Future - Blood On the Money

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  • El Vision
    El Vision 19 hours ago

    ehhh fuk the witness

  • YOU
    YOU Day ago

    when my future seems gloom, I know who to listen to..

  • tha bozx 1994
    tha bozx 1994 Day ago

    I feel I'm walking thru hell I swear to god I'd never tell trying to give homie the chair damn

  • Khalif Alexander-Paschal

    my hood, they treat me like I'm El Chapo... I keep that 🐶 food like I'm Ralo.

  • dutchnwoods334
    dutchnwoods334 Day ago

    The concept behind this shit is deeper than any song I've ever heard

  • Maurice Williams
    Maurice Williams 2 days ago

    Hip Hop is the best thing ever. I can't believe I waited until I was 34 to start making beats.

  • Autry Woods
    Autry Woods 2 days ago

    FAM keep shit on these pussy nigga in the rap game relo.

  • O' Grètàn
    O' Grètàn 3 days ago


    funny thing,
    could be that,
    but just be yurs.

    More so ratchet needed
    shit be so junky
    bout like a 'C' slurr.

    suhm do. ,

    & suhm uh have yuh shakin
    & shiverin
    like your
    haven a seizure.

    The keep up
    up keeps.

    Nigga ! .

    I ain't gottuh aask you.
    you bettuh not kill me.


    • O' Grètàn
      O' Grètàn 3 days ago

      On fan.
      Yes of course.
      to that 'Future' .

  • Annaletta & Arianna Smith/Curley

    I got da pipe on lock

  • Skuze Me
    Skuze Me 4 days ago

    I told my mommy wish me well. Str8 G shit. That's the mind u gotta have living n dees streets

  • Latrice Holmes
    Latrice Holmes 4 days ago


  • Ameer YD
    Ameer YD 5 days ago

    Is that the beat in the casket?? 😳🔥

  • Tawana Young
    Tawana Young 5 days ago


  • Александр Лукинов


  • YOH Roberts
    YOH Roberts 10 days ago

    my name if you have bass that shit sound good

  • Tisha Steen
    Tisha Steen 11 days ago +1

    lox boys

  • alexis polanco
    alexis polanco 11 days ago +1

    This song reminds all of us OG's of our teenage years.

  • Ahmed Mrayan
    Ahmed Mrayan 12 days ago

    whos the director and cinematoghrapher ?

  • starsapp 123
    starsapp 123 12 days ago +2

    3:00 when someone changes it

  • starsapp 123
    starsapp 123 12 days ago +2

    2:55 how i be when my favorite song come on in the car

  • Jamal Clerk
    Jamal Clerk 12 days ago


  • tata Pereira
    tata Pereira 13 days ago

    Meu Deus.....cantA demais.
    ..estou apaixonada🔴😍🔴😍🔴😍🔴😍😙😍🔴

  • Obo West Side
    Obo West Side 13 days ago +1

    My best track from Future

  • Martez Adams
    Martez Adams 13 days ago

    is that draymond green at 1:17

  • Los destrucres Esquivel


  • Laniya Patton
    Laniya Patton 15 days ago


  • Ben Curtis
    Ben Curtis 16 days ago

    who were they burying

  • Malikah Alexander
    Malikah Alexander 16 days ago +1

    I love me some Future. His beats are awesome.

  • Itz Zephrr
    Itz Zephrr 16 days ago

    Casus jay metro boomin and Zaytoven fire track

  • Darryl Green
    Darryl Green 17 days ago +2

    Man future is untouchable my nigga he not stopping this game at all ur big fan bro..

  • Rebecca Via
    Rebecca Via 18 days ago

    This life for real

  • sevenfourtyseven
    sevenfourtyseven 18 days ago

    When u got metro and Zay at the cemetery, in the rain wit umbrellas it's real af

  • SuperFunkyFreshOGSpiderMonkey

    This one of his best songs imo

  • Tractor Man
    Tractor Man 22 days ago

    Love this sonh

  • Cons AP
    Cons AP 22 days ago

    who listening to dis in 2017

  • Xtendo V
    Xtendo V 23 days ago

    I had to put this on repeat one of his best songs ever🎶

  • Marcus Pena
    Marcus Pena 24 days ago

    Still one of his all time best songs

  • Tiffany Williams
    Tiffany Williams 24 days ago

    baby daddy

  • tdope true
    tdope true 25 days ago +1

    kenya true coming through

  • Tupac 4Life
    Tupac 4Life 26 days ago

    3:17 - 3:48 dude went in🔇🔈🔉🔊

  • Donnell Washington
    Donnell Washington 26 days ago


  • Glenford Rodriguez
    Glenford Rodriguez 26 days ago

    I can't wait to meet you I was in a bad accident and a comma big bro you must come see me I can't wait to meet you

  • Ahmanawah Akhwath
    Ahmanawah Akhwath 27 days ago

    thats singing nowdays???

  • Sherica Simmons
    Sherica Simmons 28 days ago +1

    in the video

  • Sherica Simmons
    Sherica Simmons 28 days ago +2

    i did not hear future talking about getting head

  • Muntasir Tarik
    Muntasir Tarik 29 days ago

    this is not hip hop

  • Melanated Luv
    Melanated Luv Month ago

    He talkin about his scarifice made of his OG

  • Neb Sen
    Neb Sen Month ago

    Yet no one understands what's going on In the video lol

  • Gilbert Garcia
    Gilbert Garcia Month ago

    love this song bro

  • Brandon Sutton
    Brandon Sutton Month ago

    🔥 Fire

  • Free For All The Galaxy


  • 3009spud
    3009spud Month ago

    Free lay lay & PORK

  • superstarshad
    superstarshad Month ago

    Meet you at the crossroads. Check out FutureHendrixMemes on IG for more content

  • Dangavl3 Anjos
    Dangavl3 Anjos Month ago


  • Willie Summerville
    Willie Summerville Month ago

    The beats and selection is cool and it's cool. I hope future comes out with some more dope shit.

  • Willie Summerville
    Willie Summerville Month ago +1

    Future is just cool as fuck.

  • houstonstr8ballin
    houstonstr8ballin Month ago +2

    Possibly my FAVORITE Future song.

  • Nebojša Stalević
    Nebojša Stalević Month ago +1

    And they say Future ain´t hood , Future is whack , He another swag rapper . This song proves everything.

  • Nexus Sequence
    Nexus Sequence Month ago

    this is the best song i do like in my life

  • Javid Graham
    Javid Graham Month ago

    The part where 12 was behind him was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Justin Narcisse
    Justin Narcisse Month ago

    😷🤑👻I converse with spirits imagine what I could do if i could go to school 💪

  • D Drake
    D Drake Month ago

    the beat hard

  • Nikeesha Cruse
    Nikeesha Cruse Month ago

    love this song for real

  • Absalom Shakur
    Absalom Shakur Month ago

    Cold Video concept.

  • ken blavk
    ken blavk Month ago

    I kno the devil iz real 🙏

  • Steven Jones
    Steven Jones Month ago


  • odero saddler
    odero saddler Month ago

    mad money op

  • Sevdam Sevdam
    Sevdam Sevdam Month ago

    einfach nur noch sexy

  • crystal mckellar
    crystal mckellar Month ago

    ok so someone plz help me! ive been looking for a future song for the longest while and cant find it! like i need to get it, this song helped me to my struggles, i dont know the name but who ever sent this song to me, had it down as this song "Blood money ds2" hmm only way to describe it is...it was on this fake ds2 dic and and it start up slow and he is mostly saying "ohhh ohhh ohhh! at the starting lol thats all some one help me! get this song for me!!!

  • Adeeb Yacoub
    Adeeb Yacoub Month ago

    This song always gives me the chills

  • Aiyana Atl
    Aiyana Atl Month ago


  • Kevin harvey Sellers

    death to u from future. and your terrorist daughter

  • Eyes Red
    Eyes Red Month ago


  • oMy-_Shore-_Line {}
    oMy-_Shore-_Line {} Month ago +3

    This that real nigga music man

  • David Nguyen
    David Nguyen Month ago

    lol tai

  • Ethan Yates
    Ethan Yates Month ago

    This song gives me the chills 😬😎

  • Derick C.
    Derick C. Month ago

    This music video should be turned into a movie

  • Vysual
    Vysual Month ago

    tbh I listen to this more than I do his self titled album

  • Ruff Neck
    Ruff Neck Month ago

    this guy make trash nigger songs

  • ian cantu
    ian cantu Month ago


  • ian cantu
    ian cantu Month ago

    Ripmichael ripXANGANG riptyrese

  • Evandro Vandunes Evandro

    Ft Eu te amo✌✌✌

  • Ozi Davis
    Ozi Davis 2 months ago

    future fan

  • Sihle Luthuli
    Sihle Luthuli 2 months ago +2


  • Queenpalace 13
    Queenpalace 13 2 months ago

    This scary to watch

  • Tyler Leyba
    Tyler Leyba 2 months ago

    Zay is too ill with the keys

  • Ruudus
    Ruudus 2 months ago +1

    Devoted in everything, my niggas mean everything ;)

  • Ro Ro
    Ro Ro 2 months ago +1

    blood neger rise up 🤘👌

  • sonnycarson86
    sonnycarson86 2 months ago

    I got mustard on my shirt but I still wear it

  • Tonya Davis
    Tonya Davis 2 months ago

    kill nutty owww msflyboys Crenshaw dblocc inmate wsg

  • Mark Zakharov
    Mark Zakharov 2 months ago

    This song makes me want to f**k your b**ch on the beach

  • Ju Dolphin
    Ju Dolphin 2 months ago

    She kick me out and it was ugly. I made a million dollars say she love me. Real shit

  • GamerulAlex
    GamerulAlex 2 months ago

    that was real wit that guy? Future...

  • Snowmann
    Snowmann 2 months ago

    mellow sound

  • John Malbro
    John Malbro 2 months ago

    "I know the devil is real, I know the devil is real" that part has been stuck in my head all day now it's gonna be stuck in yours, you're welcome

  • Dexter The Fan
    Dexter The Fan 2 months ago

    dope song and video

  • james Bates
    james Bates 2 months ago

    beautiful songs let it roll

  • Obo West Side
    Obo West Side 2 months ago +2

    I know the devil is real. .Sobbing and listening

  • Tyler Ellis
    Tyler Ellis 2 months ago

    been at the laundry mat alday

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