Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 - Movie Review

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  • Jonathan Seitz
    Jonathan Seitz 1 day ago

    I like Jeremy, but this video deserves more dislikes.

  • Mitch Brown
    Mitch Brown 1 day ago

    Not only did I love Vol. 2, I personally think its better than Vol. 1

  • jeffrey pham
    jeffrey pham 1 day ago

    Fav MCU movie is winter solider or 1st iron man. Least fav was 1st captain america.

  • jeffrey pham
    jeffrey pham 1 day ago

    I agree with the review.. especially the humor part. Too many scenes forced it and a lot of bad jokes. 1st one had perfect humor/action balance. Prob why it rocks.

  • NeonTime
    NeonTime 2 days ago

    I agree. Most jokes didn't land and the story was super dull

  • Dragon-Lord Ember
    Dragon-Lord Ember 7 days ago



  • Jamison Woodson
    Jamison Woodson 7 days ago

    The introduction battle was great

  • Dylan C
    Dylan C 8 days ago

    GOTG Vol. 2 is the best Marvel movie so far

  • IndianaJonesFan
    IndianaJonesFan 9 days ago

    Ok, here's the thing:
    The first film clearly had a better flow. The movie mostly felt natural and it moved along just fine. This movie is packed with things (specifically jokes) that really got in the way of that. I understand that the Sovereign people kept showing up just so there was at least another villain so the Ego reveal wasn't too obvious ('cause honestly, was Tazerface gonna be the boss fight?), but it felt like so much was being launched at the audience. But I do like this movie a bit more than the first one, because of the character development.
    I saw this with my friend, and when we walked out, she said she was disappointed that Peter and Gamora didn't kiss. But I was actually very happy that they didn't, and they even commented on it with them making allusions to Cheers. The characters drove the story forward 100%. It wasn't like the first film where a generic baddie (Ronan) comes along and wants to rule the galaxy. Ego was a real character with a huge connection to Peter. The relationship between Rocket and Yondu was incredible. Yondu was my favorite character in this film, which was a great accomplishment because he seemed rather flat in the first one.
    Another thing is, this movie reminds me of one of the greatest films made, The Empire Strikes Back. The first Star Wars introduced us to these great characters, and the sequel was different, darker, and built a lot on top of the first one through great arcs. In Empire, the characters are separated for most of the movie, and it builds them up real well, so wshtf, you truly care. This movie does that, but in little groups, not only building the individual characters, but they're relationships of they people they're with (Peter and Ego, Rocket, Groot, and Yondu, Gamora and Nebula, etc.).
    And when bad things happen to these characters, you really care. In one, I was convinced that Nebula was my least favorite character in the MCU. But in this film, she was actually decent. And the emotional impact of her and her sister's relationship relied on that, because Gamora's already a good character. And the most important thing to happen in this movie is when Ego betrays Peter. I just wanna say this: I have never cried in a movie theater. But I teared up at the end of this movie. When Peter hears what Ego did to his mother, he shoots him like 20 times and it was so impactful! He crushed his walk man, an icon of the franchise. Many people, including me, are sad that it won't return for any sequels. But at the same time, Luke lost his super iconic lightsaber in Empire. This movie felt like it mattered, which is so rare.
    So I will admit many of the jokes didn't work. But the people that say this movie used humor to distract from "bad writing" are stupid, because the plot was WAY more interesting than the first. This movie was also way more fun than the first. And Ego's planet looked beautiful. So that's why I liked it more, but you're entitled to your opinion, and no triggered fanboy is going to prevent that.

  • Kendric Lee
    Kendric Lee 10 days ago

    So odd the movie released may 5 but this video vas posted April 24

    • Jumpy
      Jumpy 5 days ago

      Kendric Lee he watched it early

  • Frost Seven
    Frost Seven 11 days ago

    Jeremy has no fucking soul. He doesnt understand that Ego is Saturn. The whole story is about Saturn eating his child.

  • Sully Uddin
    Sully Uddin 11 days ago

    Tbh, I didn't really like the first one. Personally, I thought it was a little overrated. The second one? Kinda underwhelming...

    I guess of all MCU franchises, GOTG isn't my thing...

  • Tanner Davis
    Tanner Davis 13 days ago

    I seriously can't understand how everyone is overlooking the many issues with this movie. Honestly, I think his review was spot on.

  • TheUberNerd
    TheUberNerd 13 days ago

    This movie was way better than the first 1..sorry Jeremy you're wrong this time

  • Frank DiGiacomo
    Frank DiGiacomo 16 days ago +2

    *Watches Video

    Seems we watched the same movie

    *looks at comments

    What the fuck did you watch? I want to watch that movie

  • David Quill
    David Quill 18 days ago

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was indeed awesome! Yeah, it's no better than the first, but it's still a must-see sequel and this film had a lot of great moments!!! For me, it's worth watching and definitely worth buying on blu-ray!!!

  • Aaron Ogden
    Aaron Ogden 19 days ago

    holy shit! he gave an mcu movie a negative score! i honestly didn't think he was capable. also, about that yondu movie.....yea, doubt that's happening now.

  • Miguel Rivera
    Miguel Rivera 20 days ago

    I'm really getting tired of Marvel shoehorning bad, annoying jokes in allot of there movies. I didn't come to watch an Adam Sandler movie, I came to watch a superhero movie. almost every move they clutter them with constant jokes every 10 seconds to the point that I can't take anything seriously because the movies don't take themselves seriously. PHASE ONE did it right.

  • Ostrich
    Ostrich 21 day ago

    cue roblox death noise

    i'm surprised about your opinion on this movie dude

  • Ahmet Babacan
    Ahmet Babacan 21 day ago +1

    This movie gets a lower score than Age of Ultron and Suicide Squad? Are you even watching the movies?

  • Nobel Playes
    Nobel Playes 21 day ago +3

    Volume 2 was much better volume 1

  • Lorvenskey Sandyno Jean Gilles

    Oh Shittt Not The Drunk rating 😂😂😂😂 Fanboys are butthurt rn!!!!

  • marioformer99
    marioformer99 22 days ago

    When you realize he gave Transformers Dark of the Moon a better score

  • Pre Retcon Beyonder
    Pre Retcon Beyonder 22 days ago

    spot on review mu man,the movie was average as fuck,whoever laughs at these turd joker seriouly need to reconsider and however thinks this is a good movie has shit taste,this movie was oversiffed,shoved groot alot yeah we get it he is cute nothing else

  • Most Likely Mu
    Most Likely Mu 23 days ago +2

    gotg 2 was my empire strikes back

  • Ali Zaed
    Ali Zaed 23 days ago


  • Final Cut Gaming
    Final Cut Gaming 24 days ago +2

    I'm genuinely shocked. Has he given any of the MCU Films this low of a grade before?

  • MyName is Jeff
    MyName is Jeff 24 days ago

    Damn first cars 3, now this. He's had low ratings for these films

  • Andy Calvert
    Andy Calvert 24 days ago

    i agree with you jeremy! I feel the same way. I will watch it again though, mainly because of the humor and baby Groot.

  • Loping inc.
    Loping inc. 25 days ago +2

    Not only is vol. 2 in my opinion better that 1, it is the best movie in the MCU so far (pre-spidey). Every act is fulfilling and interesting and fun.

  • weirdlystrange2000
    weirdlystrange2000 25 days ago +3

    Lol all these cancerous fanboys in the comments complaining about how Jeremy gave this movie a "drunk" rating while he gave Suicide Squad a "blu-ray" rating have obviously never heard of the word "OPINION".

  • weirdlystrange2000
    weirdlystrange2000 25 days ago

    Lol all these cancerous fanboys in the comments complaining about how Jeremy gave this movie a "drunk" rating while he gave Suicide Squad a "blu-ray" rating have obviously never heard of the word "OPINION".

  • weirdlystrange2000
    weirdlystrange2000 25 days ago

    Lol all these cancerous fanboys in the comments complaining about how Jeremy gave this movie a "drunk" rating while he gave Suicide Squad a "blu-ray" rating have obviously never heard of the word "OPINION".

    MTWENTY 25 days ago

    I honestly think my biggest gripe with the movie was the soundtrack. The first one had a lot of variety with iconic and fun songs that were vastly different from one another. This movie has maybe 2 pop
    songs that I loved while the rest were too similar to another or just forgettable.

  • TheSuperGSS Norris
    TheSuperGSS Norris 25 days ago

    lies, they can all be gold

  • David Giles
    David Giles 26 days ago

    Fully Agreed.

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord 27 days ago

    Are you retarded Jeremy?

  • Philip J. Fry
    Philip J. Fry 27 days ago +1

    Says Suicide Squad was Awesometactular, says that he won't Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 again.

  • Landon Bangerter
    Landon Bangerter 27 days ago

    Buy it on blue-ray.

  • Merc Fusion18rx
    Merc Fusion18rx 28 days ago

    Vol 2 was amazing tho

  • Darksky1001able
    Darksky1001able 28 days ago

    Can we all agree that the poster for this film SUCKS compared to the original Star Wars posters? And i mean the ones when they first came out.

  • Amanah Shaikh
    Amanah Shaikh 28 days ago

    and theres gold people

  • Patrick Mullins
    Patrick Mullins 29 days ago

    Every review I've seen so far gives it a great review for "what it is", but this review nailed my perspective. It had some good parts, but as a whole it did not flow. It was good, but unless I was drunk, I'd never watch it again and I saw the first one FOUR times in the movie theater because it was so good.

  • OneWingedHoneybee
    OneWingedHoneybee 1 month ago

    I actually found a lot of issues with the movie too, I didn't dislike it but I had a LOT of problems with it.

  • Robert Hall
    Robert Hall 1 month ago

    I loved it

  • morning morality
    morning morality 1 month ago

    I don't know this movie was way better than the first.

    The villain in vol 1 was flat and had no personality, the jokes were funny but fell short in places especially in the end.

    I felt the second movie did what the first movie did but a lot better. Baby groot I don't know about him being an idiot was funny but after a while I felt he was more a liability especially the scene where they were trying to get him to get the fin. It was funny the first 2 times but after a while I felt like he was too dum to get it.

    Yes technically he is a baby but I'm not entirely sure how his biology works.

    But other than that and the reason why his mother got brain cancer I don't see much flaws in it I loved it better than the first at least

  • Rem Music
    Rem Music 1 month ago

    The humor was cringy and try-hard.

  • Nightfury 1507
    Nightfury 1507 1 month ago

    I've got to say this before anybody else has the chance ... I'm merry poppins yall

  • Stepchild06
    Stepchild06 1 month ago

    a lot of scenes have me thinking HOW...the scene where Gamora is sitting in the field and Nebula comes from NO WHERE in a ship and starts blasting her....maybe i missed something,but how did she find her ???
    a simple 30 second scene where Nebula does a life sign scan and pinpoints her would have worked....and yeah they are the Guardians of the Galaxy....but doing a 3 point landing from a fall lasting hundreds of meters or lifting that BUG ASS gun to shot ebula....COME ON....I dont believe it...Yondu was the best,but i dont care to watch it again any time the kept riding on Drax dumb humor to much

  • lel
    lel 1 month ago

    i saw this movie on fathers day gonna say right now this and logan are the best fathers day movies u can watch

  • Xian Videos
    Xian Videos 1 month ago

    I know I'm very late commenting on this video now and I love this guys reviews but I don't think he knows much about comic books.

  • Izzy Rozali
    Izzy Rozali 1 month ago

    I agree with Jeremy. I was disappointed to say the least.

  • Rob36622
    Rob36622 1 month ago +1

    I get that Jeremy didn't like this movie. I don't need every critic I like to validate my opinion on film. What I think is strange is just how he seemed to really enjoy Suicide Squad when, in my opinion, it had every problem this film had multiple times over.

  • Todd Knaperek
    Todd Knaperek 1 month ago

    The Sovereign kind of reminded me of the Nazis in the Blues Brothers.

  • mat sh
    mat sh 1 month ago +1

    No one has mentioned this.
    Drax (Bautista) has the best fake laugh I have ever heard.

  • Ariel Mc fangirl Mendez

    It's a good thing I went to see this movie and it was f****ing awesome!

  • The Epic E
    The Epic E 1 month ago

    00:22 OMG he voiced just turned into keemstar!

  • darthdude sith
    darthdude sith 1 month ago +1

    2nd movie was garbage, kurt russell musta been hard up for work

  • Amelia Doubleyou
    Amelia Doubleyou 1 month ago

    Okay, so I definitely am the only person who enjoyed *First Avenger* more than *Winter Soldier*. Great!
    (still liked *Winter Soldier* a lot though, just really like pulp-y type adventure movies)

    JOHN BOKO SHOW 1 month ago +2

    Guardians of the Galaxy = Man of Steel
    Guardians of the Galaxy 2 = Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice
    James Gunn =Zack Snyder
    Joss Whedon = Zack Snyder

      JOHN BOKO SHOW 18 days ago

      Because he's doing it for a quick paycheck that's why he's coming back for Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and you prove my point on Disney not allowing Directors to do as they want and James Gunn is tired and it show with Guardians of the Galaxy 2 my friend and I have enough having this discussion with you leave me in peace and by the way the robot brother Disney will allow that if it's only not scary and suitable for kids and it is.

    • Most Likely Mu
      Most Likely Mu 18 days ago

      lol u do understand there was a robot brothel in gotg 2, something Disney would never allow if they constantly had their hands on the film. there's no evidence for that claim or the one that james gunn is already bored. if he was, why would he have already announced himself to direct gotg 3?

      JOHN BOKO SHOW 18 days ago

      Whatever believe what you want to believe Marvel fanboy I think James Gunn is tired of making these movies after Guardians of the Galaxy 1 and I didn't prove your point at all because from what I know that you don't understand that the Guardians of the Galaxy movies are a Action, Superhero, Comedy, Drama films and Disney and Marvel and many other studios don't give directors freedom in making their movies the only directors that gotten control over their own movies so far is George Lucas and Tim Miller for Deadpool so that's bullshit and this is fyi later.

    • Most Likely Mu
      Most Likely Mu 18 days ago

      You just proved my point they're completely different genres (Also worth noting gotg definitely isn't a drama). And fyi James Gunn definitely did NOT get tired. If you've been following him recently you'd see that the guys been having the time of his life with gotg 2. He got a massive amount of creative freedom and arguably gotg 2 is even more of his vision than the first.

      JOHN BOKO SHOW 19 days ago

      Man of Steel genre Superhero, Drama, Action Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice genre is Superhero, Action, Thriller, Drama and Guardians of the Galaxy 1 genre is Superhero, Drama, Action, Comedy
      Guardians of the Galaxy 2 genre is Superhero, Action, Drama, Comedy and both of the are similar and because Guardians of the Galaxy 1 was great and Man of Steel was great ( In my opinion ) and both Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 are disappointments and didn't live up to the hype and anticipation as their were marketed and James Gunn got tired and Zack Snyder got tired and they don't give a shit and same thing with Joss Whedon they all got tired after they make their first superhero movies.

  • Drax
    Drax 1 month ago +6


  • Bryce Bitetti
    Bryce Bitetti 1 month ago

    I think Jeremy's kind of missing the point on the film. Sure the plot was sloppy, but that was also the case in Civil War, and he likes that movie okay. Like that movie, the plot is compromised in service of providing more character depth, and advancing them further. I just feel like he didn't see that. Also, like most, I also disagree with him on Suicide Squad, I personally think that movie is terrible. However, that's just my opinion of course.

  • Lego Machinex
    Lego Machinex 1 month ago +1

    I don't think we saw the same movie

  • Hank Elliott
    Hank Elliott 1 month ago


  • Demon Sunset
    Demon Sunset 1 month ago

    Oh god thank you someone else finally found the reason the first movie was better. HUMOR DOESN'T MAKE A DISJOINTED STORY WORK!

  • Bathuu
    Bathuu 1 month ago

    "it's not ripe"

  • Solid Sorensen
    Solid Sorensen 1 month ago

    I have no idea why you wouldn't see this again! I had two free tickets and no one to go with... I think I WILL see it again!!

  • Techno Drone 406
    Techno Drone 406 1 month ago

    Jeremy what did you ate at the theater popcorns and soda or weed brownies and tequila

  • CrimsonCeltCherokee
    CrimsonCeltCherokee 1 month ago +1

    usually i agree with Jeremy for the most part but lately i have been disagreeing with him a lot: Rogue One, Kong: Skull Island,and now Gotg2. Its kinda weird. I never disagree with him this much. Maybe its that he's has been doing this for so long he's getting critic fatigue, and me who does not have the time or money to see all these movies in a year has not gotten his perspective.

  • carlee elizabeth
    carlee elizabeth 1 month ago +1

    as someone who really didn't like guardians vol. 1 i was really pleasantly surprised at how much i enjoyed guardians vol. 2 (though your criticisms about it are valid).

  • Terry Meare
    Terry Meare 1 month ago

    I totally agree. It was good but nowhere near as good as the first. Guardians 1 is my favourite movie in the mcu, so maybe overhyped it a little.

  • dpq22
    dpq22 1 month ago

    Jeremy the reason I watch your reviews even after seeing the movie is because you really know how to articulate exactly what I was thinking and why I didn't REALLY like the movie. Thank you for being such a fantastic movie snob.

  • Kol Is life
    Kol Is life 1 month ago

    I don't agree with you

    CRAZZYasRUSSIANS 1 month ago

    I respect your opinion man but on this one I got to disagree

  • Aimopotis 80
    Aimopotis 80 1 month ago

    I also found the story flat, luck of action I totally agree with the dude

  • Renaldy Calixte
    Renaldy Calixte 1 month ago

    Favorite: Cap 2 Winter Soldier
    Least Favorite: Iron Man 2

  • Renaldy Calixte
    Renaldy Calixte 1 month ago

    😂😂Jeremy knows he messed up with the rating. I get why he disliked certain parts of the movie but I still like it better than the 1st one.

  • Renaldy Calixte
    Renaldy Calixte 1 month ago

    Woah! I thought u were gonna say good time no alcohol required Jeremy! WHY JEREMY JAHNS WHY DO YOU NEED BEER FOR GOTG2!!

  • stephen srey
    stephen srey 1 month ago

    I think you are spot on with your review.

  • Mike Norton
    Mike Norton 1 month ago +1

    You're my "go to" guy when it comes to movie reviews and this is one of the first times we've ever disagreed on the review. One of the things I love about your reviews is they tend to come from a fan/geek who knows a ton about movies (and you are); however, this time you seemed to be more like a traditional uptight movie critic. Are you losing your way a little?

  • Francesca Eddington
    Francesca Eddington 1 month ago

    The first two seasons of American Horror Story are the only good ones. And why are you so critical and analyse this film in depth but didn't do the same for Alien Covenant? You kinda just skimped over everything and didn't seem to give a slid opinion or say what you really did or didn't like about it. I'm curious because I thought it was shit. Looks great, predictable and bad though.

  • Lucas Kambeitz
    Lucas Kambeitz 1 month ago

    So far my list is

    1. Guardians of the Galaxy
    2. Iron Man
    3. The Avengers
    4. Captain America: Civil War
    5. Cap: The Winter Soldier
    6. Iron Man 3
    7. Ant-Man
    8. Guardians of the Galaxy 2
    9. The First Avenger
    10. Doctor Strange
    11. Age of Ultron
    12. Thor: The Dark World
    13. Thor
    14. Iron Man 2
    15. The Incredible Hulk

    1. Daredevil S1
    2. Daredevil S2
    3. Jessica Jones
    4. Luke Cage
    5. Iron Fist

    1. Agents of Shield
    2. Agent Carter

  • Morgan Ren
    Morgan Ren 1 month ago +1

    DON'T WATCH THIS REVIEW! This guy has no idea what he's talking about. GOTG 1 & 2 had ground breaking moments. The action intro in GOTG 2 scene is going to become popular in big budget movies. James Gunn is an amazing writer and director.

  • Cloras Fauna
    Cloras Fauna 1 month ago +1

    Pssh this review is Garbage, the movie was the best and heartfelt. Many reviewers complain that they want character development and this movie did have that. Mediocre review Jermy.

  • Leo
    Leo 1 month ago +1

    Most accurate movie review of all time. Fuck the bandwagoners.

  • Sophie Hartland
    Sophie Hartland 1 month ago +1

    Pretty much the only review of yours I've strongly disagreed with on all accounts. They fleshed out the characters, showed what each of them are capable together and separately (like rockets kick ass scene) and most importantly for me- it was different. Really fresh humour, sequences I've never seen in anything before and a level of emotion they aced. Even the gold twats didn't make bored as it was so interesting to see these characters interact and bounce off each other. Love my marvel movies and this is up there for me. As always though, I like to hear your opinion Jeremy.

  • RyanWallyPlayz
    RyanWallyPlayz 1 month ago

    I disagree with this one

  • Unique_Aether
    Unique_Aether 1 month ago +1

    Am I crazy for liking Vol. 2 more than the 1st? Cause I loved the movie, so am I crazy for loving this movie as much as I do?

  • Ravi Tolani
    Ravi Tolani 1 month ago +2

    really agree. fucking shit movie .. I was literly sleeping during movie. slow .. fucked up. wasted time and money ..

  • CryinOwl
    CryinOwl 1 month ago +1

    Perfect review. Saw it last night and agree with everything Jeremy says! Disjointed, dragged out action and jokes... Not a bad film, but not in the top ten MCU films for sure!

  • Robby Shaffer
    Robby Shaffer 1 month ago

    So much better than the 1st doe

  • Can't Be Fucking Bothered

    As much fun as it was, there's not much there beyond entertaining fluff.

  • Maclean Samis
    Maclean Samis 1 month ago

    Can not agree with this review. I was 110% sober and I loved it! It was better than the first imo.

  • child step
    child step 1 month ago

    to be Frank i won't remember guardians 2 in T minus 1 day

  • Spiros A.
    Spiros A. 1 month ago +2

    I AM GROOT!!! 😡😡😡

  • Janice Broadhead
    Janice Broadhead 1 month ago

    Drax:"You remind me of my daughter." Mantis:"Disgusting?"

  • A
    A 1 month ago

    I thought this was a good movie and I loved it but to many jokes

    THE RAM 1 month ago

    I thought this was paced well compared to any other modern movie

    THE RAM 1 month ago

    this is the best marvel movie I've ever seen

  • Omar Alor
    Omar Alor 1 month ago

    I liked this movie better than the first one.

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