Bronzed Goddess Makeup Tutorial | Sarahy Delarosa

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    Laura Mercier Translucent powder

    Mac cosmetics Studio fix powder NC42

    Too Faced Soleil Matte Bronzer- Chocolate

    BH Cosmetics Carlibyberl Palette 3rd Row first two

    KatVonD Shade & Light Palette - Middle Shade shadowplay

    Pixi Beauty Aspynovard Glowy Blush- Rome Rose

    Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette 🍑 Crease:Purée & Summer Yum also a little but of Candied Peach OuterV: Delectable Lid: Caramelized & Cobbler

    Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Gel

    Inglot Gel Liner 77

    NYC Liquid Eyeliner - Black

    Marc Jacobs Highliner Crayon - Blacquer

    Benefit Cosmetics They're Real Mascara

    Blush Lashes -Sparkles use my code "Sarahy"

    Becca Skin Perfecter Liquid Highlighter- Opal

    Anastasia Sun Dipped Glow Kit

    Makeup Forever- Lip Crayon N13

    Makeup Forever New Liquid Lipsticks- 109 & 103

    Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray


    Urban Decay powder brush

    Morphe brushes M500

    BH Cosmetics V2 brush

    Mac Cosmetics 187 brush

    Morphe brushes E16

    Morphe brushes M445

    Makeup Addiction Defused blender

    Morphe brushes M433

    Makeup Addiction Flat Shader brush

    Mac Cosmetics 242 brush

    BH Cosmetics V9 brush

    Morphe brushes M507

    Morphe brushes M432

    Sigma beauty E06

    Urban Decay Diffusing highlighter brush

    Morphe brushes Soft Fan Brush M310

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  • Emerson Silva
    Emerson Silva Hour ago

    Lembra a make da Pabllo Vittar 😍

  • EbonyLove
    EbonyLove 6 hours ago +1

    Your Skin is Flawless and your voice is get for videos

  • isabella xambre
    isabella xambre 8 hours ago

    OMG i love this makeup 💗💗

  • Nadine Farhat
    Nadine Farhat 20 hours ago

    You baked before foundation?

  • kiera herr
    kiera herr Day ago

    you are amazing can you do more videos. do you have a more pallet

  • LaLa Crafts
    LaLa Crafts Day ago

    u r beautiful!! makeup on point 💗

  • Funny Girl
    Funny Girl Day ago

    I love how pretty your makeup is and how you don't put to much on

  • toxic_girl
    toxic_girl 2 days ago

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  • Cristina Mireles
    Cristina Mireles 2 days ago

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  • ForeverRaquelLove
    ForeverRaquelLove 5 days ago

    Love this look! your eyebrows are on point!

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    bl4ckant32 5 days ago

    Ugly chainsaw lip mexican looking hoe

  • Claudia Tang
    Claudia Tang 5 days ago

    I'm in looooove with this look! this look is epitome of a bronzed goddess !!

  • Noella Richmond
    Noella Richmond 6 days ago

    Do you put setting powder before everything?

  • serena gate
    serena gate 6 days ago

    what spray did you use to wet your brushes?

  • AngelicDespair
    AngelicDespair 6 days ago

    OMG she looks a little like Jennifer Lopez

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    Flawless!! I love this look😃🙌🏼

  • sensi unicorn
    sensi unicorn 7 days ago

    I just realized that her head band HAS A LOT of bronzer on it😂😂😂

  • Sim
    Sim 7 days ago

    To fast toturial :-( i suck on makeup

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    I'm from Brazil, and I loved the tutorial.❤

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    Alondra Rosas 7 days ago

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    Ayvna 9 days ago

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  • Rachel Gonzales
    Rachel Gonzales 10 days ago

    Wow. I've seen so many YouTube videos in the years. They all look the same or it's the same "baddie inspired" look, but this make up is beyond beautiful! You did such an amazing job!

  • Desi Lynn
    Desi Lynn 10 days ago

    Beautiful 😍

  • Mocha Bear
    Mocha Bear 10 days ago

    The braces add so much cuteness

  • Blue Diamond
    Blue Diamond 11 days ago

    I wanna look like that but I could never pull it off my crease is too deep

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    I Love you! Ur so talented❤❤

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    Hafiya Moulana 11 days ago

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    Jessica Schaffer 12 days ago

    Okay so just saying if she goes on a date and ends up taking off her make up the guy is going to be really confused cause she looks way different

  • Adriana Layana
    Adriana Layana 13 days ago

    Really!! Your gorgeous and your makeup on point 😍😍👅

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    Rayene Burgari 13 days ago

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    Is it just me or is mostly all westerns do the same makeup now. Like different colors and style (kinda) but still do the same bold but matte lipsticks and big contour and highlight. Like is it just me or?... if you search makeup tutorials, they all do the same makeup lol. No hate but I'm just wondering if I'm the only one who noticed.....

  • sweetlemon56
    sweetlemon56 25 days ago

    I tried this makeup look on me because we have the same complexion and I loved it. Thank you for the inspiration ❤️

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