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  • vanessa smith
    vanessa smith 2 months ago +1293

    who else thought it was cool she matched her outfit and phone case to the rose brushes?

  • Ashok John
    Ashok John Day ago

    # magic💐😊☺️👌👍

  • samira khan
    samira khan 2 days ago

    U look so beautiful love u xx 💖💖💖💖

  • misaki covington
    misaki covington 2 days ago

    So cute

  • Mya Novak
    Mya Novak 5 days ago

    do a diy rose brush

  • LeNora Armbruster
    LeNora Armbruster 6 days ago


  • AmyBobbyPony
    AmyBobbyPony 6 days ago

    Magic magic magic magic magic

  • Salana Salamone Art
    Salana Salamone Art 9 days ago

    is the photo wall wall paper or a project?

  • Hyperlittlemiss
    Hyperlittlemiss 10 days ago

    You should review the unicorn make up brushes! 🦄🦄

  • xX Tay Xx
    xX Tay Xx 10 days ago

    Those makeup brushes r so amazing, i thought they were actual roses

  • Melissa Atkinson
    Melissa Atkinson 11 days ago


  • alisha breithaupt
    alisha breithaupt 11 days ago

    "Magic" love your videos bunny. =)

  • Lily James
    Lily James 12 days ago

    Those brushes are so cute😀

  • jane tiller
    jane tiller 12 days ago

    super sick sunday

  • _Dream _
    _Dream _ 13 days ago

    This brushes are extremely beautiful <3

  • Booboo Beauty
    Booboo Beauty 13 days ago

    Bunny you can call it sassy Sunday I don't know if someone has already said this but I thought of it at the beginningof the video.

  • Sarah Vee
    Sarah Vee 13 days ago


  • Thecoolmom34
    Thecoolmom34 14 days ago

    Those makeup brushes look like the will last for years. I wish I heard about them sooner but my head was in the books. MAGIC!

  • Shavon Lynn
    Shavon Lynn 15 days ago

    those brushes are beautiful!

  • marliesas
    marliesas 15 days ago

    You're MAGIC girl! ;)

  • Bella Mendez
    Bella Mendez 16 days ago

    i love your personality😂💜

  • Char D
    Char D 17 days ago


  • Mary-Anne K.
    Mary-Anne K. 17 days ago

    I love the whole rose theme in this video.😊🌹🌹🌹

  • sheena carpenter
    sheena carpenter 17 days ago

    These are gorgeous I gotta get me a set:)

  • Raymona K
    Raymona K 17 days ago

    Literally went and bought the 🌹 for my phone. LOVE IT!!! Want the brushes!!

  • Haley Hopkins
    Haley Hopkins 18 days ago


  • Roosa Liukkonen
    Roosa Liukkonen 18 days ago


  • Alexis Hero
    Alexis Hero 18 days ago

    Starts Demo At 8:41.... Wow.

  • Sadie Carter
    Sadie Carter 19 days ago

    What beautiful brushes!!!!💕💕💕

  • Sumaya Abdifatah vlogs

    This girl is so lucky because she has 8 m subscribers and I don't have 10 subscribers please plz guys subscribe to my channel and like the videos love you all thank you for reading may god bless you 😪

  • Valeria Nogueras
    Valeria Nogueras 20 days ago

    Love you 😘

  • Stephanie Kozee
    Stephanie Kozee 20 days ago

    Straaaaannnngggeeeee Maaaaaaaaagiiiiiiiiiiiic. I love that movie. It reminds me of midsummer night's dream. I also agree that they give me a very beauty and the beast feel. I think for funsies is get a foam piece paint it and poke those brushes in it an the put it in a bird cage. I know a sort of twisted take but it's my own and I want to keep YouTube creepy.

  • mikayla minhinnick
    mikayla minhinnick 20 days ago

    Everything matches you're brushes, shirt and makeup bag

  • mikayla minhinnick
    mikayla minhinnick 20 days ago

    Roses roses roses

  • Chelsea Crawford
    Chelsea Crawford 21 day ago


  • Angel Angel
    Angel Angel 21 day ago

    Pretty brushes

  • Ema Smiljanic
    Ema Smiljanic 21 day ago

    These brushes are just amazing, I want them so freaking much

  • Gisele Rios
    Gisele Rios 22 days ago


  • Angela Rosas
    Angela Rosas 22 days ago

    I love those my favorite flowers are roses ❤❤

  • Mily Rodriguez
    Mily Rodriguez 23 days ago

    You should dip your body in liquid highlight

  • Mily Rodriguez
    Mily Rodriguez 23 days ago

    I can't get over how different these brushes are never heard this brand but I think I just fell in love 😘♥️

  • bailey marrs
    bailey marrs 23 days ago

    this video was magic

  • Victoria Rosas
    Victoria Rosas 23 days ago +1

    Really like those brushes

  • MaidenOfDarkness
    MaidenOfDarkness 24 days ago

    If they do an Edgar Allen Poe inspired collection ..... I'M ALL OVER IT!! Or anything inspired by Gothic / horror literature!

  • Cara Mouton
    Cara Mouton 24 days ago

    Sassy Sunday?

  • Kenza Talibart
    Kenza Talibart 24 days ago


  • Megan Williams
    Megan Williams 24 days ago


  • Zoe Carter
    Zoe Carter 24 days ago


  • Darkclawz
    Darkclawz 25 days ago

    Magic 😍

  • Eli flames
    Eli flames 25 days ago

    I know that the roses she has linked are better quality. But there are some cheap ones on Amazon that people could get to get by til they can get the really pretty ones. I found this out while listening to your Video Bunny. Out of curiosity, I did an Amazon search for them. XD

  • Kaylynn Crawford
    Kaylynn Crawford 25 days ago


  • Sabrina Murray
    Sabrina Murray 25 days ago


  • Gabster
    Gabster 25 days ago

    Omg that's so cute 😍😍

  • Lyric Grom
    Lyric Grom 26 days ago

    Your a rose 😁

  • Kate S.
    Kate S. 26 days ago +1

    We need gator brushes!

  • sumaiya Ibrahim
    sumaiya Ibrahim 26 days ago

    Tried these once

  • Shannon Skinner
    Shannon Skinner 26 days ago


  • greeneyed beauty
    greeneyed beauty 27 days ago

    When I watched the new beauty and the Beast action movie in the sene where they visit Belles old home in Paris. We learn her mom dies from the plague which references to the Shakespeare's time period and also the famous Romeo and Juliet. The quote is a perfect fit.

  • Debra Bacor
    Debra Bacor 27 days ago +1

    I have no idea what brush is for what thing to do. Would you do an explanation as to when to use each brush and how?

  • Bella Palla
    Bella Palla 28 days ago +5

    Does anyone else accidentally say Storybrook Cosmetics?

    • Nikki Q
      Nikki Q 16 days ago

      Bella Palla haha yeah me 🙋😂

  • Beth Coon
    Beth Coon 29 days ago


  • Kanga Roo
    Kanga Roo 29 days ago


  • Alyssa Caggiano
    Alyssa Caggiano 29 days ago


  • Melissa Recalde
    Melissa Recalde Month ago

    I want this when I am older and I wear makeup

  • Brittnee Olsen
    Brittnee Olsen Month ago


  • brandy herring
    brandy herring Month ago

    magic... omg I want I'm madly inlove with my Harry Potter set too

    BECKY REBEKAH Month ago

    bruh usually i have zero interest in beauty products but these brushes are a masterpiece!! I'd buy them just to display them!

  • ToothlessMoose OfDoom


  • Aisis Toribio
    Aisis Toribio Month ago

    I love youuuuu! ❤️

  • Maria Delgado
    Maria Delgado Month ago

    Magic ! 😍😍😍

  • Karen Baca
    Karen Baca Month ago

    OMG THey are soooooooo Nice, I just want them 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  • Brooke Sanaghan
    Brooke Sanaghan Month ago


  • Nichole Rucker
    Nichole Rucker Month ago +1

    I am SO glad you did a video on these!! I am obsessed with Storybook Cosmetics and was just talking to someone the other day about how exciting it is to see their innovative products that are AMAZING quality! The roses will be back in stock within a few weeks and they have BLACK MATTE ROSES that will hit the market in October!! OMG YES!!!

  • deyliah
    deyliah Month ago

    "Magic" review!  Love the brushes!!!

  • Gina Trudell
    Gina Trudell Month ago +1

    I want these so bad.... when my grandmother passed we always promised we would remember her in a rose!!! so these mean so much to me!!!! I so want these!!! so anytime I use them I remember the best GRANDMA IN THE WORLD!!!!

  • D-Domo
    D-Domo Month ago


  • nicole arbogast
    nicole arbogast Month ago


  • Mina IGAF
    Mina IGAF Month ago


  • Catarina Alves
    Catarina Alves Month ago

    I'd just put them in a jar and let them look beautiful in the bathroom 😂

  • Jasmine Azurin
    Jasmine Azurin Month ago

    When are you doing your back to school giveaway?

  • Yulia Milchakova
    Yulia Milchakova Month ago


  • Taylor Christensen
    Taylor Christensen Month ago

    First Sight Sunday!!! Don't worry Bunny, I got your back up with the clever titles :)

  • LiterallyMusic
    LiterallyMusic Month ago

    instead of sunday you could do a makeup monday were u could try makeup / beauty first impressions

  • Abbiegayle Long
    Abbiegayle Long Month ago

    Those mesh looking things are used to cover and protect real flowers. They are called flower condoms.

  • Princessaia
    Princessaia Month ago

    Those brushes are beautiful😍.

  • WhatIsOnMyFace
    WhatIsOnMyFace Month ago

    what a magication!

  • Annie J
    Annie J Month ago

    I love that your shirt matched the brushes!!

  • Gyorgy O
    Gyorgy O Month ago

    Sexy gorgeous, adorable.

  • Alyson Gonzales
    Alyson Gonzales Month ago

    Can you do a bs-mall brush review!?

  • Lin Yan Ng
    Lin Yan Ng Month ago

    Did anyone noticed that her background is quite creepy ?😱

  • TheAngryMarshmallow

    MAGIC 🌹

  • Clare Bear
    Clare Bear Month ago


  • Kari T. Says
    Kari T. Says Month ago

    Mine finally came this week and it looks like I got a set with two different brushes times two. It looks like online or for brushes are different, but mine aren't. Anyone else have this?

  • Beth Weeks
    Beth Weeks Month ago


  • kaitlyn brown
    kaitlyn brown Month ago

    what about a sassy sundays series

  • Callie Hearts
    Callie Hearts Month ago


  • Reckless Blue
    Reckless Blue Month ago

    The first time that I felt like I was watching HSN...

  • Helen Grizel Martínez

    Magic! I love roses, shame I can't buy them 😥

  • Emma rainey
    Emma rainey Month ago

    Summing it up Sunday?

  • SwissAlmondKatie
    SwissAlmondKatie Month ago

    Magic! I love them!

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