Can You Be Allergic To Sunlight?

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  • For you, going outside might mean a sunburn if you're out there too long without enough sunscreen, but for some people, any sun exposure can lead to hives and rashes within minutes!

    Hosted by: Stefan Chin
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Comments: 870

  • Batabii
    Batabii 17 days ago

    I expected this to mention photic sneeze reflex

  • Komunikati
    Komunikati 17 days ago

    I have PMLE , I was at the beach yesterday, now my arms, hands and feet (those parts of my body were not covered) itch so bad. I used 4 different creams which were supposed to make it more tolerable, but nothing helps :/

  • Itzel Medina
    Itzel Medina 22 days ago

    I'm part allergic to sunlight not so hard but a little bet but I'm allergic to sand,grass,brocoli and pollen

  • Donavan LoForte
    Donavan LoForte Month ago

    why haven't you included Variegate Porphyria? 🌞☔

  • Chris Balfour
    Chris Balfour Month ago

    I've heard people call Porphyria a sun allergy, but it's actually not a histamine reaction or even sunburn. The body doesn't produce enzymes to rapidly convert Porphyrin into white blood cells, and the conversion happens slowly by chance in a huge excess of Porphyrin that builds up in a person's tissues. It's a photosensitive chemical and causes inflammation, by starving cells of oxygen.

  • redneckhippiefreak
    redneckhippiefreak Month ago

    A friend of mine has a Step father that some how is allergic to water...Still trying to figure out the Darwinism of that one...

  • Crimson Slayer
    Crimson Slayer Month ago

    I was playing vball near bushes w a mate and the ball obvs went in the bushes so we had to get it several times,,Rn on left arm I have like a rash like redness all ver my wrists and my right it's like dots like pricks almost, it looks really bad but the thing is it doesn't hurt ? Idk if it's a an allergy reaction, what should I do? Whether it's an allergy to the sun or bushes idk what hives are but it defo doesn't hurt it only hurts if I put some pressure on the skin

  • MegaMementoMori
    MegaMementoMori Month ago

    I always sneeze when I look at the sun XD

  • Sara Bangerter
    Sara Bangerter Month ago

    PMLE is clearly what's going on with me right now. Yaaaaay.

  • Jer berus
    Jer berus Month ago

    My grandmother is allergic to sunlight. She breaks out when she's out for "too long", which isn't long.

  • Tyler Ray
    Tyler Ray Month ago

    I have Solar urticaria.

  • 655321
    655321 Month ago

    Sadly this confirms I have PMLE. And I even have a darker complexion. No amount of sunscreen will prevent me getting rashes at the beginning of each summer until my skin has adjusted.

  • Ehesh Zoumi
    Ehesh Zoumi Month ago

    I suddenly get really itchy on my back when i go from a shaded area to a sunlight area

  • Amieroll Mukminin
    Amieroll Mukminin Month ago

    Nothing is new.... there also a girl that is actually allergic to water... so she actually allergic to herself because human is 70% water...

  • Will Fisher
    Will Fisher Month ago

    I am allergic to the sun it is called epp porphyria

  • Larry McCandless
    Larry McCandless Month ago


  • Andrea Camacho
    Andrea Camacho Month ago


  • fasterpr
    fasterpr Month ago

    I have the second one. If I don't cover myself when the sunlight is really intense, I break out the next day and it can last a whole week, making me want to scratch my skin off. Had it 2 consecutive summers as a child and I haven't gone on a sea vacation since. But it has improved - I've managed to get sunburns without the allergic reaction so I guess my resistance has gone up. Still not going to the beach tho :D

  • Northfan42
    Northfan42 Month ago

    Can you please elaborate on this by explaining the solar sensitivity found in some forms of porphyria?

  • MisterHavoc
    MisterHavoc Month ago

    Medications can also screw with your skin and give you allergy like symptoms. I'm on Lamictal (Lamotrigine), and if I spend more than an hour outside in the sun, I spend the rest of the day with nausea and a hot prickly feeling as if I'd been sunburned.

  • TehFugitive
    TehFugitive Month ago

    Solar urticaria. So there's an actual name for this godforsaken BS I'm blessed with. Makes it somewhat easier to handle emotionally. Not less itchy, tho.

    But yeah, this is pretty awful and incredibly frustrating, although there are certainly many things far worse than this. So I guess I shouldn't be complaining.

  • MisterCynic18
    MisterCynic18 Month ago

    so the vampires have come up with more excuses to hide their weakness

  • Annie Camacho
    Annie Camacho Month ago

    I go into the sun and I start feeling itchy then the rash and horrid red bumps begin to sprout all over my body...first in the most exposed areas like my arms then it continues all over my body...
    The only thing that alleviates the immense itching is putting ice directly on my skin.

  • PartyPants 047
    PartyPants 047 Month ago

    I think I have the second one because I got really bad sunburn but like a week after it healed, I got loads of spots and had to stay indoors with my shirt off.

  • Roger Garrett
    Roger Garrett Month ago

    Can you be allergic to water? There was a talk show many years ago that had a little girl on who claimed to be allergic to water. If she got any water on her skin it reportedly erupted into painful welts. Is THAT possible?

  • Matthew Downey
    Matthew Downey Month ago +1

    As a young kid I had an allergy to the sun. I couldn't spend more than 30 or so in the Florida sun or I would get large itchy patches and they would last a few hours or even a day

  • Betsy Quispe
    Betsy Quispe Month ago

    I have this condition, and no medicine or ointment I've ever been given has ever helped. I've seen several doctors and dermatologists, and nothing they've given me has worked. They don't know what to do about it. I changed my diet to a plant-based diet two years ago, and the hives and rashes have significantly reduced. I had one rash on my torso that wouldn't go away for years, and when I stopped eating animal products, that rash finally healed and has not returned.

  • 2 PADS
    2 PADS Month ago

    Overactive immune system. I've a titanium tooth's as I'm taking an antibiotic like Doxycycline.According to the wiki, side effects include sun rash. check

  • Kilian Jobin
    Kilian Jobin Month ago

    I'm one of the lucky people with exactly this disease

  • Paige Rook
    Paige Rook Month ago

    I know someone who is allergic to the sun.

  • 1Maklak
    1Maklak Month ago

    My arms itch from sun exposure. I can build enough resistance over the summer so it no longer happens, but loose it over the winter. I also overheat above 25C, but it's easier to endure with a hat.

  • Namah
    Namah Month ago

    I am allergic to the sun and sunscreen. Good job Universe!

  • wickeddance93
    wickeddance93 Month ago

    I always joke I'm allergic to sunlight, because I sneeze when the sun gets in my eyes (it's not actually an allergy)

  • Robin McKee
    Robin McKee Month ago

    I have PLME, it sucks and if I do get a rash I often get sun poisoning symptoms, even when I get as little as 5-15 mins in the sun...even with sunscreen on.

  • Kate Madura
    Kate Madura Month ago

    Well, I'm allergic to water so I'll believe anything. Aquagenic Urticaria. Distilled water too

  • Shakil Shakil
    Shakil Shakil Month ago

    I have this, and once you scratch it, good luck with that. LOL

  • Chlora_Virgo
    Chlora_Virgo Month ago

    What about photodermatitis? It's also known as sun allergy and it differs from PLME and solar urticaria. I have photodermatitis which results in swallen, itchy and red skin around eyes and red and itchy skin on the arms. When summer comes I have to take antihistamines regularly.

  • Whoandwhy
    Whoandwhy Month ago

    I actually went outside earlier this week after hiding from the sweltering Arizona sun for a while and had a few bumps on my arm, went away just around today and I'm hoping that maybe if I force myself to get more sun it won't be too bad.

  • yukito's little playground

    i have sunlight allergy it hurts like hell

  • Dzer Zin
    Dzer Zin Month ago

    new guy~! 😀😁

  • Richard Holderby
    Richard Holderby Month ago

    You should also mention Graft vs. Host Disease (GVHD). Those of us with bone marrow / stem cell transplants can be "allergic" to the sun, which can cause more than a rash - it can cause death. The transplanted cells have a reaction to the sun, which will make them to realize they're no longer in the donor's body and begin attacking the new host as if it were an invader. If gone untreated, or treatment obtained is bears no effect, it can be fatal.

  • Adrian Ortega
    Adrian Ortega Month ago

    This episode brought to you by Nosferatu.

  • Nico _
    Nico _ Month ago

    Those people are called VAMPIRES!!!! 😀

  • Simon Toh
    Simon Toh Month ago

    is it because of Vitamin D?

  • Animelily
    Animelily Month ago

    As a person who has a form of porphyria (EPP) I feel the need to comment on this. Hey my sun shunning friends out there!

  • walnutsrcool
    walnutsrcool Month ago

    I have PMLE and while I haven't had an outbreak in a long time (in part because I am better about sunscrean etc.) I used to get horrible blisters on my years that would start small and get larger and expand. This was obviously no fun for my parents to have a crying 5 year old in horrible pain, and I remember being 13 and being unable to sleep most summer nights because when I did the blisters would burst if I accidentally rolled over. It took a long time for my dermatologist to figure out what was going on with me. I'm grateful that I seem to have built up a tolerance but I am still very careful to put on sunscreen (especially with my ears) to this day.

  • MariaE
    MariaE Month ago

    I'm allergic to sun, and yes, it sucks !

  • Cano
    Cano Month ago

    go raw vegan and I promise you all you allergies and diseases will go away. try and thank me later

  • victornpb
    victornpb Month ago

    My cousin have this, I also had it twice a few years ago.

  • Sim Lucien
    Sim Lucien Month ago

    So vampires ARE real

  • brndall johnson
    brndall johnson Month ago

    i've got a case of jock itch and there are no youtube videos showing how to cure them can you please help me out- randall johnson

  • Justin Mielke
    Justin Mielke Month ago

    what if we gave a human embryo a chloroplast and let it develop. would s/he rarely have to eat

  • thstroyur
    thstroyur Month ago

    I would be morally obligated to commment only if he didn't mention the word 'vampyre'

  • MeowAlien にゃあエイリアン

    I'm allergic to hot weather, it made me itch all over my body, AC is life

  • Dildo Faggins
    Dildo Faggins Month ago

    You can be allergic to the sun! It's called being a white person

  • IntroWellness
    IntroWellness Month ago

    The sun is the greatest source of UV and harmful blue light! Your skin and eyes need to be protected when spending time outdoors! 😎☀️

  • DarkFireKing
    DarkFireKing Month ago +1

    yes,yes you can

  • RJ A
    RJ A Month ago

    So you're telling me Chuck McGill isn't making up his "allergy condition" in Better Call Saul?

    • RJ A
      RJ A Month ago

      He actually has PMLE or Solar urticaria b/c of lightbulbs???????????!!!!!
      It's real and I need to coat my entire abode in space-foil and cut off all electricity exposure!!!!!! NOW

  • dallen3000
    dallen3000 Month ago

    the sun is lava

  • Polishdd
    Polishdd Month ago

    I get heat I'm allergic to heat?

  • Skingrad
    Skingrad Month ago

    oh my goooooooooooooooooood please make him disappear he is so creepy and unsettling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Manni Interrupted
    Manni Interrupted Month ago

    *I break out in hives in sunlight. My mom used to call me vampire.* #VampireLivesMatter

  • Tyler Dollarhide
    Tyler Dollarhide Month ago

    I'm allergic to the Sun! It is a drug induced allergy caused by Cyproheptadine.

  • Fiona P
    Fiona P Month ago +1

    I had PMLE a few years ago but don't think I've suffered from it for at least 2-3years now. Just wondering if taking certain medications can set it off because some medications can make you photosensitive? And also I come from why some doctors refer to as an “allergic family" 💡

  • Gio Kim
    Gio Kim Month ago

    I get hives ...

    • Gio Kim
      Gio Kim Month ago

      But I forgot

    • Gio Kim
      Gio Kim Month ago

      Some how

    • Gio Kim
      Gio Kim Month ago

      From the sun in 10 hours luckily.

  • Katy Hopkins
    Katy Hopkins Month ago

    Thank you! I get rashes every time I get some sun or go to a tanning bed! Asked my doctor about it hope to have the answers soon

  • Audra Sargent
    Audra Sargent Month ago

    I work at Taco Bell, and I have people say they are allergic to tomatoes and lettuce. why would this be?

  • Derek Carey
    Derek Carey Month ago

    why does everyone more their hands all the time?

  • VictusBcb
    VictusBcb Month ago

    The sunlight makes me sneeze ><

  • Garrett Spicer
    Garrett Spicer Month ago

    So Caliban in Logan has a real disease (also a mutation)

  • Emily C
    Emily C Month ago

    That second condition has been ruining my summer holidays for years!!

  • thErgonomic
    thErgonomic Month ago

    I got some kind of PMLE. Every spring when the sun returns (I live in the North) I get a rash for a couple of weeks on the parts of my skin that is exposed.

  • Vanessa Marcucci
    Vanessa Marcucci Month ago

    I've had that happen to me a lot when I was a kid. Not so much now though

  • Ubeogesh
    Ubeogesh Month ago

    Could be a  Porphic Hemophilia

  • Ellen Lu
    Ellen Lu Month ago

    minor sun allergy runs in my family.

  • MrBoney PantzGuy
    MrBoney PantzGuy Month ago

    Oh no... its Jojo vs Dio all over again.... ha ha ha okay im done LOL

  • Lewis Ip
    Lewis Ip Month ago


  • enkhzorig Batbayar
    enkhzorig Batbayar Month ago

    I do have that sun allergy and need thick layer of sunscreen every time. it sucks

  • Vanesa G
    Vanesa G Month ago

    It's hard to explain people you are allergic to sunlight, even the doctor laughs when I say it .

  • mikkel larsen
    mikkel larsen Month ago

    I went to school with a girl who had this.

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

    Someone needs a cup of concrete

  • fuck you really
    fuck you really Month ago +1

    There is also xp or xeroderma pigmentosum that is even worse than these two conditions

  • Cat Shelton
    Cat Shelton Month ago

    i have a water allergy i wonder why that is

  • Xavier Reyes
    Xavier Reyes Month ago

    And this is why reading books are better

  • GoldenFly
    GoldenFly 2 months ago

    why does this bloke try and do the same hand, vocal and facial expressions as the other guy. Be your own man. Except don't be that chick - she sucks.

  • Ultra X Gaming
    Ultra X Gaming 2 months ago

    Who else is wondering why there is a different person every video :/

  • Wesley Alth
    Wesley Alth 2 months ago

    The real question is can you be allergic to water

  • Firm Clock
    Firm Clock 2 months ago

    Sunscreen is more likely to give you cancer then the sun

  • Will Ease
    Will Ease 2 months ago

    i get mildly itchy rashes every year i go on holiday. its normally quite random though and ive never understood what it is, thanks for helping a bit

  • neuroflare
    neuroflare 2 months ago

    I think a good deal of this could be made into a rap. Someone needs to do it. I'm not talented enough to do it.

  • wokeupinapanic
    wokeupinapanic 2 months ago

    I have PMLE! My rash takes a few hours, and I get tiny red bumps that itch like crazy, for a few weeks, but only on select places, like the hairless part of the back of my hands, underneath of my forearms, and sometimes on the sides of my elbows. When I was a kid it would usually go away by the end of spring/beginning of summer, where I spent 90% of my entire day outdoors. It never really came back until the next spring. As an adult, I get it almost any time I spend time in the spring and summer sun without sunblock. I'm pretty confident mine is vitamin d related. I was recently tested with an extremely low vitamin d level. I also have delayed sleep phase disorder, and am a total night owl, rarely getting enough sun :/

  • Mahmoud Elsharawy
    Mahmoud Elsharawy 2 months ago

    Can someone help? I remember reading this book when I was younger, but I forgot what it was called.
    The main character was told that he was allergic to sunlight, and he sneaks out of his house every day at night. He has a sun tattoo on his neck and it actually covers an owl birthmark. He meets someone else with the own birthmark on her neck, He takes these injections, and that's all I remember.
    Do any of you know what book this is?

  • Dolphin Rider
    Dolphin Rider 2 months ago

    I wouldn't mind... Good excuse for sleeping all day, and staying up all night. Watch the universe spite me for saying that, and give me a sun allergy.

  • TenTonNuke
    TenTonNuke 2 months ago

    Sun allergies — God's way of saying he hates you

  • Stephen Willis
    Stephen Willis 2 months ago

    Because vampires!! 😉

  • Ásta Helgadóttir
    Ásta Helgadóttir 2 months ago

    Based on the fact that my rashes come after about 5 minutes in the sun and are gone the next day I would guess I have SU rather than PMLE. I do live like a sunlight-fearing vampire.

  • Krystal Potter
    Krystal Potter 2 months ago

    I'm one of those people. And I love to garden. Bad mix. Lol

  • Nyx M
    Nyx M 2 months ago

    Dude... why'd you cut your hair XD

  • Hugh Wilson
    Hugh Wilson 2 months ago

    gingers are allergic to sunlight duh

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