The Secret Society of the Illuminati

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  • Is the Illuminati actually a real thing?

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  • courtney111ist
    courtney111ist 2 hours ago

    Last episode?? It says s1 e2

  • vc 23
    vc 23 2 hours ago +1

    I've heard this Conspiracy Theory. They say that all Wal-marts are going to change into F.E.M.A camps. Well at least that's what I heard from Shane Dawson.

  • Alexander Smart
    Alexander Smart 4 hours ago

    Ryan's in the Illuminati

  • Amelia Farr
    Amelia Farr 9 hours ago

    Btw the Freemasonry isn't evil

  • Hailey Hall
    Hailey Hall 9 hours ago

    That pentacle isn't the right one.. It needs to be up so down.. The one you showed is the Wiccan one.

  • Jaya Touma Shoatz
    Jaya Touma Shoatz 10 hours ago

    But like can i just point out that they used the wrong star

  • 1soultosteal
    1soultosteal Day ago


  • Sarah Perkins
    Sarah Perkins Day ago

    Satanism is actually not that bad... It's only people who praise Lucifer that you gotta worry about

  • Sakile Ferguson
    Sakile Ferguson Day ago

    illuminati confirmed

  • Elvencelticranger1

    can you do more paranortmal ones please

  • Bryan Toribio
    Bryan Toribio Day ago

    There is company that clones dog

  • dubstep 4life
    dubstep 4life Day ago

    What does the bible say about Satan have reptiles three different main ones in the end times look into it.

  • Travis Kreuzer
    Travis Kreuzer 2 days ago

    I had to quit watching this video because all the little side tangents you guys go off on are really distracting, annoying, and really just not funny

  • illuminati new world  order

    Subscribe if you think your the best...... Out of the waste...... Leave the rest to Us...... /_\

  • Daniel Corona
    Daniel Corona 2 days ago

    All the theories are... I mean just use common sense and you'll figure it out.

  • CopycatTV
    CopycatTV 2 days ago

    Those celebrities was probably high

  • TatePlays14
    TatePlays14 2 days ago +1


  • Shan Sharkyshark
    Shan Sharkyshark 2 days ago

    New theory: They're BOTH in the Illuminati

  • Kush Gohil
    Kush Gohil 3 days ago

    This+try guys=only reasons to watch buzzfeed

  • Iris Alejandría
    Iris Alejandría 3 days ago

    how didn't Ryan know about Dolly the sheep? come on man, you're losing credibility

  • charshine
    charshine 3 days ago

    whenever i dissociate that's my clone glitching

  • Jade Welch
    Jade Welch 3 days ago

    I honestly love these two together! Shane is both hot and hilarious 😋. I would love to meet him tbh!

  • Central_ _Ciibuchan
    Central_ _Ciibuchan 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who though of Hamilton when he said 1776

  • uni corn21
    uni corn21 3 days ago

    the eye of Horus is an egyptian thing

  • pararoids
    pararoids 3 days ago

    jews are anti everything, so yeah theyre anti communist

    jews want to exploit everyone while hating them

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 3 days ago +1

    I'm on acid

  • Happy Doughnut
    Happy Doughnut 3 days ago +1

    People thinks all Walmart’s are going to turn into FEMA camps. 3 Walmart’s closed at the same time for ‘plumbing’. People say they hear drilling, as if it was expanding underground. People think the Walmart’s will all connect, they’ve been closed for months.

  • Doctor Panthereye
    Doctor Panthereye 3 days ago

    Shane: "I'M JUST SAYIN'…people are dumb"
    😂 I couldn't agree more

  • Mico Vuori
    Mico Vuori 3 days ago


  • glitter rainbow
    glitter rainbow 3 days ago

    buzzfeed watch a channel called poppy
    she has obvious hints about illuminati in her videos and music videos like In one if her videos she said the membership ring which was in a triangle shape. ..

  • ethan bassett
    ethan bassett 3 days ago

    bruh he isnt glitching he is high af

  • Muskan Sra
    Muskan Sra 3 days ago

    OH my god the guy with Ryan is hilarious omg 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Haiphie
    Haiphie 3 days ago +1

    the cloning thing with eminem "glitching"... Don't do drugs kids...

  • Markiplier Happens
    Markiplier Happens 4 days ago +1

    rip random pen ryan was holding

  • Equine X
    Equine X 4 days ago

    If your dog dies you can clone your dog now too

  • alma hernadez
    alma hernadez 4 days ago +1

    If nothing is impossible then is it possible that something is impossible

  • Shinso134067
    Shinso134067 4 days ago

    bohemian grove

  • AngularDaintyGamers
    AngularDaintyGamers 4 days ago +1

    More people believe in lizard people than there are vegans in the u.s. JESUS CHRIST.

  • admiralofcuteness
    admiralofcuteness 4 days ago

    That's not the eye of Horus on the dollar bill...

  • Elissa B.
    Elissa B. 4 days ago

    I just can't believe that this one was posted a year ago.

  • DM slider
    DM slider 4 days ago

    This feels like WALL-E idk why

  • VanessatheDIYqueen
    VanessatheDIYqueen 4 days ago +1

    You guys should've shown that one video when Justin Bieber's eyes looked like they switched to reptile eyes and then back to normal

  • Linda Piet
    Linda Piet 4 days ago

    This is ur dumbest segment

  • Tom Do
    Tom Do 4 days ago

    I love Ryan's character development. Notice the difference between him in the later episodes and the him here.

  • seahawks6132
    seahawks6132 4 days ago

    my friend thinks the illuminati is a terrorist group

  • xander john
    xander john 4 days ago

    My brother really believes the illumanati.....and believes im in it.....hes staying away from me

  • Shavony O'Connor
    Shavony O'Connor 4 days ago

    I know Shane's been doing this with Ryan for a while now, but what happened to Brent?

  • Gabbi Jackson
    Gabbi Jackson 4 days ago

    6k dislikes? illuminati confirmed

  • Puaaeloa Netzler
    Puaaeloa Netzler 5 days ago

    Illuminati confirmed

  • LivvyBubbles
    LivvyBubbles 5 days ago

    Maybe the professor is part of the illuminati 😂

  • James Timberpass
    James Timberpass 5 days ago

    Ryan I just have to say I am 100% in your corner on this and almost all other vids you guys have. I'm not saying for the lizard people so much, but everything else you must have an open mind. Plus you should do one of these on Bohemian Grove if you haven't already.

  • Darker Thoughts
    Darker Thoughts 5 days ago

    The pentagram isn't satanic. Its actually a pagan symbol of protection and the elements.

  • Wookie Commander
    Wookie Commander 5 days ago

    Whoa man if you're gonna show kanye west please make a way different photo please

  • Louisa Castro
    Louisa Castro 5 days ago

    man have you ever been to a Bastille concert?
    if you think that forming a triangle with your hands shows that you are a part of the Illuminati then we all (the Fans of this band) apparently are cause thats what everyone does during songs (has do do something with the band etc)

  • Jason Sotelo
    Jason Sotelo 5 days ago

    hey don't tell anyone i'm in the

  • Kency Daniel
    Kency Daniel 5 days ago

    Is it just me who didnt find this scary at all..But funny instead 😶

  • Lima tari
    Lima tari 5 days ago

    All you had to do is put beyonce's pic then boooommmmm more viewers. Get a life poeple and let them live theirs.

  • AeroditeSonic Gaming

    Seeing as im a strong beliver in god and my church belives that the whole world will be controlled by the anti christ close to when the rapture comes

  • Brianna Brickey
    Brianna Brickey 5 days ago +1

    Lol, Jay Z also rapped about the "illuminate" in a version of the song Run this Town!

  • Mardeli Condezo
    Mardeli Condezo 5 days ago

    i knew about this without whatching too much videos we can see if it is real in the future

  • Desi Bekker
    Desi Bekker 5 days ago

    In the Simpson's there are also A LOT of refferences

  • Jennifer Lopez
    Jennifer Lopez 5 days ago


  • Joan Warclub
    Joan Warclub 5 days ago

    It has to be real -right?-

  • Brendan Reid
    Brendan Reid 6 days ago

    I'd be willing to consider the existence of "providence", but lizard people ruling the world... SEEMS LEGIT

  • gariel lewis
    gariel lewis 6 days ago

    My lights just went out right after the video ended

    H E L P😐

  • Jess
    Jess 6 days ago

    Ryan is 100% in the illuminati, no doubt.

  • Jessica Beyer
    Jessica Beyer 6 days ago


  • Jenny Fairbanks
    Jenny Fairbanks 6 days ago

    who else saw his full name ryan bergara @ 11:42

  • Qnz Finest
    Qnz Finest 6 days ago

    Who else thinks the lady is part of the illuminati ?? That's why she says it's 100% not real today 🤔🤔🤔

  • Sebastian Lund Nielsen

    What Bush meant when he said "New World Order" was the world in the post-Soviet era.
    A reference to shaping a new relationship with Russia and satellite states.

  • Caitie Ford
    Caitie Ford 6 days ago

    lol that Eminem clip that's not clone glitching that's someone who's high 😂

  • M B
    M B 6 days ago

    My grandpa is apart of the freemasons and he is the oldest person in his little group thing..... idk how it works

  • Bokica 69
    Bokica 69 6 days ago

    Eminem was just joking

  • Sharky
    Sharky 6 days ago

    The convo at 11:50 was so funny

  • Audrey Tsui
    Audrey Tsui 6 days ago

    in terms of triangular hand gestures, i guess all of broduce 101 might be an illuminati member

  • Cassie King
    Cassie King 6 days ago

    Try Pizza Gate

  • Garrett Ly
    Garrett Ly 6 days ago

    I would've liked it if 'yall weren't interupting the video

  • Hannah Holmberg
    Hannah Holmberg 6 days ago

    So, I make triangles with my hand and on the back of my head my hair use to come to a point, making it a triangle. Guess what, I'M NOT IN THE ILLUMINATI!!!

  • Dr.P_Games
    Dr.P_Games 6 days ago

    When celebrities deny they are in the illuminati... that's what somebody in the illuminati would say!

  • Isatsu
    Isatsu 7 days ago

    Daft Punk but all their stuff is illuminati

  • Safa Mahmood
    Safa Mahmood 7 days ago


  • Schwifty Pickle
    Schwifty Pickle 7 days ago

    There was also a dog cloned

  • Rubberdubber Bmo
    Rubberdubber Bmo 7 days ago


  • JL inMS
    JL inMS 7 days ago

    Where are they meeting? Gee I don't know, maybe Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove? I wonder how many videos and podcasts there are yet to be made with people laughing about the Illuminati? It's silly, everyone! Rich people would never conspire to run the world!

  • Vanesa Jade
    Vanesa Jade 7 days ago

    do the KKK

  • Loulabelle
    Loulabelle 7 days ago

    4% of all people believe in shape shifting lizard people?
    Jeez, I probably know some of this 4%!
    Now that's a freaky thought!

  • Vaishnavi s
    Vaishnavi s 7 days ago

    please do the bermuda triangle

  • Harry Walker
    Harry Walker 7 days ago

    If you have the interest of become an Illuminati member, you can contact us at, harrywalker 1129 @ gmail . com

  • aaron mark
    aaron mark 7 days ago

    Ryan is not a illimunati

    HEY TIA 8 days ago

    Why beyonce

  • Kylie Smith
    Kylie Smith 8 days ago

    Ryan what's your skincare routine

  • JOBO
    JOBO 8 days ago

    The eye triangle is the eye of god

  • Kenyon Donner
    Kenyon Donner 8 days ago

    She's writing lemonade 😂😂

  • Alfred Tyrefors
    Alfred Tyrefors 8 days ago

    Jay zEeEeee ladEeeee gaga bEeeeeonce

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 8 days ago +2

    Wait, 1% VS 99%?

    We could just kill the 1% 🤔

  • Reverb
    Reverb 8 days ago

    there's also a conspiracy theory that Gucci Mane was killed and cloned from the time he went to prison and when he was released

  • You star_io
    You star_io 8 days ago +1

    Well I think the percentage just grew 20%

  • Mel
    Mel 8 days ago

    Mark Koernke: believes the new world order is made up the U.S. Government and the UN.Well, yeah I mean most of the international affairs are discussed in the UN by the G5 and the G5 decisions are strongly influenced by the U.S because is one of the most powerful countries. You know geopolitics, international relations diplomacy...

  • Madeline Bustos
    Madeline Bustos 9 days ago

    commenting on a v old video but beyonce rocking in her seat while looking blankly at the game could just be a subconscious way of alieving her anxiety. she's probably thinking of all the stuff she has to do and just started rocking unknowingly. tbh i do it all the time and dont even notice for a while.

  • Angelo Martinovich
    Angelo Martinovich 9 days ago +1

    You guys didnt look much into this id love a more in depth video, because they have a meeting place called the bohimeian grove, look at the back of the dollar bill and check some of the dates and words that are on there, or in general look it up, either way i love your guys videos i just think this one couldve been more in depth and more thought out

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