NÜRBURGRING CRASH COMPILATION 2016 - Nordschleife CRASH & FAIL Compilation 2016 VLN Touristenfahrten

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  • Auto Addiction
    Auto Addiction 4 months ago

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  • Bek
    Bek 1 day ago

    5:53 Arnold Schwarzenegger?

  • arniebarb123
    arniebarb123 3 days ago

    I love watching people wreck their shity daily drivers LOL

  • triki ilyes
    triki ilyes 3 days ago

    Frank Habitz Trockenbau .. Remember the name

  • n40798
    n40798 3 days ago

    3:05 Now THAT is target fixation!

  • Andre Marcelo
    Andre Marcelo 4 days ago

    pqp só piloto ruim nas BMW

  • Alan Rodríguez
    Alan Rodríguez 4 days ago

    One moment of silence for all those BMWs which died in this video

  • buickmonte
    buickmonte 6 days ago

    Poor Frank Habitz!

  • One 7 Decimal 2 Eight

    first guy...what an idiotic stupid head buffoon. pull off the track instead of getting out to pick up the pieces to your yellow pile of shit. you're going to get killed and have someone else wreck Their car because you are a retard.

  • a2z60s
    a2z60s 7 days ago

    3'28'" "geej weg daar man"...nice try to speak german you dutchie..

    • Auto Addiction
      Auto Addiction 6 days ago

      The best part was that the guy was British :D

  • RG P
    RG P 10 days ago

    Ok...cool...a guy almost dies at 3:05.

  • Pat Farrer
    Pat Farrer 11 days ago

    Crazy crashes

  • Damjan Hristov
    Damjan Hristov 12 days ago

    car guys, DONT WATCH THIS!!

  • psulse
    psulse 13 days ago

    3:24 Driver says... wave me off? I kill you!

  • Borre Goat
    Borre Goat 15 days ago

    Notice! The Corvettes never had an accident in this video.

  • Fluffy -_- Bush
    Fluffy -_- Bush 15 days ago

    wtf with bmw they keep crashing.maybe just rich owners that they think having money makes them good drivers too 🙈🙈

  • Isuzu Slider
    Isuzu Slider 17 days ago

    It's amazing how many crashes you capture on that corner, I can only imagine the amount of crashes that take place on other parts of the circuit haha

  • Raycefan
    Raycefan 17 days ago

    Just curious, but, what kind of moron drives a street car on this track without wearing st least a helmet?

  • GoisBR
    GoisBR 19 days ago

    One of the best tracks for sure! <3


    i dont have a drivers licence and i could probably drive better than this

  • Ryan Wood
    Ryan Wood 21 day ago

    3:58 "BOOM, headshot"... wtf guy. Not a normal response.

  • Philipp330
    Philipp330 22 days ago

    All I've learned in this compilation is not to buy a used BMW M2 Coupé :D It might have previous damage.

  • LTZ_
    LTZ_ 23 days ago

    Wieso lassen diese Vollidioten gleichzeit so viele Leute auf die Strecke? Die blockieren sich ja gegenseitig?

  • Brian's Brain
    Brian's Brain 23 days ago

    Two types of people into cars, those who like to drive fast, and the very few who actually can.

  • Clint Westwood
    Clint Westwood 29 days ago

    "A man has to know his limitations..." apparently all these men don't know...

  • jakub gotowicki
    jakub gotowicki 29 days ago

    so many bmw drivers

  • dcfan1107
    dcfan1107 29 days ago

    6:20 what kind of car? thanks in advance!

  • Valerius333
    Valerius333 29 days ago

    Take a look at this wanker causing more distractions by waving like a fool.

  • Lazlow
    Lazlow 1 month ago

    7:25 dat idiot...

  • Sea Edu
    Sea Edu 1 month ago

    2:55 LOL your wheel came off bruh

  • Jay Berry
    Jay Berry 1 month ago

    Obviously a tricky section of track.

  • Tim Lang
    Tim Lang 1 month ago

    Finance search graduate mirror smart give boyfriend determination.

  • Dominik Arpáš
    Dominik Arpáš 1 month ago

    BMW understeer is verry big fun :D :D

  • bullet206
    bullet206 1 month ago

    1:15 how are you going to explain this crash to your boss😂

  • Sp3ll633
    Sp3ll633 1 month ago

    3:14 he really wanted to kill that guy

  • Randy Caceres Ramos
    Randy Caceres Ramos 1 month ago

    Seems like the popular thing to do in this track is to crash your BMW.

  • UltraSupra
    UltraSupra 1 month ago

    These idiots drive their cute little streetcars thinking they're Formula One racing cars and they're Ayrton Sennas or Michael Schmachers! Absolutely boneheaded!

  • Lee Daniel
    Lee Daniel 1 month ago

    0:50 second porsche doesn't deserve that car. look at the angle he goes in for drift. that is beyond terrible

  • J M
    J M 1 month ago

    Holy Fuck. That geeza at 3:10 must have been wishing it was shepherd's pie in his knickers

  • Wade Davis
    Wade Davis 1 month ago

    Do these fucking idiots not know what a yellow flag means?

  • DJ Marinos Iakovou
    DJ Marinos Iakovou 1 month ago


  • El MIX
    El MIX 1 month ago

    W                 O                             W

  • Peter Schmidt
    Peter Schmidt 1 month ago

    To Frank Habitz (1:24):
    That's what you get for using Comic Sans

  • MrJide26
    MrJide26 1 month ago

    il a eu chaud le gard à 3'20

  • pyon pyon
    pyon pyon 1 month ago

    Сборище дебилов...

  • Bryce Nelson
    Bryce Nelson 1 month ago

    Can anyone explain to me how the people that are driving their normal everyday cars, the ones without rollover bars and professional looking, utilize their car insurance? Will their insurance cover these damages and are their rates going to go up because of it?

  • Charlie Harrison
    Charlie Harrison 1 month ago

    5.13 weed plants growing at bottom right of screen

  • dean russell
    dean russell 1 month ago

    Expensive day out for this Owner!! 6:13

  • dean russell
    dean russell 1 month ago

    OMG!!! 3:05!!!!

  • prAdsky
    prAdsky 1 month ago

    painfull to watch %(

  • Chocolate Cake
    Chocolate Cake 1 month ago

    No it was a fucking biscuit 3:30

  • DeepClean Carpet & Upholstery

    so bmw drivers can't drive on a track either. .

  • Brian Arreola
    Brian Arreola 1 month ago

    anyone else was able to hear that arnold Schwarzenegger voice at 5:53 Lol!

  • MegaBull10
    MegaBull10 1 month ago

    BMW drivers hahahahaha

  • Islesfan41
    Islesfan41 1 month ago

    I would say a lot of these people shouldn't be on a track due to the looks of their lack of experience. Also, a lot of these people clearly don't seem to know what their cars are capable of and not capable of doing. I see a lot of these people are pushing too hard when they shouldn't.

    SNIPEXX 1 month ago

    Gibt es auch Tage an den nur Luxusautos mit sorgsamen Besitzern auf die Strasse können? Ohne Angst haben zu müssen von einem Golf getroffen zu werden?

  • fizzldizzl
    fizzldizzl 1 month ago

    War ja klar. Die BMW Fahrer fahren wie die größten Wichser

  • Scott
    Scott 1 month ago

    BMW sucks! and porsche

  • fredericdesjardins
    fredericdesjardins 1 month ago

    all crash seems to be bmw and porshe driver lool

  • Samuel van der Boom
    Samuel van der Boom 1 month ago

    7:50 I see that negative camber is really helping him keep the car stable during high-speed cornering.

  • PennyHerbst
    PennyHerbst 1 month ago

    Wouldn't it be much cheaper and safer to put a radio into each drivers ear?

  • Chewy
    Chewy 1 month ago

    3:05 dude thought he was in GTA game

  • srinivasan krishnamoorthy

    why is the yellow flags after the oil slick? ? it should be one corner before

  • pupper
    pupper 1 month ago

    As a professional mechanic I can confirm the technical term for the damage done to these cars is "fucked"

  • DK Jimmy
    DK Jimmy 1 month ago

    2:42, them flag waving skills xD

  • KillaDrone281
    KillaDrone281 1 month ago

    Is it just me that thinks that BMW drivers cannot fucking drive!!

  • R&R Gaming
    R&R Gaming 1 month ago

    one of the few channels left that doesn't do click bate stay awesome

  • Valdemar Norman
    Valdemar Norman 2 months ago

    1:38 Anybody see that front left tire, on the GT3? Somthing dosen't look right

  • FloX
    FloX 2 months ago

    BMW Drivers = Mustang Drivers?

  • Bilal YD
    Bilal YD 2 months ago

    6:13 ohhh my heart!

  • Mister Bean
    Mister Bean 2 months ago


  • BluLynx
    BluLynx 2 months ago

    I just feel bad about all the sacrifices that these drivers have to make for such an awesome hobby.
    C'ept for the asses in the R8, if ya don't wear a helmet you deserve the possible brain damage from a crash.

  • Mark Kelly
    Mark Kelly 2 months ago

    kn57zzb grey BMW. Still on the road in UK. one careful owner 🤔

  • Noise Tin
    Noise Tin 2 months ago

    Moral of the story: don't even THINK about taking your expensive car to Nürburgring. If you won't crash someone else will crash into you.

  • MK3424
    MK3424 2 months ago

    0:44 You don't need a yellow flag.. the car IS the yellow flag.

  • Dj DeadAir
    Dj DeadAir 2 months ago

    Them Gran Turismo guys sure do know how to run right into walls.

  • RuSzOfYbAnAn
    RuSzOfYbAnAn 2 months ago

    i wraki do polski do mirasa

  • L.A. Prodigy
    L.A. Prodigy 2 months ago

    Can anyone just show up with a good driving car and race?

  • Kackbratze74
    Kackbratze74 2 months ago

    6:17 Herrlich, wie diese Dreckskarrre für hippe Klugscheißer einschlägt. Mögen die beiden Deppen geläutert aus dem Kackeimer gestiegen sein.

  • Nocean
    Nocean 2 months ago

    BMW drivers seem to be the Mustang drivers of Europe.

  • Milhouse 329
    Milhouse 329 2 months ago

    That guy waving is just distracting folk he's adding to the pile up!

  • SwiftArtz
    SwiftArtz 2 months ago

    7:51 360 gone wrong

  • Valera Swift
    Valera Swift 2 months ago

    stupid "drivers"

  • Matt S
    Matt S 2 months ago

    Love seeing BMW drivers crash, payback for their dickweed antics on the road

  • Y D
    Y D 2 months ago

    6:13 R8

  • hbsharkman
    hbsharkman 2 months ago

    Gran Turismo? I remember that game

  • Will Maskell Music
    Will Maskell Music 2 months ago

    Frank Habitz Trokcenbau, that's what you get for having your logo in comic sans!

  • Roushe2011
    Roushe2011 2 months ago

    the guy in the blue shirt is causing the crashes.

  • Enrico Pace
    Enrico Pace 2 months ago

    potevano chiamarlo bmw crash compilation...nessuna che tiene la stradaa ammazzaa

  • Mr. BIG
    Mr. BIG 2 months ago

    Alle an der selben Kurve hahahahahha xD..

  • RandomGuy
    RandomGuy 2 months ago

    The guy at 3:20 almost lost a leg lol

  • DeAd
    DeAd 2 months ago

    i always laugh when any BMW crashes

  • Olivier  de la H
    Olivier de la H 2 months ago

    Gute Nacht R8.....

  • nylonsteel
    nylonsteel 2 months ago

    BMW the Ultimate Crashing Machine

  • RCmies
    RCmies 3 months ago

    Why is it so much fun seeing others crash? On the other hand though it kinda makes me cringe.

  • gaurd3
    gaurd3 3 months ago

    yellow flag trolling lol

  • Adambomb945
    Adambomb945 3 months ago

    so satisfying

  • Audi Driver
    Audi Driver 3 months ago

    I feel like most of them were BMW lol

  • VxO4fame
    VxO4fame 3 months ago

    cant stop laughin at 3:35
    Also 7:20 bmw drivcer looking in the rear mirror laughing his ass off while not paying attention? haha
    Doesnt even bother to brake after the crash

  • Rossmann
    Rossmann 3 months ago

    Cool, all the ""wanna be a racer"" and ""mommy watch now"" collected on film. Just love to watch all this wankers crash

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