Top 10 Best Yandere Girls in Anime

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  • Top 10 Best Yandere Girls in Anime // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
    CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! There's crazy girlfriends and then there's yandere girls. For this list, we're looking at the cutest, craziest, most psychotic, anime ladies around from shows like Mirai Nikki (Future Diary), School Days, and the Monogatari Series (Bakemonogatari, Nisemonogatari, etc) - but we're excluding the Yangire types. Will favorites like Yuno Gasai, Sengoku Nadeko, Kotonoha Katsura, or your waifu appear? Only one way to find out.

    00:37 #10. Ringo Oginome
    01:17 #9. Nina Einstein
    01:54 #8. Anna Nishikinomiya
    02:40 #7. Ayase Aragaki
    03:18 #6. Hana Midorikawa
    03:58 #5. Yukako Yamagashi
    04:42 #4. Misa Amane
    05:15 #3, #2, #1: ???

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  •  3 months ago +1

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    Death Note: Complete Series Standard Edition

    • Lilly LaCuadra cuadra
      Lilly LaCuadra cuadra 12 days ago


    • H L.
      H L. 26 days ago

      Steve Pestolante lol u dead🤣

    • Steve Pestolante
      Steve Pestolante 28 days ago

      *Walks up to school Normally* What a wonderful day... I'm not spraying paint n shit in my mouth... *saws a girl holding a knife*... Girl: H-hello Steve-Sama
      ... *you could've called me Steve without a "Sama"*
      girl: I love you Steve-Sama....
      shiiiit this girl is a yandere

    • vatsal srivastav
      vatsal srivastav Month ago

      you should have added the girl from renai bouken

  • NeonKittenAnimates
    NeonKittenAnimates 18 hours ago

    I just KNEW Yano would be in this

  • KB9 Bre
    KB9 Bre 19 hours ago

    I cried when Future Diary was dubbed.

    I don't like dubbed anime >///<

  • Stella Jee
    Stella Jee Day ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Yuno is overrated?

  • Min min chan Lol


  • GalaxyGagaKittys Arts

    Yunos the best Yandere because she legit kills 1000 people XD

  • Animeghan the third

    How come I'm not on this list??

  • GCD Steven
    GCD Steven Day ago

    it always trigger me when someone call it future diary
    the fcking name is mirai nikki so why they call it wrong?
    is it the same shit like attack on titan?

  • Tory Z
    Tory Z 2 days ago

    This is the worts top i ever see. Get more informacion dude.

  • nadia walker
    nadia walker 2 days ago

    if you search yandere the first thing up is yandere-chan from yandere simulater

  • Olivia Chapman
    Olivia Chapman 3 days ago +1

    (Lol soz)

  • It's Nadia
    It's Nadia 3 days ago

    #1: yuno
    Me: and I should be surprised how?

  • Homura DoesMC
    Homura DoesMC 3 days ago

    Belarus anyone? How about her?

  • Tamara Jenkins
    Tamara Jenkins 3 days ago

    We all new Yuno was on the list

  • Nickster Games
    Nickster Games 3 days ago

    My dick fears for it's life...

  • randomperson 05
    randomperson 05 4 days ago

    Who else absolutely loved that intro

  • LPS pikkis
    LPS pikkis 4 days ago

    mirai nikki is best

  • Minnexx !
    Minnexx ! 4 days ago

    Who's a Yandere?!
    *Yuno Who!*

  • aster n.
    aster n. 4 days ago

    The title is invalid. All yanderes are terrible.

  • pikandrae gaming
    pikandrae gaming 4 days ago

    yuno gasai is the queen of yandere

  • Mine Craft
    Mine Craft 4 days ago

    NOPE I looked it up

  • Maid -Chan
    Maid -Chan 4 days ago

    Ohh yaasss!! yuno gasai is the Yandere Queen

  • Simplybeauty Cookie101

    Offurse yuno gasai number 1❤️👌🏻

  • Simplybeauty Cookie101

    Misa is like number ten shes not really insane shes just dumb xD

  • doliwaq
    doliwaq 5 days ago

    Anna from Shimoneta should be second, definitely she is better that Misa or this ugly girl from number 5.

  • Мария-Юлияна Димчева

    Shion or Rena from Higurashi no Naku Koro ni must've been at least honorable mentions :c Lucy from Elfen Lied too :c

  • BellaFernandoDEMESA
    BellaFernandoDEMESA 5 days ago

    I did not expect anyone to be in top 1 but Yuno Gasai

  • itsJayJayStyle
    itsJayJayStyle 5 days ago

    Obviously, Yuno is gonna be number one.

  • little Tammy
    little Tammy 6 days ago

    yuno is from Mirai nikki and I knew she would be number 1

  • KawaiiLovesNoodle
    KawaiiLovesNoodle 6 days ago

    I looked up yandere... all I saw was yandere simulator

  • Casey Coyne
    Casey Coyne 6 days ago

    Thats funny

  • Casey Coyne
    Casey Coyne 6 days ago

    Yoooo she first one to show up

  • Mega Gamer
    Mega Gamer 6 days ago

    6:55 nope! the first thing that popped up was yandere chan from yandere simulator

  • Ilga Sidorina
    Ilga Sidorina 6 days ago


  • Samantha Kocher
    Samantha Kocher 6 days ago

    YAN CHAN 😲😲😲😲

  • ThatOnePinkAmineObsessedQueen -w-

    99 percent of comments: *YUNO IS MY YANDERE WAIFU!!!*
    1 percent of comments (my percent): *KATSURA-SAN IS MY YANDERE WAIFU!!!*

  • Mols And Mimi's Adventures

    btw my fave character I watched there series twice is yuno gasai

  • Proud Carat/Sm17e We love you SEVENTEEN

    Yuno gasai~ sempai notice me u BAKA ㅠ ㅠ 😂😂 i actually have the full episode of that anime..

  • Holly Thornheart
    Holly Thornheart 7 days ago


  • Moise Miruna
    Moise Miruna 7 days ago

    I agry with all !!!!!!!!

  • Kathy Haynie
    Kathy Haynie 7 days ago


  • Billz 445
    Billz 445 7 days ago

    Is the narrator a girl

  • Billz 445
    Billz 445 7 days ago

    Please kill me like no one gives a shit

  • Kidd's Loan
    Kidd's Loan 8 days ago

    Yuno is literally the only definition and person to be called a Yandere...

  • Kotonoha Katsura
    Kotonoha Katsura 8 days ago

    But I want to be first!

  • neil thomas
    neil thomas 8 days ago

    you did not mention shion sonozaki

  • Micitor YT!
    Micitor YT! 8 days ago


  • Rade Despotovic
    Rade Despotovic 9 days ago

    we all know who's yandere queen

  • Getz Blogs
    Getz Blogs 9 days ago

    I searched for Yuno and the first thing that popped up was Ayano from yandere simulator

  • FoxxxQueen
    FoxxxQueen 9 days ago

    Honestly I would have unsubbed if yuno wasn't in the top 3 xD

  • IFluffy
    IFluffy 9 days ago

    3:20 Breast Implant much?

  • pitters 123
    pitters 123 9 days ago


  • Mami Tomone
    Mami Tomone 10 days ago

    WatchMojo: "girl's that go *Kinda* crazy"

    Me: yea "Kinda" XD

  • mahega .128
    mahega .128 10 days ago

    I was expecting Julia from Fairy Tail.

  • täesthetic
    täesthetic 10 days ago

    im new to anime, can someone help me out and explain me what exactly tsundere and yandere is?

  • Ziggy Walrus
    Ziggy Walrus 11 days ago

    Yangire and yandere are not the same thing

  • Savage Joe
    Savage Joe 11 days ago

    I am expecting Rem here.

  • Animeghan the third
    Animeghan the third 11 days ago

    Nope, I am not going to look at the coments, I won't spoil it!!! Okay mabye just a peak... CRAP!!!

  • tait_ panics
    tait_ panics 11 days ago


  • Amber john
    Amber john 11 days ago


  • ZacLucas1
    ZacLucas1 12 days ago


  • Libby mcmullin
    Libby mcmullin 12 days ago

    Where's shion?

  • Dākusutōmu
    Dākusutōmu 13 days ago

    Who's the better yandere? Yuno gasai or Ayano AishiBoth of them kill anyone but Yuno is in an anime whole Ayano is in anime style game

  • Amelia Larue
    Amelia Larue 14 days ago

    You forgot Shion Sonozaki

  • Just a random person
    Just a random person 14 days ago +1

    Where's Juvia...? Poor Gray

  • Nico tine
    Nico tine 14 days ago

    Where is my kurumi and akane :(

  • NinjaPlatypus
    NinjaPlatypus 14 days ago

    There was when they cry in the intro but there was noone actually from the anime... now I'm sad
    (in case you couldn't tell from my profile pic it's one of my favorite animes)

    • Dimple Dehade
      Dimple Dehade 7 days ago

      Many of the Higurashi characters make cameos in it, while Bernkastel and Lambdata have major roles.

      I can assure you that it's way better than Higurashi.

    • Dimple Dehade
      Dimple Dehade 7 days ago

      NinjaPlatypus, If you are a fan of Higurashi then try reading "Umineko no naku koro ni" (Umineko when they cry) Manga or visual novel, it's from the same creator of Higurashi (as you can tell from their names).

      Edit: just don't watch the anime version of Umineko, it's horrible and omits 90% of the important scenes and was never completed.

  • Dead Spark042
    Dead Spark042 14 days ago

    1:33 Poor Table-kun. Poor poor Table-kun.

  • Mohsin siddiqui
    Mohsin siddiqui 15 days ago +1

    I fuckin hate yuno

  • SeanPlayzMinecraft SPM

    Yandere Word Was From YandereDev

  • Nashi Dragoneel
    Nashi Dragoneel 15 days ago

    I'm kinda crazy Al I do is walk around with a knife and play with fake blood (just kidding)

  • Matthew Lo
    Matthew Lo 15 days ago

    Come ON! You know who's gonna be number one!

    You know = Yuno!

  • Arnoco Mich
    Arnoco Mich 16 days ago +1


  • Arnoco Mich
    Arnoco Mich 16 days ago +1

    wahhhhhhhhhhhh i * ♥♥♥♥♥ love♥♥♥♥♥ yuno gasaiiiii*

  • AxelappleX
    AxelappleX 16 days ago

    Its giving me nightmare to this day

  • AxelappleX
    AxelappleX 16 days ago

    It's scary

  • AxelappleX
    AxelappleX 16 days ago


  • AxelappleX
    AxelappleX 16 days ago

    It had to be school Days

  • RJ Lewis
    RJ Lewis 16 days ago

    Yes I agree with yun o gasai

  • hitlerboy anton
    hitlerboy anton 17 days ago

    What the sh!t!

  • VocalCandy [YS]
    VocalCandy [YS] 17 days ago

    Tch', why wouldn't Yuno be in here?

  • Sergeant Cookie8
    Sergeant Cookie8 17 days ago

    So Kurumi Tokisaki is not a yandere?

  • mat yoe
    mat yoe 18 days ago

    Its like that guy but she kill

  • Ricardo Andrade
    Ricardo Andrade 18 days ago

    Im Brazilian....

  • Raivis Buliņš
    Raivis Buliņš 18 days ago

    Its every day bro with Yuno being first in yandere lists

  • Uzumaki Naruto
    Uzumaki Naruto 19 days ago


  • Lol Yolo
    Lol Yolo 19 days ago

    did Anna just rape that guy?

    ARACHNIDGUY 16 19 days ago

    can't have a yandere list without Yuno Gasai

  • Abdul Asserti
    Abdul Asserti 21 day ago

    ofcours yuno yandere way not

  • Gostiv Dreams
    Gostiv Dreams 21 day ago

    Rena/Reina isn't a yandere tho... lol
    But Shion is

  • Mikah TheKeyToSomthing


  • darksider King
    darksider King 21 day ago


  • MusTRelax
    MusTRelax 24 days ago

    I hate Makoto from School Days. He is just Asshole.

  • Maireli Cristal Lorenzo

    YUNO IS #1!!!

  • Maireli Cristal Lorenzo


  • Spectrum SSS
    Spectrum SSS 25 days ago

    Ayase is a tsundere,not yandere,get it right

  • Kurtliffe
    Kurtliffe 25 days ago

    Where's Kaede from Shuffle!?

  • Yuno Gasai is the best Scarlet

    wooo yuno for the win

  • Trinity
    Trinity 25 days ago

    Anime is cool but some of the fans are pretty fucked up

  • Hans David
    Hans David 26 days ago

    The new entry is "Akane Hiyama" <3

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