The Only True Surprise? Trump’s an Idiot | The Resistance with Keith Olbermann | GQ

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  • Bobby T.
    Bobby T. 9 days ago

    Keep believing this crap.

  • linke loetje
    linke loetje 2 months ago

    Drumpf voters are confused dumbasses. they knew he's an idiot but still voted for the orange pussygrabber. Hypocrite dumbasses. I'm glad that those assholes are going to lose their healthcare and other social programs. very sad that normal people will lose thiers too. It would be best to neuter them all.

  • Chris
    Chris 3 months ago

    Keith Olderman is an idiot along with all the others calling for Trump's impeachment or claiming Russian collusion. For one there is ZERO evidence to support any of these claims even after almost a year of non stop dirt digging. Yet, reading down the comments section, we have plenty of feral, brainwashed liberals spouting off like they know something when, the reality is, they know very little about the world around them and have no desire to learn anything more then their masters tell them.

    • tkh525
      tkh525 Month ago

      Chris Are you with the FBI? No? Then how do you know what evidence they do or don't have?

  • louis maccarino
    louis maccarino 3 months ago

    WATCHED 16 SECONDS .......................U FAILED , I CHANGED WEB SITES

  • louis maccarino
    louis maccarino 3 months ago

    tRUMP'S A LOSER????????????? LOOK IN THE MIRROR ....U FOOL

    • tkh525
      tkh525 Month ago

      louis maccarino You're leaving comments that he'll never see but he's the fool? Right...

  • chairmoistener
    chairmoistener 3 months ago

    Oh Keith Olberman, where have you been all my life?

  • zeldaprincessgirl100
    zeldaprincessgirl100 3 months ago

    I'm puertorican x(

  • William Ridge Sr.
    William Ridge Sr. 3 months ago

    You can't expect any better when you put a neurotic narcissistic moron in the office of the president. tRump is making Hitler look like Mother Teresa.

  • Gabrihel
    Gabrihel 3 months ago +1

    Old white man shouts in front of camera, thinking he's part of some revolutionary resistance. Good times.

  • brian mcintyre
    brian mcintyre 3 months ago

    Wait its going to get worse, much worse.

  • David Theriault
    David Theriault 3 months ago +1

    Keith Olbermann is the stupidest man on Earth. And he's a D-bag. He needs to move to Europe somewhere.

  • frankincase
    frankincase 4 months ago

    Well done Mr. Olbermann, I have not commented thus far on this series because. I tend to agree with everything said. Good job using this venue to say the things needed to be said, It keeps me sane knowing that what I personally think needs to be stated, and calling the "Trump Stooges" out on the crazy s## t they do, When it seems that everyone else in a position to do so, Does not. Thank You! dumptrump

  • Leananshae
    Leananshae 4 months ago

    Let's hope that we finally do away with the electoral college and elect our future presidents by referendum. Let the people's voices mean something!!! Give us the power to choose our leaders without the middlemen! Maybe getting rid of the electoral college will be tRump's only positive legacy. "Sad." REMOVE tRUMP NOW!!!

  • Myst Teri
    Myst Teri 4 months ago

    Trump supporters all say, "he tells it like it is". Absolute baloney. KEITH is the one who is really telling it like it is.

  • Steven Grotte
    Steven Grotte 4 months ago

    THIS IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!

  • monicaten1
    monicaten1 4 months ago


  • Empress Empress
    Empress Empress 4 months ago

    Let's have Russia nuke the red states that voted for that dumbass Trump along with the electoral college-all of them are guilty for putting us in danger close to WWIII!😡

  • Pale Feather Valdez
    Pale Feather Valdez 4 months ago

    She probably just doesn't want to live with him in white house cuz she don't want to sleep with him, this is her way out of sleeping with him, can you blame her....

  • L98FIERO
    L98FIERO 4 months ago

    But, but, but... he bombed someone so now he's presidential, nothing like a war to improve your ratings!

  • caniican
    caniican 4 months ago

    I love you Keith. Thank you so much for telling everyone the truth. Thank you for your passion thank you for your undying effort period I love you and Bill Maher primarily because you never sugarcoat the truth the fact you sir are the definition of integrity

  • Webbie
    Webbie 4 months ago

    how is this guy so sharp? he is destroying the trump regime

  • David Smith
    David Smith 4 months ago

    we love you Keith

  • John Manderson
    John Manderson 4 months ago

    Perfect... Absolutely perfect... thank you so much!

    KINGBOURBON 4 months ago

    Sick of over political correctness me to so lets tell it like it is...I give you Olbermann. Peace

  • Stacie Upchurch
    Stacie Upchurch 4 months ago

    Trump is a joke!

  • Nicholas Kostopoulos
    Nicholas Kostopoulos 4 months ago

    Show re Trump's speech to Congress as not "aging well". N-A-I-L-E-D I-T !! Mofo! Keep it rolling!

  • Oliver Wolfson
    Oliver Wolfson 4 months ago

    Mick Mulvaney exhaustingly stupid.

  • Audie
    Audie 4 months ago

    My secret fantasy: CIA shoots Trump with a heart attack inducing ice bullet. He's so brain addled, flabby, soggy, unbalanced, and stinky ( pew, smelly, old, angry swamp ). A Trump heart attack would be a kind mercy for all of humanity.

  • Shadow 46
    Shadow 46 4 months ago


  • cuteblanca
    cuteblanca 4 months ago

    We need to build a wall around the 35% idiotic, deplorable supporters and the ones that voted for him! Choke on it!

  • Kyle Hennessey
    Kyle Hennessey 4 months ago

    Hey Keith, I have a challenge for you. Do 4 segments without mentioning Russia or the election. The republicans have destroyed our online security, are trying to destroy healthcare and the environment and all anyone can talk about is Russia speculation and conspiracy theories. The Republicans would never impeach Trump and if they did, we would get Pence who is arguably worse and would push through horrific legislation that trump is not clever enough to do. Stop with the Russia nonsense until there is an actual story and worry instead about the 2018 congressional elections where we have a chance to do some real damage to the Republican war machine

  • John Tischer
    John Tischer 4 months ago

    Olbie sold his soul to Soros....he has no credibility at all....should have stayed with sports.

  • r kurz
    r kurz 4 months ago

    Lock him up.

  • seadoggiedog
    seadoggiedog 4 months ago

    thank you gq for letting ko for doing this,what a breath of fresh air

  • Terri  Jacobsen
    Terri Jacobsen 4 months ago +1

    impeach him now and all the other repb. with him. the all guilty. there just as crooked as he is. yerri

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 months ago


  • Brad Edwards
    Brad Edwards 4 months ago +1

    Go Keith Go... we need you.... ! ( The Resistance )

  • FreshyungBenz
    FreshyungBenz 4 months ago +1

    This guy and his cronies in the White House is nothing short of an embarrassment to our great country.

  • Richard Bambenek
    Richard Bambenek 4 months ago

    One word describes Trump..........DANGEROUS!!!!!!

  • Roderick Herring
    Roderick Herring 4 months ago


  • Wayne West
    Wayne West 4 months ago

    the world is more unstable now then during the cold war it seems

    • Wayne West
      Wayne West 4 months ago

      Off hand I would say when we let trump have access to nuclear weapons.
      He says they are outdated? Ever hear of a Northrup B-2?

    • BIG Stick
      BIG Stick 4 months ago

      Wayne West, when did the instability of the world start?

  • TheWyrdSmythe
    TheWyrdSmythe 4 months ago

    The thing I find so hard to understand is why _anyone_ was ever fooled by this obvious con man.

  • Dede Pressed
    Dede Pressed 4 months ago

    Darling I don't know why people are so surprised, this is how Republicans act

  • elmartillogrande
    elmartillogrande 4 months ago

    they have been so slovenly.. or maybe they just want somebody to "asinine" him.. for obvious reasons i did not use the word assassinate..

  • SuperSoulja68
    SuperSoulja68 4 months ago

    It's only been 60 days? It seems like it's been........ forever....:(

  • ke.ux
    ke.ux 4 months ago

    Keith, I have to say, your skill at rhetoric is impressive. You just don't hear people talk like this anymore. I love it!

  • blorph1
    blorph1 4 months ago +1

    Just look at the expression on Teeth's face in this vid. Either he's constipated or he's just another butt hurt pagan lib. Make up your own mind.

  • blorph1
    blorph1 4 months ago +1

    Ha, ha, ha. This is rich. President Trump is suuuuuuuch an idiot that he fought off the intense real estate competition in NYC and became a billionaire in the process. AND President of the United States of America!! Man, if HE'S an idiot, what does that make you Keith? Ha, ha, ha. Oh, this is rich....

  • Soozi inCa
    Soozi inCa 4 months ago

    The word on our Main St. USA?? Trump voters whining loudly, about how they feel duped & betrayed. Sad truth.

  • Seven
    Seven 4 months ago

    I've been saying, " it WILL get worse before it gets better." ALL thIS idiocy is actually a good thing for the world to behold. It/THEY needed to be exposed! Here's to the "smart set."

  • Edrellyen
    Edrellyen 4 months ago

    you're so smart when are you going to be president ?

  • Edrellyen
    Edrellyen 4 months ago

    he won a big one for being a loser

  • Naimul Haq
    Naimul Haq 4 months ago

    Idiot, unavoidably. What does it say about the voters, 'the last generation', who tried and failed.

    Compulsive idiots.

  • Dan Stratton
    Dan Stratton 4 months ago

    Man, I like this guy 😀

  • Ren B
    Ren B 4 months ago

    "It's hard to put a leash on a dog once you've put a crown on its head".

  • mattclarknyc
    mattclarknyc 4 months ago

    Trump is just trying to set himself up with a believable insanity defense. It seems to be working.

  • Nicholas Eff
    Nicholas Eff 4 months ago

    Takes an idiot to know an idiot.

  • PreAmeriKKKan
    PreAmeriKKKan 4 months ago

    There is a woman who has tried jumping the alt-white house fence three time in a week. Wonder what she is after? I want to ask her to drag that orange bozo out and spank him for lying so much.

  • Holleran Properties
    Holleran Properties 4 months ago

    Olbermann is your go to guy ... your a fucken idiot !!! WW

  • Canadian mistake
    Canadian mistake 4 months ago

    I wonder how many Dems read the bill before they voted against it?

    • Jack Harter
      Jack Harter 4 months ago

      Canadian mistake Democrats can't read

  • Robin Taufmann
    Robin Taufmann 4 months ago

    "These people are idiots!" Love his voice!

  • Trouble Trouvey
    Trouble Trouvey 4 months ago +1

    if you still support Trump you're a traitor.

  • Bill Safrit
    Bill Safrit 4 months ago

    Trump is lazy!!!

  • Michael Croissant
    Michael Croissant 4 months ago +1

    Olbermann is just another useful idiot for the (((Deep State)))

  • Hilary H.
    Hilary H. 4 months ago +1

    keith thank god youre doing these segments, we are in insane times.

  • Rick Apocalypse
    Rick Apocalypse 4 months ago +1

    In just 60 days ! THESE PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS !
    ...god, I love this guy

  • Jose Vasquez
    Jose Vasquez 4 months ago

    He is going to do this and that. When it cant be done he throws the blame to someone else. I have not noticed on line many of his followers talking S#!t lately

  • Val
    Val 4 months ago

    Thank you, Keith!!

  • waderedsox
    waderedsox 4 months ago

    wait, this was a surprise?

  • leo Flores
    leo Flores 4 months ago

    The wall is a big stupidity of Trump. Wasting time and money. Is correct to enforce the legal residence but the wall is so stupid idea of a lunatic and his idiots colleagues. Wasting money foolishly

  • Chuck Peck
    Chuck Peck 4 months ago

    Idiocracy is here. As I had predicted earlier: Trump will make Nixon look like a school boy. :-)

  • leo Flores
    leo Flores 4 months ago

    The Orange Clown Idiot... Deserves jail with all associates on the Swamp

  • Marcel Magi
    Marcel Magi 4 months ago

    Evangelical journalists are the worst! Just report the news and let viewers decide for themselves. You didn't convince us before the election. Not sure you'll do it after. Word to the wise: How about reporting on Flint's drinking water?

  • monica93304
    monica93304 4 months ago

    keep spreading the word! I've been a fan of you since the 80's when you worked in LA.

  • Solomzi Ngubane
    Solomzi Ngubane 4 months ago


  • Creature Creations
    Creature Creations 4 months ago


  • Little Ricky'sFlyingCircus

    Whiner Extraordinaire Keith Ovaries ....

  • Raging Unons
    Raging Unons 4 months ago

    you sound and talk like Alex Jones.

  • linke loetje
    linke loetje 4 months ago

    Drumpf wants to destroy his country faster than Chavez and Maduro did. He wants to be remembered as the biggest destroyer.

  • Whilan
    Whilan 4 months ago

    Keith, you missed the raid on Yemen. I know I can't fault you too much, with all the stuff that has happened you're bound to miss one.

  • the truth
    the truth 4 months ago +1

    you need help keith do the world a favor and take a long walk off a short pier

  • Flypurplecat
    Flypurplecat 4 months ago

    T the Marx Bros. Put Trump in a Mental Institution

  • Phorus Castaña
    Phorus Castaña 4 months ago

    I hope you Americans living inside the borders of the USA come to appreciate that you are now subjects and not citizens. Please act accordingly. The rest of us can't imagine you will accept this. Please prove us right.

  • Sarah344
    Sarah344 4 months ago +1

    When he goes to Miralago, it disrupts the economy there. Businesses within a certain number of miles have to close down so that the secret service can insure security for Trump.

  • Mindy Newell
    Mindy Newell 4 months ago

    My only problem with this particular video, Keith, is that there is NO surprise at all. Unless it is among the poor fools who voted for him.

  • Philip Mclaughlin
    Philip Mclaughlin 4 months ago

    Good night and Good luck

  • Eric Cigler
    Eric Cigler 4 months ago

    Keith is creepy

  • Honesty Counts
    Honesty Counts 4 months ago

    I like Trump, but it is no surprise; people have known all along that he's an idiot. That's nothing new.
    Ronald Reagan was an idiot also, but he made a great president.

  • Sesom Age
    Sesom Age 4 months ago

    And the reps go silent for once. Music to my ears.

  • Jana Evsg
    Jana Evsg 4 months ago

    how do we remove him?

  • Bill Sprague
    Bill Sprague 4 months ago

    these people - and I use the term loosely (I mean the repukelicans) - are idiots. Plain and simple. how they can even countenance this is beyond belief. and St. Reagan said this many decades ago: it's morning in amerika. same thing as "make amerika great" hah! are we in a large echo chamber or what?

  • PK Saenz
    PK Saenz 4 months ago

    Trump: He Must Go Trump needs to take responsibility for his actions under his Presidency. Trump Must Go

  • Hualani
    Hualani 4 months ago

    Please Keith, we'll never tire of you exposing the fraud orange Dumbster, we're all angry. Idiot played in a Tractor truck cab-honking the horn today, woooo. Idiots Man-child.
    You're a sharp journalist (yes not just sports announcer/talking head), consider SCOTUS as a target topic. This is one you should weigh in on (you're a friend of RMaddow, so not new news). Mahalo.

  • Michael Alan
    Michael Alan 4 months ago

    One thing is for sure, the super rich have successfully divided our nation. Now it's time for the poor, boneheads in the trailer trash community who actually believed in Drumpf's messages to put away their Budlite, meth and pain meds and realize that we've all been the victims of a corporate coup d'etat. Try real hard to engage whatever brain cells you have left, for your nation's sake.

  • Dennis Secret
    Dennis Secret 4 months ago

    Trump IS an idiot. Republicans are trying desperately to figure out whether or not to support his health care act (and him) if it impacts their re-election. Democrats are trying to decide whether to simply be anti-Trump or offer a sensible alternative (ie, Bernie). The entire Washington machinery is going to suffer a hemorrhage before clarity prevails.

  • TooManyBongos
    TooManyBongos 4 months ago

    I bet he honestly thought trump'd be impeached before now, and he'll be thinking that every day for another 8 years.

  • factsaregrand
    factsaregrand 4 months ago


  • Sonny Day74
    Sonny Day74 4 months ago

    Keith Olbermann is NOT Fake News... As a Side Note : I've been paying my ACA insurance since retiring... I don't qualify for a discount, but TrumpCare could price me out over time... A starting 15% to 20% increase has teeth... I'll play the game fair, but many boomers will suffer at the hands of this group of ~insert expletive here~_______________________


    government by a dictator.
    "the effects of forty years of dictatorship"
    synonyms: absolute rule, undemocratic rule, despotism, autocracy; More
    a country governed by a dictator.
    plural noun: dictatorships
    synonyms: totalitarian state, autocracy, autarchy, monocracy; dystopia
    "the party was seeking to establish a dictatorship"
    absolute authority in any sphere. SEE TRUMP...!

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