Norwegian underground bunker

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  • Norwegian underground bunker with covered trenches and firing/observation positions.
    In the beginning we see two positions for the defense of access to the upper entrance into the bunker facility.
    The bunker was built in the 1980's and is constructed as a war command post for close defence. The plant contains resting room, command central, defense position and an observation tower with a steel dome with bulletproof glass.
    The plant can if necessary be closed and it will then be resistant to chemical warfare agents by using the ventilation system unit is installed.

    See the new video with better light here:

    Norsk underjordisk bunker med overbygde løpegraver og skyte/observasjons stillinger.
    I begynnelsen ser vi to posisjoner for forsvar av adkomsten til øvre inngangen ned i bunkeranlegget.
    Bunkeren er bygd på 1980 tallet og er konstruert som en krigskommandoplass for nærforsvar. Anlegget inneholder sengeplasser, kommandosentral, nærforsvarsstillinger samt et observasjons tårn med stål kuppel med skuddsikkert glass.
    Anlegget kan om nødvendig lukkes og det vil da bli motstandsdyktig mot kjemiske stridsmidler ved å bruke ventilasjonsanlegget anlegget som er installert.

    Se nyere video med bedre lys her:
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  • Vanessa Elis
    Vanessa Elis 24 days ago

    Algum brasileiro aqui

  • Benne
    Benne 25 days ago

    That bunker looks awesome. I love to explore stuff like this.

  • Armin Sunj
    Armin Sunj 1 month ago

    Bogami si glup ko sajla

  • Rotepter
    Rotepter 1 month ago

    Woohoo Norway!

  • Andrei xbox boss
    Andrei xbox boss 1 month ago

    It's on the fake

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez 1 month ago


  • Roger M
    Roger M 1 month ago

    Constructed in 1980...wasn't part of ww2

    ALEX CELESTINE 1 month ago


  • Piia Sattler
    Piia Sattler 2 months ago

    beautiful old forest!

  • Mitsuki Hiyori
    Mitsuki Hiyori 3 months ago

    My brother has that doll hahahah the doll face you get in the toy store

  • Yerson C
    Yerson C 4 months ago

    minut 2:40 se haparese una sombra abajo en las escaleras

  • pro gaming jose pro tv
    pro gaming jose pro tv 4 months ago


  • Lonex ytb
    Lonex ytb 5 months ago


  • iMorgen -gaming
    iMorgen -gaming 5 months ago

    I come from norway

  • Toby - wan kanoby
    Toby - wan kanoby 6 months ago

    Det er noen bunkere fra andre verdenskrig i Risør

    • Espen Kristoffersen
      Espen Kristoffersen 6 months ago

      Du finner bunkere fra 2.verdenskrig rundt i hele landet om du leiter, spesielt langs kysten.

  • Kyle Gardner
    Kyle Gardner 7 months ago

    looks fairly new

  • Joseph Stokes
    Joseph Stokes 7 months ago +1

    What? An "underground" bunker? Where are the "above the ground" bunkers?

  • ActionLab
    ActionLab 8 months ago

    cool, we also find a secret bunker!

  • GustavoDiaz
    GustavoDiaz 11 months ago


  • Explit Fangirl
    Explit Fangirl 11 months ago

    Hey I've been there

    • Espen Kristoffersen
      Espen Kristoffersen 6 months ago

      Have you been to Sandefjord?

    • Explit Fangirl
      Explit Fangirl 6 months ago

      Ghoskthek oh I'm sorry, I don't know the address. We were just exploring the woods.

    • Ghoskthek
      Ghoskthek 6 months ago

      Alyssa_Kaye_ Games hey, i'm french and I would like to go there but since 2 weeks I don't have the adress.. it's hard to found.. can you think that I can tell you some adress and you give me yours? sorry my english is bad..
      thank you :)

  • Rosimere Almeida
    Rosimere Almeida 1 year ago

    perdi meu tempo

  • Millionaire Dreamz
    Millionaire Dreamz 1 year ago

    Balls of steel cause that shit scary AF

  • imthattinyalien
    imthattinyalien 1 year ago

    where did u find that place at tho?

  • Talitha Thompson
    Talitha Thompson 1 year ago


  • Rednax Brix
    Rednax Brix 1 year ago

    if that was close by me I would make it my hideout where we could chill and eat cool ranch doritos  (._.)

  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson 1 year ago

    I found one in my grandmas field

  • Linda Janson
    Linda Janson 1 year ago

    Trodde vi ikke hadde noe sånt her i Norge?? Hvor er det?

    • Espen Kristoffersen
      Espen Kristoffersen 6 months ago

      Det er mange skjulte bunkere rundtomkring i landet vårt, denne ligger utenfor Sandefjord.

  • Marco Murillo
    Marco Murillo 1 year ago

    4:07 OMG i got scared soooo BaD when i sall that doll thing

  • Wings
    Wings 1 year ago

    music is so fucking familiar its annoying me help.

  • Kingman 2678
    Kingman 2678 1 year ago

    creepy body at 4:04

  • surplusdriller1
    surplusdriller1 1 year ago

    hvor er dette?

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 1 year ago

    I have lived in Germany and Turkey, and the receptacles I'm used to there are the same that are in Norway aren't they? I was just curious because at 5:03 I could swear that looks like a North American style receptacle. Was kind of quick though, maybe it wasn't.

  • Daniel Sullivan
    Daniel Sullivan 1 year ago

    what was that creepy doll thing in the corner of the room

  • TheOriginalZFX
    TheOriginalZFX 1 year ago


  • 1G3001
    1G3001 1 year ago

    Kinda place you find Predatory Spirits. If it looks like a Room of Human Bodies - it probably is.

  • Why You Upload This Shit ?

    4:20 wtffffffff is that doll?

  • Hannah Huffer
    Hannah Huffer 1 year ago

    Cold chills

  • Hannah Huffer
    Hannah Huffer 1 year ago


  • 흥앗
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  • allgamesplayed fan page

    go to colinfurze and playlist than go to under ground bunker project its nice

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  • Jeremy Poulin Leclerc


  • Joseph Saetveit
    Joseph Saetveit 1 year ago

    AWESOME! With a little fixing up and reinforcing this would be great for some doomsday prepper!

    • Harley Hanson
      Harley Hanson 8 months ago

      Any ideas where the.locations are....

    • JakobV
      JakobV 8 months ago

      its illegal but i dont care

    • Harley Hanson
      Harley Hanson 8 months ago

      since when

    • JakobV
      JakobV 9 months ago

      Joseph Saetveit its illegal to do anythinh With a abandon bunker inn norway from The war

    • Beastmode 123
      Beastmode 123 1 year ago


  • Killer Bambo
    Killer Bambo 1 year ago +3

    Is it me or was there a ghost around 2:40

    • niklas liberhøj
      niklas liberhøj 1 year ago

      +Gamer Pharoah its becourse its cold outside

    • Killer Bambo
      Killer Bambo 1 year ago

      +Olivia Cochrane there's creepy things on YouTube and a lot

    • Olivia Cochrane
      Olivia Cochrane 1 year ago

      Am pretty sure that it was a ghost to so its not just you

  • babe sweety
    babe sweety 1 year ago

    while I'm watching this video my heartbeat become so fast maybe because of the background music

  • Arve K. Eikeland
    Arve K. Eikeland 1 year ago

    Du har baller som tør å gå ned dit alene. Jeg ville ha pisset på meg på stedet

  • Tango Bravo
    Tango Bravo 1 year ago

    Underground shooting range = profit

  • Z I L O T 1982
    Z I L O T 1982 1 year ago


  • Cheyenne Keen
    Cheyenne Keen 1 year ago

    am I watching Lost where's Desmond?

  • Lucy mcginn
    Lucy mcginn 1 year ago

    I can't read it

  • Lucy mcginn
    Lucy mcginn 1 year ago

    Did anyone get to read the words on the paper on the VERY creepy doll thing

    • Frisk Dreemurr
      Frisk Dreemurr 1 year ago

      +Lucy mcginn "Don't remove me. I'm..."
      Didn't get anything after that.

    AMA SWAG 1 year ago


  • Roman G.
    Roman G. 1 year ago

    И даже не разграбили...

  • Jesper Plays
    Jesper Plays 1 year ago

    What does it say at 4:20

    • Commie Spy
      Commie Spy 1 year ago

      +Jesper Is Back don't remove me. I belong to a hiddden tressure.

  • louis59234
    louis59234 1 year ago


  • Larry Turner
    Larry Turner 1 year ago

    Yes, I'd say that was someone's Cold War bunker . At first, I thought it might be someone's private "bug out" bunker but later signs showed that there was some degree of sophistication in the way the wire ways were laid and the globed light fixtures .
    For those of you too young to remember the Cold War, the threat of mutually assured destruction was clear and seemingly present. As a 12 year old, I held my breath during the Cuban missile crisis. I can only imagine that the citizens of those countries occupied during the Second World War would take the threat of war even more seriously than most.

  • Funny Game
    Funny Game 1 year ago

    where live

  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis Johnson 1 year ago +1

    What's with the fucked up music? Shouldn't of had any at all!

  • ebp1138
    ebp1138 1 year ago

    Its a Cold War Bunker. You can see the Lunor NBC filter system on the left wall of the dorm room at 5:00.

  • kevin mussi
    kevin mussi 1 year ago


  • Bence Makkai
    Bence Makkai 1 year ago

    2:35 scared the shit out of me something is hanging in the roght corner looks like an animal corpse!

  • Aaron Kindoll
    Aaron Kindoll 1 year ago

    carefully watch your steps robbers and hookers they'll take all your money

  • Jesse s
    Jesse s 1 year ago +1


  • Xxjaxxx Vlogsxxx
    Xxjaxxx Vlogsxxx 1 year ago

    I would get lost in there

  • Guillaume G
    Guillaume G 1 year ago

    a cause de la guerre froide

  • sandylauman
    sandylauman 1 year ago

    So cool

  • rosson marling
    rosson marling 1 year ago

    It looks like a murder would be there

  • Richard Longmore
    Richard Longmore 1 year ago

    Amazing vid fella thanks

  • rene joacim
    rene joacim 1 year ago

    hade vert kjekt å vert der ja^^ har en veldig stor bunker her nerme jeg bor :)

  • we never likes feminism

    Wat year do u think the bunker was made?

  • Doncho Donchev
    Doncho Donchev 1 year ago +1

    1000 takk , veldig higgelig video , vil du inviterer meg på denne type tur når du dra neste gang ? Anton i Oslo :)

    AFTER DARK 1 year ago

    More like an underground tunnel.

  • joseph-mario pelerin

    i wanna go there!

  • Tiffany Schwanke
    Tiffany Schwanke 1 year ago

    creepy but awesome.i got chills up my spine.i wouldn't explore.😦😯😞

  • Leroy Muir
    Leroy Muir 1 year ago


  • Webtiger
    Webtiger 1 year ago

    Heck no I wouldn't go down there

  • Ken Sturm
    Ken Sturm 1 year ago

    Nothing there.

  • MR Reptile
    MR Reptile 1 year ago

    LOST :D

  • Maya Moo
    Maya Moo 1 year ago +6

    who else saw the ghost

    • Gabriel Waggoner
      Gabriel Waggoner 1 month ago

      Brandon 22 you're right wow

    • Myriam Putnam
      Myriam Putnam 9 months ago

      I saw the ghost coming from out of the wall on the right ,he has his mouth open, twist he's body ,swing his arms ,keeps walking..

    • Abi Hinton
      Abi Hinton 1 year ago

      Its his breath coz earlier on in the vid a similar thing came in front of the camera but u could tell it was breath

    • Brandon 22
      Brandon 22 1 year ago

      Jev killyrics go jev

    • Jev Killyrics
      Jev Killyrics 1 year ago

      its not superstitious u lil shit its just something unclear that gets all of us fucked up

  • sandy eliza
    sandy eliza 1 year ago

    tanta weba para ver esto

  • Jonas Stenbäck
    Jonas Stenbäck 1 year ago

    Fallout 4...

  • Alexbmx
    Alexbmx 1 year ago

    is that nuclear stuff?!?!

  • chelsea hayes
    chelsea hayes 1 year ago


  • Gabriele Grillo
    Gabriele Grillo 1 year ago


  • Jiri Holub
    Jiri Holub 1 year ago

    Why that anoying music? You´re filming reality or photoshop horor?

  • Myriam Putnam
    Myriam Putnam 1 year ago

    Thank you,am glad domeone notice that the guy that recorded this...did not notice that he recorded a real ghost !!!!!!!!!

  • Cedrik Holen
    Cedrik Holen 1 year ago

    Sykt kult at du fant dette

  • Cedrik Holen
    Cedrik Holen 1 year ago +1

    Du blir jo populær jo :P

    • Dirtbike Guru
      Dirtbike Guru 1 year ago


    • holthe
      holthe 1 year ago

      +Espen Kristoffersen jag fant en to men den är i Tromsö och ag bor i Sverige men min bestefar bor där

    • Espen Kristoffersen
      Espen Kristoffersen 1 year ago

      +Cedrik Holen Ja den har endel treff, og det er jo hyggelig.
      Det lå endel timer med studering av flyfoto og tolkning av det jeg fant på nett før jeg dro ut på målrettet ekspedisjon for å finne denne og andre bunkere på dette området.
      Pga frykt for hærverk og forsøpling har jeg ikke lagt ut hvor i denne ligger utenom at den i på sentrale Østlandet.

    • Cedrik Holen
      Cedrik Holen 1 year ago

      Har jo fått en halv million treff, men kjempe kult funn! Har funnet en bunker jeg også men var ikke rom og sengeplasser! :P 

    • Espen Kristoffersen
      Espen Kristoffersen 1 year ago

      +Cedrik Holen Jeg blir nok ikke populær pga dette

  • Weegeepie
    Weegeepie 1 year ago

    Moi non plus

  • Lazer Combat_
    Lazer Combat_ 1 year ago +3


  • Greyhound
    Greyhound 1 year ago

    I would take a Metal detector in, what if there is a hidden room or storage compartment, what if you find guns, maps, secret gov stuff, a nuclear launching remote system idk i would do that

  • Joey Jordison
    Joey Jordison 1 year ago

    it looks like a mine shaft

  • Bruno Schouten
    Bruno Schouten 2 years ago

    I like it!

  • Bruno Schouten
    Bruno Schouten 2 years ago +1


    LEATHERFACE-JT 2 years ago

    Thats were pee wee hermans been,all this time

  • Krysmas Yakuza
    Krysmas Yakuza 2 years ago +11

    Bro you got some balls of fucking steel bro

    • Gabriel Waggoner
      Gabriel Waggoner 1 month ago

      Krysmas Yakuza GHOST! Hahahaha

    • jrregan
      jrregan 1 year ago

      +THE NEMPEROR Yeah, most who say things like that have no balls. Anything off pavement is roughing it. LOL

    • kyle chandler
      kyle chandler 1 year ago

      Actually tho

    • Krysmas Yakuza
      Krysmas Yakuza 1 year ago

      i do have a cat but i just have wachet to manny horrrrrrer moives and to manny scarry storys

    • N K
      N K 1 year ago

      +Nick Lee You would never walk into an open bunker which was built in the 1980... You have watched too many movies or you are just a pussy

  • Truthful Ravenclaw
    Truthful Ravenclaw 2 years ago

    That is creepy.

  • Sandnigger •
    Sandnigger • 2 years ago

    +MythenAkte mach mal planen Video darüber

  • Myriam Putnam
    Myriam Putnam 2 years ago

    If you can not see on the right side of the wall a ghost coming out from the wall ect..on 2:25 and all you see is a mist...use recording effects....

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