MILO Confronts the Panel | Overtime with Bill Maher (HBO)

  • Added:  6 months ago
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    Bill and his Overtime panelists – Milo Yiannopoulos, Larry Wilmore, Malcolm Nance and Fmr. Rep. Jack Kingston – answer viewer questions after the show.

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  • Film & AnimationFilm & Animation
  • Runtime: 12:53
  • Milo Yiannopoulos  Breitbart News  Dangerous  Leah Remini  A&E  Scientology and the Aftermath  Jack Kingston  Republican  Georgia  Malcolm Nance  Larry Wilmore (Comedian)  

Comments: 34 970

  • Theo
    Theo 4 hours ago +1

    Milo is such a prick

    VIKINGLORD #1 13 hours ago +1

    larry wilmore is so ignorant and yet retarted aT the same time! THAT'S WHY HIS BULLSHIT, NONSENSE SHOW ONLY LASTED SUCH A SHORT TIME.

    VIKINGLORD #1 13 hours ago +1


  • Lord Joy
    Lord Joy 14 hours ago

    Used to love Bill, till I woke up. Leftist, biased, underinformed and opinionated BS, so much.

  • scott280484
    scott280484 15 hours ago

    Typical black guy, can't win an argument with Intellect so turns ghetto.

  • Jo Vee
    Jo Vee Day ago

    What a classless disillusioned panel starting with the host. Milo is the only sane one!

  • Monscent
    Monscent Day ago

    MILO fucking OWNED Larry so hard.

  • Anthony Jackson
    Anthony Jackson Day ago


  • Jaden Jahci
    Jaden Jahci Day ago

    Long Live Bill Maher's Fun House "SlapSchtick"

    Best Wishes,
    Chanel Lip stick on a PIG

  • Jaden Jahci
    Jaden Jahci Day ago

    Bill Maher "The Fun House Ring Leader" is an Unalloyed lying spin doctor for a pay check. 90 percent of the media is a kin to a "soulless defense attorney" for the " Alt-Left"
    Best Wishes,
    Johnny Cock Ring Leader

  • Rene Quintanilla
    Rene Quintanilla 2 days ago

    A bunch of jealous anger old left men.

  • Chris at OEG
    Chris at OEG 2 days ago

    Oh Willmore... such fail

    • Chris at OEG
      Chris at OEG 2 days ago

      Wiki a conduit for Russia? What a cuck... nice try

    • Chris at OEG
      Chris at OEG 2 days ago

      Russian spies not looking too strong 6 months later is it

  • Cory Burton
    Cory Burton 2 days ago

    wilmore is a pedantic chode.

  • Conspiracy Realist
    Conspiracy Realist 2 days ago

    Milo is LITERALLY a pigs blood bash taking, Alt Right propaganda lying- pedophile sympathizer who sucked a priests a dick and covered it up saying he loved it.
    Who gives a fuck what he thinks?

    • Joel Osteen
      Joel Osteen 2 days ago

      Says a lefty who's side controls 90% of media. Sure bud keep telling yourself that it's propaganda. Also that thing with Milo was incredibly taken out of context. He ain't no fucking pedophile. If anything pedophiles are mostly Democrats.

  • s h a d ø w b a n n e d

    I couldn't possibly be hateful, I'm a gay black Muslim Latino Jew. So... checkmate, cuck.

  • Chris Holtorf
    Chris Holtorf 2 days ago

    transgenderism and homosexuality ARE clearly mental disorders. Come on, if you're a man and not attracted to women, there IS something wrong with you!

  • ohhhSmooth
    ohhhSmooth 2 days ago

    If you believe this shit, that wikileaks is Russian,. I ask you to read a few of those damn emails everyone's talking about... They've got dirt on ALL those people smearing Wikileaks, including this jerk on the left..

  • TheLasse1960
    TheLasse1960 2 days ago

    Those idiots walk right into it. Milo rules.

  • Jon Sobieralski
    Jon Sobieralski 3 days ago

    I think Larry's tampon needs to be changed.

  • Dennis Richards
    Dennis Richards 3 days ago

    Russians and nazis... fuck off. Seth Rich was killed for releasing DNC emails. It wasnt Russia.
    U alt-left americans are fucked. WOW!

  • Brendan
    Brendan 3 days ago

    Shut th niggers

  • Hereward the Wake
    Hereward the Wake 3 days ago

    The voter fraud has now been proven.

  • osman zubeir
    osman zubeir 3 days ago

    It's obvious that milo was slammed by all the panel but he started the war when he called them idiots , then the lost all professionalism and turned the debate into a roast session

  • osman zubeir
    osman zubeir 3 days ago

    This was not a debate , I repeat WAS NOT a debate but a funny ass roast session . Damn ! They roasted the fuck out of milo , I'm very upset to say he came unprepared .

  • YomYestreen
    YomYestreen 3 days ago

    Milo Yiannopoulos has such an odd amount of hate for LGBT people for someone who is so obviously a homosexual.

  • Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot

    I like how the straight man told the gay man how gays feel!

  • Zack Martinelli
    Zack Martinelli 4 days ago

    Wow, is this fucking Jerry Springer?

  • Ishmael Salazar
    Ishmael Salazar 4 days ago

    Where's the dork with the glasses now?

  • Helena Iliadis
    Helena Iliadis 4 days ago

    who are the two black guys on the left they seemed like real douches and kind of jealous of Milo to be honest

  • Tom Christian
    Tom Christian 4 days ago

    Malcolm Nance - he's a counter intelligence officer? My perception of him from this video is he is an idiot.

  • David Lee Roth
    David Lee Roth 4 days ago

    The micro aggressiveness was real.

  • David Mcdonald
    David Mcdonald 5 days ago

    Why wear a combat action ribbon.. He must want his ass kissed

  • Filmingwithfriends
    Filmingwithfriends 5 days ago

    :53 bill says what he says is not unreasonable, someone starts to clap but quickly stops: evidence that the producers silenced any applause for MILO.

  • Filmingwithfriends
    Filmingwithfriends 5 days ago

    I love that Larry decides to make such a stand at Milo and tell him to "fuck off" when he is a dude who was given a whole TV show platform, that enviably failed because he sucks at entertaining people, and his intellect is comparable to Pierce Morgans (big insult). Milo currently has the NO. 1 bestselling book in America. Milo-1 Larry -1 since he doesn't even get to entertain people anymore, only when someone like Bill Mahr takes pity on his bitch ass. Plus he cant debate for shit, Hence the grand standing "fuck off" with nothing else added.

  • Filmingwithfriends
    Filmingwithfriends 5 days ago

    I love that Larry decides to make such a stand at Milo and tell him to "fuck off" when he is a dude who was given a whole TV show platform, that enviably failed because he sucks at entertaining people, and his intellect is comparable to Pierce Morgans (big insult). Milo currently has the NO. 1 bestselling book in America. Milo-1 Larry -1 since he doesn't even get to entertain people anymore, only when someone like Bill Mahr takes pity on his bitch ass. Plus he cant debate for shit, Hence the grand standing "fuck off" with nothing else added.

  • DK
    DK 5 days ago

    Milo is right about transgender being a psychiatric disorder. It is listed in the DSM 5 as Gender Dysphoria.

  • benito tommassi
    benito tommassi 5 days ago

    Milos just wants to be famous. Hes no different to katie hopkins. They create controversy for their own progression in the world of entertainment. He tries to come across as intellectual but he clearly is not.

  • rcanal21
    rcanal21 5 days ago

    I'd like to believe that Milo took mercy on that pair of senile old cock sucking fuckers. He should've put all politeness aside and lit those two dweeb ass bitches up.

  • lee majors
    lee majors 5 days ago

    Video is mislabeled. Milo doesn't confront shit, he gets destroyed and it's clearly shown how irrelevant the guy really is. Maher shouldn't compare this guy to Hitchens, completely separate Fucking planets. This dude just likes to be the center of attention and if that means make everyone hate him then so be it. Since his little pedophilia incident his name isn't even mentioned anymore. Just a flash in the pan. 5 years no one will even remember his name.

  • Slush Dove
    Slush Dove 6 days ago

    I love Milo! I hate how they put so many to fight against him like that. Not fair game. Those two idiots running their dumb mouth off at Milo, weren't funny to me! Milo so cool and calm!!

  • Oliver
    Oliver 6 days ago

    who are these rude men who are cussing like crazy and ganging up on Milo? disgraceful

    JAMES DEL CARMEN 6 days ago

    "where we talking about you...cause u seem confuse" ---> they began ganging up on milo which made him say to bill that theyre stupid.

    JAMES DEL CARMEN 6 days ago

    the black dude started ganging up and gettng personal at 3:43 ....tsk tsk tks three or four against one...whats that???

    JAMES DEL CARMEN 6 days ago

    MIlo handled this soooo well its amazing. those two apes really were triggered when they started it .... cheers milo well done :D if people are being stupid in a conversation does it matter if that or this guy to bill's mind has done amazing things for people like milo to live? i hope his spying would have been put more on detail so that people COULD BE THE JUDGE OF THAT.

  • J Scott Upton
    J Scott Upton 7 days ago

    Have you seen the statistics on transgendered people who go through the change and then CHANGE THEIR MINDS?

  • falsup09
    falsup09 7 days ago

    the biggest shocker is that Bill agreed with this asshole about transgendered people involved in crime. Sad Bill.

  • Lars Andersen
    Lars Andersen 7 days ago

    Milo talks crap, there isnt much making sense when he talk. He just seem to wanna get into to a bitch fight.

  • JRF1961
    JRF1961 7 days ago +1

    Larry Wilmore is a CUNT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Buckley
    Robert Buckley 7 days ago

    You are all niggers and whores.

  • dwes49
    dwes49 7 days ago

    I like the frequent use of the dismissal playbook on wikileaks in America - not only has the organization published material on Russia and America alike, everything they've published has gone uncontested.

  • Brett Ryan
    Brett Ryan 7 days ago

    Bye Larry

  • TheJukeboxhero15
    TheJukeboxhero15 7 days ago

    Larry Wilmore, Malcolm Nance and Fmr. Rep. Jack Kingston THE 3 SHITS HEADS.

  • TheJukeboxhero15
    TheJukeboxhero15 7 days ago

    the black man ...port said? racsit

  • TheJukeboxhero15
    TheJukeboxhero15 7 days ago

    Larry Wilmore, Malcolm Nance and Fmr. Rep. Jack Kingston, are not comfortable since this not a whiny black oppression video. Those days are over,

  • Peter Binder
    Peter Binder 8 days ago

    This entire comment thread.
    Step 1: bitch about ad-hominems from liberals getting mindless applause
    Step 2: sling ad-hominems at liberals for mindless upvotes

  • Fifi Trixiebelle
    Fifi Trixiebelle 8 days ago

    Milo is a horrible human being.

  • James in Baltimore
    James in Baltimore 8 days ago

    This Milo chap just likes to hear his own mouth run, whether they make sense or not. Kudos to Larry Wilmore for calling the douche out.

  • catherine batenga
    catherine batenga 8 days ago +1

    shit milo just triggered the whole panel

  • MrRiddle
    MrRiddle 8 days ago +1

    They didn't even wanted to let Milo talk.

  • en anden
    en anden 8 days ago

    Russia here Russia there, Russia responsible for all evil, sounds like the good old day, where the enemy was clear as day, Russians. Getting so tired of that narrative, russia hacking, russia spying, russia russia russia, seriously.

  • Austin Osgood
    Austin Osgood 8 days ago

    Thank you Larry Wilmore and Bill Maher

    RJCHOICE 8 days ago

    Well I see Milo can't handle being in an environment where no one is licking his taint. while he's getting slapped around like Mr slave he responds with over the top sissy snob hand gestures.
    I have no problem with him being gay, but there's no excuse for acting like a little faggot.

  • zerkzy842
    zerkzy842 8 days ago

    On a scale of 0 to Lance Bass how gay would you say Milo is?

  • Austen Speakman
    Austen Speakman 9 days ago

    Is anyone else as happy as I am that the Russian Hacking narrative has been proven wrong and laid to rest?

  • kikibubble tea
    kikibubble tea 9 days ago

    Just Shut up for one fucing second, hilarious^^

  • Laurent D'Hondt
    Laurent D'Hondt 9 days ago

    But did they go out and buy beer together ?

  • Gecko Gaming
    Gecko Gaming 9 days ago

    He triggers them it's so hilarious

  • Adam Nelson
    Adam Nelson 9 days ago

    Larry is a dip shit

  • Dillon Miller
    Dillon Miller 9 days ago


  • Adam Romero
    Adam Romero 9 days ago

    Milo is a thirsty nobody

  • Jase Boon
    Jase Boon 10 days ago

    I'm sick of this flirty twat, its not funny just cringey

  • Digable_ Celestial_Dwarfs

    Wilmore fucking owns

  • JHaf
    JHaf 10 days ago

    Ahh the tolerant left. Crack of bullshit

  • pdogone1
    pdogone1 10 days ago

    always the nazi card

  • pinball1970
    pinball1970 10 days ago

    He is not Hitch but like Shapiro I them. They need to ditch the jesus/god stuff first

  • Kenneth Gilbert
    Kenneth Gilbert 10 days ago

    Idk how much coke Milo is on, but I know Scarface is looking for his stash.

  • S.A. Knight
    S.A. Knight 10 days ago +1

    "Are you American? Fuck off"

    "Trump hates immigrants"

  • S.A. Knight
    S.A. Knight 10 days ago

    Holy shit this Larry Wilmore hack (whoever he is, who the fuck is he besides some triggered manflake?) just conflated smearing trans people as freaks with opposing laws which allow men who say they feel as if they're woman to have access to women's restrooms, changerooms and locker rooms.

    I mean... What an absolutely fucking retarded dickhead.

  • S.A. Knight
    S.A. Knight 10 days ago

    People in the media are utter fucking cowards.

  • Anavel Salazar Gato
    Anavel Salazar Gato 10 days ago

    Man o man, Milo you shit talker, Good on you though. Good ass panel Bill, I'm a huge fan of Larry Wilmore, I wished he would've kept his show on CC. I never knew who Malcolm was until I got done watching this video.

  • Jan Norman
    Jan Norman 11 days ago

    "Are you American? ... Fuck off." Perfect.

  • victorienna
    victorienna 11 days ago

    lol this has been the funniest overtime yet, fucking hilarious XD

  • tetsuo2112
    tetsuo2112 11 days ago

    False equivalency, Larry. Homosexuality is a desire. It may be a relatively rare desire, but it's just a desire. Gender dysphoria, on the other hand, is literally thinking you are something that you are not. That's a pretty big fucking distinction. One clearly is a mental disorder, the other is not. Guess which one?

  • BTMegadeth
    BTMegadeth 11 days ago

    LMAO @ Milo's pearl necklace.

  • Wise balls
    Wise balls 11 days ago

    Yo does that black guy have a combat action ribbon on his jacket? lol

  • NefariousPlans
    NefariousPlans 11 days ago

    I love how Wilmore flips out when Milo interrupts him and then proceeds to interrupt Milo nonstop for 13 minutes.

  • Joe Henson
    Joe Henson 12 days ago

    Sorry but there is no point in this 'conversation'. You traipse out a crowd that is signaled to cheer and laugh for everyone but Milo, and you place a CIO up there?....with Larry Wilmore? And they lecture Milo about internal identity crisis of gays as if Milo isn't? What the fuck is this shit? Take away the crowd and put them all face to face for an actual debate and Milo would eat them alive because Milo is far smarter than any of them, especially on subjects such as these. P.S. just because you are a liberal doesn't give you more of a right than a conservative to discuss sexual identity. My God, the snobbery of these twats.

  • John G
    John G 12 days ago

    Malcom Nance is a Obama Holdover and these idiot comedian loser producers think they understand the american people and politics?

  • John G
    John G 12 days ago

    Malcom Nance I have a question regarding the United States Intelligence spoofing itself as Russia and China, can you elaborate?

  • Josh Dyson
    Josh Dyson 12 days ago

    Who gives a shit about where the fucking data came from. ALL THAT MATTERS IS WHAT THE FUCK THE DATA SAYS!!! Why is the "where" a fucking big deal. Focus on the whats you dumb fuckers.

  • Benny Walnuts
    Benny Walnuts 13 days ago

    Larry Wilmore is a low IQ guest

  • Jared Fogle
    Jared Fogle 13 days ago

    How the fuck did they lose a 3 on 1 debate?

  • Johnny Bliss
    Johnny Bliss 14 days ago

    that black dude "spy" is a clown. he reeks are phony

  • Max Munro
    Max Munro 14 days ago

    I really like Milo but he doesn't compare to the legend that is Christopher Hitchens

  • tirro sr
    tirro sr 14 days ago

    Larry Wilmore NEEDS to watch his filthy mouth. He can make a point without all the filth, or is it because Milo is getting to him?

  • Grudgin 1
    Grudgin 1 14 days ago

    Somebody Farted at 7:44

  • Calin Braic
    Calin Braic 14 days ago

    You libdtards are discusting.

  • ChristoMan
    ChristoMan 14 days ago

    What even is this show? I can't understand a dam word anyone is saying because everyone is yelling over each other. Such a stupid show.

  • inFocul
    inFocul 14 days ago +2

    Larry and Malcolm and clearly Shill leftist libtards .. soooo lame.

  • Thane R
    Thane R 14 days ago

    I guess Malcolm never heard of Ctrl F

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