Glitter Nails You've Been Doing WRONG! How to Apply Loose Glitter

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  • Who knew there was a better way to apply holo glitter for maximum rainbows???
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    Final products used for my vertical holo glitter gradient nails:
    ♥ Holographic glitters in size 'Teeny': (nearly all colours they sell!)
    ♥ One-coat black polish:
    ♥ Yellow stopper as tacky base coat:
    ♥ Eyeshadow applicators:
    ♥ No-wipe gel top coat:
    ♥ LED gel curing lamp:
    ♥ OR just use 2 thick coats of glossy regular top coat:
    ♥ Peel-off base coat:

    ♥ Born Pretty Store glitters (tiniest glitters): and
    ♥ Twinkled T (medium glitters): (use code SIMPLY!)
    ♥ Solar Color Dust (larger + misc size glitters): (use code SIMPLY!)
    ♥ Eyeshadow applicators:
    ♥ Silicone tool:
    Tacky surface tests:
    1. Quick-dry glossy top coat:
    2. No-wipe gel top coat:
    3. Burnish base coat:
    4. Clear peel-off base coat:
    5. Yellow stopper:

    ON MY OTHER HAND: on top of (use my code SIMPLY to save $!)

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  • Carmen Rubio
    Carmen Rubio 2 hours ago

    Will you be my friend? Are you for rent? You're RAD!! Not only was your video super informative and beautiful to look at (ya, visual porn), but you had me cracking up the entire time!!! YOU ROCK!

  • queen bee Haughton
    queen bee Haughton 10 hours ago

    daam your so funny.......your holorific and am of love continue do what you do.....

  • Stephanie Brinkman
    Stephanie Brinkman 14 hours ago

    Girl! You're amazing! Just found you and totally subscribed! Question tho- does this method work with a tacky gel top coat?? TIA

  • NeverShoutCassy823
    NeverShoutCassy823 16 hours ago

    Do you have any tips for peeling nail polish? Mine always peels within a few days

  • Ride till you Die
    Ride till you Die 16 hours ago +1

    Wow an actual uselful vidoe from Christine's channel! WOW I'm shook 😳

  • Vincent Tracy
    Vincent Tracy Day ago

    You should try doing a magnetic manicure

  • Chey Fox
    Chey Fox Day ago

    omg...the purple and maroonish holo is so pretty I own 0 beauty products I am poor lol and have had 0 females in my life my poor daughter lol HAS TO learn from YouTube I told her no drag queen makeup tho women look trashy like that

  • Feyza ATEŞ
    Feyza ATEŞ Day ago

    Im becoming a holosexual every passing second... 😍

  • Fathima Farhana
    Fathima Farhana Day ago +1

    Beautiful nails👌🏻👌🏻but y she uses F word soooo often😕 is that the only thing that makes her feel cool🤣 be a good mommy😀

  • Kuschel Monsterr
    Kuschel Monsterr 2 days ago

    I had never heard of HOLO glitter but now I'm totally going to seek this stuff out! How awesome!

  • Karitha Petrova
    Karitha Petrova 2 days ago

    Make merch with
    We just want holo on our nails
    We don't want to fuck shit up.

  • Delicious Delights By Denise

    whoooooa im new to dis channel i did not know u swear like crazy lol

  • Nichola williamson
    Nichola williamson 2 days ago

    Her voice reminds me of Jenna Marble!

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    just burned my eyes after 2mins of watching, i still managedd to finish the whole vid 😍

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    How have I never seen your videos before?! Funny! You talk just like pewdiepie, though.

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    That glitter was cheap. That's half the problem y'all.

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    Paint your room with HOLO!!!

    Also i died when she got the holo glitter out

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    My new 16 week old puppy is named after the glossy TACO. His name is Taco

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    LMFAO the commentary!!

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    I love how many times you drop the F bomb. Legit best channel.

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    Latoya Mitchell 5 days ago

    girl you are sooooo funny!!!! thanks for this video

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    I have exra fine glitter and it worked out

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    Wolf Girl 5 days ago

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    I find it fascinating how someone can be so passionate about this LOL. I mean I'm not but it's like your passion rubbed off on me for those 13 minutes :D

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    Mariya Germash 6 days ago +1

    Christine, you inspired me to paint my nails and toenails in silver holo today. I feel so good about myself now. Thank you.

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    Who made this video? It looks like it was made by Mabel from 'gravity fall' for her show 'Mabel's guide to color'

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    Suzie Lymbo 9 days ago

    You are hilarious! I'm a holo lover too!! Anything that sparkles I can stare at for hours 😂😂😂

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    offthehookbabe 9 days ago

    Please make an hour long video of holo glitter or holo anything nails for our viewing pleasure. You do it so well. Maybe add a little bit of peel porn in it too :)

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    Ana 9 days ago +1

    1:49 OMFG 😫

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    Mia Rose 10 days ago

    i just kinda started watching some of ur videos and i cant tell when you're being sarcastic or not hahaha

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    Nopehahalolwut 10 days ago

    I'm a dude and I share your affinity with holograms, I use holograms on art and glad to have found your channel as I was going to start experimenting with loose holographic powder. This channel is great for artist and hobbyist that love applying holograms to their art or hobbies. I also love tacos, so when you say "TACO" with that little icon floating across I get a kick out of it.

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    50 shades of holo

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    I'm totally here for the massive holo porn ahaha

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    The yellow stopper is for acryilcs to keep uv rays from turning them yellow.

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    Zet Greene 11 days ago

    for the gel taco - the one you used is clearly one without a tacky layer. it doesn't matter if you "burnish" right after you cure it or if you wait, the tacky layer remains till you wipe it with alcohol or nail prep. so for glitter you should use a gel taco with a tacky layer, for powders - with a tacky layer.

    • Zet Greene
      Zet Greene 11 days ago

      and please don't paint an entire wall with nail polish... or use a reasonably sized brush :D

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    Cole W. 12 days ago

    Nice job. So damn funny to listen to.

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    Kaylee Burch 13 days ago

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    Kaylee Burch 13 days ago

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    HaileyPlayzPokemon 13 days ago

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    Sade Lewis 13 days ago

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    Marvellous Melie 13 days ago

    Use a wipe after topcoat and it will work just fine .

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    Nina Vucelić 13 days ago

    I must admit, I'm kinda lazy savage when it comes to manicuring my nails xD but since i started watching this channel i suddenly bacame inspired, I'm even polishing them right now while watching :D gurl, don't go saying you can't make good influence on us holosexuals :D

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    Kayla Oxendine 13 days ago

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    gabz1989 13 days ago

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    Stephanie Villalobos 14 days ago

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  • Rochelle D
    Rochelle D 14 days ago

    I love these nails! I bought glitter and that yellow stopper magic so I could try it for myself :)

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    fifi xox 14 days ago

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