Testing $500 At-Home Airbrushing!! Temptu Review + Demo

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  • Hey guys I tried out the Temptu airbrush device and here are my thoughts!!!!

    Would you try it? Its so expensive; I spent about $600 aud on this whole set... so the results should have been amazing.

    I bought it on:

    Next time I'll re-try holding the device further away from my face, it doesn't help with the speckling I get but maybe it will help keep the blush softer when applying!

    Love you guys!
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Comments: 598

  • Dream with J
    Dream with J 5 days ago

    i have this airbrush machine and you're definitely not supposed to use it SO close to your face. it makes the foundation look cakey and brings out your pores.

  • Suvi Sharma
    Suvi Sharma 16 days ago

    Does anyone know what she's wearing on her lips help a sister out

  • agent4you2
    agent4you2 28 days ago

    I think there should be a little plastic stick inside the color pod that you can use to poke any clogged opening. I have the old version of that, but it's the same color pods.

  • Tegz meh
    Tegz meh Month ago

    We trained with airbrush makeup in beauty school 5 or so years ago...hated the finish then, this confirms nothing much has changed.

  • resha uribe
    resha uribe Month ago

    NOT AN ACCURATE REVIEW. You're not doing it right. You didn't shake the pod, you're putting too much product way to close.... also the needle point piece was terribly filthy which is probably why it is speckled and clogged.
    Practice and watch good tutorials.
    Also, there is such things as airbrush eyeshadow and it is great :)

  • Anum Ilyas
    Anum Ilyas Month ago

    I feel like you are not using it rite. It needs to be kept a little further away from your face.

  • salome rurua
    salome rurua Month ago

    Lipgloss name pls

  • invented cool
    invented cool 2 months ago

    I dunno, it looks kinda greasy to me.

  • meri vaf
    meri vaf 2 months ago

    can i have your nail polish brand and number

  • Ashlita Cake Face
    Ashlita Cake Face 2 months ago

    Great review. I think that if you had better airbrush equipment & airbrush makeup products, what u were trying to achieve would have been amazing! U are amazing & were able to make it work with all the issues u were having.

  • Ashlita Cake Face
    Ashlita Cake Face 2 months ago

    btw, Ive only been back at trying to airbrush this wk since I was a teen & my 1st time trying to do airbrush foundatuon, but based on what ive watched my whole life vs trying to learn the actual technique myself is how i know whst I know even tho I havent mastered it at all. I just posted like my 4th or 5th time a couple of hrs ago & I really sucked. However, I know thst majority of the issue is me, not the peoduct. Its about hand cordination & the type of airfliw pkus distance to create results for whatever you are trying to achieve.

  • Ashlita Cake Face
    Ashlita Cake Face 2 months ago

    I am learning how to do airbrush make up. I use Grex Airbrush & Grex Airbrush compressor. My dad is the 1 that formulates & makes their private stock airbrush colorants. Im really wanting dad to make my airbrush makeup, but he would have to build a 2nd facility that would prevent contamination, heavier sanitation laws to follow, & of course more coins that he isnt interested in spending or investing. Temptu is thicker formulation which is why they now rewuire u to purchase their equipment to use on theur site compared to ourchasing older product thst is available on amazon. i tried 1 of their free products that was sent to me thst was suppose to work in the type of airbrush i was using & it clogged it. I had to take the whole airbrush apart & really needed an pressure washer to get it unclogged. So far, Ive been some whst disappointed in now 2 different brands of airbrush foundation. My dad makes body art airbrush colorants for certain clientele & has airbrushed on me, which is beautiful. Nothing compares, but its not typical water based airbrush foundation. Anyways... The sputtering is generally caused by low uneven airflow. Which makes sense, bc Temptu is so thick & the need to up the psi would be recommended except it causes issues when trying to use blushes & highlights which need less.

  • Maya Montri
    Maya Montri 2 months ago

    you look fabulous! 🌺

  • TheArtofThings
    TheArtofThings 2 months ago

    Did you clean the machine before using? could be why it's patchy or the product is bit thick. temptu makes really good airbrushing paint and machines so I'm a little surprised it's spitting like that. there's usually an underlining reason.

  • Romo RamRam
    Romo RamRam 2 months ago

    You should review luminess air! 😊

  • A _Christinee
    A _Christinee 2 months ago

    I will say your skin looks so good at the end and the fact that it holds up so well especially with how dewy of a finish it has is pretty awesome. But damn the price! Expected tho

  • Busra Nur Ekiz
    Busra Nur Ekiz 2 months ago +2

    go over with a brush???? for 500$ it should do my whole make-up&pay my bills lmao

  • ayatchafaqui
    ayatchafaqui 2 months ago

    My £10 loreal true match looks better than this ever will. Biggest waste of money !!!

  • Rozina Papachristodoulou

    you have spent $500 for a piece of shit, when people in Africa is starving

  • Remy Smet
    Remy Smet 2 months ago

    Your thumbnail looked like a nun

  • Nogalistic Tuber
    Nogalistic Tuber 2 months ago

    This is the stupidest thing I've ever seen!

  • Nevra Elis A
    Nevra Elis A 2 months ago

    so far the clarisonic makeup brush is the only electric foundation brush that I would consider buying! the results on Tati were amazing!

  • Lady Meme
    Lady Meme 2 months ago

    I would not have the patience for this device!!

    SNOWWW BUNNYYY 2 months ago

    Try Luminess Airbush

  • Sahar Shawa
    Sahar Shawa 2 months ago

    that could be my morning workout 😂😂😂 and it's too loud it would wake up the kids. can't imagine myself buying this gadget

    MS CANDY 2 months ago

    I would break it cause it's too damn slow and noisy :)

  • Kot Stefan
    Kot Stefan 2 months ago

    you look so lana del rey♡

  • Nikki Spearman
    Nikki Spearman 2 months ago

    Not gonna lie the picture for the video I thought you were in a nun costume 😂

  • Windy Yolanda
    Windy Yolanda 2 months ago

    Chloe, I have this device and have been using it for a few months. What you need to do before you plug in the pods onto the device is, you have to pull the small flick thingy at the bottom of the pods (basically like pumping it) so that the product would come out. Then you can plug the pod onto the device, turn it on and airbrush your face. This needs to be done so that it doesn't "speckle" and your product comes out evenly.

  • Asil la
    Asil la 2 months ago

    u looks lip smaller chloe did u do something xxx just wondering

  • Luana Araújo
    Luana Araújo 2 months ago

    It's frustrating enough just to watch, can't even imagine actually doing it 😰

  • Shafia U
    Shafia U 2 months ago

    this is the only ad I've ran to watch

  • Melanie Kajakdjian
    Melanie Kajakdjian 2 months ago

    i'm so mad at myself because i didn't know about your channel sooner. I literally spent hours watching your videos. Loooveee your makeup looks and sense of humor.

  • jenny myra
    jenny myra 2 months ago +2

    u look like Lana del Rey

  • J Gildz
    J Gildz 2 months ago

    looks Great! Lots money tho..

  • Grumpy Pantz
    Grumpy Pantz 2 months ago

    bwahahahaha "finger and stuff comes out" ... love ur face reaction to that!!!

  • Steve Connelly
    Steve Connelly 2 months ago

    I would rather pay my bills with that money 😂 no patience for these kind of machines.... Rather use a brush and fast 😂

  • Gypsyraingoddess
    Gypsyraingoddess 2 months ago

    I had a bad experience with Temptu. That whole pod system is the worst! They were defective quite often. I think a regular airbrush system with air brush makeup you can purchase from where you choose, or make your own, is much better, and would save a lot of money, in the long run. :)

  • Rhianna Judd
    Rhianna Judd 2 months ago

    Your honesty is sooooooo refreshing!! Hahah and "it just jizzes all over your face" 😂😂

  • Tarei Keightley
    Tarei Keightley 2 months ago

    i tried adding you on snapchat via this video didnt understand why it wasnt working then checked other video haha might want to edit it in this decription box or someone will be getting alot of random adds haha

  • Michelle Fonseca
    Michelle Fonseca 2 months ago +1

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    Apply here: plus.google.com/100432915522923818066/posts/f9z6oMmsJmX

  • Fay-Renée Olsen Waag
    Fay-Renée Olsen Waag 2 months ago

    I love your personality and videos giirl, i legit had nooo interest in this device, but i just had to watch the entire thing because it's so pleasant and fun to watch your videos 😅

  • Dasiane Briana
    Dasiane Briana 2 months ago

    Where did you get your headband from ?

  • purified love
    purified love 2 months ago

    I bought the luminess an used it one week an it shows any peach fuzz that u have on your face an it makes my pores way more visible so I wrapped it all up an want to sell of course I want get what I payed obviously but it's most definitely upsetting for me an I see her too

  • AJ
    AJ 2 months ago +1

    wow dark hair looks amazing on u

  • happinin07
    happinin07 2 months ago

    Can you compare this to other airbrush systems?

  • Brogan Cassie
    Brogan Cassie 2 months ago

    Personal this make up looks so bad that's ridiculous for that money and looks rubbish

  • BeautyByLinnoria
    BeautyByLinnoria 2 months ago

    boy stop playing...for $500....ill stick to the traditional brushes n sponges.....or heck...go on a Sephora shopping spree......and btw....that doesn't seem like a real airbrush machine...because they disburse the product flawlessly....the machine with the hose is like $239....🤔🤔🤔🤗🤗🤗

  • Nicole Bastos
    Nicole Bastos 2 months ago

    She looks so much like Lana del Rey

  • Lisa Neitzel
    Lisa Neitzel 2 months ago

    Have you ever heard of luminess air? It is supposed to be amazing.

  • Kristina Sandnes
    Kristina Sandnes 2 months ago

    So it takes much longer time, you have to go over with a brush and the result is the same/worse than using a brush. Hm... I don't think I would spend money on this. 😅

  • amasha dias
    amasha dias 2 months ago

    finger and stuffs come out😂

  • Sydney Polomsky
    Sydney Polomsky 2 months ago

    You look exactly like Lana Del Rey in this video omg 😍

  • chickenvilla
    chickenvilla 2 months ago

    I own a Temptu system I bought a few years ago, and my experience was generally good, but I also dealt with some faulty pods. If you're taking that long to apply foundation, it could be an issue with the pod that the makeup isn't coming out fast enough. I've got some that do the same thing, and others that work great and get me done in 30 seconds. You can try poking the hole in the pod with a needle to make sure it's not clogged or prime it by pumping that clear loop thing on the top up and down. I also find I have much better success holding the airbrush back about 6 inches from my face so it covers more at once. The blushes are garbage though. I just like it for foundation.

  • rere x
    rere x 2 months ago

    You look ten years older Chloe #_# this airbrush technique is rubbish

  • Добрый День
    Добрый День 2 months ago

    I think it looks like you've covered your face to hide the redness which you clearly don't have

  • Sershni Naidoo
    Sershni Naidoo 2 months ago

    Hi, Ciate is sold out of your palette. Will they be restocking it at all?

  • Aqsa Waseem
    Aqsa Waseem 2 months ago

    That thing is just a waste of money. 👺👹

  • Claudia Squire
    Claudia Squire 2 months ago

    anyone else notice she sometimes had an American/Canadian accent? love xx

  • Emily henry
    Emily henry 2 months ago

    Dear lord!! That has made your makeup look horrendous!! You do a waaaaay better job doing it manually and can do a waaaay better job at making yourself look airbrushed than this airbrush thingy can!!
    I would've gone off my head if I had wasted so much money on something so crap! 🙈🙈
    Loveee youuuuu!! ❤️❤️

  • Ainsley D
    Ainsley D 2 months ago

    Omg this was such a disaster! 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Maxonma Rose
    Maxonma Rose 2 months ago

    Try milk makeup products

  • Gabriella Hay
    Gabriella Hay 2 months ago

    Even when Chloe is saying bad things ab the product her voice makes me think that something good is happening lmaoo

  • Julie Manzello
    Julie Manzello 2 months ago

    Eeehhh 😖 not feeling it! Deff for makeup artists with clients I agree

  • Brandi Judd
    Brandi Judd 2 months ago

    I'm so sad that they ruined your hair at the salon today!

  • infinitelyinfinitee2
    infinitelyinfinitee2 2 months ago

    Saw your latest snap, Chloe. I am quite upset and furious for you. Just know that it will grow back and but til then, hopefully you can find someone else to clean it up a bit...❤

  • Danni Westwood
    Danni Westwood 2 months ago

    I wouldn't buy that it looks like it enlarged your pores ://

  • Heather Castor
    Heather Castor 2 months ago

    I can justify a LOT of beauty products in my mind but definitely.not a $500 airbrush machine that I have to go over with a $20 beauty blender or brush!!

  • GothicaBeauty.
    GothicaBeauty. 2 months ago

    It looks a right clart on.

  • AlberteTDK
    AlberteTDK 2 months ago

    Omg I just saw your insta story!! Who tf did your hair?? They totally scammed u!! Hope u didn't pay

  • Serena Raffalli
    Serena Raffalli 2 months ago

    I never used this particular device but I use airbrush on almost all my clients and I know one thing : you use it waaaaay too close to your face.

    I think that's why it take this long and look this patchy.

  • Zooz Zeez
    Zooz Zeez 2 months ago

    Will u do a Ramadan look this year?

  • Vec
    Vec 2 months ago +3

    Can you do an EID makeup tutorial? I'll be so grateful...❤😩

  • Andi Gb
    Andi Gb 2 months ago

    Hi chole I'm sorry to tell you this but you are not using it right hahaha you have to put it like 10 cms or 15 from your face and instead of using a brush use a beauty blender 😉 try it again and you will love it

  • Vicky Cushman
    Vicky Cushman 2 months ago

    I was considering buying one but not now! Thank you!

  • Nicole Suzel
    Nicole Suzel 2 months ago

    Oh, Chloe! I'm so sorry! I usually don't post comments, but I just wanted say I love your videos, and you are beautiful no matter what! And f*** that salon!💇🏻
    🖤💖to you!

  • lilac310
    lilac310 2 months ago

    I think you have to apply it a tad bit farther from your face and you have to shake the pods before using it.

  • goynplaycs
    goynplaycs 2 months ago

    Considering you can buy a great home airbrush machine (Luminous air) in the US for less than $50 that works beautifully, that is a rip off.

  • Daland Of makeup
    Daland Of makeup 2 months ago


  • finessence808
    finessence808 2 months ago

    You should look up the troubleshoot for the pods. While you did shake them you're supposed to pull on the clear tab on the inside it clears the air path which helps it spray evenly.

    • finessence808
      finessence808 2 months ago

      It's the loop by the black tab. It looks silver and clear. Hope you can a better experience with this. You should contact the company definitely

    • Chloe Morello
      Chloe Morello  2 months ago

      +finessence808 do you mean the black tab? It's black on this model and I did pull it each time!

  • Jaime Lee Jackson Makeup

    "and just jizzes all over your face" hahahahahaha I died

  • LouisBabe
    LouisBabe 2 months ago

    I actually didn't like finish, but that's bc my preference is a more matte finish and this is a dewy finish

  • Brooke Shimek
    Brooke Shimek 2 months ago

    "It just jizzes all over your face" hahaha

  • Rachel Jones
    Rachel Jones 2 months ago

    Interesting 🤔🤔🤔

  • Barbara Cole
    Barbara Cole 2 months ago

    I always have been tempted to get one of these, but now knowing that it takes a long time to apply the foundation, I probably would not get much use out of it. It does look fun, though!

  • oliviapatterson1
    oliviapatterson1 2 months ago

    Girl no, that shit takes waaaaay too long! But your lashes! That's a good kind of long! Love them!

  • annyong bluth
    annyong bluth 2 months ago +1

    you just flick it with your finger... *makes face*
    and then stuff comes out *makes face, thinks to self*

  • attagirl
    attagirl 2 months ago

    CHLOE BABY Ramadan is just starting!!! please do more eid tutorials in the future your muslim fans would appreciate it so much!

  • ShatteredDreamer828
    ShatteredDreamer828 2 months ago

    Girl who has the TIME

  • ItsMe I'mRed
    ItsMe I'mRed 2 months ago +1

    😂😂 this little thing you finger and stuff comes out. So many sexual references.

  • Ashlea Nicole
    Ashlea Nicole 2 months ago

    Hahahaha looked like a big oily mess... what a waste of money that would be!
    I'll stick to my beauty blender and XO brushes 😘😊

  • baddyy.s
    baddyy.s 2 months ago

    You have such a cute nose!

  • Alexis O'neal
    Alexis O'neal 2 months ago

    You're so gorgeous and I love your make up but this airbrush system does you no justice 😩😩

  • Faith Drew
    Faith Drew 2 months ago

    the bronzer looked good!

  • Jenny Piscatello
    Jenny Piscatello 2 months ago

    Dude u have like perfect skin and this to me looks like it emphasizes pores

  • Charlotte Brown
    Charlotte Brown 2 months ago

    the highlighter will work on number 3

  • Lucia Ciriolo
    Lucia Ciriolo 2 months ago +1

    I like Californian cri

  • Samantha Tiernan
    Samantha Tiernan 2 months ago

    I was getting frustrated waiting for it and that was time sped up 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kyra Houston
    Kyra Houston 2 months ago

    I use the professional system over the top of traditional foundation for a flawless result it's so much quicker and looks way better for a full coverage look !!

  • Rachael Brook
    Rachael Brook 2 months ago


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