Heidi Klum's Response to Donald Trump

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  • ImJust Me
    ImJust Me Hour ago

    Shit...Trump said this amazingly gorgeous tall woman, who makes me question my own sexuality is not a 10...well mr. Trump you right, she is not a 10...she is a 100000000.

  • Dziugas Balciunas
    Dziugas Balciunas 8 hours ago

    she is not a 10, she is an 11

  • pat mendoza
    pat mendoza Day ago

    You have lies, coz lies stay in dirty hair...yikes...shampoo hair almost everyday...yikes, lies....

  • Kevin Bolsajian
    Kevin Bolsajian 2 days ago

    She looks like Ivanka trump

  • roxanneworld11
    roxanneworld11 2 days ago

    omg, ellen needs lice info training?..regular shampoo and water, let alone bathing, 🛀 can get rid of lice!..anyone who actually *believes* that bu11sh*t, please, study up!...just smdh. 👎👎👎👎

  • Bonnie _
    Bonnie _ 3 days ago


  • Dominica White
    Dominica White 3 days ago +1

    Love Heidi's accent

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  • Michael Schuster
    Michael Schuster 5 days ago

    Die Alte sieht ohne Schminke einfach grauenhaft aus, aber hier sieht man gut wie man das kaschieren kann. Ohne scheiss da habe ich bei mir in der Gegend schon hübschere ältere Frauen gesehen wie diese überbewertete Hedi Klum die sich ihren Erfolg auch noch ervögelt hat. aber gut das ist ein anderes Thema :)

  • Daniel Boulanger
    Daniel Boulanger 9 days ago


  • Michael Schmidt
    Michael Schmidt 10 days ago

    Angela Merkel has done very well? What the hell is she smoking?

  • Surekha Sarfare
    Surekha Sarfare 11 days ago +1

    Love from India🇮🇳💞

  • America Pride
    America Pride 14 days ago

    She saying Germany a good country

  • KagamineNekoRin Nya
    KagamineNekoRin Nya 14 days ago

    Bitch... He ain't very beautiful himself...

  • Vedad Resic
    Vedad Resic 15 days ago

    Spoiler alert she didnt win hhahaha

  • Amal Abdul haque
    Amal Abdul haque 16 days ago +1

    obama= +1000
    hillary=+50(not because she is good its because trump is the worst)
    trump= your worst nightmare multiplied by your worst nightmare's worst nightmare multiplied by the views of despacito and side to sidecombined together

  • Stranger Danger
    Stranger Danger 20 days ago

    Ellen is just mad that cocksukn Obama is gone, and Merkel is a traitor to her country...how stupid are these two liberal fucks

  • Maria Griffin
    Maria Griffin 22 days ago

    She's so skinny... I'm afraid she'll faint or something.

  • Wishmaster333
    Wishmaster333 22 days ago

    Ya Germany has a woman leader and the refugee and rape crisis is soaring. Ya great job Germany.

  • Sunshine x
    Sunshine x 23 days ago

    0:56 Angela Merkel

  • N7MS A
    N7MS A 23 days ago

    you show is the best show

  • colsome miah
    colsome miah 25 days ago

    when is she gonna find her best accessory:Seal. He is extraordinary looking: she's just another typical beautiful but not unusual: Seal is an original: lips, voice, bod, bone structure. Tempus Fugits and you will need each other cuz you're a family

  • DearMakeUpDiary
    DearMakeUpDiary 25 days ago

    Trump is a sick man.. why is he always rating and judging women by their looks? Even his own daughter! Yes, he is a man but he's also a public figure and now the President of a country. That's quite disrespectful. "No longer a 10"... how about taking a look on the mirror and tagging himself with a number?

  • MrRombo11
    MrRombo11 26 days ago

    Heidi is the one in America's got talent

  • Militarycop 342
    Militarycop 342 26 days ago

    We need to build a wall

  • Ian Sproston
    Ian Sproston 27 days ago


  • Byane Nafs
    Byane Nafs 28 days ago

    First election when common people were able to understand the fights mainly because of Trump. Otherwise politicians fight fight and fight and hardly intensity of the conflict is comprehensible to common public.

  • Tallia Winters
    Tallia Winters 29 days ago

    Sooo, Ellen agrees Heidi is no longer a 10?

  • Sarah Jones
    Sarah Jones 29 days ago

    Heidi Klum is gorgeous and sweet! What does she have to do with the election?! Trump shouldn't have said anything about her!

  • Bárbara Fonseca
    Bárbara Fonseca Month ago

    beautiful, smart, funny and witty

  • Patrick Hermann
    Patrick Hermann Month ago

    some people are not meant to born onto this plant like Muslims Chinese and some other yellow monkeys

  • America Pride
    America Pride Month ago

    Too bad she likes Hillary she would be a 10 if she liked trump

  • Sophia Lipker
    Sophia Lipker Month ago

    And this proves, TRUMP IS A SEXIST PIG!!!

  • rouaa minbox vlogs and challenges

    how old is she is 2017

  • Ioliecute
    Ioliecute Month ago

    lice go to clean heads ellennnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Etienne Rossouw
    Etienne Rossouw Month ago

    Lets face it. She is not a 10, never has been, never will be. She is at LEAST a 14. Even if she has bad taste in men.

  • Akayy !
    Akayy ! Month ago

    Thats true that she is not a 10 anymore.. She is a fucking 15 now DAYUM!

  • Vi Chea
    Vi Chea Month ago

    I'm in love with this show

  • EM 34
    EM 34 Month ago

    We don't need a women, we didn't get a women. We got a great man that cares about our county and is a Christian, Pro-Life, Gun Carrying, Conservative American. TRUMP 2020 KEEP MAKING AMERICA GRATER AGING.

  • BritneyJean
    BritneyJean Month ago

    Trump is just a jealous old fart.

  • Angel Dust
    Angel Dust Month ago

    Mr, Ellen stop looking at Heidi like that , you already have a wife/ husband !

  • George
    George Month ago

    she's sooooooooo thin its like anorexia

  • Rick JiMo
    Rick JiMo Month ago

    of course, Hillary doesn't compare to Angela, so in this case the fact that they are both women is irrelevant

  • Jeff Burton
    Jeff Burton Month ago

    Trump baby!!!!

  • Diane Owen
    Diane Owen Month ago

    What gives the fat ugly creep the right to judge anyone?

  • slnlpfrtg
    slnlpfrtg Month ago

    Why does a president publicly rates women from 1 to 10 anyways? 😂

  • Angel Face
    Angel Face Month ago

    He's always been a 1...this rich old ugly losers always think they can judge woman's looks when they look like roadkill...that's because too many IDIOT pretty women don't turn them down ugh :/

  • SwaggerNauts365
    SwaggerNauts365 Month ago

    Why do we 'NEED' a woman? We don't NEED a woman. I am not against the idea, but to say it is automatically the best option or that it is a necessity just because she's a woman is ridiculous.

  • Naddii TheQueen Holler

    I don't get how that poor excuse of a man even have the nerve to vote women on a scale from 0-10, when he clearly are the most ugly person to walk on this planet.. And by saying that, I mean both his personality and appearance are rotten to the core with ugliness. {(>_<)}

  • urlittlegirllost
    urlittlegirllost Month ago

    I'm so tired of hearing the "Woman Thing" It just makes me sad. We are all just people. Grow up Humans.

  • Jithu Nair
    Jithu Nair Month ago

    Yeeeee indiaaaaa

  • Rökhoal
    Rökhoal Month ago +1

    die tut im deutschen fernsehen immer einen auf ami, aber die hat den schlimmsten deutschen akzent den ich je gehört hab. da hör ich lieber lothar 5 stunden zu, als des hier fertig zu schauen. geht gar nicht. 2 gesichter die frau.. da als ob sie die süsseste der welt is.. würd stefan raab die interviewen wär die kalt die ein block. die denkt dies was besseres wenn sie mal 5 minuten in dland rumtorkelt.

  • Mckenzie the Unicorn

    "Heidi is no longer a ten"
    Heidi is a flipping 9000,

    But seriously, women should not be judged by numbers, if we were, I'd have a big fat 1 stapled to my face🙁

  • Rav Bhattson
    Rav Bhattson 2 months ago

    Need a woman, what a logic?
    Fuck Feminazism

  • Tyler Gleason
    Tyler Gleason 2 months ago

    I Agree with Heidi, and she is my favorite judge on agt

  • Funny Fails Tv
    Funny Fails Tv 2 months ago

    Of course they agree about having women in office bottom line is this country has had male presidents from the start and it just so happens Hillary wasn't president due to votes women "feminist inperticular are arguing for women to be in all these positions.Men and women think very differently and it's just how it is but there getting into legal arguments ETC because the guys have had these rolls.The average home n the 1900 was that the man works for the family because they make more than women and the women makes food cleans ETC.now and days women want to have all these rolls.These following fields have been dominated by males for centuries president,scientist,chemist and a lot of other things having to do with the chemical and science field.SO JUST HOW MUCH WILL THESE CHANGES AFFECT ARE COUNTRY AS WE KNOW IT TODAY???

  • Lisa
    Lisa 2 months ago

    Dieser Moment, wenn man sich an den Teil von GNTM erinnert XD

  • I just want a washcloth

    "Do you bathe?" Ellen, sweetie, you have to have a clean head in order for lice to want to live on it

  • apommy mommy
    apommy mommy 2 months ago

    liberals being liberals.

  • annatsukiya
    annatsukiya 2 months ago

    Welp, Trump won.. Seems like that women didn't win after all..

  • Hildegard Irgendwas
    Hildegard Irgendwas 2 months ago

    you're damn right mr. trump. heidi klum isn't a 10 out of ten. she's a fucking 11 out of ten.

  • Hildegard Irgendwas
    Hildegard Irgendwas 2 months ago

    Lacht mal bitte alle unter meinem Kommentar, dann denken die Amis, dass ich ben Witz gerissen hab. 😂

  • Liberals are RACIST they are pro racial INEQUALITY

    42? she looks way older than 42.

    Liberals hate Christians

  • LeninaHuxley
    LeninaHuxley 2 months ago

    Bad news, Trump: she IS a ten.

  • This-is ANIME
    This-is ANIME 2 months ago

    Heidi is 42?!? She looks soooooooo
    young though! 👍

  • Moe Marino
    Moe Marino 2 months ago

    shes 10 and always be a ten!

  • joshua frank
    joshua frank 2 months ago


  • Yeet incognito
    Yeet incognito 2 months ago

    Fuck you Heidi GO TRUMP!!

  • Kristina Rico
    Kristina Rico 3 months ago

    Heidi Klum is so beautiful inside and out

    EASY CAT 3 months ago


  • Morris Laurent
    Morris Laurent 3 months ago

    Heidi Klum is a fucking retard.

  • Andy Ramos
    Andy Ramos 3 months ago

    If Hiedi is no longer a 10 than his wife isn't either

  • Cole pritchard
    Cole pritchard 3 months ago

    Is Heidi german

  • Shi Cruisin'
    Shi Cruisin' 3 months ago

    Angela Merkel is doing a good job....?! Whaaaaaahahahahahaaaaa! Dumb blond :P She killed Europe with her refugee crap!
    Oh and Heidi, nanananaaaaaaa! The "woman" LOST the election :D Thank God! Go PRESIDENT Trump! :))

  • The Deleted Channel
    The Deleted Channel 3 months ago

    It would be nice to have a woman, but not that woman

  • Jon A
    Jon A 4 months ago


  • Mónica García Holtzmann

    modo retrato. iphone...menuda GILIPOLLEZ

  • vermilion J
    vermilion J 4 months ago

    A dyke and a mudshark dictating what normal white Americans should feel and think and say.

  • Trashboat500
    Trashboat500 4 months ago

    All these democrats make me cringe

  • Vegan 7
    Vegan 7 4 months ago

    Why are you nude ?

  • ProblemBoy Official
    ProblemBoy Official 4 months ago

    Trump is German and so is Heidi...

  • z3rocool713
    z3rocool713 4 months ago

    Mad TV brought me here. they portraigth her as a fuckin voice annoying retard. but Na, shes freakin hot and funnu

  • Stufkat nuss
    Stufkat nuss 4 months ago

    Heidi ist selbst in amerikanischen Shows anstrengend.

  • ohhhSmooth
    ohhhSmooth 4 months ago

    please america keep her,... don't let her come back to germany for stupid Topmodel shows,....

  • EliBRRR
    EliBRRR 4 months ago

    Donald trump is a cunt, he's mad because he's not a ten, never has been never will be and he's pissy because he's an old cunt who could never get someone who looks as good as Heidi tbh.

    • Wolf Pack Armoury
      Wolf Pack Armoury 4 months ago

      Eliana Brown, Trump doesn't wanna hit it unless it's a 10. LOL.

  • bernard deery
    bernard deery 4 months ago

    Fuck off Heidi , bore the fuck off , go the Donald 👊

  • swiperboy sb
    swiperboy sb 4 months ago

    trump's wrong... this hoe is still bangable, with makeup on

  • Marina Samoylovich
    Marina Samoylovich 4 months ago

    Ha ha

  • Lucky Apple
    Lucky Apple 4 months ago

    1:34 she has lice. probably she also stinks.

  • Pusteblume
    Pusteblume 4 months ago

    Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit...

  • Dalmar Trois
    Dalmar Trois 4 months ago +1

    Heidi Klum's your beautiful Germany
    Dein schönes deutschland.
    ik kom uit Amsterdam

  • E Davison
    E Davison 4 months ago

    what ever trumps wife is Heidi is two number higher than her.

  • byt3
    byt3 4 months ago


  • ACE CA
    ACE CA 4 months ago

    Deamn she is hot, I think the Milfhunter in me is coming out to hunt

  • Ihsahn Åkerfeldt
    Ihsahn Åkerfeldt 5 months ago

    "Angela Merkel has been doing well and we need a women"

    The epitome of brainless, shallow, safe PC zero-perspective leftist crap... She's been doing really well with all the mess she's been causing, you know cause she has a pussy right? So that trumps everything else.

  • Jakob Sinclair
    Jakob Sinclair 5 months ago

    Hahah Sie gibt ernsthaft mir Merkel an...? Fast niemand mehr mag diese Frau

  • geminiminded
    geminiminded 5 months ago

    Ellen shady "Do you bathe?" Lol 😂

  • Simone Poinga-HIll
    Simone Poinga-HIll 5 months ago

    He needs his eyes checked. She is gorgeous!

  • Mini Maus
    Mini Maus 5 months ago

    When Heidi Klum dressed up as the old women she looked like the grandma from Resident evil 7 😂😂

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