iPad Pro 2017 (10.5") Review!

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  • Arthur Vincent Simon
    Arthur Vincent Simon 3 hours ago

    For those who have this, do you think the 64GB version is enough?

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 12 hours ago

    Does it have a headphone jack? Sorry i dont actually knows...

  • Thomas Heavens
    Thomas Heavens 15 hours ago

    Really like this guy. Objective, simple and cool review. Thanks! :)

  • Giacomo Bucciarelli


  • akhil jain
    akhil jain Day ago

    You make some amazing videos, Marques! Coming here after watching latest video of Danny Winget.

  • Nick G
    Nick G Day ago

    Honestly if I could buy an iPad Pro without the camera for less money, I would. Unless I'm on Skype or anything similar (which is rare), I wouldn't be using it.

  • Nguyen Mymy
    Nguyen Mymy Day ago +1

    why buy that new expensive iPhone when u can buy iPad pro! ?

  • Dolphin Bee
    Dolphin Bee Day ago

    I need it in my life 💔

  • Saksham Kumar
    Saksham Kumar 2 days ago +1

    What's the name of car game in video.

  • Roland Lawrence
    Roland Lawrence 2 days ago

    ill buy one when they go usb-c.

  • I One Two Far Q
    I One Two Far Q 3 days ago

    Is my iPad Pro 10.5 inch supposed to have FCC labels? Because mine does...

  • ajhaux19
    ajhaux19 3 days ago

    I can't wait!!! I ordered mine online today and I'm gonna pick it up at the Apple Store tomorrow!

  • Mark Tomlin
    Mark Tomlin 4 days ago

    I've seen you on Casey's videos and I've seen you on a few others but I just watched two of your videos back to back and you are by far the best tech reviewer on the internet. Really great job!

  • Abel
    Abel 4 days ago

    Apple has awesome products!!!

  • ciaran kavanagh
    ciaran kavanagh 5 days ago

    Is that a hasslablad x1d at 4.54

  • eddieair23
    eddieair23 6 days ago

    I'm Sold!!

  • Tommy Sawyer
    Tommy Sawyer 6 days ago

    The new iPads pro's are fast charge ready, and they have hardware supported h.265 decoding capability.

  • RealSupaHotFireVEVO
    RealSupaHotFireVEVO 7 days ago

    I love Apple, but this is shit. How would anyone buy this over a Surface Pro is beyond me.

  • YggdrasilAE
    YggdrasilAE 7 days ago

    I feel like you've never tried the Nvidia tablet shield

  • Sponge1310
    Sponge1310 8 days ago

    I'm still on an iPad 2 😅 but getting an iPad Pro 10,5" tomorrow, so it'll be a major leap forward for me.

  • SukorCSGO)
    SukorCSGO) 8 days ago

    You sold yourself

    • laudatus.
      laudatus. 4 days ago

      SukorCSGO) you Sold your Soul.. help Apple is the devil !!!!

  • alcaponed16
    alcaponed16 9 days ago


  • Seth Nicholson
    Seth Nicholson 9 days ago +1

    I desperately need an upgrade to my I pad. I'm still stuck on the Ipad 3.

  • SUF
    SUF 9 days ago +1

    Can you guys help my channel reach 50 subscribers?

    • christopher laffy
      christopher laffy 6 days ago

      SUF create good content if you want people to subscribe. If you are into tech and dont have much money to buy the latest and greatest just keep up to date on tech, talk about the tech and even go to releases of products and review them for free

  • OriginPresent
    OriginPresent 10 days ago

    The reason the iPad charged so slow is because of the amount of space the battery holds. So really imagine you had a super fast charger it would run out a lot faster caus of how fast the battery got charged making it want to release it much faster but a slow charger can make it last a whole lot longer. Or at least that is what a lot of people are saying.

  • hoe lee fuk
    hoe lee fuk 10 days ago +1

    Wtf does that t shirt mean?😭😭😂😂

    • Dan Winter
      Dan Winter 14 hours ago

      Dump and swing.It's a frisbee move.

  • Project Stargazer
    Project Stargazer 11 days ago +1

    I still have the first gen iPad Air. I’m trying to get that one 😅

    • Dan Winter
      Dan Winter 14 hours ago

      Project Stargazer What are you gonna use it for,if for casual media consumption,then get the 2017 iPad in my opinion.

  • Michael Kantanka
    Michael Kantanka 11 days ago +2

    Watching this on my IPad Pro 10.5. I'm fourteen. Am I spoiled?🤔

  • stathis christofas
    stathis christofas 11 days ago

    @Marques make a video of what you can do with this ipad without internet connection :) Challenge thrown !

  • FLAME Tech
    FLAME Tech 12 days ago

    Why do we hate iPad photography

  • FLAME Tech
    FLAME Tech 12 days ago

    I will use that camera a lot

  • Trappist One
    Trappist One 12 days ago

    No one should be teased from using tablet's camera, stop trying to make such non sense to a thing!

  • Mihir Gupta
    Mihir Gupta 12 days ago

    That snake freaked my shit out 🤢🤢😧😧

  • Allen Kees
    Allen Kees 12 days ago

    Lol are tablets dead? If it's not an ipad it probably is 😂 samsung tablets are really good too man

  • Self Allwell
    Self Allwell 13 days ago

    What iOS is he running

  • Gage Groff
    Gage Groff 13 days ago

    120Hz is essentially 120fps. It’s even in the settings in iOS 11 You can limit the refresh rate to 60fps.

  • Ashish Sahu
    Ashish Sahu 14 days ago

    what's the name of the intro track?

  • ManjotTV Arora
    ManjotTV Arora 14 days ago

     on me I SAID IPAD AIR 2 NOT IPAD POD

  • Marco M.
    Marco M. 14 days ago

    Nice doors! ;-)

  • Sim B
    Sim B 14 days ago +1

    At home I never use my macbook pro anymore (only to reply to emails for work). All day long I enjoy my iPad Pro so much! Perfect to sit in the sofa, watch youtube, some stuff on the internet or even movies on netflix in bed before I fall asleep!

  • Internally screaming
    Internally screaming 15 days ago

    should i get the 10,5 or 12,9 for drawing?

  • Jeet Thackeray
    Jeet Thackeray 16 days ago

    can we edit videos in this?

  • Markus Oh
    Markus Oh 16 days ago +1

    Don't judge the people who take pictures with ipad cos, I don't have a good camera phone...
    It's better for me to take pics with ipad.
    Marques, you owe me apologizes.

  • Jonny Fonseca
    Jonny Fonseca 17 days ago +1

    Had the iPad 2 since it came out and I've been patiently waiting for something like this and I love it so far!

  • Kane Elliott
    Kane Elliott 17 days ago +2

    Whos whatching this on the new 10.5" iPad Pro?

  • Carolina Canales
    Carolina Canales 18 days ago +2

    Nice ipad

  • Lukas Anisovas
    Lukas Anisovas 18 days ago

    Now I want tablet (again)

  • Sum Kyd
    Sum Kyd 18 days ago

    U need a shave man

  • MattShnoop
    MattShnoop 19 days ago

    Watching this on my Pro 10.5" 😝😁😅

  • Mr. Gong先生
    Mr. Gong先生 19 days ago

    It's ios11?

  • Stanislav Coros
    Stanislav Coros 19 days ago

    did u try anything else before saying best camera best performance best best best :D

  • meh
    meh 19 days ago

    Honestly, am I the only one who doesn't think the difference is that dramatic regarding ProMotion? I tried it out on the new 10.5" Pro and I really didn't see what the fuss was about. "You can read text while scrolling" Maybe, but you still won't want to.

  • Patrick Hanna
    Patrick Hanna 20 days ago

    Anyone know what that game he was playing in the video was?

  • Adalayda Rios
    Adalayda Rios 20 days ago

    Is there a 9.7 inch version

  • GrahamsLife24
    GrahamsLife24 22 days ago

    Test it with Pokemon go and watch the lag.

  • D4nny
    D4nny 22 days ago

    What was the game you were playing?

  • Sanjib Poon
    Sanjib Poon 22 days ago

    Could you please tell me what are the uses of ipad pro? Except those which could be done by smartphone..

    • kronzprinz
      kronzprinz 21 day ago

      Sanjib Poon you're clearly not doing heavy work with the iPhone to notice. Photoshop, video editing, web design, word, excel and pp heavy docs can be worked on in such a tiny screen

  • Mark A.
    Mark A. 22 days ago


  • Raees Sha
    Raees Sha 22 days ago

    Bruh ur huge hands makes look everything smaller. U hold this iPad as if it's 7.9 inch

  • Ano Niem
    Ano Niem 23 days ago

    Which app does he use with the "app of the day" thing?

  • Anthony Selkowitz
    Anthony Selkowitz 23 days ago

    The audio syncing is off.

  • The Gameplay King
    The Gameplay King 23 days ago

    Broo, the ipad has fast charging with the Mac charger

  • Mc Baumwolle
    Mc Baumwolle 23 days ago

    *The Surface is still better!*

  • Peter Nolasco
    Peter Nolasco 23 days ago

    Great review, thanks for not beating us to death on how great this tablet is. Just facts on what the spec bumps are was what I needed. Yep, I'm buying it, thanks.

  • Immanuel Sam
    Immanuel Sam 24 days ago

    What about the file system they talked about??????????????????????????????? MKBHD

  • Israel Ruelas
    Israel Ruelas 24 days ago

    If I have a Surface book i5 256gb with Gforce graphics card that I use more as laptop, would you recommend me buying this iPad pro? Just need want some feed back. The surface book does turn into a tablet but I noticed I use it more in laptop mode.

  • Luke Safe
    Luke Safe 24 days ago

    Thanks for a quality video.Another pretty pointless release from Apple IMO, very similar to the 9.7inch.I'd rather wait 2 years and see some big improvements .Also I think it's OK for people to take pictures with a tablet.. they've got such good cameras that's it's mad not to use them!

  • chc754
    chc754 25 days ago

    my man marques need some lotion

  • Tias
    Tias 25 days ago

    I don't even have a tablet. Been looking at the pro 10.5" and the 12.9" and not sure if it's worth it and or which to get.

  • Chris Hodges
    Chris Hodges 25 days ago

    Great review and very helpful. I've been checking them out at the stores and your review is spot on.

  • Giovanni Häertel
    Giovanni Häertel 25 days ago

    I love Marques’ videos. I would add that the 12.9 iPad Pro does have quick charging, but not out of the box. The 29w charger with the USB-C to lighting cable give the larger model quick charging. Honestly, Apple should have made it default especially since they wanted to put the Pro label it.

  • Thechainlard
    Thechainlard 25 days ago

    Very intrigued to see how IOS 11 plays out here. iPads were dying without this refresh. IOS majorly needs some kind of desktop support though if iPad is to continue into the realm of personal computing.

  • Shiny Loot
    Shiny Loot 25 days ago

    Got the normal ipad 2017 ...the one people say it sucks...i must admit is a joy using it.The Pro model Marques reviews looks gorgeous tho.

  • aysil saad
    aysil saad 26 days ago

    Best iPad Pro review!

  • Tyler Forte
    Tyler Forte 26 days ago

    What game was that first one?

  • Adventure Boy Gaming
    Adventure Boy Gaming 26 days ago

    How did he get iOS 11

  • Wesade
    Wesade 27 days ago

    I didn't think that was your voice😶

  • Chubby bird Gaming
    Chubby bird Gaming 28 days ago +5

    Watching this on my iPad Pro 10.5 , would recommend although its very delicate so get a very good case.

  • Richard Edwards
    Richard Edwards 28 days ago

    Serious question so please don't go off at me on this but.... can you plug devices into this like external hard drives etc using an adapter? Is this a thing or something that will be added in ios11? Thanks in advance

  • Raja Kumar
    Raja Kumar 28 days ago

    Ipad Help desk customer Support 1-888-738-4333 Number

  • John Wall
    John Wall 28 days ago

    What game was that ??

  • itsme Lori
    itsme Lori 29 days ago

    Hi Marques! I've been searching everywhere for an answer to this question, maybe you can help; I'm thinking of purchasing the iPad Pro but am wondering if there's an app/way to record an illustration on a transparent background? I know apps like Procreate enable the creation of a hand-drawn image on transparent background, and that the screen can be recorded, but can it be recorded without the background so that a drawing may be overlaid on a video? Thanks so much

  • Tik Tak Tv
    Tik Tak Tv 29 days ago

    Türk olanlar

  • John Jeri
    John Jeri 29 days ago

    Ipad Pro 9.7 is the Ideal Ipad size

  • Rose
    Rose 29 days ago

    I keep thinking of a white guy, but naw the dude's black. It's a nice surprise👍

  • luar torres
    luar torres 29 days ago

    What iPad Colour should I get?

  • Watson nile
    Watson nile Month ago

    What does an employee want???

    A "promotion"

  • Robert Lakatoš
    Robert Lakatoš Month ago

    Hello what do you think about ipad pro 10.5 vs macbook air which one will be better i dont know whixh because i want it for school graphic
    thanks for anwsers

  • mkd1r
    mkd1r Month ago

    Does it run Windows 10 too?

  • Andrew Hill
    Andrew Hill Month ago

    But what about the Nvidia Shield Tablet? It's specs aren't on the same level but it plays actual games from Nvidias game streaming service. The original even comes with a stylus right out of the box!

  • A Oates
    A Oates Month ago

    Really good breakdown of all the points that count in a good tablet .. I will admit I had one already on order before seeing your video but then again I ordered it for all the plus points you have addressed so ... yes excellent video .. thank you :)

  • Joe Andrei
    Joe Andrei Month ago

    The Bluetooth and Location is on again lol, Im from your new video HAHAHA

  • In the Moment Tech
    In the Moment Tech Month ago

    MKBHD another solid review. This guy just knoks how to get it done. Great job Marques.

  • Guilherme Fernandes

    Wish I could get a USB-A adaptor ...

  • Andy Lo
    Andy Lo Month ago

    whats that app he is using at 1:44.....that is editing that picture with boque effect

    • opaque
      opaque 22 days ago

      Andy Lo affinity photo

  • king_Chris THOMAS
    king_Chris THOMAS Month ago


  • Janathan gamer Archu


  • Nestor Freytes
    Nestor Freytes Month ago

    Oh No, EXPECT IT!

  • David Cano
    David Cano Month ago

    Someone knows which app is on the 1:44?

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