Teachers Say What's Wrong With Education In The U.S.

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  • Cabana Star
    Cabana Star 5 days ago

    All these teachers talk about how engaging and confident the students look, I'm just thinking "holy crap I'm gonna fail"

  • Clarinet Catato
    Clarinet Catato 7 days ago

    Testing is so useless... Here's what I do: A. Nothing. B. study, forget everything after the test. repeat.

  • thaintriguing1
    thaintriguing1 8 days ago

    I really hate these comments coming from people who never even been in the forefront of a classroom. You have no f'ing idea what it's like; your dumb ass argument is invalid.

  • Banana Anna
    Banana Anna 23 days ago

    Nice, a video with educators opinions.ūüôā

  • ivan
    ivan 2 months ago

    We need to pay teachers more and get rid of teachers unions. We need to reconfigure testing and the amount of testing, how do we check up on teachers and schools without testing? Teachers abuse the fact when there is a lack of tests. Teachers don't want to be checked up on that's why they don't want testing. They don't want the success or lack there of to affect them. We also need to do a better job when kids are younger because a lot of it is bad habits which comes from their families and environments.

  • Alyssa Temple
    Alyssa Temple 2 months ago

    charles chip mcneal gives me hope for the world

  • Robert J. Simpson
    Robert J. Simpson 3 months ago

    You think you're underpaid? Ditch the union and let the market figure it out.

  • Pok√©Piexels
    Pok√©Piexels 3 months ago

    This year, we've had 12 online state tests, and 36 other standardized tests. I swear, my brain can't take this anymore.

  • O'Brien Gerald
    O'Brien Gerald 4 months ago

    First, you have the statewide tests. To practice for that, you have the districtwide test. Before you take that, there are bimonthly benchmark tests. On top of all that, if there are any ESL students in the class, they have to take their yearly test. I would say that 25 to 30 percent of classroom time is spent taking tests - if not more.

  • Christ Follower
    Christ Follower 4 months ago +1

    Biggest issues in education: 1) Children who are disruptive, who are allowed to be disruptive, instead of being quickly shipped to an alternative school. 2) Unsupportive parents who think their child would never lie or misbehave.  Instead, these parents attack the character of the adult in the classroom, the teacher.  3) Liberal "child-centered" recommendations that dumb down the curriculum with a narrow range of learning.  Teacher-centered direct instruction works best according to studies, yet education schools and school boards are adopting "child centered" techniques, despite the fact that children don't learn complex academic subjects very well on their own.  4) Social Promotion.  It's become a thing of the past in many districts to hold children back before their high school years.  These kids keep being promoted, even if they missed a hundred school days and were not willing to do any work.  They get to high school and fail because they were never forced to learn, so this problem was compounded year after year, resulting in a nearly impossible feat for the student to pass in high school. 5) Unsupportive administrators who fail to properly discipline students.  This results in a chaotic school environment, for without fear of repercussions, students do what they want to do.  This is often the result of the principal wanting to gain some notoriety for being the school with the fewest discipline referrals, so they significantly limit any consequences to misbehavior.  6) Students changing over the years from eagerness to learn, to "if it don't contain bells and whistles, it's boring".  Technology, from cell phones to computers, has truly ruined education, facilitating the creation of students who are so dependent on the technology that they haven't been forced to think for themselves.  Furthermore, technology implementation has caused students to become dependent on it, and they will zone out without it.  Problem is, you can't teach deep content in a productive manner using technology. 7) Social studies curricula that highlights foreign cultures and religions over American history and governance, as well as Christianity.  8) Low pay for the amount of work.  Very difficult to raise a family on a teacher's salary in many locations.

    • Mr. Math Expert
      Mr. Math Expert Month ago

      All true and all perfect. Don't forget the amount of paperwork, useless faculty meetings, and BS workshops.

  • Polarcupcheck
    Polarcupcheck 5 months ago

    Where do most teachers go after they quit? I want to follow. Between administration promoting fudging F's to passing, and the kids never studying, it is a waste. Schools didn't operate like this when I was a kid.

  • 90009kitkat
    90009kitkat 7 months ago

    I love these people!

  • Emiliano Abarca
    Emiliano Abarca 7 months ago +3

    I really wonder if the government ever listens

  • Sen. Bob Menendez
    Sen. Bob Menendez 7 months ago

    "Oh, the best part? Where do I begin?"
    All the days off around holidays? Months off in the summer time? Sabbaticals? Getting paid as if I have a full-time job?
    So many things!

    • 90009kitkat
      90009kitkat 7 months ago

      Quite a few teachers actually have summer jobs to pay the bills, most common is probably being an examiner or something similar

  • ArtŇęrs ń∂imelis
    ArtŇęrs ń∂imelis 7 months ago +1

    Schools need half of their classes to be about logic and critical thinking. Done deal.

  • Jim Gallagher
    Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

    What is wrong with public education is that it places an undue emphasis on such idiocies as social studies, instead of history. As part of a junior year in H.S. class, all students were required to make a game to pass the class. I mean an actual game, like Monopoly, etc. The game was to reinforce social stupidities, e.g., women's lib, etc. We SHOULD have been learning history, but instead we "learned' the teacher's pet doctrine of women's lib. Also, teacher's union rules are absurd, e.g., no teacher can be fired for less than murdering every boy or girl in their class. I have a degree in Education, and I've watched teachers who literally could not spell the name of the class they are teaching get promoted. Yep, promoted, not censured, not fired, but promoted. Why? Well, they had enough years in service that the union demanded they not be fired, incompetence notwithstanding. My Foreign Policy (name of the class) teacher in junior year of H.S. could not spell the first name of his class properly!!

  • Graham Hunter
    Graham Hunter 9 months ago +2

    I am a student in the UK and even in the UK, there is a problem with education. Education is monitored way too much by inspectors to the point where, not just teachers, but students are expected to adhere to what is expected of them, such as tests.

    Another problem with education is that the work is too theoretical and not practical so when a student leaves college or university, they have all of the theoretical knowledge which is 99% useless but none of the practical knowledge which is 99% useful. This reminds of being a learner driver. They take driving lessons, and what they learn in driving lessons they can use on the day of their driver's test and in everyday life but it's not until they have passed their drivers test that they truly begin to learn with no driving instructor to guide them through their driving journey.

    Education is important but it is being frowned upon by high rise politicians who only think they know what it is that they are doing when they actually have no idea what they are doing.

  • Obito Uchiha
    Obito Uchiha 11 months ago +8

    The problem with education system is that they tend to forget the human aspect of learning.

    It's not supposed to be all about IQ, memorization, accuracy, analyzation, computation, scoring and ranking.

    Learning is supposed to be experimentation, acceptance of errors, innovation, creativity, interactivity, unraveling potential, knowing oneself's strenghts and weaknesses, passion and interest.

    Most of all "Fun". You'll only have your youth for 19 years before descending into a position with a plethora of responsibilities, why not make it memorable and exciting, right? Not the fuckfest of anxiety and depression they call school nowadays.

  • Shoot me in the fucking head ,ok

    The real problem is : Too much time preparing for tests and no time for other interesting topics that could help the students know a little bit more about other things rather than only math , English, science etc

    • ciguana 2mlgprovideo
      ciguana 2mlgprovideo 8 months ago

      Jim Gallagher then is a waste of time

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      Nonsense. Students who have an interest outside of, as you say, MES, can follow them in their free time, as I often did as a kid. There were no classes in how to replace a u-joint on a 1972 Triumph Spitfire, so I got a book from the library, and away I went! I would also say that if teachers were better at instructing their charges when they were young, the problem you mention would not exist. My father was studying LATIN for God's sake, in middle school, along with the other more normal subjects, as were all his classmates. Why? Because teachers hadn't yet swallowed the horse manure of teachers' colleges, and instead, teachers were subject matter experts, and could teach their subjects so well that the idea, as is current these days, of teaching incoming college freshmen arithmetic and basic grammar would not exist.

  • teeminator30
    teeminator30 Year ago

    Actually those tests work and we need more of them. They allow the smart kids and the not so smart ones to be separated and be treated differently. Life isn't fair and it shouldn't be because we are not created equal. Evolution is cruel, and only the fittest survives.

    • ciguana 2mlgprovideo
      ciguana 2mlgprovideo 8 months ago

      ok passing a test doesn't make you smart you know that right

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      I don't agree on the evolution remark, but, yes, smarter kids should not be held back by their lesser classmates. I was almost always in what was called the "advanced" portion of whatever grade I was in. Example? When others were studying "Catcher in the Rye" I, along with 1/2 dozen or so other classmates, were studying Shakespeare and Milton.

  • waverly2468
    waverly2468 Year ago +2

    The budget cuts are going to continue because of the $1 trillion unfunded teacher pension liabilities.  You guys get pensions that no private corporation could possibly afford and then you wonder why there's no classroom money.

  • Maria K.Q.
    Maria K.Q. Year ago +8

    Fuck the system. After I learned multiplication, addition, division, subtraction, reading, and writing, I haven't learned a single thing that will help me live a stable life these past 11 years. I would never want to be a teacher because if there's anything school has thought me is that it makes me feel stupid and worthless causing me to never EVER want to go back to a place like that for the rest of my life.

    • Somebody else
      Somebody else 6 months ago

      Maria K.Q. I hear you brother. Feel the same exact way

    • ciguana 2mlgprovideo
      ciguana 2mlgprovideo 8 months ago

      Jim Gallagher educAtion even in private school is very flawed like for example:home work unnecessary rules they force us in a certain age to go to school and that's why kids hate school because they are forced to go

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      Maria: If this is the case, you had horrid teachers, and if you went to a public school, especially in a big city, you almost certainly has horrid teachers. Don't give up on education, just give up on public schools.

  • Roy Grimes
    Roy Grimes Year ago

    Teachers must be valued, respected, and given more responsibility in school district decision-making.

  • Amanda Liu
    Amanda Liu Year ago

    In my school,we have to take about 1-3 common core tests for writing each month. There are less tests for other classes,and they're more spread out through the school year.

  • Jocie In the Making
    Jocie In the Making Year ago +1

    Students need to put in their part too. We can't expect the teachers to do all the work to ensure the success of future generations. Students need to ensure their own success as well as learning from their educators.

    • ciguana 2mlgprovideo
      ciguana 2mlgprovideo 8 months ago

      Flying Momentum our parts yea we don't get paid by going to school unlike teachers we get forced to go into school and we hate it and wasting our time with testing and homework

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      I worked with my younger daughter on her school homework from the time she got off the bus until dinner time, which was usually about 2 hours, and then, if needed, after dinner until bedtime (hers, not mine, thank God!) If parents won't do this, then they share the blame for their kids not learning to their fullest extent.

  • Snoopy Poopy
    Snoopy Poopy Year ago

    It's an education system that originates from Germany, and was created to stop free thought in soldiers. WW1 saw how the Germans lost battles due to "Free thinking" so the Govt input an education system that would eliminate free thought. Teachers need to teach, not for the students to repeat.

  • Daniel Bagang
    Daniel Bagang Year ago

    Number 1 problem: Religion in a PUBLIC school. I don't fucking care about your heritage, it won't make your kids smarter.

    • Daniel Bagang
      Daniel Bagang 8 months ago

      +Jim Gallagher You haven't been reading news about teachers telling people to leave 'The Bible Belt'. Also, my schools are in Canada, so we don't have shit education.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      What school do you find these days with religious teaching that is not a religious, e.g., Catholic, school? And, the great men and women of religion throughout history are SURELY worthy of reading, and if you don't know this, you obviously went to a very poor, e.g., public school.

    • Daniel Bagang
      Daniel Bagang Year ago

      Im kidding, that's the second. The real first is the funding of the schools. Good schools get better equipment and the bad schools get worse. And then the good teachers relocate to the good schools, leaving the students that actually need them!

  • April Broeckx
    April Broeckx Year ago

    Tests don't help, they gave me anxiety attacks. A honor student - failing all tests. Something very wrong when that is happening.

  • jmar505
    jmar505 Year ago

    Being a teacher is NOT an easy job, and should be payed more. its terrible the wages that they get paid, sometimes they need to buy the supplies for the schools. We need to better fund the school system and stop with all these wars abroad.

  • TheNebraska402
    TheNebraska402 Year ago

    There are some good point, but there are also some statements that are stretched. I can only speak for my state, NE, so it will be different elsewhere. One must know your salary will not be glorious, but you can definitely live off of it. Testing, not assessing, is indeed hard to put into lesson plans but it seems hard to believe it takes away 6 weeks. Of course there are "educators" who show up for a paycheck, but the real ones, the committed ones, put in grueling hours outside of school to plan a single day's worth of lessons. This video has its intentions but they could be less dramatic

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      I agree, partially, TheNebraska402. One of the reasons I believe teachers are not paid more than they are is that most are substandard teachers, not because some "corporate shill", to use a moron's word, as a moron did above, wants to screw them out of a good salary. Teachers themselves should be regularly tested in their own discipline, and if they aren't excelling, they should be fired. I remember in third grade learning how to dance the hora very well, but what we were IN THIS CLASS TO LEARN, that is, history, wasn't taught well at all.

  • TheBestWayOne
    TheBestWayOne Year ago

    DPS are in dismay - Problems - Charter schools for profit breaking up the school system- School of choice breaking up communities and spreading students away from there own areas leaving schools without income walking away from fixing there area schools- Low pay for newer teachers, leaving talented students from taking up teacher careers

    • TheBestWayOne
      TheBestWayOne 8 months ago

      +Jim Gallagher Your wrong you dont have a clue.So you think police unions are bad too firefighters, military who are also payed by the fed.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      BALONEY!! LIES!!! Moms & Dads in areas where the public schools are rotten are BEGGING for Charter schools, but they are often defeated by teachers unions, and their fiends, I mean, friends in government, who don't want to lose the money they get from the feds for "helping" these kids.

  • Kikox
    Kikox Year ago

    The entire education system needs to change. I personally love learning but i DESPISE being schooled. I despise tests of which the time could have been spent on actually teaching something new. I don't hate maths but i HATE the way it's taught. It's a grind with no other purpose then getting you through the system.
    People learn differently so let's adapt the educational system to that and not the other way around.

    • Kikox
      Kikox 8 months ago

      I get the feeling that a lot of math teachers truly want their students to not necessarily like but at least learn and not hate math but they are sadly limited by the system. If they had their way, I'm sure it would both be more creative, more learning, more useful for the majority and much easier to get into. But in an educational world of multiple choice and tests every few months, it's not easy with your hands tied.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      Kiko: Sadly, math is one of the most important skills, and yet math teachers, IMHO, are by far the worse at teaching. They know math to an excellent degree, but they know not how to teach those who are not well-versed in math, which population includes 90% of humanity.

  • MrGlennJohnsen
    MrGlennJohnsen Year ago

    Paying the people who have the biggest impact on our future among the lowest public wages? A profession that is also looked down on by the public? A lot of "extra mile" work we don't get paid for? Having to be a role model for like 200 different kids with different needs and personalities, not to mention different ages and maturity levels?
    Do people actually not understand why teachers all over the world needs to be praised and paid properly? I have to get a second job because I can't make ends meet, let alone save up for a house or a future with kids of my own. It's disgusting how little teachers are paid and given respect considering the hours and effort we put in, parents might be tired after a weekend with their own kids, we have FIVE DAYS a week with 20+ kids. And we can't just put on a TV to entertain them- we have to learn them about EVERYTHING.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      Why is the profession looked down upon? Are all American citizens being mean to teachers just for the fun of it, or do they perhaps see every day what their children are NOT learning, and get angry about it?!!? Neither of my girls went to public school, and it shows in a very good way. Some high schools require some incoming freshmen to take "Business Math" which is a euphemism for arithmetic. Good grief, I learned arithmetic in second and third grade, but some public school kids going into high school are unable to do basic arithmetic!!! Who is to blame for this? Yep, public school teachers are to blame. I was lucky enough to have a father who was an engineer, so any problems I had learning ANY math, from arithmetic to calculus, were overcome with my Dad's help. What the kids who didn't have such dads did is anyone's guess.

  • Neokorp Google
    Neokorp Google Year ago

    Ignorance = easy to control.
    Just look at the N.Korea, their doing it right.

  • Jay Young
    Jay Young Year ago

    Two things at the moment come to my mind in regards to education in the US.  We're inundated these days with conversations over the lack of achievement, or dumbing down, if you will, of today's students.  There's even talk about the "lowering of standards."  First, am I the only one who remembers the days of the Gentleman C at Harvard for graduation?  Yes, at one time you didn't have to be a Fulbright Scholar.  Private, elite institutions were places where the "right people" went to meet the "right people" for the most part.  Cliffies were seen then hanging around the Harvard School of Business scouting for the "right" mate.  Then, too, many who dropped out of these elite schools seem to do well in life in spite of it all:  Bill Gates, Ted Turner, one of the Fords at Yale, among many others.  Heck, at one time even the auto didact went on to success without an elite degree.  Professors at these elites weren't looking so much for a high paying job since most were the scions of the Fortune 400 anyway.  And second, reference achievement or lack thereof by minority students (and we know that is politically correct for black students, don't we?), is there any index available showing achievement levels between native born black Americans and those coming in from Africa, say, Nigeria, for starters.  Put another way, how are foreign born blacks doing in education compared to locals?  It would put some salsa into the debates on lack of achievement among black American students.   Anyone?

  • PearlyWhites
    PearlyWhites Year ago

    I can tell you 2 reasons why our education system has irredeemably failed my generation in comparison to the rest of the developed world:

    1. We are implicitly taught that mathematics, science, literature and history are completely useless in the real world and that absolutely no joy or fulfillment can be found in these fields unless you're a nerd with no social life. Many Americans enjoy watching football, but imagine if you had to write research articles and take extensive comprehensive tests every week after critically analyzing every single play and strategy that is made in a game. I would imagine the viewership would drastically drop and people would start to wonder how anyone could possibly enjoy it.
    Everyone *hates* _The Great Gatsby_ as opposed to actually learning from it because we have to critique it ad nauseam instead of just reading it and enjoying it for what it is. Nobody sees the merit in calculus because we aren't conditioned to wonder how bridges don't completely collapse after 200+ years. Students could care less about science because most aren't aware of how different the medical world was just a couple of decades ago, which shows just how our history classes fail.

    2. We've also been taught that being given an entire fucking semester to write a 3 page research article and not having it ready by the due date is not only acceptable, but expected and that one is entitled to receive extra time in order to not fail the class. I'm not even being hyperbolic; this literally happened last week when, out of a class of 30 students, two other students and I were the only ones who did it. You are given so much freedom in high school that you could literally be absolutely lazy and still receive a diploma.

    I had to completely unlearn the abysmal work ethic I had in high school _on my own_ to even stand a chance in College. I became a well-rounded individual and responsible adult by my own desire to be scholarly *to spite* going to public school, not because of it. I've learned so much about the world on my own these past two years and am just now beginning to see the real damage public education has caused me and my peers. Where I study, almost everybody goes to school not because they wish to become a less ignorant, well educated scholar but because it's the only way you can make a living wage now-in-days. The 21st century scholar in the US is pretty much a fairy tale, and that should scare people. If the US becomes a third-world country, it's not going to be because of immigrants; you can bet your dollar on that.

    • PearlyWhites
      PearlyWhites 8 months ago

      +Jim Gallagher
      While I agree, it's completely (and unfortunately) unrealistic to assume most parents are responsible enough to properly raise their children. There has to be proper safety net for those who are less fortunate.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      While I agree with some of what you've said, I don't think you can blame this all on teachers or schools, as inculcating the drive one needs to succeed was something your parents should have taught you well before you even hit 1st grade.

  • Clyde Cornwell
    Clyde Cornwell Year ago

    I say close public schools completely. Our private schools teach better. Most of the teachers in this video are a little scary. Recently in Baltimore some teachers were encouraging their students to riot. Our schools are being run like the government and we see how badly that is going.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago


    • PearlyWhites
      PearlyWhites Year ago

      +Clyde Cornwell
      I would compromise, personally. Allow the government to fund education but have extremely limited control over it. The only thing the government should do is enforce minimum curriculum requirements by performing one, *single* end-of-course benchmark exam. The schools should be run by private individuals with experience in education and accounting and the teachers should be allowed to teach the curriculum in any way they see fit.

    • Clyde Cornwell
      Clyde Cornwell Year ago

      Most private schools run on half the budget per student. Nothing the government manages goes well except making politicians and their buddies wealthier.

  • Coolidge Dollar
    Coolidge Dollar Year ago

    I think the "demonization" is actually due to the fact that you've got pink hair, lady.

  • VideoDeadGaming
    VideoDeadGaming Year ago +1

    0:43 *fewer resources

  • Arctis
    Arctis Year ago

    Damn Republicans.

  • ME3
    ME3 Year ago

    Does ANYONE believe teachers strike for the GOOD OF THE CHILDREN?Of do you believe it is for the GOOD OF THE TEACHERS AND THEIR UNION?Who the hell wants to teach children that the Liberals have stopped the parents AND the school from disciplining.Students that threaten teachers, are violent or just plain rude should be sent to public military schools to be taught discipline.  No suspensions that allow the little monsters unsupervised time off school just like they want. We need to have the schools open year round and everyone should have to wear uniforms.A week off at thanksgiving, a week at Christmas, and a month that is to be arranged by the parents so they can take family vacations.  One reason we are falling behind is that most other countries have longer school years then us.If we destroy teacher's unions it will be far easier to bring in new teachers and the changes required to make us #1.Special Ed  and students that cannot speak English need to be taken out of regular classes and kept in their own.  There is not reason to hold other students back.Not every student is meant to go to college so Trades should be offered as part of High School.  This will provide students with good paying jobs and provide the American economy with the  skilled workers they need.Let the teachers scream because anyone who works for a living has to make do with far less time off.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      ME3 : No one believes this, not even the teachers. Good point.

  • DashaAZ vln
    DashaAZ vln Year ago

    I have shared this video on Facebook, and
    I have friends who have asked me to ask: Do you have this video with Spanish subtitles?

  • DashaAZ vln
    DashaAZ vln Year ago

    I have shared this video on Facebook, and
    I have friends who have asked me to ask: Do you have this video with Spanish subtitles?

  • Pavel Krioukov
    Pavel Krioukov Year ago

    no one wants teachers like that

  • Orkish
    Orkish Year ago

    Teaching should be a done by people who actually worked in the real world and want to give back to their community not by 30 year old "professional" teachers who know nothing about the subjects that they teach.
    I am sorry for the youth of America for they must deal with these whiny teachers on a daily bases.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      YES, though I doubt there are enough people willing to traverse the stupidities that exist at the average public school to staff all of our schools.

  • Tartan Rose
    Tartan Rose Year ago +2

    This nonsense about a "teacher shortage" is bullshit. Visit any major online teacher discussion board, and there are literally hundreds, HUNDREDS, of people looking for teaching jobs and complaining about not getting hired in their districts. Why?, because the teaching field is no different than any other field. What school systems really want are what they consider "highly-qualified teachers". That is, teachers with decades of experience, certifications a mile long, and willing to get paid nothing.  The truth is this: a high number of graduates who are ready to teach and have been WAITING for a classroom for YEARS aren't getting hired, because so many districts are catering to veteran and retired teachers who REFUSE to leave their classrooms - the same reason why recent graduate in any profession can't get jobs - PEOPLE WON'T QUIT WORKING. In fact, in my area, 600 veteran teachers had to be forced into retirement just to free up jobs and classrooms for recent college graduates. Each year, some bogus news gets reported about a "teacher shortage" while hundreds of qualified teachers get turned down for a job, especially if the teacher candidate being interviewed doesn't look like Reese Witherspoon, have the name "Becky", talks like a Valley girl, and/or graduated from some prestigious college of education. A "teacher shortage" really means a shortage of affluent white female teachers, who already represent well over 80% of America's teaching workforce. So folks, please read between the lines, as you must do with everything in America.

  • Eugene Onegin
    Eugene Onegin Year ago

    Money has nothing to do with it. The reason there is a teacher shortage is that everyone qualified has been scared away from the profession by what is taught, and the means we're given to teach. Actual education, ie the teaching of facts, will get you fired. As will discipling or even yelling at students in some cases. Many of us grew up wanting to teach but were put off by ridiculous examples of people being sacked because they said the wrong word, or they typed something supposedly "offensive" to friends in private emails.
    Teachers are treated like shit by students and aren't allowed to do anything about it.
    As a result, the only people willing to take the position are those who don't give a fuck about education.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      I never got fired, instead I was loved! If you mean you cannot teach the truth, but must teach whatever eggheaded nonsense is in style at the moment, I agree with you. If you mean you don't wish to teach the facts as in 2 + 2 = 4, then we have a problem.

  • Moshe Bernstein
    Moshe Bernstein Year ago +1

    Complaining about pay? aren't you happy enough that you're ruining the mind of the children with your liberal Marxist indoctrination crap? why do you need extra pay on top of corrupting the minds of the children you useless scum

  • Moshe Bernstein
    Moshe Bernstein Year ago +1

    the problem with education in the U.S is the teachers in the U.S

  • JaayPeey
    JaayPeey Year ago +5

    These teachers are a disgrace

  • DaPulNihGer
    DaPulNihGer Year ago

    How the fuck do some of these idiots have jobs?

  • tyty8484
    tyty8484 Year ago

    TLDR; Inflation, common core and progressives.

  • The King
    The King Year ago +1

    Public school is a joke.

  • KingAlexei 777
    KingAlexei 777 Year ago +4

    Is this some sort of joke? You people look ridiculous.. Woe be the youth.

  • Sean Kelly
    Sean Kelly Year ago

    I can't help but wonder how many of the freakshows in this video have diddled a kid.

  • Mansacktastical
    Mansacktastical Year ago +2

    This is a crock. Some of the highest paid teachers in the world are in the US. That might be why there's a shortage of teachers - everyone wants to be one. It's called supply and demand... maybe you should get some education of your own.

    Could also be due to you having a "Middle school ethnic studies" teacher (2:05) or a "Curriculum Specialist of Opera" (:33). Maybe have less made up positions, and more math and science teachers, of which there is ACTUALLY a shortage of.

    But no, it's obviously the funding. Just give more money, and all of our issues will go away, right? Maybe an increase of 100% taxes will make a small dent in the teacher's pension shortfall. Maybe.

  • Munchman
    Munchman Year ago +2

    "Everyone loves their neighbourhood teacher"

    Calling bullshit right there.

  • Shonem
    Shonem Year ago +3

    "pay us more" about sums up this video right?

    I think teachers are probably underpaid, but I also think many of them are under qualified.
    We probably have one of the worst education systems of even first world country.
    We need to tear the whole system down and rebuild it properly.
    Enrollment is down, graduation is down, students getting jobs based on what they study for is pretty low as well, and we have useless fields of study draining money from people and the schools which absolutely no one is getting a job in.

  • MrD1cks
    MrD1cks Year ago +9

    People think they should earn more money?
    Also, look at the lack of professionalism displayed by so many of these people featured, what they teach, and their refusal to point out the big picture issue of increased spending with no change in performance.
    If they were as altruistic as they're pretending to be for this video they would be getting angry at the vast machine taking your children and grinding them down through politicized and increasingly racial discipline policies, lax standards, lack of student free speech, and a system that doesn't incentivize teachers to take individual agency in students shuffling them from class to class that all teach basically the same thing.

    Also that little "middle school ethnic studies" teacher, haha. I see so many ways to cut costs in this video, passing to savings on to you, the tax payer!

    • Mansacktastical
      Mansacktastical Year ago

      +MrD1cks "B b b b but... I'm going to be teaching the next great bio-scientist!" -SF Specialist of Opera

  • MemeMasterJackal _
    MemeMasterJackal _ Year ago +4

    TEACHERS are what's wrong with the US education system.

  • - Rothschildocracy -

    I know how to solve your education system. Allow teachers to be fired. Charter schools where the teachers can be fired are doing amazingly because they get quality control instead of reluctant careerists. This video reads more like an advert for Homeschooling if I'm honest - these people are entrusted with the minds of the next generation?

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      BRAVO!!! YOU ARE SO RIGHT, ROTH.....!!!

  • Dubs Dubson
    Dubs Dubson Year ago +2

    You can see the problem just by looking at these people lol.

  • Honkey Dong
    Honkey Dong Year ago

    Fuck George Bush.

  • Anon Ymous
    Anon Ymous Year ago +1

    Why do all the people interviewed look like sex offenders?

  • Ychan
    Ychan Year ago +1

    Average Teacher pay is around 36K Nationally, why is that not enough?

    Is this about salary or is this about improving the total education of students? Which one is more of a priority?

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Year ago

    As a highschool Jr. i do agree with the over testing it is oct. 27th and we have had tests every week in math and chemistry and we have taken 2 act pretest it is so over done and then add common core to this it is just fucking stupid and our superintendet is a bitch and i am not just saying that our school was fine people drank coffee we listened to music and we worked just fine then she came in this year and you can see students disengaged I include myself we are trying to get students to create spam bots for there email to get them to change it back but this bandage can't fix a bullet wound we need to go what Sweden is doing and the only way anyone can do this is to vote and 90% of the people can vote are going for Berny because we don't want our little siblings to go though all of this shit like he had too.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      Every week?!!? THE HORROR!!! My God, what is it that you think you will be doing when you graduate and get a job...working part of the week?!!? Both school and work are jobs, and if you can't or won't put them first, and work your tail off on both, the result you get will almost certainly disappoint.

  • Lilly Rose
    Lilly Rose Year ago

    Some teachers are like a second parent, they are greatly under appreciated.

  • louderthangod
    louderthangod Year ago +1

    What's weird is that we do bring in cash. I teach in a district where the same house a mile over in the next town is at least $100,000 less because our schools are so much better. They get paid more than we do. I literally get $0 to run labs in my science department and this is a suburb of Silicon Valley. My students are great but how prepared can I really get them for modern STEM jobs?

  • John W
    John W Year ago

    The greedy psychopaths who run the US structure education to produce passive and mindless laborers, not thinkers. Excessive testing does just that.

    • John W
      John W 8 months ago

      +Jim Gallagher Tests are not an accurate measure of a student's knowledge. Some students are bad test-takers and some may be having a bad day.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      No, "excessive", if well done, which is not always the case, shows a student's level of proficiency with the topic that is being tested.

  • damyll2011
    damyll2011 Year ago

    no body wants to be a teacher because they dont get well enough for the job they do. plus unless its math are PE the education is 85% lies about the history education the were everything comes from. basically white washed education.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      I hope and pray to God you are not a teacher anywhere.

  • Northern Bohemian Realist

    if you can read these comments, thank a teacher.
    Then sit back and wonder why there are so many whacked out mouth breathing right wing nutcases in the US.

    • Northern Bohemian Realist
      Northern Bohemian Realist 8 months ago

      +Jim Gallagher Let me put this in terms you may understand: USA, USA, USA! LOCK HER UP, LOCK HER UP, LOCK HER UP! BUILD THAT WALL, BUILD THAT WALL!

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      No, if you can read this, thank your mother and father, as they most likely were the reason you even WANTED to read! And, how well educated are you that "mouth breathing right-wing nutcase" was your only "good" argument? I would tell you to go back to school and get educated, but if you went to a public school, this might not happen ever!

  • xxluaxx6
    xxluaxx6 Year ago

    The problem with education is we focus more on the teachers than we do on the students.

  • Sam Ginem
    Sam Ginem Year ago

    I tell you what to do, teach them skills for real work. 99% of school is shit and we don't use it as a adult. All shit.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      I don't agree, as much of a life well lived is about "useless" education. I do agree that schools ought to put more focus on skills that lead to a job, but I wouldn't want schools to focus only on these skills.

  • Sam Ginem
    Sam Ginem Year ago +3

    What do they mean they don't pay enough to survive? They get $40,00-$60,000 that's huge fat pig Americans. Lazy cows. Its nearly as much as a doctor.

  • AZtrueflow18
    AZtrueflow18 Year ago +5

    The problem with education is public schools, the socialist pushed the public education system into the US to teach people to be people of the state not for educational purposes. Its much cheaper to eradicate public schools and put those tax dollars to homeschooling where freedom of religion can be practiced as well

  • ilovesudan
    ilovesudan Year ago +12

    Whats wrong with education: TEACHER'S UNION

    • Polarcupcheck
      Polarcupcheck 5 months ago

      You have no idea how much time grading papers takes and planning lessons, no idea. I put in at least 1.5 hours every day off the clock. Sometimes 5-6 hours. We work overtime, all the time.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      This is total horse manure. Teachers include such nonsense as "correcting papers after school hours" (I did this fully before I ever left school.) And, the average worker usually works more like 2000 hours yearly, and without three months vacation every Summer, and a six hour day.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago


    • Dru Branch
      Dru Branch Year ago

      +ilovesudan You are a societal plague.

    • Jaedknight
      Jaedknight Year ago

      +Millitron Actually the average american worker works for 1700 hours per year in a 12 month job. The average teacher works 2200-2400 hours in the 10 months they work. I have my district spread my pay out over the summer as well, but I am only getting paid for the days I worked. In effect I am giving my county an interest free loan for 20% of my earnings every year. Most of us work 7:45-3:30 and then put in two to five hours of additional work every single day, including weekends, just to keep up with our workload and be ready for classes. That does not include the time many of us spend coaching, and sponsoring clubs. The average teacher with a Master's degree makes $32.000 per year less than a person with a similar degree in any other profession (US Bureau of Labor Statistics).

  • Will Trautman
    Will Trautman Year ago

    people forget that teachers don't work during the entire summer, 2 weeks of spring, and 2 weeks of winter

  • Austin Schroeder
    Austin Schroeder Year ago

    We spend more money on education than any other country in the world and yet we have the lowest IQ and highest dropout rate in the world. Instead of just throwing even more money into education we need to reevaluate the way schools are teaching. We need to teach students real skills that they can use later on in life in turn growing the economy as oppose to getting out of school and being on welfare for the rest of their lives. Things like computer sciences, technology, engineering, and industry jobs.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      Well, the IQ portion has NOTHING to do with teachers or schools, but I agree that more money is NOT the solution, and is, instead, part of the problem. We should hire as teachers those who know their subjects, AND how to teach said subjects VERY, VERY well. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT the case with teachers now, nor was it the case when I went to school. Part of the reason is teachers colleges, which teach nonsense masquerading as knowledge. A person with excellent and PROVABLE knowledge in a subject should be able to teach at any school, and be able to do so WITHOUT the worthless Education degree. I say this as someone who wanted to be a teacher, and thus HAD to take the worthless education courses, NONE of which helped me know the subject I taught better, nor how to teach it better. I did become a good teacher, but the College of Education played no part in this success.

  • grewn d
    grewn d Year ago

    Man, I look back now as an adult and am so sorry I was mean and disrespectful to some teachers. The root of the problem is actually our ARCHAIC capitalist system. The social elites who buy congressmen, senators, and presidents through legalized bribery (aka lobbiest, Citizens United, and super PACS) don't want an informed puplic. We now have the technology to provide for everyone equally but that would be the end of the social stratification of wealth

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      Nonsense. Every time someone uses the word "capitalist" I know I am about to hear from someone who cannot construct a convincing comment, and thus is relying on tired, old tripe from the 60's.

  • Passionata Dance
    Passionata Dance Year ago

    The system is screwed, because of economics.

  • KingRasha
    KingRasha Year ago

    Noam Chomsky's book MisEducation will school you on the U.S. education system.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      I've not read this book, but I hope that your recommendation of the same means that it is better than the complete excrement his other books have been.

  • Toady Montana
    Toady Montana Year ago +7

    Public education is free so of course the quality would be lower. If you really want your kid to succeed put them in private school.

    • Somebody else
      Somebody else 6 months ago

      Toady Montana free if you don't pay taxes. If you do then it's just a mandatory cost

  • ednamode
    ednamode Year ago

    How about flipped classroom bullshit.

  • tacticalOR
    tacticalOR Year ago +2

    ban liberal teachers save MURICA

  • weterman4320
    weterman4320 Year ago

    And, they need more money? Why? Most teachers make 30k a year. If you're making that, you dont need a raise. It's not hard work to be a teacher. Talk infront of class all day, then mark tests at home, sometimes. Easy jobs get low pay.

    When a school doesn't have funding, it's understandable that you don't want to work there. That's why instead of making the teachers more rich, (teachers DONT need more money, the teachers at my school all have the newest expensive cars. one of their kids has a 50k dollar car.)
    So instead of making the teachers rich, put that money towards the school. So the teachers get proper wages, and the school has what they need. In Canada, our schools are good, although we still have problems. Some of the u.s schools I've seen look like they've been bombed. The problem is not the pay, the problem is the school funding.

  • Jason
    Jason Year ago +1

    If they are under funded then why is the US tax payer paying between $20,000 to $30,000 per year per student.

  • InfantWizard
    InfantWizard Year ago

    Does anybody have cross-comparisons of student learning capacity when subject matter is taught i) By a teacher with good evaluations, ii) By a teacher with shitty evaluations, and iii) By self-learning methods of various stripes (computer modules, KhanAcademy-esque stuff, or even just textbooks)?

    The problem is that you basically need to quantify the above, controlling for how dumb the kids are (proxied by Raven's Progressive IQ, or ACT, SAT, or ASVAB or something), but you run into a whole bunch of emotional ruts that prevent this from being tested.

    One thing that you could do is examine the cohort of the miniscule number of kids who were permitted self-study in some subject matter that has an AP test (like calculus, physics, or chemistry), and compare it to the general student population that took these same tests in a classroom setting. My guess would be that, after controlling for SAT score, that the results would either be a wash in one extreme scenario or the self-study kids would clobber the snot out of the classroom learners, because they would tear through the subject on KhanAcademy or MITOCW in one semester and then use the entire second semester to practice an endless amount of problems in the subject matter. This would be relatively easy and non-controversial.

    I would also like to see a more broad based study that looked at whether early age IQ (or something surprisingly innocuous that predicts adult IQ from childhood, like reaction time tests) or aggregate instructional quality is a better predictor of more concrete things like income, standard of living, or collegiate academic achievement; and not just anecdotal musings about the "sanctity of learning" or other stupid, creepy-cult shit.

    In fact, I bet that reaction time-tests in toddlers of the same parental SES would predict future SES way, way better than "exposure to instructional quality", however that would be quantified. Has anybody dug this up?

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      I do not think the teachers in Math-nasiums or Khan type schools are any better than most teachers, unless these companies emphasize their teachers' topic knowledge instead of meretricious crap like "social studies".

  • M. Peters
    M. Peters Year ago

    The city school system in my town just hired a large number of new teacher. They invited HHS to the orientation to guide teachers through the application for Food Stamps. They are paying so poorly, the teachers are eligible for food assistance.

  • bigraviolees
    bigraviolees Year ago

    The GOP is anti teacher anti union anti life anti education  anti human

  • vagabondrecon
    vagabondrecon Year ago

    The many factors, including Khan academy, online FLIP, and MOOCs will hopefully eliminate the brick and mortar schools. All of you teachers, look for a better way, get out of the state schools and become useful and actually learn to educate children. Eliminating the useless bureaucrats that glom onto the system like: administrators, nurses, psychologists, "security" guards, bus drivers, cafeterias, buildings, that would be a great start. NO, the state schools system is a dinosaur soon to go extinct, the sooner the better.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      I should say that not all public school teachers are bad, and some are excellent. I had a teacher in high school with the unfortunate name of Mrs. Pitluck. I will leave it to you to imagine what permutations of her last name her students dreamed up, but she was a fantastic teacher, and a very caring and decent person, both qualities a good teacher should have, but often don't.

  • vagabondrecon
    vagabondrecon Year ago +1

    I am SO glad that I had none of these characters as my teacher. Wow. Losers all!

  • vagabondrecon
    vagabondrecon Year ago

    Underfunded? Who are they kidding? Teachers basically work 9-10 months and get double the pay I've gotten after 30 years at the University. Interesting the main and first thing they mention is pay. Homeschooling parents educate their kids far, far better for 1/10 the amount of money. Just a ridiculous wrong-headed video. The reason education is down is these teachers can't THINK.

  • D Dell
    D Dell Year ago

    Public-school was funded and designed by the Rockefellers to compartmentalize people and dumb down the population

  • ChasingTruth TakingFlak

    What a load of fucking bullshit.

    Public school teachers in the US are among the highest-paid in the developed world. Not only that, they have THE LOWEST living expenses in the developed world.

    Let's not forget that they earn MORE than the average worker of an equivalent qualification, while enjoying extra holidays, and higher job security. So any teacher that tells you they're underpaid is either lying, or they're living outside their already generous means.

    The problem with the American system are the incentives that teachers are told to aim for. Test scores over life lessons. Mandates over skills. The reason why kids feel like they're not learning anything, and teachers feel like they're not achieving anything, is because the aims are wrong.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      Even if you are right, Jaedknight, why is this? Instead of being a world wide conspiracy, perhaps it is because Colleges of Education attract those with the LOWEST ACT / SAT grades, yet have the highest self-esteem.

    • third position
      third position Year ago


      Teachers these days suck ass. They're already overpaid babysitters. I just graduated high school two years ago. From Kindergarten to 12th grade I had maybe four teachers I would consider good. Maybe 2 or 3 who were good. The rest should have been fired. Also throwing money at a problem doesn't make it go away. In fact funding makes problems worse, because schools need good test scores to get funding. So rather than educating kids or teaching them to think they just make them memorize useless tidbits of information that will be on the test that determines the stupid lazy spoiled teacher's salary.

    • Jaedknight
      Jaedknight Year ago

      +ChasingTruth TakingFlak Wow. Most of your 'Facts' about teachers are grossly inaccurate. US teacher pay ranks 22 out of 27 developed countries. According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, a teacher with a Master's can expect to make an average of $32,000 less per year than someone with a Master's in any other profession. Holiday time does not tell you much. The average worker in a 12 month job works 1700 hours per year. Because of the demands of the job an average 10 month teacher works 2200-2400 hours per year. I do agree that the focus is wrong, however.

    • Johnithinuioian
      Johnithinuioian Year ago

      +Devin lolwut were you going to rape me if the entire comment was just "You're so wrong."?

    • third position
      third position Year ago

      good comment. saved me some typing

  • onyxavatar
    onyxavatar Year ago

    This is what happens when you have republicans and libertarians in charge. What a fucking joke, 'MuriKKKa.

    • Jim Gallagher
      Jim Gallagher 8 months ago

      If by "this" what you mean is respectful, intelligent comments, you are right, as your logorrhea shows.

  • Student van Allah
    Student van Allah Year ago +21

    I can't stand the government...

    • Deontay Buckholts
      Deontay Buckholts 26 days ago

      Student van Allah the government that gives you
      -freedom of speech, religion, press, etc
      -free publuc schools
      -strong military as backup
      -Free mcdonalds wifi

    • dodopoopinpoop
      dodopoopinpoop Year ago

      same, oh no we just put on the NSA a black list just for saying such a thing. -_-

  • twistedblktrekie
    twistedblktrekie Year ago +2

    The truth is that, if you want to teach and be able to live, you should work outside of the classroom in beforehand. You also shouldn't rely on teaching as your sole source of income. If you can't use what you know to get money outside of the classroom, you shouldn't be teaching in one. The whole point of getting an education within the context of our society is to get paid, so that we're not only able to live but pursue our dreams. For instance, if you're an English major that goes into teaching, you should also be publishing or ghostwriting books or writing screenplays. If you're into math, go into engineering, become an actuary or a C.P.A. and so on.

    • Mansacktastical
      Mansacktastical Year ago

      Sure you are.

    • Lisa Duszynski-Baran
      Lisa Duszynski-Baran Year ago

      +Mansacktastical Didn't know an hour was now considered all day. So glad you told me! And not that it's any of your business, but I'm not currently at work as I'm traveling to an out of town training that starts tomorrow. So yeah. Enjoy your day putting out troll responses on YouTube instead of doing your job. Nothing wrong with hypocrite trolls. Toodles. o/

    • Mansacktastical
      Mansacktastical Year ago

      Tell me how much time you don't have as a teacher... while you respond all day on Youtube.  Hope your kids get more of your attention.

    • Lisa Duszynski-Baran
      Lisa Duszynski-Baran Year ago

      +Mansacktastical 3-4 months? Man, I want to teach there! We get 6 weeks 3 of which are usually spent in training, the other three are usually spent planning for the upcoming year or semester. But hey, you go on thinking that instead of preparing and constantly trying to find ways to reach all students that I should go do, I don't know--whatever it is you'd rather I do than focus on ways to improve their learning. Everyone gets to have an opinion. In my opinion, I feel as though you are still a troll just trying to annoy people. But hey, whatever makes you happy man. Have a fantastic rest of your day!

    • Mansacktastical
      Mansacktastical Year ago

      Teachers having real-world experience in the subject they teach is asinine...  K.  The 3-4 months a year that they aren't teaching should be spent at the beach I guess. 

      Also it is a fact that teachers are more likely to hold more than one job than any other profession.  I guess that job should be at a clothing store instead of being a writer as an English teacher.

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow Year ago

    Education has been destroyed by usurping local control and accountability by centralized education to Washington and then allowing NEA special interest insider influence. If you want better education you must keep control local and accountable to its constituents.

  • ShinigamiH4ck3r
    ShinigamiH4ck3r Year ago

    Its not that we dont want to pay teachers, its that the government keeps fucking pulling funding (that come from our taxes) for stupid shit. Our tax dollars are going to the wrong places. And todays parents dont help the problem either.

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