The People Of Walmart (Funny Fails)

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    In this Reaction Time Episode I reacted to the funniest fails, moments, and coincidences spotted at the biggest retail store in the guessed it, Walmart!

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  • Ben B
    Ben B 4 minutes ago

    JUST WHY!?!? 😲

  • Bucky Sam
    Bucky Sam 3 hours ago


  • Video Gamers
    Video Gamers 5 hours ago

    u make me laugh almost daily SO HARD

  • IWillEatYourSoul
    IWillEatYourSoul 6 hours ago +1


  • LaShawna Brown
    LaShawna Brown 6 hours ago

    I started my period today

  • Alexandra Gansler
    Alexandra Gansler 8 hours ago

    3:16 Its too late!!!! We have four cats.Camilla, Shredder, Sally, and Boba Fett

  • X3 Denise XD
    X3 Denise XD 10 hours ago

    I want a "People of Walmart" song now XD

  • YouTube _queenxoxo
    YouTube _queenxoxo 10 hours ago

    I'm still waiting for the hit song of the year- Walmart by Tal Fishman ft. Moses and Back Titties

  • Briar Robinett
    Briar Robinett 11 hours ago

    I was planning to be Cookie Monster..

  • Russ Becker
    Russ Becker 11 hours ago

    OMG this vid is funny 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • xx_ kawehi_
    xx_ kawehi_ 15 hours ago

    6:48 😂😭😵

  • Big Nobody
    Big Nobody 20 hours ago

    7:16 when you laugh or cough on your period...

  • Tea Crybaby
    Tea Crybaby 22 hours ago

    Yo momma so fat that when she went to Walmart she lowered the prices.

  • Galaxy Girl
    Galaxy Girl 22 hours ago

    " its seems to be a man?" XD

  • megan kelley
    megan kelley 23 hours ago +1

    Me and my friends took I trip to Maui and when we were in Safeway there was this girl who had mud by her butt and me and my friends were laughing so hard but quietly.........................

    The worst part is we were only 11

  • PepperMint Cande
    PepperMint Cande 23 hours ago

    I legit died when Tal sang about the pad (>∇<)/

  • Elle Platt
    Elle Platt 23 hours ago

    I laughed so hard at the end that I farted lol xx

  • Elle Platt
    Elle Platt 23 hours ago

    I have 4 cats and 3 dogs but they've been spayed xx

  • Bailey Bug
    Bailey Bug 1 day ago

    Tal did you get a hair cut?

  • Megaman_XP
    Megaman_XP 1 day ago

    Anyone else hear Marilyn Manson when the pad lady showed up

  • Precious Angel Bersalona

    i saw your Brother on your other video he look alike you

  • sexybabyblue35 Lane

    She did not forget her pants it's booty shorts

  • sexybabyblue35 Lane

    Yes there r Tits on ur back

    DJ_REEPER_x X 1 day ago

    Target 🎯 is better than Walmart

  • london Roseily
    london Roseily 1 day ago

    It's my birthday can I get 3 likes

  • ThisISclickBAIT
    ThisISclickBAIT 1 day ago

    why does americans love walmart XD i dont love ikea or city gross or maxi XD // swedish

  • Noemi R. Penuelas
    Noemi R. Penuelas 1 day ago

    This was so hilarious it made me life so hard i couldnt stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁

  • Natalja Collaku
    Natalja Collaku 1 day ago

    7:10 oh god

  • Zoe Creates
    Zoe Creates 1 day ago +1

    Lol I want to find these rare creatures that inhabit Walmart

  • Grace Tanner
    Grace Tanner 1 day ago

    I laughed so hard I almost died good job Tal keep it up😂😂

  • layla crazyLlama
    layla crazyLlama 1 day ago

    who wears a bed sheet to walmart!?

  • Angelina Martinez
    Angelina Martinez 1 day ago +1

    My grandma works at Walmart and I asked her if she sees a lot of crazy people and she was like "OMG YES SO MANY WIERD NASTY PEOPLE" and I'm just laughing

  • Linda Pal
    Linda Pal 1 day ago

    3:11 too late I already have two cats

  • devora  Pineda
    devora Pineda 1 day ago +1


  • Philip J. Fry
    Philip J. Fry 2 days ago

    reasons to consider never working at walmart.

  • Ryan Vereen
    Ryan Vereen 2 days ago

    At 5:37 the guy he had called Jeffery his underwears ripped if you look closely

  • Haley Gillespie
    Haley Gillespie 2 days ago

    I can't see all of her face but....ya

  • Haley Gillespie
    Haley Gillespie 2 days ago

    The woman with the pink one piece and a blue back pack looks like someone I know

  • Coolfighter627
    Coolfighter627 2 days ago

    This is so funny😆😆😆😆

  • Jada Martin
    Jada Martin 2 days ago

    this was so funny😂😂😂

  • Fantastic Chicken
    Fantastic Chicken 2 days ago

    2:55 is my favorite walmart lady

  • USA Jordan
    USA Jordan 2 days ago

    Seriously, dude, stop being weird.

  • Nicole Grzymkowska
    Nicole Grzymkowska 2 days ago

    Who else wondered if he actually wanted to take his shirt off on the Internet?

  • Trinity Emery
    Trinity Emery 2 days ago

    Once I knew this guy who was in people of Walmart because he was wearing all purple and his beard was purple

  • emerie chavous
    emerie chavous 2 days ago

    no there is no tits on your back

  • Zewditu Jay
    Zewditu Jay 2 days ago

    6:19 i think it was also the fact that she was wearing two different kinds of shoes, but u were just busy looking at her pants now weren't u tal ;))) lmaooo jkjkjk

  • KKomedy
    KKomedy 2 days ago +1

    7:11 tal those are booty shorts

  • Weirdo300
    Weirdo300 3 days ago

    Someone should dress as Tingle from the legend of Zelda and sell people maps!lol

  • NebulaFlame09's Terraria


  • Asad Shakeel
    Asad Shakeel 3 days ago

    Can you try indian food pls

  • emerald gemini5325
    emerald gemini5325 3 days ago

    you have a really sharp tooth

  • FemG
    FemG 3 days ago

    Le' shart

  • Best Queen Of Anal
    Best Queen Of Anal 3 days ago

    hi i. doing teenty four hour cids of gta five days

  • Best Queen Of Anal
    Best Queen Of Anal 3 days ago


  • Sadie  Van Nostrand
    Sadie Van Nostrand 3 days ago

    hmm is wearing a hoddie hoodie in the summer holding a teddy bear weird because i do that well thats because i dont want my face seen because i dont like my face but i carry my teddy bear to feel more safe since i cant socail with people if someone is in ill i dont go yet i wait till every ones gone going to another empty


    Hey!!! Talllllll!!!!!!!! Go to Walmart!!!!! Lololol

  • SpanishTurtle
    SpanishTurtle 3 days ago +1

    Lol this reminds me of the time I went into Walmart with a friend and we were in the hair products aisle and some lady grabbed a hairspray can and sprayed her hair then placed it back on the shelf and walked away xDD

  • Mustafa Kamran
    Mustafa Kamran 3 days ago

    6:33 check her shoes

  • ItzMiggie cxx
    ItzMiggie cxx 4 days ago

    I.... Have never been to Walmart....

  • Mayte Barajas
    Mayte Barajas 4 days ago

    Can you make a video of your favorite things

  • End my Life.
    End my Life. 4 days ago

    When you realize your doing nothing with your life when you start to sing a song about Periods...

  • Kattie Enneper
    Kattie Enneper 4 days ago

    I have 9 cats

  • Kristey Sara
    Kristey Sara 4 days ago

    i have 4 cats

  • Stella Golby
    Stella Golby 4 days ago

    his parents must be so proud

  • Dylan vids
    Dylan vids 5 days ago

    I go to walmart and i never seen anyone like that

  • chiara sewap
    chiara sewap 5 days ago

    Tal ur so funny!!

  • Menmbo Titus
    Menmbo Titus 5 days ago

    not to be 100% creepy even tho it is, ur 🔥

  • strangers
    strangers 5 days ago

    I'm not a cat lady, I'm a dog lady.

  • Limux !!!
    Limux !!! 5 days ago

    Stop singing you moron

  • Reagan Dumas
    Reagan Dumas 5 days ago

    We are not cat people but we have 6 cats 😂😂😂

  • E Erin
    E Erin 5 days ago +1

    I have 7 cats 2 r house cats 3 r barn kittens 1 is a barn cat and the last one just runs around...i also have 2 sheep, 3 goats, 10 chickens, a duck and a DOGGO

  • Kelsey Fiocco
    Kelsey Fiocco 6 days ago

    I got 5 cats to late

  • Payton Blevins
    Payton Blevins 6 days ago +2

    Did you ever think of that girls on her period so something? (The one with the see through pants.)

  • jessica hernandez
    jessica hernandez 6 days ago

    First time here and this is the first video i watched and i loved it and subbed.

  • Rubi the creater
    Rubi the creater 6 days ago +2

    i have 14 cats 10 are kittens 4 adults cats 5 boys 9 girls there outside

  • Hunter Madeen
    Hunter Madeen 6 days ago

    Why did he blur his back

  • Kylie Blumenstock
    Kylie Blumenstock 6 days ago

    I'm so glad I don't have a Wal-Mart near me

  • TeeXclusive
    TeeXclusive 6 days ago

    she has 2 differnent boots

  • Abbigayle Glass
    Abbigayle Glass 6 days ago

    i have 12 cats be lucky you have 2

  • DoubleTrouble
    DoubleTrouble 6 days ago +2

    The woman is in her days..XD

  • Astrid Empatheia
    Astrid Empatheia 6 days ago

    ........I legitimately have that "crazy lady's" cookie monster. I actually have it XD

  • Anna Prodanova
    Anna Prodanova 6 days ago

    People of walmart
    People of Walmart

  • catherinebarclay01
    catherinebarclay01 6 days ago

    Once in holloween I needed to fart so I did it and it was actually poop

  • catherinebarclay01
    catherinebarclay01 6 days ago

    Seriously do you really have to take off your shirt it's making me vomit

  • Janny The killer
    Janny The killer 6 days ago

    I wore my oncie to Walmart once... I met another person in a oncie... just that their uhhh... what you ma call it!!!! That little button up back pice was unbuttoned... I didn't even bother telling them. The button up thing is for going to the bathroom without having to take off your pajamas, so you know where it was showing that day... well, at least mine was buttoned up!

  • Kate Brickman
    Kate Brickman 7 days ago

    Once I was in Walmart and there was someone with a pad on there forehead

  • Sofia Pelamati
    Sofia Pelamati 7 days ago

    Starts singing about pad

    Bursts out laughing

  • Love Is Dead
    Love Is Dead 7 days ago

    I love you so much, Tal. I hope you will notice me sometime and that we can be friends. You're my inspiration. 💖💖💖

  • GK NK 98
    GK NK 98 7 days ago

    2:14 i think she looks like a black belt

  • Bac on
    Bac on 7 days ago

    I saw someone walking a bird with a leash at Walmart....

  • Ms Dabber
    Ms Dabber 7 days ago

    You should do videos with your shirt off 😂

  • Alexander Speakman
    Alexander Speakman 7 days ago

    Your watching this in or on a bed

  • kaden stamos
    kaden stamos 7 days ago

    2:20 -_- first never wear white pants on ur period second where the hell is ur underwear!!

  • Mystical Sunset
    Mystical Sunset 7 days ago

    I held my mouth shut, do I wouldn't laugh and laughed through
    My nose for the the girl who forgot her pants

  • sohila ayob
    sohila ayob 7 days ago


  • Arben Restelica
    Arben Restelica 7 days ago

    Mia wants a friend 1 like-1 friend 1 comments he's very happy

  • Arben Restelica
    Arben Restelica 7 days ago

    Mia wants an pizza 1 like-1 pizza 1 comment-2 pizzas

  • its me lhei
    its me lhei 8 days ago

    am i the only one loving Tal despite his singing???hahahaha
    love you TAL😙

  • Wolfie Mcbride
    Wolfie Mcbride 8 days ago

    2:44 does that mean she is no wearing underwear??

  • Shawnie Playz
    Shawnie Playz 8 days ago +3

    *I thought they were people of Earth*

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