If Your House Party Was a Nature Documentary

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  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 3 days ago +1

    A youtube channel is trying to make money with a five second ad that takes away a small amount of time that is insignificent? RIOT!!!!!

  • canadmexi
    canadmexi 12 days ago

    I'm torn on this video, I like most of it but the end reminds me of "Chomsky, drive to the crunch!"

  • Henry Detlef
    Henry Detlef 19 days ago

    I would actually watch this every day if it was a real show

  • gaming god 1738
    gaming god 1738 26 days ago

    Omg 666thousand views SATAN!!!

  • Eileen Yost
    Eileen Yost 28 days ago


  • Beanz Bear
    Beanz Bear Month ago

    Wait. Is this video branded?

  • LOLZMALLOW Studios
    LOLZMALLOW Studios Month ago

    That mentor ad was placed in quite nicely

  • birdie vlogs
    birdie vlogs 2 months ago

    hmmm I wonder who sponsored this video?

  • Dat one cancerous nerd
    Dat one cancerous nerd 2 months ago


  • Mad Cookie
    Mad Cookie 2 months ago

    Look! A ad i actuality liked watching, Nice.

  • ZombieByte
    ZombieByte 2 months ago

    the only time i've ever seen a group of people get that excited about small white mint's they were LSD topped altoids

  • jonamedhatten
    jonamedhatten 3 months ago

    But like despite being an ad, the thing about gum is literally so true?

  • Roope Järvinen
    Roope Järvinen 3 months ago

    THIS WAS BRANDED k... don't care
    if its a good sketch and it was its ok and they need that money

  • Christine cormier
    Christine cormier 3 months ago

    Wait is his a ........sponserd video?

  • Alyssa and Friends
    Alyssa and Friends 3 months ago

    I'm surprised they didn't include dropping a mento in a soda bottle and it exploded. That's what like 75% of what mentors are used for!

  • I Am Anonymous
    I Am Anonymous 3 months ago

    These people have to eat like the rest of us, so stop hating on them. This is their job, and this is how the make money. And they still made an awesome and funny vid even while being branded

  • justalurkr
    justalurkr 3 months ago

    best sponsored vid ever

  • Jasmine Scholz
    Jasmine Scholz 4 months ago

    proof that sponsored videos don't have to suck

  • Grumpy Flytrap
    Grumpy Flytrap 4 months ago

    I want mentos now...not the mint kind...the chocolate kind

  • Calvin Ohler
    Calvin Ohler 5 months ago

    I kinda want the next episode...

  • Fredico Finjay
    Fredico Finjay 7 months ago +1

    I know it was an ad but I'd actually love to see more if this.

  • Gabriel Calderón
    Gabriel Calderón 8 months ago

    Very College

  • MahaerHD
    MahaerHD 8 months ago

    Thank you for teaching me about parties.

  • Miss Edits
    Miss Edits 8 months ago

    Not sure if it's an advertisement for mentos or if they actually enjoy them

  • Tyler G
    Tyler G 8 months ago

    Gd that ginger had a big booty

  • darexinfinity
    darexinfinity 8 months ago

    Is the gum part true? Even with non-Mentos?

  • Mr Hero
    Mr Hero 8 months ago +1

    Ads are getting smarter. Some disguise themselves as news, others as nature documentaries.

  • Deathcop
    Deathcop 8 months ago +1

    Before the starting of this video , I just got an ad from CollegeHumor (Unskippable one) which is the exact same video as this one. What's the point of watching the video then?

  • CyberwolfMC
    CyberwolfMC 8 months ago

    Didn't this become a mentos commercial?

  • Juris Hincenbergs
    Juris Hincenbergs 8 months ago

    Guys seriously we need the song here, I cannot find it in any way, I tried.

  • GoodVibes
    GoodVibes 8 months ago

    This guy seems soo cheesy

  • arnorb1998
    arnorb1998 8 months ago

    MORE!!!!! DO NOMBER 2

  • arnorb1998
    arnorb1998 8 months ago


  • Iguana • Camuflada
    Iguana • Camuflada 8 months ago +3

    I know its a ad, BUT ITS AMAZING!

    • DanSLI S7145
      DanSLI S7145 8 months ago

      if they had a skip button i wouldnt click it

  • Faze Avocado
    Faze Avocado 8 months ago

    College humour more like everything humour Best joke 2k16

  • Arif
    Arif 8 months ago

    If they didn't mentioned Mentos at the end, I would've been subliminally influenced to buy some right away

  • Camila ,
    Camila , 8 months ago

    I got this as an ad in a video from another chanel.

  • Marcos Socram
    Marcos Socram 8 months ago

    One of the few - if not the only - add that we didn't hit the skip button lightning fast after the countdown

  • apprentice2101
    apprentice2101 8 months ago

    I wonder why people bother coming to these if it sucks so much

  • SamEration
    SamEration 8 months ago

    So, they just basically implied that people who attend house parties are Animals.

  • Ryan Lynn
    Ryan Lynn 8 months ago

    You know its advertising when people are drinking beer and dont avoid mint chewing gum like the plauge.

  • Kelly GreY69
    Kelly GreY69 8 months ago +1

    Come on ! If you are not happy to see branded Video dont watch it ! Even the video is excellent !

  • AwkwardCheeseIsAwkward
    AwkwardCheeseIsAwkward 8 months ago

    This was a well done sponsored video, I enjoyed this.

  • horst müller
    horst müller 8 months ago

    ohh nooo 666 dislikes i have to breake the curse.

  • It's a Goodie
    It's a Goodie 8 months ago

    Holy shi* there's 666 of dislikes!!

  • Greetings by Maria
    Greetings by Maria 8 months ago

    I never say No to Mentos :D

  • Blue Collar Men Productions

    awesome, did anyone see the 9 layered cake????? I hope someone actually ate that.

  • Jakson Haley
    Jakson Haley 8 months ago


  • т Nameless т
    т Nameless т 9 months ago

    "Who says no to Mentos?"

    I do.


  • Devin Pendergast
    Devin Pendergast 9 months ago

    This is a fucking commercial

  • braintickle
    braintickle 9 months ago

    That's a really good advertisement. I wish they'd run ads like this on TV instead of the usual uninspired corporate stuff.

  • Awkward Egg
    Awkward Egg 9 months ago

    Hee hee 666

  • dcposch
    dcposch 9 months ago

    the ads are evolving

  • KRKusler
    KRKusler 9 months ago

    did I just watch a three minute mentos ad

  • Selene and Apollo
    Selene and Apollo 9 months ago


  • Roseanne Clegg
    Roseanne Clegg 9 months ago

    Wow now I get what the mean by that product placement add they did about the car what judges you [who says no to mentos] 😂

  • Cole Marsh
    Cole Marsh 9 months ago

    See: CollegeHumor - Is This Video Branded?

    At least they're meta.

  • TheFrozenViper
    TheFrozenViper 9 months ago


  • peaceandpeas56
    peaceandpeas56 9 months ago

    I was wondering what the twist would be about the gum, being something that I've never seen offered at a party.. but then I got it! gum makes people stick together

  • ameer adel
    ameer adel 9 months ago

    is this video branded?

  • Austin Berry
    Austin Berry 9 months ago

    invent management forest gqyxcb burn grief relative.

  • Kenneth Xiong
    Kenneth Xiong 9 months ago

    Ending song?

  • Notyour Buddypal
    Notyour Buddypal 9 months ago

    is this a gum ad

  • Imperiom
    Imperiom 9 months ago

    this is an advertisement right ?

  • Adel nehikhare
    Adel nehikhare 9 months ago

    Is this a commercial?

  • nickzilbersher5927
    nickzilbersher5927 9 months ago +1

    Just me or were they chewing mint gum and drinking pumpkin flavored beer at the same time?

  • Wam power
    Wam power 9 months ago

    It's has an ad, but the ad is true. If anything it makes fun of Mentos rather than making them looks great.

  • harman kardon
    harman kardon 9 months ago

    wait: is this video branded?

  • DetectiveSnail
    DetectiveSnail 9 months ago

    I didn't even realise this was branding until the end. Well played.

  • LinierterBlock
    LinierterBlock 9 months ago

    That didn´t show up in my subscribe box

  • Jamiro Smajic
    Jamiro Smajic 9 months ago

    actually feels like it puts things in perspective.

  • Jinx
    Jinx 9 months ago

    you will be rewarded. with. high fives.

  • Dudey Boy
    Dudey Boy 9 months ago


  • Brendan Keating
    Brendan Keating 9 months ago

    You know, I do have a small problem with this video. I feel like most of College Humor's stuff is pretty on point with its observational humor, but I didn't relate to this one at all. I don't mind branded content, but I'd like it to be GOOD branded content, you know?

  • Vikram Deonaraine
    Vikram Deonaraine 9 months ago

    Guyanese house party

  • Apfelvater
    Apfelvater 9 months ago

    MHM! mentos.. i think you see other white pills more often at houseparties^^

  • Sapphire Smith
    Sapphire Smith 9 months ago +1

    Next up: "If Collegehumor made advertisements for mentos"

  • Brian Valdivia
    Brian Valdivia 9 months ago

    I've never been offered a mento, thus I could never say "no"...then again, I couldn't have said "yes" either.

  • CoolWitch
    CoolWitch 9 months ago

    Mentos the freshmaker

  • Brickachu
    Brickachu 9 months ago

    Is that the set from Arrested Development?

  • Maatch
    Maatch 9 months ago

    Get some more Mentos sponsorships- this was very funny

  • Blake Minerman
    Blake Minerman 9 months ago

    Yknow what made me laugh about this video? i really pissed myself when the mentos advert came on. no really. i love CH's sponsored videos.

  • Nuclear Cupcake65
    Nuclear Cupcake65 9 months ago

    House party? I thought nowadays kids called them "mixers."

  • Paradox_larakroft
    Paradox_larakroft 9 months ago

    if a sharpened pencil was a rice frame

  • DarkAtHearts
    DarkAtHearts 9 months ago

    The guy with the lamp shade was white and his mate was black!

  • k0k0p3lli
    k0k0p3lli 9 months ago

    Collegehumor is the best at incorporating sponsored stuff into their videos without making it look super forced and intentional. I think that's a really good quality as a writer/filmmaker to be able to incorporate sponsored items without it taking away from the point of the video itself. Good job y'all!

  • jack moopoo
    jack moopoo 9 months ago

    I would watch this...

  • Sean Shingatok's Journal

    lol this is true

  • Andrew Williams
    Andrew Williams 9 months ago

    Using 'was' when it should be 'were' — English degeneration in action!


    Wait: Is This Video BRANDED?!

  • Max A
    Max A 9 months ago

    nice ad lmao. actually enjoyed ot

  • Richard Lane
    Richard Lane 9 months ago

    really though with the product placement

  • Nipplestroke
    Nipplestroke 9 months ago

    lol CH is running out of money.

    DAT BOI 9 months ago

    name of the song at the end?

  • The9thEmpyrean
    The9thEmpyrean 9 months ago

    Wow, a three minute long Mentos commercial.

  • 47chromeAKs
    47chromeAKs 9 months ago +1

    The ads are evolving

  • Micheal Johnson
    Micheal Johnson 9 months ago

    brought to you by Mentos

  • Ater Nefarium
    Ater Nefarium 9 months ago

    They should make more of these...

  • Adriankool4skool
    Adriankool4skool 9 months ago

    Is this a branded video?

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