New Rule: Trump and the Long Con | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

  • Added:  4 months ago
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    In his editorial New Rule, Bill Maher explores the similarities between President Trump and a snake oil salesman.

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  • Video CategoriesFilm & Animation
  • Runtime: 6:24
  • Tags for this video:  Matt Schlapp  American Conservative Union  Timothy Snyder  History  Yale University  On Tyranny  Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century  Chris Hayes  MSNBC  All In with Chris Hayes  A Colony in a Nation  Max Brooks  Louise Mensch  News Corp  British MP  

Comments: 3 520

  • Poblachtach Éireannach

    Single payer would be better and it would cost a fraction of the price in terms of tax expenditure on healthcare. The fact that Trump explicitly lied five times about being in favor of single payer is how it sounded possible.

  • The Fruit Man
    The Fruit Man 11 days ago +1

    That first sentence: "America needs more Republicans like this guy" triggered a lot of snowflakes.

  • rafa 9
    rafa 9 15 days ago

    isis got destroyed in mosul ...Trump was right

  • No Calvinism
    No Calvinism 27 days ago

    The Orange Clown is also a DEVIL!

  • Dr. Emeter Diacope
    Dr. Emeter Diacope 1 month ago

    People involved with politics are always one step away from being arrested. Why don't you get a trade or do your math homework instead?

  • Dr. Emeter Diacope
    Dr. Emeter Diacope 1 month ago

    Is Trump redeeming criminals, or does he have long term strategies against them. Citizens cling to images especially in common, uneducated and criminal areas. Trump and the Republican party represent that ticket.

  • ExotikZBoy17
    ExotikZBoy17 1 month ago

    If Bill was qualified and ran for President, he's got my vote

  • Jalapeno flavor
    Jalapeno flavor 1 month ago

    people are so smart here that they chose a con artist for President,but wait it doesn't stop there we still got 3&1/2 years of this bullshit.hope all the trumpsters are still in the bandwagon by then.i mean if hey still living.😊

  • floex831
    floex831 1 month ago

    I tired of winning...these big piles of shit I'm being served.

  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams 1 month ago

    5:35 whoever laughed makes it 10times funnier LMFAOOOOOOO... ...u trump supporters sure are dumb man....

  • Chad Warren
    Chad Warren 2 months ago

    The genius Democrats acting like Hillary wouldn't have been equally bad. Voting is dumb. There is no way that the election system is trustworthy or is it possible to vote someone in that has the power to stand against the bankster shadow government.

    Trump and Alex Jones have both given money to a 9/11 fund for first responders to go to a Scientology clinic. Look into Hubbard's ties to the truth movement in Josh Reeves Spellcasters.

  • Sal Salinas
    Sal Salinas 2 months ago

    Maher is a demented,dillusional disease infected queer

  • The Ultimate Reductionist
    The Ultimate Reductionist 2 months ago +1

    The fact that you Trumptards think the ONLY alterative to republicunts is demoturds, and you zombies respond with knee-jerk "buuut Killary" blah blah, slightly less rightwing conservative terrorist scum than you, shows how extremist rightwing you are. NO possibility of your inferior minds voting for a great leader like Ralph Nader or Dr Jill Stein or Zoltan Istvan or Clifton Roberts.

  • streamline6666
    streamline6666 2 months ago

    don the con drumpf fucking FAT whiny little bitch

  • Fabian Powell
    Fabian Powell 2 months ago

    I am as useful as the piece of skin between my balls and asshole. #Useless

    XLR8 GAMING 2 months ago

    I'm getting the pit of lions ready for those who disliked this video.

  • dandic2342
    dandic2342 2 months ago

    Everything? In that case, can I have my own giant robot? How about a Pony like Vermin Supreme promised me?

  • Zach Jones
    Zach Jones 3 months ago

    Is the video title a dr who reference?

  • Andre Kaasik
    Andre Kaasik 3 months ago


  • Rob Simpson
    Rob Simpson 3 months ago +1

    Trump is RETARDED!!!

  • w. scott Hamilton
    w. scott Hamilton 3 months ago

    People are such suckers;too much winning(Oh yea,you bet ya)So they are only catching a major dose of catching sucker.Where is the winning????????

  • w. scott Hamilton
    w. scott Hamilton 3 months ago

    And doing stupid things;like vote for that Orange headed pie hole!!!!!!!!

  • Israel P Roman
    Israel P Roman 3 months ago

    ahaha no shit man! and frankly is tiring ..

  • leitha k
    leitha k 3 months ago

    Attention Please! If you are not native to the united states, you cant tell us how dumb we are for voting in Trump. WE can talk about how dumb we are all day and night if we want, you cannot. Its a rule.

  • leitha k
    leitha k 3 months ago

    If I'd told them I had an audio of them talking, they'd say it was manufactured. If I told them I had a recording of them, they'd say it was doctored. If I told them I had hand written letters between them, they'd say they were forged. If I told them I heard and saw it myself, they'd say I lied... It takes a lot to talk them down..

  • MTheory
    MTheory 3 months ago

    You can never convince a stupid person that they are stupid. Hence Trump 2017

  • Zach P
    Zach P 3 months ago

    Stupid liberals

  • MontanasBananas
    MontanasBananas 3 months ago

    I made a Trump impression of how he plagiarised American History X

  • I Am John Galt
    I Am John Galt 3 months ago

    Bill m is a con artist

    SNEAKxxATTACK 3 months ago

    do people actually believe that corporations would be all, "hey! thanks for the tax cuts, now I can open new plants and make new jobs and pay my employees better! money for everyone!" FUCK ANYONE THINKING THAT WILL HAPPEN

  • Paulo Teixeira
    Paulo Teixeira 3 months ago

    Bill, your videos have more B8 and trolls than fans. You are a target of the Trump propaganda machine. Makes me laugh to see their effort to change reality. Trump will go down... and with a fantastic explosion of scandal, treason and corruption. They know it and that's why they're so busy on social media.

  • Dichotomy
    Dichotomy 3 months ago

    Maher is high as can be!
    His eyes are glowing pink!

  • vgernyc
    vgernyc 3 months ago

    It's not easy admitting you've made a mistake.......again

  • Adam Ferry
    Adam Ferry 3 months ago +2

    This guy is awesome! He is very well spoken and his points are really good. Trump is a con man.

  • Opethianaut
    Opethianaut 3 months ago


  • Liana Roccon
    Liana Roccon 3 months ago

    Luv ya Bill

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez 3 months ago

    thank God America rejected the rodent faced Jew n the rest of the left wing excrement

  • Aziz belkharmoudi
    Aziz belkharmoudi 3 months ago

    Trump winning shows Just How Stupid Can Americans Be as to make lying, racist, sexual predator a President!!!!

  • Qamar Mohmed
    Qamar Mohmed 3 months ago +2

    "You've been taken by a con man"

  • mental
    mental 3 months ago

    only been 75 might be eating crow.

  • Alex Carr
    Alex Carr 3 months ago +1

    Better paying jobs with the same $7.25 an hour! wow!

  • UncleMikeNJ
    UncleMikeNJ 3 months ago

    Everything you've been looking for, for 50 years?

    Right about when black people, Hispanics, women and gays started getting things they'd been looking for, for 5,000 years.

  • Miura Mike
    Miura Mike 3 months ago

    Electing Chump for President is like hiring Charles Manson to be a child psychologist. What could possibly go wrong? Gee, too bad there weren't any warning signs that Chump  was nucking futs! And when Chump screws over his base, they have no right to complain. This is a man/child who has been famous for decades for having no redeeming qualities, to put it nicely. No, not all Chump supporters are racists or assholes.  BUT they did vote for someone that they knew was, which makes them complicit. And if they didn't know, they shouldn't be allowed to vote again. And the ones that are still for Chump belong in straitjackets.

  • Chris Peplinski
    Chris Peplinski 3 months ago

    con man dumpy needs his election null and void with an orange jumpsuit for his prison cell.

  • imaginarytube
    imaginarytube 3 months ago

    two months into Trump's presidency and I am already exausted from winning.

  • Django bango
    Django bango 3 months ago

    I'm a winner cuz I drink fight milk..Caw caw!

  • bryan mclardy
    bryan mclardy 3 months ago

    when trump gets jailed those tiny hands will constantly be dropping the soap.

  • therese369
    therese369 3 months ago

    Yeah america seems to get fucked the wrong way with Trump, and we all know he's famous so he can do whatever he wants 😷

  • Cheryl Collins
    Cheryl Collins 3 months ago

    Tell These STUPID people the Truth Bill Maher!!

  • theoneTV
    theoneTV 3 months ago

    "deal making super powers" haha

  • Pedro Chavez
    Pedro Chavez 3 months ago

    Bill is the man ,

  • Annie S.
    Annie S. 3 months ago

    Looking at trump I instantly feel asexual....that's normal right?

  • Annie S.
    Annie S. 3 months ago

    When he said too much winning I think he meant too much whining!

  • Ursula Reeg
    Ursula Reeg 3 months ago

    "Oh, promises, their kind of promises, can just destroy a life
    Oh, promises, those kind of promises, take all the joy from life...."Dione Warwick. Perfect.

  • Ursula Reeg
    Ursula Reeg 3 months ago

    You just gotta love Bill. Funny as hell and truthful always.

  • Daniel Patrick
    Daniel Patrick 3 months ago

    Watching this I CANNOT believe this fool, serial con man is the president. Thanks a lot.

  • The Iguana
    The Iguana 3 months ago


    DADDY BAKER 3 months ago

    If everything you are saying is true you have to be a moron to think it's all funny. Wake up you idiots people's lives are being destroyed by making SERIOUS problems a big joke.

  • PeaceProfit
    PeaceProfit 3 months ago

    ‪@realDonaldTrump is unable to govern simply because he's unfit to play the Long-Con. His stock and trade is the Huckster Showman short game.‬

  • L7 Unbred
    L7 Unbred 3 months ago +1

    I don't like trump lik if u agree

  • lucanapo
    lucanapo 3 months ago

    This video is fenomenal..

  • Debi Sovelet
    Debi Sovelet 3 months ago

    Bill Maher, if you have pull [which i doubt] why dont you get the Left Cupcakes OUT of the WAY so we can get something DONE? Your sarcasm only works if there is not a pack of wolves standing in TRUMPS way. Capiche'? No one you know has the TRUE heart [like TRUMP] to desire and to want something for the PEOPLE, even you, the punk in the way. If you were not some rich sniveling punk conman yourself, your words would carry weight. You're the enemy - so making fun of something you are destroying is only good when you admit you are the destroyer! Go on, ADMIT IT! Yeah, that's what I THOUGHT! You produce mindless drivel for mindless people, who are just like you: WOLVES. Howl - your time draws near!

    • Life in the 413
      Life in the 413 3 months ago

      This snowflake is hilarious, and the perfect sucker Maher just described.

  • Tony Luongo
    Tony Luongo 3 months ago

    I am absolutely loving watching these Drumpf voters get supremely fucked. And it's fucking hilarious to watch these in-bred sister-raping pieces of shit still defend the con job.

  • LivingIsEasyWithEyesClosed

    Donald trump, the man who promised to pull out as he came all over America

  • Thomas Hartwell
    Thomas Hartwell 3 months ago

    "We're going to do terrific things. Really great things. I'm going
    to drain the swamp, I know more than the generals believe me."
    And then all the dumb ass remarks Trump made after he took office.
    There are so many asinine things he said I can't even begin to remember
    them all. The way he conducts himself with world leaders shows how
    classless he is. He thinks because he has money that class automatically
    comes with said money. He filled up his administration with rich, white
    millionaires and billionaires.... of course he said the exact opposite
    during the campaign and "trick fucked" his loyal blind followers. Now
    these same people say out loud how happy they still are with Trump and
    that they like it when he lies and that filling the swamp back up
    matters not to them. They say these things because the thought of having
    to eat crow and hear "I told you so" from the rest of America is just
    to much to take for them. Idiots. Embarrassing is way to kind of a word
    for Trump. The guy is an imbecile..... proof that money does not make a
    person smart. Why do you think Putin likes him so much? And
    now a shout out to all the the Liberals that have voter apathy
    OFFICE!" Liberal voter apathy has no place in today's America. Go
    ahead, stay at home next time and let the rural, hating, bigoted
    Americans keep these guys in office.... yes, I am putting part of the
    blame on my fellow Liberals. GET OFF YOUR ASSES AND GET THE FUCK OUT AND

  • ems postal
    ems postal 3 months ago

    Trump is the product of years of inbreeding and shunning education in the South while spewing bible trash.

    • TheHikingnut
      TheHikingnut 3 months ago

      tRump is a Yankee carpetbagger that knew the south would fall for his line.

  • scrubl0rd
    scrubl0rd 3 months ago

    For all Maher's good points and how assertive he is that he's smarter than 'Trump voters', he sure loves to ignore facts such as Donald Trump had no hand in writing the failed bill, the failed bill was 1 of at least 3 to come that will peel back provisions and ultimately effect real change. The only thing he gets right is that Trump promised fast action on everything and isn't delivering, but it's not Trump's fault when he tells the congress to bring him a bill and people like Paul Ryan bring a bill they know will never pass because they made it in secret and sabotaged it to try to hurt Trump because he's not really a conservative party member and not playing by their rules. But yea let's blame Trump for every fail and not attribute any fails during Obama's 8 years to Obama himself. Typical shithead libtard politics brainwashing the masses so they can get more power and control over our daily lives and bankrupt the rich because they're not smart enough to build businesses that make them billionaires; these 'entertainers' can only be mere millionaires from 'entertainment' in an industry they control after stealing it away from the true artists who made Hollywood the envy of the world in the early 1900s.

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith 3 months ago

    Liberals just don't get it. Are liberals retarded? Do they not understand? We didn't elect Trump to do every thing he said,,,, What the F@ck are you thinking. We elected Trump to keep Hillary out of office. We all know, dealing with a con man is easier than getting in a nuclear war with Russia. And not one stupid liberal can deny that Hillary interfered with the Russian elections in 2012 and brought Putin a lot of shit to deal with. And those 2 don't like each other. And Hillary is just arrogant enough to push Putin to far and we all end up in a nuclear exchange. Which one would you like to hand your kids. A business man that can't make things happen as a politician, or a nuclear war?

    • Bill Smith
      Bill Smith 3 months ago

      +ems postal   Very intelligent for a liberal, you almost know how to write.  You idiot, there were only 2 choices, and Hillary winning would have put us face to face with a Russia that could do as much nuclear damage to us as we could do to them.

    • ems postal
      ems postal 3 months ago

      Another cuckoo.

  • Dave Robinson
    Dave Robinson 3 months ago

    The old saying if it sounds to be good watch out because it's a con job. Every one who voted for trump needs to be locked up in a MENTAL HOSPITAL & SO SHOUD TRUMP> A NUT CASE

  • InTerp Itation
    InTerp Itation 3 months ago

    the con is your soros funded hbo hit job. yeah shitting in your diapers clinton tit sucker

  • mako zero
    mako zero 3 months ago

    trump fucked his supporters like a boss ... they deserve it

  • Willow
    Willow 3 months ago

    oh boy

  • Renee Cox
    Renee Cox 3 months ago +1

    HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN? Is this real life? Fuck it's like you have to laugh or you'll cry.

  • tomitstube
    tomitstube 3 months ago

    is trump being impeached yet?

  • vasantha anand
    vasantha anand 3 months ago +1

    Nailed it Bill! Bait & Switch is trump's middle name!

  • Nikki Beacth
    Nikki Beacth 3 months ago +1

    This guy acted like a hillbilly on the campaign trail, hat and all. Just for their votes bc he knew they were stupid.

  • Nilsa Melendez
    Nilsa Melendez 3 months ago

    He's just another politician making false promises...

  • Gy Bx
    Gy Bx 3 months ago


  • Kaninma
    Kaninma 3 months ago +1

    If Gob Bluth had voted Trump, he'd be saying that now.

  • JabberCT
    JabberCT 3 months ago

    Trump knew it would be easy to fool the lowest IQ people in the nation. And the US has no shortage of them. These same people believe faith healers cure cancer. He even said in a speech once that he loves uneducated people. Because he knows that they are the republican party's bread and butter.

  • Blue Dabadee
    Blue Dabadee 3 months ago

    does anyone really think Trump is doing a good job?

  • Ralph Smith
    Ralph Smith 3 months ago

    Conman: Someone who speaks at the speed of sound promising you something in a jiffy without telling you how he is going to do it. He doesn't give you any idea how he will carry out his promise. After obtaining whatever he wants from you, he doesn't carry his promise by saying "I didn't say that; You misunderstood me" or he blames someone else for not carrying out his promise.

    RALEIGH MORRISVILLE 3 months ago

    I promise to "pull out" lol that was awesome

  • Ewoud
    Ewoud 3 months ago

    Only here for the fireworks, I hope something less.. uhm orange will rise from the ashes.. Stay safe Americans!

  • Error Eliminator
    Error Eliminator 3 months ago

    Bait and Switch. Precisely.

  • jason Chaves
    jason Chaves 3 months ago

    just cause its got some witty jokes and they clip in false statements doesn't make a bit of any of this true. dig in to the internet n fast before they get to that. let's not forget Obama signed in a bunch of horrendous n unconstitutional law days before trump came in. it's so much to take in but don't just watch new or even this jokers show. Facebook censorship with other huge online sites. it's so you can focus on something to be posed about wail they start another war. the banks are scared for once, all you hear trump trump, what about the 28 Lil kids these politicians are having sex with. or that the Clintons are the ones who covered it up. there way to much going on. please do yourself a favor n look up these things it's so bad I have to take breaks weekly cause it's so insane. cents trump has been in office are country's revenue went up 1 trillion dollars. but the fake new wont tell you that.. it's fun to watch n laugh we all need that, but if you're going to take a stand know what your standing for.

  • Dana Johnson
    Dana Johnson 3 months ago

    Hello all Trump supporters, you were all warned, myself included, but the difference that I recognized he is bitch in sheeps clothing & devil in plain sight, who is a snake oil salesman with a fraudulent record, many kilometers long that keeps on growing, he is willing to kill everyone, all genuine and real adorable, cute, homely, ugly animal species & subspecies, world cultures, peoples, religions, etc etc, for the sake of lining his pockets further with all of the taxpayers money, while claiming he is doing you all a huge favour, if you believe every single piece of garbage that comes out of Trump's mouth, or that of his allies, or surrogates, anymore, there is bridge I would like to sell you all. Additionally, you are suffering from limitless ignorance, stupidity, delusions of grandeur, illusory superiority, overconfidence bias, cognitive dissonance, etc, just like Trump and the rest of his allies, family, cabinet picks, and so on. To make things perfectly clear to all Breitbart, Fox News, Stormfront, neo-Nazi's, Nazi's etc etc, the whole idea of a superior human race, does not work it did not philosophically, nor scientifically, also even Hitler himself did not believe the bullshit he spouted, he is likely reincarnated in Donald Trump, who like him is craven/cowardly, blood knight, who would all too readily sacrifice anyone and everyone for his own personal gain, for his own failures, much like what Trump himself is doing right now, and has always done. Additionally every animal species & subspecies, human species and subspecies, that has either been killed by the each other, or from humanities own cruelties, you support his demagoguey, only because you are everything he himself is, racist, sexist, incompetent, gullible, witless, ignorant, uneducated, cowardly, spoiled, bratty, psychotic, selfish, hypocritical, heretical, blasphemous, irredeemable, also said so called science and philosophy, which dictates according Hitler himself, made over 90% of what he said, liable for extermination, all of yourselves included. Further cementing your delusions of grandeur, incompetence, ignorance, hypocrisies, the alleged 'superiority' you feel over other cultures, peoples, etc etc, is nothing more than overconfidence bias, all while both Trump & Hitler appeal to your most base instincts. This same so-called philosophy is most likely based heavily in Solipsism, in which the only certainty is that the mind itself exists, everything else revolves around you, which makes sense for self-reverence and self-worship, in which both Trump and Hitler, one was an a enormous egoist, while the other, Trump is an enormous malignant narcissist, finally both of the above so-called science and philosophy in both cases makes you ready to be destroyed by your own philosophy, for your genuine inferiority towards those whp you feel are taking away jobs/occupations and careers, you would never do yourselves. Granted this is not unique to anyone culture nor peoples, but you are just all regressive, spoiled, over-entitled, uneducated, unintelligent boors who fully deserve this, since you are so backwards in everything, that your own deaths will but guarantee world for good.

  • david jacobsen
    david jacobsen 3 months ago

    Trump is just another Obama, without his morals, or Obamas education. And Hillary was no better, what a great century this has turned into!

  • Nigerian Warlord
    Nigerian Warlord 3 months ago +1

    Half you lib fucks crying about Healthcare probably don't even pay for it yourself, your employer does. That is, if you even work, which most libs don't. LOL, If that's the case then I pay for your healthcare, but not for much longer.

  • Smashmouth Vevo
    Smashmouth Vevo 3 months ago

    your fake news

  • rkb100100
    rkb100100 3 months ago

    If Bernie had only be nominated this wouldn't have happened!

  • Ronald Rodriguez
    Ronald Rodriguez 3 months ago

    It's so impressive that nobody had the balls to confront the stupidity of this shameless dummy ! To much respect for a guy with no brains and lots of money!

  • sanmoratalla
    sanmoratalla 3 months ago


  • SteaksMcgee
    SteaksMcgee 3 months ago

    trump was right about one thing, WE CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!

  • DharmaOfDog
    DharmaOfDog 3 months ago

    Poor Q. Someone should get that kid a ticket to the Ballgame.

  • DharmaOfDog
    DharmaOfDog 3 months ago

    The records show he's been a Con Man, he is a Con Man and will ALWAYS be a Con Man. Amazing that people still support this In Your Face Huckster. I may not have "Won", but sure am glad I'm still on the Right Team. You "Winners" have people like Charla McComic on yours - (isn't THAT even an indicator?!) So that's ok. I'll stand over here.

  • mark1952able
    mark1952able 3 months ago +1

    The least expensive prescription drugs if one has insurance are the anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs......I think I know why....

  • David Bacote
    David Bacote 3 months ago


  • Fabian Wilson
    Fabian Wilson 3 months ago +1

    I would love to say Trump supporters are stupid but then I would end up in and endless argument with idiots.

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