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  • Lmclean89
    Lmclean89 11 days ago

    obviously not 200k....

  • rj32
    rj32 12 days ago

    Great job on the yard! Looks killer! what an awesome creative space!

    MOHAMED KAREEM 12 days ago

    That shit would give me a seizure after being there for 5 minutes

  • lucas wee
    lucas wee 13 days ago

    so how was it an accident

  • Dave S
    Dave S 14 days ago

    Do you guys own this place or are you just renting? If you're renting you just hella hooked up the owner. lol

  • bethanie hagen
    bethanie hagen 15 days ago

    Kinda all over the place

  • I hate neggars
    I hate neggars 18 days ago

    click bair faggot get a real job

  • Justin Williamson
    Justin Williamson 18 days ago

    How on earth do u accidentally spend 200,000 $

  • XYBA
    XYBA 19 days ago

    Hey yes theory I've watched every video and I'd love it if you followed me on Instagram: a1_la321 ❤️💛💚💙💜🖤

  • Colby Jackson
    Colby Jackson 20 days ago

    No hate but it looks like they have never used a power tool in their lives

  • Student Omar LamhamediCherradi

    You guys have the best video on YouTube I would give a lim to be in one of your videos
    Thank you for making YouTube enjoyable

  • Rudy Rodriguez
    Rudy Rodriguez 22 days ago +1

    Take those cages off your windows

  • Miguel Gonçalves
    Miguel Gonçalves 23 days ago

    Literally your videos are so inspiring!

  • Matt Baker
    Matt Baker 23 days ago

    looks cool but not sure where you got the $200,000 value from

  • Ra S
    Ra S 24 days ago

    You are guys are sweet incredible positive guys. I'm not surprised you connected with Alan and that he was willing to donate his time and art. You guys are incredible!! I'd love to meet you one day :)

  • Landon Delgado
    Landon Delgado 25 days ago

    How do you accidentally make a $200k backyard

  • The Prince Of Puppyvil

    Awesome videos

  • avb.spotter
    avb.spotter 26 days ago

    Man, Still my favorite channel.

  • Illegal Seagull
    Illegal Seagull 26 days ago +1

    Plot twist Bruno did all the work 😂

  • A1 Burdz
    A1 Burdz 26 days ago

    Day 69 was my 17th birthday

  • Sean Klein
    Sean Klein 28 days ago

    Have you guys not thought that the same exact thing may happen again what if it floods again

  • HTC Jester
    HTC Jester 29 days ago

    Uwu sick new backyard

  • Mitchell Correia
    Mitchell Correia 29 days ago

    Every time I watch yall's videos, I'm inspired to push myself and not waste my life and to actually make something of my name. Thank you so much guys.

  • brotatoe chips
    brotatoe chips Month ago +1

    I want my back yard like that

  • James Guerra
    James Guerra Month ago

    This in not 200,000

  • Neil
    Neil Month ago

    You guys will not be successful

    • Neil
      Neil Month ago

      That's the spirit! But why reply to my hate comment instead of replying to all your wonderful supporters??

    • Yes Theory
      Yes Theory  Month ago

      +Neil we'll gladly prove you wrong.

  • Bill Ray
    Bill Ray Month ago

    How do u guys not have like 10 million these are the best vids 👍👍


    That "art" and paintings suck

  • xHaru
    xHaru Month ago

    Matt talking to Bruno ♡♡ ^^

  • SuperJcoleFan
    SuperJcoleFan Month ago

    So glad I found this channel

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Month ago

    lol I noticed that he always puts his hands back then brings them back in really fast

  • TheRsLegende
    TheRsLegende Month ago +1

    when skinny dipping earn you 200k wtf

  • KNG Gaming
    KNG Gaming Month ago

    Yes t:ya I kinda um took some money and I accidentally bought some stuff for my background
    Me:so u accidentally did that
    Yes t:

  • Isaiah Bond
    Isaiah Bond Month ago

    I love you guys mate keep it up I can't wait to buy ma new merch

  • xJqriellz
    xJqriellz Month ago


  • Bradley Truckenbrod


  • Gabby W.
    Gabby W. Month ago

    okay but when can i come take artsy pictures in this backyard??

  • Olive Snail
    Olive Snail Month ago

    Thomas looks like Ryan Gosling

  • MadLil sleepy
    MadLil sleepy Month ago

    I wish I lived a life like this

  • Jasiel Caballero
    Jasiel Caballero Month ago

    looks cool but i could of done that back yard with $85,000 if you guys need help next time give me a call....

    VISUAL Month ago

    i would love to smoke a blunt in your backyard

  • Astroxy
    Astroxy Month ago

    now lets look at their yard in 6 months. it wont look as good. it will downgrade drastically. the paint will fade. the rubber bands with break. the chairs will fade and tear.

  • Sunil
    Sunil Month ago

    What happens when it floods again?

  • Generic Josh
    Generic Josh Month ago

    Quality is nice

  • Logan Crawley
    Logan Crawley Month ago

    i wanna work there... they sound so care free and fun

  • Kintaro Gearsun
    Kintaro Gearsun Month ago

    This is one of the best youtube channels in the internet. Their video is so smart and exciting. I hope they will get more subscriber for their work.

    • Yes Theory
      Yes Theory  Month ago

      +Kintaro Gearsun thank you Kintaro, really appreciate the kind words :) expect things only to get better! 🙏

  • Say my Name
    Say my Name Month ago

    I accidently masturbated

  • FunnyMinimalism
    FunnyMinimalism Month ago

    What is the song?

  • Gerbrand van dijk
    Gerbrand van dijk Month ago

    just give it some time, you guys will be massive

  • David
    David Month ago

    Wait, where's the $200k?!

  • bub one
    bub one Month ago

    OMG I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!! You all did such an amazing job!!! You should defiantly be proud of yourselves even if you didn't get it done in the time you thought you would. Truly inspirational! Thank you all for doing what you do and being who you are!!

  • Lewis White
    Lewis White Month ago

    Keep it up!!

  • Luka Vidmar
    Luka Vidmar Month ago

    hate it when this happens

  • Wasky .W
    Wasky .W Month ago

    i love how theyre nkt cliccbaiting

  • Jillian Strommen
    Jillian Strommen Month ago

    So sick

  • Tammam H
    Tammam H Month ago

    Honestly like the best design ever

  • JAGFilms
    JAGFilms Month ago

    backyard GOALZZZZZ

  • My Österberg
    My Österberg Month ago

    ive been in the hospital for a couple of weeks because ive got kidney stones, and i honestly just got so happy when i got home to see alot of new videos from you guys. i love you yestheory, seek discomfort! ❤️

  • # Ramon Vos #
    # Ramon Vos # Month ago

    That is an amazing backyard! 😱

  • Oliver Young
    Oliver Young Month ago

    2:39 That scream xd

  • David Dominic
    David Dominic Month ago

    I want to do something like this

  • Adrianna ILioi
    Adrianna ILioi Month ago

    I remember all the snapchats from the beginning of this goal and I'm so glad you guys achieved it !! ❤❤

  • Rowan Chavez
    Rowan Chavez Month ago


  • Andrey Anosov
    Andrey Anosov Month ago

    so sick

  • Maria Bieciuk
    Maria Bieciuk Month ago

    Your videos inspire me to take risks and to live m life to the fullest. Keep doing what you are doing!! Thank you Yes Theory!!

  • TheShield 23
    TheShield 23 Month ago

    you guys are the best! you deserve way more subs!

  • John Vrg
    John Vrg Month ago

    That backyard isn't worth 200,000 usd, more like 10k

  • Rascal77s
    Rascal77s Month ago


  • Jess y
    Jess y Month ago

    Perry is so freakin fine. Just wanted to put that out there.

  • Rafael Ferraz
    Rafael Ferraz Month ago


  • Ludovic Taillandier

    This backyard is freaking lit!!!!
    Amazing job guys!

  • Michael Supertramp
    Michael Supertramp Month ago

    I actually love this channel and I want to buy some of the merchant but I need money first😂😂 you guys are amazing make the best videos and I've been watching since the first discovery came up on snapchat well done guys keep up the great work❤❤❤

  • Simply Solstice
    Simply Solstice Month ago

    The floor is water.

  • L17
    L17 Month ago

    That backyard is so cool! Keep up the videos

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl Month ago

    Oh my god Thomas, that voice 😂

  • Caesar
    Caesar Month ago

    What if another storm hits?

  • TheSocialWolf
    TheSocialWolf Month ago

    That looks absolutely amazing, enjoy it guys =)

    PARKER D. ROTH Month ago

    This video blew my mind. Thanks for being so genuine and creating content that inspires us.

  • Brad Fowler
    Brad Fowler Month ago

    Best YouTube channel out there!!

  • Gio Dean
    Gio Dean Month ago

    This was awesome but what if the rain destroys it again?

  • Amina Tariq
    Amina Tariq Month ago

    You guys are such an inspiration please don't ever give up, we love you❤️

  • Teddy Eisenstein
    Teddy Eisenstein Month ago

    I feel bad for their neighbors because now their yards just look so bland in comparison

  • Melissa Cruz
    Melissa Cruz Month ago

    It turned out amazing, so happy for you guys ! 💙

  • AmCan Tech Videos
    AmCan Tech Videos Month ago

    Haha, destroy build, destroy

  • lala3328lb
    lala3328lb Month ago

    I'm sad for that cactus. 😳😢 but I do love y'all's vids. keep em up!! 👍😎

  • Wintaris
    Wintaris Month ago +5

    Hello Yes Theory, I'm an avid subscriber.
    My name is Henry.
    I may not be one of those "I've been here since 50k!" I only found your channel 2 weeks ago. But let me tell you about why I am typing this. I live a boring life, I got to school but I don't have many good friends that I can hang out with after school, which is going to make my summer break a very boring and depressing experience. But since I found your channel near the start of summer, I have nearly watched all of your videos, and you guys deserve my respect. Your aptitude to continue to "seek discomfort" is what draws me to your channel. What you do seems to be what I've been missing my whole life. Remember that 25th birthday for Mat? How he said the happiest moments of his life have been when he has been with his friends? Those are when I'm he happiest, but it's hard for me because I most likely have social issues. It's hard for me to make sentences in the moment to talk to people and I come out to be an awkward fuck. Sorry about that life story, but back to the point. I know I'm not the only one who can say you are the most inspiring YouTube account for me, I plan to be more like you guys. Too seek discomfort. I don't need a lengthy response or any response from you guys. I just hope you read it.

    I can sincerely thank you guys, for all the advice you diddnt directly give to me or anyone who watches this, but for inspiring me and definitely other people. Can't wait till you guys hit 500k, and even 1 million.

    I love all of the people on your channel, not just you 4, but everyone who is on your channel. I love how everyone is just spontaneous, that's what really gets me.

    I have one request though, please don't change as you grow. I would hate to see you guys, my biggest role models on YouTube, change into some fake prank channel. Stay you guys!

    It's been Henry, thanks for reading
    I hope I can join this Generation Y
    Not soon enough, and don't forget about the people you inspire everyday! Thanks

  • Julio Awesome
    Julio Awesome Month ago

    I'm here in LA now, now to find your address....

  • Chris Dotson
    Chris Dotson Month ago

    I could only hope and pray that my life is as fun and adventurous as the casts of yes theory I have always wanted to do something crazy with life and not live it as a chore but as an activity I enjoy. This is how life is meant to be!!!!

  • Ari Iskander Krohn Berle


    • Yes Theory
      Yes Theory  Month ago

      +Ari Iskander Krohn Berle eeyy 😎😎🤙

  • Rubik's Cube Tutorials

    Not 200000

  • Mister Pand-Z
    Mister Pand-Z Month ago

    I really want to buy merch but I'aint going to pay 20 dollar shipping fee to belgium So sorry guys

  • A and S Games
    A and S Games Month ago

    I wish i had that much money to use.

  • Thoeid
    Thoeid Month ago

    steemit.com = New upcoming social media platform where you get paid for likes and the community gets paid for liking others posts. I came across it while looking at the new bitcoin/etherium blockchain technology.

    I think you guys could really do well there with your awesome content. The community there seem so far to enjoy original, creative content like yours and you should definitely check it out if you want to reach a wider fanbase and earn abit more for your work.

  • Oderlesharpy96 Oderlesharpy96

    And then another flud happends

  • Kenan
    Kenan Month ago

    i only subd for Turkije

  • Karan Acharya
    Karan Acharya Month ago

    Song from 2:40 anyone ?

  • Questchaun
    Questchaun Month ago

    this is click-bait.

  • Real Alien Community
    Real Alien Community Month ago +2

    I will definitely purchase some of your merchandise, us Aliens adore this stuff.

    • Yes Theory
      Yes Theory  Month ago

      +Real Alien Community 😂✌️😂

  • Christian Stephens
    Christian Stephens Month ago

    That is not worth 200k

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