Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 - Movie Review

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  • Jason Keller
    Jason Keller 9 hours ago

    Basically, what was said at the end, watch it yourself and form your own opinion. I always watch reviews because I like to see different opinions, but always from my own. I really enjoyed this movie. I see where it had some faults but it didn't take away from my enjoyment and I would watch it again. no alcohol required.

  • Prospero Cobbler
    Prospero Cobbler 17 hours ago

    I'm a fan of serious intelligent sci/fi movies. Guardians isn't that type of movie. But it is a good fun movie. I've seen both and I gotta say I enjoyed the second more than the first. More character development in the second. It's a fun time movie. It's a fantasy movie set in space like Star Wars- so it is not really sci/fi and it shouldn't be analyzed or judged by the parameters of that film genre. Just an all around good time and pleasure to watch- with a coherent plot- well developed characters- and a good script. Like all such movies these days it goes a little nuts in the special effects and CGI- that almost threatens to derail the movie- but the characters and dialogue stand on their own to keep it grounded. Yeah- I'd recommend it.

  • chris berg
    chris berg Day ago

    I actually really loved this movie, some parts were stupid but unlike most marvel movies the emotion and family dynamic really hit me dude

  • Trent Powell
    Trent Powell 2 days ago

    I don't agree with him sometimes especially on this but I will admit it is a little forgettable but I had fun. Plus the joke at the end cracks me up.

  • nehemias aquino
    nehemias aquino 4 days ago

    This one was my favorite

  • Mystic Michael
    Mystic Michael 5 days ago

    Was overhyped in my opinion.

  • Matthew Lempicke
    Matthew Lempicke 5 days ago

    i loved gardians of the galaxy volume two kurt russell was fucking amazing as ego

  • Cosmo
    Cosmo 5 days ago

    I agree for the most part. There's definitely some enjoyable stuff there but for the most part it felt somewhat disjointed and fumbled. There were like 4 different stories going on, Peter and his dad, the Gold people, Yondu and his old crew and Gamorra and her sister. It sounds good on paper but it just didn't work very well on screen. There were so many stories going on I had a hard time connecting with one before I was thrown into another. And the humour was so forced. The first Guardians felt effortlessly funny but in this, the humour felt tacked on. You'd barely get 10 minutes of serious dialogue without Drax bursting out laughing or Rocket being a smartass. It feels like Gunn tried hard to make this an intricate, multilayered film but forgot to make it as refined as the first, like he thought people would love it regardless. I don't know whether it's because this movie was rushed like Jeremy says, or whether James Gunn isn't quite the genius we took him for. My guess is the latter. But either way this movie was a let down.

  • FZJanimated
    FZJanimated 5 days ago

    Waaaaay too many awkward stupid jokes in this movie ,every 2-3 minutes they try so hard to be funny. Ajax annoying laugh , awkward pauses and dumb cartoonish slapstick and fights, the crew screaming at each other...jesus christ it was a disaster.

  • Ezra Daßer
    Ezra Daßer 6 days ago

    Plus too much tracks in it it felt like watching Suicide Squad !

  • Barry Chuckle
    Barry Chuckle 6 days ago

    I personally thought Vol 2 was better than the first

  • Christian Bebee
    Christian Bebee 6 days ago

    Welp, it got a 8/10 on imdb so FUCK YOU Jeremy.

  • Ash
    Ash 6 days ago

    I found the first 1/4 of the movie boring, with old used up cheesy jokes and gags. But it quickly got interesting and enjoyable after that. I'd give it 8/10.

  • Ramis Khan
    Ramis Khan 7 days ago

    I will give the movie 6.5 max just waste of my time.

  • bryan lara
    bryan lara 7 days ago

    What? I thought guardians 2 was a 9/10. Everything was good. Character interactions especially drax's scenes, pratts ackwardness, pacing, action sequences, soundtrack. The only thing that I didn't like was the super predictable story. Cmon even the dudes name is ego and Pratt brushes off raccoons concern for him early in the movie. The first guardians had a better story and a bit better soundtrack making it that 10/10.

  • GrenadR
    GrenadR 7 days ago

    This is way better than Age of Ultron.

  • no
    no 8 days ago +1

    I think it deserved a "good time, no alcohol required". It wasn't a 10/10 and it was really cheesy at some points (the beginning), but come on, it wasn't THAT bad.

  • senseiofawesom1(carter)

    For once I will agree with DCEU fanboys, this movie is the golden example of the MCU stereotype of being humorous just to be humorous, the humor was really distracting for once, drax was insufferable, the first hour of the movie nothing really happens.. it's super boring, the later half does get way better but it doesn't take away from the sloppy set up. This movie truly didn't get going until the hour and 10 minute mark, it was just an hour of shit happening, reminded me of BvS except for this one is super light and kinda kiddy that it honestly is distracting, and I worry for Thor ragnarok, from the looks of the trailers it's reminding me of this films trailers

  • Xad
    Xad 8 days ago

    GOTG 2 was brilliant, loved this film. Karen Gillan did a great job as Nebula, brought the perfect level of intensity, emotion, etc and very quickly became almost like an anti-hero but is still on the edge where she could possibly kill everyone, great job by Karen, loved the character and the way in which we and Nebula learn more about her heartbreaking back story and pain.

    Michael Rooker did a great job as Yondu as well, some very emotional scenes and Pom as Mantis is a great addition as it allowed Drax to bounce off someone and they both were very funny. Kurt Russell turned out to be great as i was fully expecting him to be all loving and fatherly and boring, but his character turned out to be great even his explanations were interesting.

    I think you should watch this film again at home some time down the line and you would probably appreciate it more. I'm glad i read and listened to the various reviews because i ended up having low expectations and like the first ended up being so pleasantly surprised. I loved GOTG 2 as much as the first but the first just had the element of surprise.

    Even the gold people were fine, they served their purpose as they seemed to be intentionally annoying and super up themselves, it made the Guardians job that much more difficult as they were this annoying, irritating thorn on their side and on top of that it allowed the stolen batteries to seem that much more important throughout the film which they turned out to be and also it allowed us to see Rocket and Yondu have their little heart to heart.

    Great film, thought James Gunn wouldn't be able to do it a second time, but he did it, loved the film.

  • Rob Bob The Corn Cob

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was miles ahead of the first one dag nabbit

  • Mahmoud Ali
    Mahmoud Ali 9 days ago +1

    I love this movie why Jeremy why

  • Okoye Henry
    Okoye Henry 10 days ago

    Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is just as good as the first one. No better, no worst and that's a good thing.

  • Lost Cosmic
    Lost Cosmic 10 days ago

    I agree.

  • 123No
    123No 10 days ago

    3rd times the charm. 3rd one will be fantastic I think. Not saying this was bad tho. It was fantastic for me. 3rd times the charm probably for infinity war too

  • whisperienced
    whisperienced 10 days ago

    This is the Empire Strikes Back of this trilogy not just sequentially it does a ton of character building so the thirst movie will be balls to the wall. I also think this movie is WAY better than the first movie which I thought was meh in the theatres, watched it recently on netflix and thought it was pretty funny but the second movie is one of the best movies going.

  • Shadow Seeker
    Shadow Seeker 11 days ago

    watched it not as great as the first but not bad i kinda enjoyed it

  • nik Bahtin
    nik Bahtin 11 days ago

    GOTG 2 actually better then 1

  • Rippingthosecheeks Hey

    Serious? The movie was brilliant, honestly make the movie sound so bad which is not the case.

  • ShootingStarAJM
    ShootingStarAJM 11 days ago

    I can't believe you didn't like this movie. I loved it.

  • MLP-Violet-Star
    MLP-Violet-Star 11 days ago

    "Hey there, rat!" 😈

    "How's it going, you blue idiot?" πŸ˜‘

  • Dougy doug
    Dougy doug 11 days ago

    Guardians of the galaxy is beautiful...

    On the inside...

  • Patches O'Houlihan
    Patches O'Houlihan 12 days ago

    Beta male makes this video.

  • perdedoronline
    perdedoronline 12 days ago

    There's an awesome song in the scene on Contraxia called Un Deye Gon Hayd that's not been released :(

  • Michael Przybocki
    Michael Przybocki 12 days ago

    You're off on this one bud...this movie was fantastic. You have this and suicide squad mixed up. SS was just ok... This movie was great.

    • Michael Przybocki
      Michael Przybocki 10 days ago

      Okoye Henry I agree on suicide squad. I've seen worse, and there were a few cool parts to it... But it's mostly forgettable.

    • Okoye Henry
      Okoye Henry 10 days ago

      Michael Przybocki Suicide Squad sucked. Now that's a movie I would never watched again.

  • ggamer 18
    ggamer 18 12 days ago

    Shit this movie was so enjoyable

  • Craig N
    Craig N 12 days ago +1

    So I just got this on Blu-Ray. Will disclaim this now. I am a DC fan. Period. But I enjoy some Marvel movies and thoroughly enjoyed the first GotG. But this movie was absolutely fucking horrendous.

    First problem was the jokes. I think I laughed twice while watching this trainwreck, and I've already forgotten what those were for that just shows you how laughably bad this movie is and I have literally just finished watching the movie. The humour felt so forced especially from Drax, his shtick got old very, very quickly.

    The plot. What the fuck actually happened? It's like this film consisted of 2 acts, the first we meet up with the guys during the credit sequence, yet we focus on baby Groot which had none of the same charm as watching Peter dance in the first film. After the credits, we get moments with Yondu explaining his shit and that Karen Gillan (jeez she was so bad) character still miffed with Gamorra because we didn't get enough of that shit in the first movie. She supposedly travels halfway across the universe to kill her Sister, gets her arse kicked, Gamorra saves her life and she goes back for more. We have one badly acted scene that Thanos was a dick, and hey we're all buddies here again lets act like none of this ever happened! And some people thought the Martha scene was bad was BvS! I will tell you one thing, the Martha scene may have not been executed perfectly, but at least their was thought and a purpose to it.

    Then we get a few minutes of Kurt Russell exposition and BOOM we're suddenly into the 3rd act of the movie. Ego goes from this loving Dad to evil galactic planet in a split second and I'm sitting there just wondering things like "what the fuck is going on?", "Where was the character development?", "Why did you tell your son that he killed his mother if you wanted him to be this evil overlord with you?".

    The music just seemed to be joyless, it had none of the same energy or vigour from the original. The accompanying musical score, like all other Marvel movies, was utterly bland and forgettable.

    One criticism I see from Marvel fans about DC movies is the use of CGI and. I'm sorry but this movie is 95% CGI, I don't think there was one scene where they actually stood on a real location. Not that I see this as wrong, but the double standards you get from Marvel fans is truly hypocritical sometimes.

    The jokes man, jesus the jokes. This film was terribly unfunny. Why are we having 5 minute scenes about who has got some fucking tape to cover a button that we know Groot is not going to press anyway? Why was Drax so god damned over the top and cringeworthy when in the first movie his simpleness and naivete is what was so charming about him in the first place. Gamorra did fuck all except fight her sister and Peter was just going with the flow.

    I think this is seriously one of the worst movies Marvel has put out. Yet the more movies Marvel put out, the more they are just blending into each other, like they are single long episodes of the same TV show that is in the process of jumping the shark.


    • Ramis Khan
      Ramis Khan 7 days ago

      Craig N 100% agree with you
      You forgot to mention that the fight at the end with his father was quite lame considering how super strong he was,I mean the father could EASILY finish these guardians in a second but no

  • Liam Doc
    Liam Doc 12 days ago +1

    oh thank god, i was worried i was the only one who thought this movie was pretty meh. this validation

  • Huey Freeman
    Huey Freeman 12 days ago

    This movie was OK at best, I mean it had too much unnecessary humour and out of place characters but the cgi was awesome and baby groot was hands down the best part of the movie.

  • Singed420SnowinIt
    Singed420SnowinIt 12 days ago

    Praises Suicide Squad, bashes Guardians of the Galaxy 2, any credibility you had is lost.

  • Rafael Teles
    Rafael Teles 12 days ago +1

    CGi fuckfest with some nice jokes here and there, watchable. Like 99% of the superhero movies. I getting too old for this shit, lol The constant repetition is overwhelming me.

  • Dominic Ray
    Dominic Ray 12 days ago

    i like this movie more than the 1st one

  • Rown Aerith
    Rown Aerith 13 days ago

    just watched the 2nd time, at first watch it does feel disjointed, but 2nd viewing it all make sense.

  • Abbey Peters
    Abbey Peters 13 days ago

    The first one put me to sleep, and i went to see this one cuz my friend loves the movies, and i actually liked this one?

  • Tihs Eht
    Tihs Eht 13 days ago

    It's better then the first.

  • Thom Le
    Thom Le 14 days ago

    i completely disagree with him

  • Toxic Remedy
    Toxic Remedy 14 days ago

    We just did a blu ray unboxing review of this movie. Check it out on our channel right now

  • Nana.yo11 Ilarraza
    Nana.yo11 Ilarraza 15 days ago

    I kina didn't like the movie, it didn't have much of a plot and it lacked action but, I liked it enough I didn't fall asleep

  • Nico Network
    Nico Network 15 days ago

    I'm still debating on which one is better the first one or second one

  • desertoutpost13
    desertoutpost13 16 days ago +1

    Garbage of the Galaxy

  • John Rivera
    John Rivera 16 days ago +1

    it was a good movie with a great plot imo but it was a little uneventful tbh. and also it had so. many. fucking. jokes. I get this is a comedy movie as much as it is an action movie but holy shit they start the movie with a nipple joke and then it was non stop semi childish humor until yondu dies. but it was alright

  • Steve Max
    Steve Max 18 days ago

    I loved the movie. I would give it a awesometacular

  • David Castle
    David Castle 20 days ago

    I think your about right but it's way way better than Suicide Squad. I do agree with most of what you said. Good job.

  • freshtalent
    freshtalent 22 days ago

    Why 97% of American movies are about a white man' s dilemma? this is a proven fact but i am just wandering..

  • Death raider
    Death raider 23 days ago

    Yeah I’m done with these guys reviews cmon

  • Jack Drees
    Jack Drees 23 days ago +2

    I saw this movie back in May on its opening weekend. This is one of the MOST DISAPPOINTING sequels I've seen in my life. This is by no means a bad movie but it really didn't live up to its predecessor whatsoever. I loved the first Guardians, it's in my top 5 MCU movies, but this movie made me think, "What happened?"

    While the story isn't entirely discombobulated or anything, the pacing of the story is bonkers. You start with these battle sequences and then you get into a crash landing for what I recall, although then again Revenge of the Sith did that too, and believe it or not, I'd say Revenge of the Sith actually did it better because there wasn't much throughout the sequence in that movie that made me cringe.

    Baby Groot is cute, sure. But it doesn't mean the whole cuteness factor got annoying after awhile. It's almost like those couples who endlessly post pics of each other on Facebook or Instagram or something, you can say they're cute, but the point was established pictures ago. At a point, the cuteness almost seemed as forced as the humor. Granted the humor did land at times, but it doesn't change how it was occasionally forced.

    I will say though, the main villain, basically SAVED the movie.

    This movie also had great CGI, some of the best in MCU in fact, and at times, I could look at this movie, and think of when it comes to effects and cinematography, this is the MCU's Avatar.

    I have multiple pros for this movie, and multiple cons for this movie, but by MCU standards, this movie underwhelmed me.

    FINAL SCORE: 6/10, not a bad movie, but UTTERLY DISAPPOINTING.

  • Dax
    Dax 23 days ago

    So you guys hate the Star Wars prequels but love this movie what in the actual fuck

  • Mr Jammzzz27
    Mr Jammzzz27 25 days ago

    Jeremy sorry but I think you are becoming a little too snobby now.
    This was a perfect sequel.

  • CreativeWeep
    CreativeWeep 25 days ago +1

    I agree with this rating. Without looking at reviews, when I saw it myself, I was disappointed with it. Shows me I shouldn't be hyped for any movie.

  • Yacob Pearson
    Yacob Pearson 27 days ago

    I usually love your reviews but this one is way off to me. You think there was more humor in this one and not much else? This one was much more serious than the first one. Now I do find the first one better but there was much more humor in the first one. I think the second one was good because you get a lot of story about the guardians except for Drax, but in there defense there wasn't much more story to give due to them giving his story in the first one. I'd rate the second a 7.5 and the first one an 8. I enjoyed the first one more but I really loved getting to know the Guardians more. Oh shit did I just do a review? To bad no one will read this since this movie came out a while back now.

  • GlewsReviews
    GlewsReviews 27 days ago

    im sorry but bad review

  • Fadi Barakat
    Fadi Barakat 28 days ago

    I loved this movie so much you are just being an a-hole disliked video

    P.S. I respect your opinion

  • Jonathan Seitz
    Jonathan Seitz Month ago

    I like Jeremy, but this video deserves more dislikes.

  • Mitch Brown
    Mitch Brown Month ago

    Not only did I love Vol. 2, I personally think its better than Vol. 1

  • jeffrey pham
    jeffrey pham Month ago

    Fav MCU movie is winter solider or 1st iron man. Least fav was 1st captain america.

  • jeffrey pham
    jeffrey pham Month ago +1

    I agree with the review.. especially the humor part. Too many scenes forced it and a lot of bad jokes. 1st one had perfect humor/action balance. Prob why it rocks.

  • NeonTime
    NeonTime Month ago

    I agree. Most jokes didn't land and the story was super dull

  • Dragon-Lord Ember
    Dragon-Lord Ember Month ago



  • Jamison Woodson
    Jamison Woodson Month ago

    The introduction battle was great

  • Dylan C
    Dylan C Month ago

    GOTG Vol. 2 is the best Marvel movie so far

  • IndianaJonesFan
    IndianaJonesFan Month ago

    Ok, here's the thing:
    The first film clearly had a better flow. The movie mostly felt natural and it moved along just fine. This movie is packed with things (specifically jokes) that really got in the way of that. I understand that the Sovereign people kept showing up just so there was at least another villain so the Ego reveal wasn't too obvious ('cause honestly, was Tazerface gonna be the boss fight?), but it felt like so much was being launched at the audience. But I do like this movie a bit more than the first one, because of the character development.
    I saw this with my friend, and when we walked out, she said she was disappointed that Peter and Gamora didn't kiss. But I was actually very happy that they didn't, and they even commented on it with them making allusions to Cheers. The characters drove the story forward 100%. It wasn't like the first film where a generic baddie (Ronan) comes along and wants to rule the galaxy. Ego was a real character with a huge connection to Peter. The relationship between Rocket and Yondu was incredible. Yondu was my favorite character in this film, which was a great accomplishment because he seemed rather flat in the first one.
    Another thing is, this movie reminds me of one of the greatest films made, The Empire Strikes Back. The first Star Wars introduced us to these great characters, and the sequel was different, darker, and built a lot on top of the first one through great arcs. In Empire, the characters are separated for most of the movie, and it builds them up real well, so wshtf, you truly care. This movie does that, but in little groups, not only building the individual characters, but they're relationships of they people they're with (Peter and Ego, Rocket, Groot, and Yondu, Gamora and Nebula, etc.).
    And when bad things happen to these characters, you really care. In one, I was convinced that Nebula was my least favorite character in the MCU. But in this film, she was actually decent. And the emotional impact of her and her sister's relationship relied on that, because Gamora's already a good character. And the most important thing to happen in this movie is when Ego betrays Peter. I just wanna say this: I have never cried in a movie theater. But I teared up at the end of this movie. When Peter hears what Ego did to his mother, he shoots him like 20 times and it was so impactful! He crushed his walk man, an icon of the franchise. Many people, including me, are sad that it won't return for any sequels. But at the same time, Luke lost his super iconic lightsaber in Empire. This movie felt like it mattered, which is so rare.
    So I will admit many of the jokes didn't work. But the people that say this movie used humor to distract from "bad writing" are stupid, because the plot was WAY more interesting than the first. This movie was also way more fun than the first. And Ego's planet looked beautiful. So that's why I liked it more, but you're entitled to your opinion, and no triggered fanboy is going to prevent that.

  • Kendric Lee
    Kendric Lee Month ago

    So odd the movie released may 5 but this video vas posted April 24

    • Jumpy
      Jumpy Month ago

      Kendric Lee he watched it early

  • Midnight Battler
    Midnight Battler Month ago

    Jeremy has no fucking soul. He doesnt understand that Ego is Saturn. The whole story is about Saturn eating his child.

  • Sully Uddin
    Sully Uddin Month ago

    Tbh, I didn't really like the first one. Personally, I thought it was a little overrated. The second one? Kinda underwhelming...

    I guess of all MCU franchises, GOTG isn't my thing...

  • Tanner Davis
    Tanner Davis Month ago +1

    I seriously can't understand how everyone is overlooking the many issues with this movie. Honestly, I think his review was spot on.

  • TheUberNerd
    TheUberNerd Month ago

    This movie was way better than the first 1..sorry Jeremy you're wrong this time

  • Frank DiGiacomo
    Frank DiGiacomo Month ago +4

    *Watches Video

    Seems we watched the same movie

    *looks at comments

    What the fuck did you watch? I want to watch that movie

    • Rafael Teles
      Rafael Teles 12 days ago

      I had the same reaction, lol People are so alienated, the Disney brainwash is something terrifying.

  • David Quill
    David Quill Month ago

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was indeed awesome! Yeah, it's no better than the first, but it's still a must-see sequel and this film had a lot of great moments!!! For me, it's worth watching and definitely worth buying on blu-ray!!!

  • Aaron Ogden
    Aaron Ogden Month ago

    holy shit! he gave an mcu movie a negative score! i honestly didn't think he was capable. also, about that yondu movie.....yea, doubt that's happening now.

  • Miguel Rivera
    Miguel Rivera Month ago

    I'm really getting tired of Marvel shoehorning bad, annoying jokes in allot of there movies. I didn't come to watch an Adam Sandler movie, I came to watch a superhero movie. almost every move they clutter them with constant jokes every 10 seconds to the point that I can't take anything seriously because the movies don't take themselves seriously. PHASE ONE did it right.

  • Ostrich
    Ostrich Month ago

    cue roblox death noise

    i'm surprised about your opinion on this movie dude

  • Ahmet Babacan
    Ahmet Babacan Month ago +1

    This movie gets a lower score than Age of Ultron and Suicide Squad? Are you even watching the movies?

  • Nobel Playes
    Nobel Playes Month ago +5

    Volume 2 was much better volume 1

  • Lorvenskey Sandyno Jean Gilles

    Oh Shittt Not The Drunk rating πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Fanboys are butthurt rn!!!!

  • marioformer99
    marioformer99 Month ago

    When you realize he gave Transformers Dark of the Moon a better score

  • Pre Retcon Beyonder
    Pre Retcon Beyonder Month ago +1

    spot on review mu man,the movie was average as fuck,whoever laughs at these turd joker seriouly need to reconsider and however thinks this is a good movie has shit taste,this movie was oversiffed,shoved groot alot yeah we get it he is cute nothing else

  • Most Likely Mu
    Most Likely Mu Month ago +3

    gotg 2 was my empire strikes back

  • Ali Zaed
    Ali Zaed Month ago


  • Final Cut Gaming
    Final Cut Gaming Month ago +2

    I'm genuinely shocked. Has he given any of the MCU Films this low of a grade before?

  • MyName is Jeff
    MyName is Jeff Month ago

    Damn first cars 3, now this. He's had low ratings for these films

  • Andy Calvert
    Andy Calvert Month ago

    i agree with you jeremy! I feel the same way. I will watch it again though, mainly because of the humor and baby Groot.

  • Loping inc.
    Loping inc. Month ago +2

    Not only is vol. 2 in my opinion better that 1, it is the best movie in the MCU so far (pre-spidey). Every act is fulfilling and interesting and fun.

  • weirdlystrange2000
    weirdlystrange2000 Month ago +6

    Lol all these cancerous fanboys in the comments complaining about how Jeremy gave this movie a "drunk" rating while he gave Suicide Squad a "blu-ray" rating have obviously never heard of the word "OPINION".

    • Big Papa Kylo
      Big Papa Kylo 22 days ago

      weirdlystrange2000 And if this was anybody other than Jermey. You wouldn't care if they were getting criticism nor would you throw out the word opinion.

    • Most Likely Mu
      Most Likely Mu Month ago

      did you mean to comment this three times?

  • weirdlystrange2000
    weirdlystrange2000 Month ago

    Lol all these cancerous fanboys in the comments complaining about how Jeremy gave this movie a "drunk" rating while he gave Suicide Squad a "blu-ray" rating have obviously never heard of the word "OPINION".

  • weirdlystrange2000
    weirdlystrange2000 Month ago

    Lol all these cancerous fanboys in the comments complaining about how Jeremy gave this movie a "drunk" rating while he gave Suicide Squad a "blu-ray" rating have obviously never heard of the word "OPINION".

    MTWENTY Month ago

    I honestly think my biggest gripe with the movie was the soundtrack. The first one had a lot of variety with iconic and fun songs that were vastly different from one another. This movie has maybe 2 pop
    songs that I loved while the rest were too similar to another or just forgettable.

  • TheSuperGSS Norris
    TheSuperGSS Norris Month ago

    lies, they can all be gold

  • David Giles
    David Giles Month ago

    Fully Agreed.

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord Month ago

    Are you retarded Jeremy?

  • Philip J. Fry
    Philip J. Fry Month ago +1

    Says Suicide Squad was Awesometactular, says that he won't Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 again.

  • Landon Bangerter
    Landon Bangerter Month ago

    Buy it on blue-ray.

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