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  • I actually didn't think this would be possible, but with the help of some friends and a lot of planning we were able to accomplish something that might just be the greatest thing we've ever done.

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    Giant Sushi Roll
    5000 Calories Per Slice
    1 Sushi Roll

    With Sushi Rice Prepared : 20 minutes
    • Asian Restaurant

    • 2 Ahi Tuna Rolls
    • 1 Shrimp Tempura Roll
    • 1 Avocado Roll
    • 2 Spicy Salmon Rolls
    • 2 Salmon & Avocado Rolls
    • 2 Crab Rolls
    • 1 Tuna Roll
    • 1 Sushi Burrito
    • Sushi Rice (2 lbs)
    • Seaweed Paper

    1. Roll up all of your inner core sushi rolls including the sushi burrito.
    2. Carefully take seaweed paper (with some sushi rice on the end to bind), and press more seaweed paper to make a long sushi paper.
    3. Press sushi rice carefully onto the giant seaweed paper to "glue" the pieces together.
    4. Leaving about a foot of prepared seaweed paper and rice on one end start stacking the prepared sushi rolls inside of the sushi.
    5. Carefully wrap the seaweed paper around the sushi rolls and continue to roll until rolled in full.
    6. Slice in half and take a bite for the hellth of it!
    Disclaimer: Nutrition Facts are estimated through MyFitnessPal and should act as a general guideline. It does not represent any actual facts.

    ES_Point Break 1 - Tomas Skyldeberg
    ES_What A Way To Go (Cospe Remix) - Sebastian Forslund
    ES_Control (Instrumental Version) - Da Tooby
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    Alexandra Rivera 29 days ago

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  • FaceBaby
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  • Harambe reincarnated
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    my husband would love this!!!

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    could you replicate the ramen sauce found in
    Samyang Spicy Fried Chicken Noodles (Buldalk Bokkeum Myeon) that would be amazing if you did. thanks!

  • Valeria Abrego
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    MY DREAM IS REAL!!!!!!

  • Kirayz GT
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    Most of the time Julia said its the best thing that they ever done 😂

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  • Set Pisey
    Set Pisey 1 month ago

    I'M a Asian

    NEᏇ ᎽᎾRᏦ 1 month ago

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