Donald Trump Christmas Cold Open - SNL

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  • God0Mighty1
    God0Mighty1 5 days ago



  • shako kiladze
    shako kiladze 20 days ago

    be very careful american people about this men be very careful

  • Роман Сморгович

    U guys are real stupid and zombified. Russians don't care a shit about USA.

  • Степан Лукичёв

    Vladimir Putin is the main thief and corrupt official of Russia. Hate him. All Russia wants to drive him away. Just know this. Навальный 2018!

  • sacred333333
    sacred333333 1 month ago


    MUSTAFIZUR RAHMAN 1 month ago

    not only RUSSIA and but all of the SUPPORTERS of all ANCIENT RELIGION PREACHERS must and should not be able to insult even single shit of the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the DONALD J TRUMP as because JESUS CHRIST is always guiding the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the DONALD J TRUMP------and then ?

  • Razgriz 914
    Razgriz 914 1 month ago

    Ok I thought that Donald and Melania HATED each other so why is it that this SNL episode portrays them as being so close? I've actually heard that Melania has even gone so far as to attack and kick Donald's ass at some points.

  • Trent
    Trent 1 month ago

    Put speed at 2. Its even funnier!

  • Cathy Schneider
    Cathy Schneider 2 months ago

    I love Goodman as Tillerson.

  • Eric Penner
    Eric Penner 2 months ago

    Tie is too short.

  • Ryan Walters
    Ryan Walters 2 months ago

    Truly hysterical and brilliant.

  • rosie bananas
    rosie bananas 2 months ago

    john goodman is amazing.

  • Jack
    Jack 2 months ago

    And Trump in return sent 59 tomahawk missiles.

  • Алексей Константинов

    Великий артист предстал в позорящем действующего президента обличье! Не думал, что он такой клоун!

  • MatthewPettyST1300
    MatthewPettyST1300 2 months ago

    I'm not being fooled by anyone...That's NOT Trump....The tie fits. it doesn't even pass the belt line.

  • izstaria Celeste
    izstaria Celeste 2 months ago

    At least we get some good comedy before the world blows up in one way or another.

  • Мотя
    Мотя 2 months ago

    Просто Русский комментарий

  • BuiltToFuck BornToKill

    Yeah yeah, Trump's a piece of shit. But this whole Russia thing is just an excuse to goad the public into wanting another war...

  • Fseirst Lrest
    Fseirst Lrest 2 months ago

    Melania is Scottish now?

  • Crisp Cuts Landscaping

    Lol the "elf on the shelf" hacking device made me die laughing. XD

  • Ella Ams
    Ella Ams 3 months ago

    so funny

  • Роман Толмачев

    Алек, красавчик,а не это жирное чмо

  • Роман Толмачев

    Алек, красавчик,а не это жирное чмо

  • Роман Толмачев

    актёр красавчик

  • Valerie Kudina
    Valerie Kudina 3 months ago

    I am Russian and I enjoyed it immensely))) ! With love from Russia!

  • Joey Barz
    Joey Barz 3 months ago

    if you liberals keep begging for civil war you're ALL going to end up dead. Im not saying this as a repub. Im not affiliated with any political party but we ARE headed for civil war in this country and repubs. LOVE guns and war. Good luck!

  • wendywilliamsfans
    wendywilliamsfans 3 months ago

    lol @ can I do it 3 days a week like Howard Stern Does.

  • Skookum K
    Skookum K 3 months ago

    Hey SNL,  60 Tomahawk Missiles later, do you still think Trump is Putin's "gift?"   Kinda "blows up" your whole collusion routine, huh!  (now that was funny!)

  • Marie D
    Marie D 3 months ago

    That voice sounds more like Bobcat Goldthwait than Melania Trump.

  • dambigfoot
    dambigfoot 3 months ago

    This is disrespect to Russians and Americans

  • Deborah Kogan
    Deborah Kogan 3 months ago

    I love this so much!

  • limE vorafahzD
    limE vorafahzD 3 months ago

    In Russia a bad government. Corruption. Watch the Russian channels

  • limE vorafahzD
    limE vorafahzD 3 months ago

    Putin is a bad person. He steals money from his people. Americans do not offend Donald.

  • lisa kirk
    lisa kirk 3 months ago

    it's almost too accurate for laughter. just scary

  • Grendel Sloth
    Grendel Sloth 4 months ago

    I love whenever beck is putin he moves like a pornstar

  • Jim Barnable
    Jim Barnable 4 months ago

    Gay puttin

  • Nathan K
    Nathan K 4 months ago

    Check out Infowars for real news. SNL is just pushing their anti Trump agenda. Trying to make Trump out to be a joke.

    • John King
      John King 4 months ago

      No, Trump exceeds at making himself a joke in his own style, he does not need SNL.

  • Митяй Воронцов

    It's a pity that such a great show like SNL must follow the traditional stereotypes in russian-american political relationship. But I must admit, it is funny.

  • Doc Darlin
    Doc Darlin 4 months ago

    "It's funny 'cause it's Treason." :)

    EKBHEROES 4 months ago

    I'am russian and you hurt my feelings.

      EKBHEROES 4 months ago

      The Mouse King wow

    • Twister PLUMP
      Twister PLUMP 4 months ago


  • Lyle Reynolds
    Lyle Reynolds 4 months ago

    spot on

  • She Mesh
    She Mesh 4 months ago

    LMFAO...😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂..Great job guys,,,,,

  • Adam West
    Adam West 4 months ago

    this melania is hot

  • sedric willis
    sedric willis 4 months ago

    Putin is hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Iten D J
    Iten D J 4 months ago

    I think Beck Bennett is cute :-D

  • Dima Netov
    Dima Netov 4 months ago

    Alec Baldwin always was a fuck up and nothing's changed.

  • B6 schilke
    B6 schilke 4 months ago

    Baldwin's trump is the best but his Tony Bennett is the greatest impersonation of all time!

  • Dave G
    Dave G 4 months ago


    • Twister PLUMP
      Twister PLUMP 4 months ago

      Dave G
      She probably beat HIM up.🏌⚾

  • Dave G
    Dave G 4 months ago


  • Bryan Bond
    Bryan Bond 4 months ago

    Drop the Russian shit you lying aggravating fucking libtards. Stop being sore losers.

  • Zee Cable
    Zee Cable 4 months ago

    Beck plays an amazing Putin, I love him

  • Alexey Bakh
    Alexey Bakh 5 months ago

    "I was just in town, you know... hiding in the walls" Im Russian and I was Rolling.

  • Broly Banderas
    Broly Banderas 5 months ago

    A joke about an even x10 bigger joke.

  • F U C K Y O U!
    F U C K Y O U! 5 months ago


  • Puppyllary Response
    Puppyllary Response 5 months ago

    Disliked because of ads

  • Vegas Vlogs
    Vegas Vlogs 5 months ago


    ALEXANDR MARINESCO 5 months ago

    Алек Болдуин очень интересен в роли Трампа.

  • Say10
    Say10 5 months ago

    I don't think that Melania is that talkative and caring. I think she feels trapped and doesn't want any of this shit.

  • Вадим Шушкевич

    A little bit shocked how people still giving a damn about politics and politicians meanwhile we can accept co-operation and partnership, making truly great things as like as spaceships medicines and other
    pardon for my English

  • Connor Wright
    Connor Wright 5 months ago

    Hey we all can agree that a half naked Putin coming down into the house would be terrifying.

  • Marielys Diane
    Marielys Diane 5 months ago

    This is by far my favorite SNL skit no matter what

  • MrKANPOL13
    MrKANPOL13 5 months ago

    Hilarious! This how other countries see the U.S.A! Lol

  • Mikhail R
    Mikhail R 5 months ago

    I hated this show.Now it gets funnier and funnier. GOP giving great material.

  • Dingle Stingle
    Dingle Stingle 5 months ago

    Don't know why everyone is mad with us trying to friends with Russia. Do you want to fight China and Russia or both Russia and the USA fight China. All of your sons and daughters will die if we have to fight both of them. Just think for a second you idiots. I'm headed to Canada so have fun.

    • Evan Pan-Bao
      Evan Pan-Bao 5 months ago

      Yeah, because that worked so well with the Munich Conference.

    • Dingle Stingle
      Dingle Stingle 5 months ago

      Remember these words when you get the notes about your sons being killed.

  • Dingle Stingle
    Dingle Stingle 5 months ago

    The comedy shows are loving it now. If they made fun of Obama they would have been called racist and Obama did not do anything in 8 years so hard to make fun of him.

  • dirkbonesteel
    dirkbonesteel 5 months ago

    When comedy shows don't have to make jokes just show what is happening there may be a problem. Yes I believe it's real because it's on TV and I am very conservative

  • Juan Jimenez
    Juan Jimenez 5 months ago

    That's women is so hot 😍

  • Slick Rock
    Slick Rock 5 months ago

    It is funny! But I gotta support Trump! Don't sweat the haters and gentiles. We love and support you, Trump.

  • SpukiTheLoveKitten75
    SpukiTheLoveKitten75 5 months ago

    I love Trump going "Scrooged!".

  • fifaeverything
    fifaeverything 5 months ago

    video released on my birthday

  • Jaguar7444
    Jaguar7444 5 months ago

    Beck Bennett is so sexy in his Putin role. :-p

  • r lop
    r lop 5 months ago


  • Chase Hulsey
    Chase Hulsey 5 months ago

    " don't worry im handcuffed to you for all history"yeah kellyanne will never work another campaign because of Drumpf

  • Leah Eich
    Leah Eich 5 months ago

    Jesus Christ I hate this man with a passion [Trump]

  • Michael Weaselboy
    Michael Weaselboy 5 months ago

    The Manchurian Candidate.

  • Raging Zombie
    Raging Zombie 5 months ago


  • Gwen Brooks
    Gwen Brooks 5 months ago

    I don't know why conservatives are so mad about this. If Hillary would've won, they would've done the same damn thing. But for whatever reason people like to look up things they know will get them T R I G G E R E D.

  • r lop
    r lop 5 months ago

    stern rules

  • Debra Wolf
    Debra Wolf 5 months ago

    Beck Bennet is so hot!

  • End Eer
    End Eer 5 months ago

    I love how conservatives only talk about political correctness when their trump is so full of shit

  • JoAnn Johnson
    JoAnn Johnson 5 months ago


  • Андрей Андреевич

    Hello my American friends. I'm interested in your opinion, can our countries be friends???? I respect Mr. trump, his health

  • George Wang
    George Wang 5 months ago

    Meanwhile can we talk about how Beck Bennett went from kind of pudgy to this??

  • Антон Березин

    Putin, too, to my house trying to get through the fireplace to put the bugs, but I just lit the fireplace and he was frightened.

  • vivien pang
    vivien pang 5 months ago

    Fake Putin is my spirit animal

  • First Last
    First Last 5 months ago

    SNL should do a skit with a hope hicks impersonator. Read she is the former model that takes Trump's twitter "dictations"! Chick needs a dictionary pronto!

  • Aj Collins
    Aj Collins 5 months ago

    Melania she is not, she dont look or sound nothing melania her accent sucks

  • morningstar3188
    morningstar3188 5 months ago

    when CNN says someone is a bad guy it really means they're a threat to the new world order. in other words they're only bad for you if you're a psychopath billionaire who wants to control the world.

  • Lamm Berrtya
    Lamm Berrtya 5 months ago

    Do you believe that stuff?? Who told you that Putin is bad, TV? Over this nonsense for the whole world laughs! Enough with the hysteria! Enough shame! We must be friends and work together!

    SMILESZ2 5 months ago

    I am mad that he is calling him Pootie

  • Edwin Castro
    Edwin Castro 5 months ago

    is a shame and sad if they have bussinness with Putin(war criminal).
    war criminal)

  • Сергей Чекулаев

    I am Russian and Putin is a populist and piece of shit. Even Trump is better than Putin.
    Putin is corrupted shit

  • Bob Anderson
    Bob Anderson 5 months ago

    Hey Alec what's in your wallet? Oh that's right picture's of Stalin, Mao, Fidel, Che, Kim Jong-Un Remember don't leave home without them!

  • leobo lennon
    leobo lennon 5 months ago


  • G3M1N1J0K3R
    G3M1N1J0K3R 5 months ago

    if they are rich
    doubt theyr hearts
    jesus agrees

  • G3M1N1J0K3R
    G3M1N1J0K3R 5 months ago

    shes am i
    pick me up at 8
    they ALL are bad guys fuckaroo

  • Elliott Allen
    Elliott Allen 5 months ago

    It's like we are living in that DC movie where Lex Luther becomes president.

  • Zeratul723
    Zeratul723 5 months ago

    "I was just in town, you know... hiding in the walls." I lost my shit.

  • Dean Croney
    Dean Croney 5 months ago

    I'm a trump supporter and this is fucking. funny

  • ed kang
    ed kang 5 months ago

    Trump supporters think climate change is a hoax and that God is real and lives in the sky. I just think that's really funny.

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