahmed 1 year ago

    If you think CW shows don't take big risks, you haven't seen the 100

    • Jesus Castillo
      Jesus Castillo 11 months ago

      +11105Ahmed I really liked season 1 and 2 but season 3 just got boring and not liking it

    • 11105Ahmed
      11105Ahmed 1 year ago

      The 100 is a gritty show about survival

  • Isaac Krings
    Isaac Krings 1 year ago

    Dat season finally tho

  • HardSplint Cine
    HardSplint Cine 1 year ago

    Same. In the first episode I hated Cisco, Caitlin, Eddie, Joe, and Iris. But I ended up loving everyone, except for Iris.

  • CaptainTaco97
    CaptainTaco97 1 year ago +11

    The fact that they made Gorilla Grodd possible in live action completely sold me on this being the best comic book show on network television.

  • Bas van der Meij
    Bas van der Meij 1 year ago

    I watched episode 9 to 23 in one day.. I have a problem, that never happens.. I like this show.. xD

  • Oliver Dunn
    Oliver Dunn 1 year ago

    My faveroite tv show! dare Devils second

  • MrMoneyclips
    MrMoneyclips 1 year ago

    Cisqo is Vibe in the comics

  • Rahul Raheja
    Rahul Raheja 1 year ago

    Couldn't have Eddy just have shot his penis instead of killing himself?? Lmao

  • The Man Without Fear

    Probably the best live Superhero TV show i have seen so far in my life i like all the Actors and Actresses they do a good job of capturing their characters very well done writing im done with Season 1 and will begin watching Season 2 immediately.

  • VortexWaffle
    VortexWaffle 1 year ago

    where is arrow s4

  • The Shadow Master
    The Shadow Master 1 year ago

    This show is so FUCKING AWESOME!

  • Tormund Gaint
    Tormund Gaint 1 year ago +1

    I watched 3 episodes didn't like it. It is not really the best nor the worst show.

    • Connor Coates
      Connor Coates 10 months ago

      +mnbc989 it starts off that way, but after a few episodes it picks up, and in season 2 everything is taken to new heights

    • P K S
      P K S 10 months ago

      Did you watch the whole thing. The first few are ok. The ones 5 and up are amazing

    • mnbc989
      mnbc989 11 months ago

      +Guga It definitely is cheesy; plot structure, dialogue, characters, all of it is cheddar.

    • Cuz I'm a wanderer
      Cuz I'm a wanderer 1 year ago

      It's good, just an extreme amount of cringe-worthy romantic, bullshit love triangle between Barry, Iris and Eddie.

    • Guga
      Guga 1 year ago

      +roborob4 I don't think it's boring, I just think it's cheesy. The dialogue is very corny and there is a lot of unnecessary drama and romance. I kinda like it tho.

  • Treefingers
    Treefingers 1 year ago

    Couldn't even get past season 1 of Arrow. I was hooked by Flash from the very beginning, I fucking love it!

  • Herman B.
    Herman B. 1 year ago +1

    Here after the Season 2 finale review!

  • Spurt
    Spurt 1 year ago +19

    About a year after this video was uploaded, I just wrapped up season 1

  • Ramanan Easwar
    Ramanan Easwar 1 year ago

    Straight after season 2 review 😂😂😂

  • bombomos
    bombomos 1 year ago +2

    I honestly don't like this series. ugh, the acting and writing.

  • Kobalta
    Kobalta 1 year ago

    we need a season 2 review now!

  • logan shanks
    logan shanks 1 year ago


  • Seth Meyers
    Seth Meyers 1 year ago


  • Seth Meyers
    Seth Meyers 1 year ago


  • Parfey
    Parfey 1 year ago

    there are 2 things i dislike about the show
    barry being such a kid and how annoying iris is

  • Kevin Scott
    Kevin Scott 1 year ago

    As someone who enjoyed season 1, but hasn't watched season 2, can anyone tell me without any spoilers how season 2 compares to the first one.

    • Connor Coates
      Connor Coates 10 months ago

      +Kevin Scott I liked season 2 better than season 1. The story was complex, the performances were amazing, and the filler episodes meant more in season 2 than in season 1

    • Jacob D
      Jacob D 1 year ago

      +Kevin Scott It in my opinion isnt as good as season 1, but i loved it and will continue rewatching episodes of both seasons

    • Kevin Scott
      Kevin Scott 1 year ago

      +Vishanthfishy .R Thanks. It's good to know what to expect.

    • Vishanthfishy .R
      Vishanthfishy .R 1 year ago

      season 2 is a classic hero vs villain story not a personal barry allen story but a normal superhero story
      in other words it's great

  • BrennenMersereauFilms
    BrennenMersereauFilms 1 year ago +1

    The Flash season 1 and 2 are beyond amazing.

  • John Williams
    John Williams 1 year ago +48

    Eddie could've shot his balls off and lived

    • Ben Kana
      Ben Kana 4 months ago

      John Williams
      I have literally never laughed harder at a comment than this.

    • Jaros Bodytko
      Jaros Bodytko 1 year ago

      +John Williams Well, can't argue with that XD

    • John Williams
      John Williams 1 year ago

      +Jaros Bodytko true but if you watch Game of Thrones there's plenty of Ball-less men who still have glory 😂

    • Jaros Bodytko
      Jaros Bodytko 1 year ago

      Yeah, but: no balls, no glory, man.

    • MrWilko
      MrWilko 1 year ago

      so true bahahahahah 😂😂😂😂

  • Gil VD
    Gil VD 1 year ago

    The Flash is the best thing I have EVER seen! I cried, I laughed, I enjoyed it so much! I am a little behind but I am going to watch the sh*t out of season 2 as FAST as possible. (You see what I did there?)

    • Zenith
      Zenith 1 year ago

      You will love season 2, it's amazing. The finale will shock you (If your a comic book reader or just know some things from the comics) and you will love and cry the entire time.

  • Aardvark Banana
    Aardvark Banana 1 year ago +1

    Looking forward to your season 2 review!

  • batdan530
    batdan530 1 year ago +30

    Waiting for your season 2 review.

  • Faust Link
    Faust Link 1 year ago +4

    review season 2 please

  • Titanplayer32
    Titanplayer32 1 year ago

    Anyone else hate iris west?

  • Rikeilan
    Rikeilan 1 year ago

    One thing this show assured me of, is that whoever character I like, dies, one way or another.

  • HonkeyHustleDDC
    HonkeyHustleDDC 1 year ago

    season 2 review please :)

  • \- PhantasticTin -/
    \- PhantasticTin -/ 1 year ago +1

    Season 2 yet? 😁😁😁

  • iStarLord
    iStarLord 1 year ago

    Can't wait for a season 2 review!

  • Safwan sohail
    Safwan sohail 1 year ago +1

    @jeremyjahns dude you have to review season 2 it's intense review it asap!!!!!

  • hadi sabra
    hadi sabra 1 year ago

    he said spoiler free then in the last video he said it was a spoiler review lol

  • RezaImranNinetyEight®
    RezaImranNinetyEight® 1 year ago +10

    Can't wait for his Season 2 review

  • Francisco Leon
    Francisco Leon 1 year ago

    I just realized, couldn't Eddie just decide not to have kids?

    • Yanke East
      Yanke East 11 months ago

      well reverse flash is still there so he could have a child in the past

    • Angelo Delevingne
      Angelo Delevingne 11 months ago

      +ItsNinja wtf 😂😂

    • Zenith
      Zenith 1 year ago

      Could have shot himself in the dick

  • TheRichRoom
    TheRichRoom 1 year ago +2

    The Speed Force Is in Season 2, but Harrison Wells is a complicated storyline.

    • TheRichRoom
      TheRichRoom 10 months ago

      +Connor Coates No, I mean that there was an episode where the Flash had to go back in time again and needed a speed formula to defeat Zoom. And he still had an arc where he killed a man and he still had mistrust from Team Flash.The character in general around Harrison Wells (or Eobard Thawne) is confusing at some times. 

    • Connor Coates
      Connor Coates 10 months ago

      Harrison wells arc isn't that complicated. He's from earth 2, zoom took his daughter, he needs to get back to save her. Not that difficult to understand

    • One Shot
      One Shot 1 year ago


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