Gisele Bündchen Takes Credit for Tom Brady's Super Bowl LI Win

  • Added:  3 months ago
  • Gisele Bündchen explains the benefits of Transcendental Meditation and her work with the David Lynch Foundation to use meditation to help at-risk women and children.

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    Gisele Bündchen Takes Credit for Tom Brady's Super Bowl LI Win
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  • Runtime: 3:13
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Comments: 385

  • GoodPotato Salad

    such a babe

  • Spud Monterrey
    Spud Monterrey 7 days ago

    Just looking at the bitch, just "jizzed" in my shorts

  • Gisele LPS Lover
    Gisele LPS Lover 7 days ago

    Hi twin sis lol My name is Gisele too

  • Julia Gungor
    Julia Gungor 10 days ago

    Never underestimate a white t-shirt

  • Tiago Fortini
    Tiago Fortini 12 days ago

    Q mulher bonita da porra!!!!

  • Greg Mercedes
    Greg Mercedes 13 days ago

    Damn she really is gorgeous

  • Felton Hicks
    Felton Hicks 13 days ago

    She is so beautiful and legendary

  • Christopher Moltisanti


  • Pratyush Shankar
    Pratyush Shankar Month ago

    More like she got bored and fell asleep in middle of the game, and when asked what she's doing, she said, "Who me? I'm meditating!"

  • Joyce Miranda
    Joyce Miranda Month ago

    É "nois" 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • kakaxe Br
    kakaxe Br Month ago


  • proserfina21096
    proserfina21096 Month ago

    I noticed that she's not a boring speaker, she's hilarious and seems to be down to earth. Lucky Leo!

  • Malcolm Matlock
    Malcolm Matlock Month ago

    She is literally perfect

  • Elio Sanfeliu
    Elio Sanfeliu 2 months ago +1

    She is like all brazilian girls: They are very happy and relaxed at the same time¡¡

  • Daniel Cunha
    Daniel Cunha 2 months ago

    Que perfeição de mulher 👑

  • ct n
    ct n 2 months ago

    She looks like a good looking tranvestite. Sorry, dont hate me, I cannot see it, even the way she speaks is uncharming. I know I am one of the minority who cannot see it although i tried.

  • Marcio Couto
    Marcio Couto 2 months ago +1

    Yeah, that's right. Everytime I think about football, I think about love and peace.

  • Erick Mailson
    Erick Mailson 2 months ago +1

    She's amazing, awesome, stunning...almost perfect...'cause is not married with me. :(

  • iwannababillionaire
    iwannababillionaire 2 months ago

    PERFECTION... Tom, you are one lucky man.

  • Larissa Nascimento
    Larissa Nascimento 2 months ago

    A Brasileira mais linda❤
    The most beautiful brazilian❤

  • SupernaturalLove100
    SupernaturalLove100 2 months ago +1

    So why exactly was she on the show promoting?
    It's annoying how women who are in these relationships are constantly asked about their husbands and speak bout them for the majority of interviews like they have absolutely nothing else to talk about, it's just a bit identity stripping. Same thing with Blake Lively constantly being asked about he actor husband Ryan R. Annoying

  • sapna627
    sapna627 2 months ago

    at risk of what?

  • Will K
    Will K 3 months ago

    Yoko Ono

  • marilia marcon baiao
    marilia marcon baiao 3 months ago

    coloca legenda

  • Jill Slabbaert
    Jill Slabbaert 3 months ago

    Im just grateful the Brady's are best friends with The Donald and voted for him :)

  • Carole Nash
    Carole Nash 3 months ago

    Lucky lady!

  • FapDeezNuts
    FapDeezNuts 3 months ago

    I take credit for the Pats win. My wife came home from a friends house after half time the score was 28-3, and said to me "What a shitty superbowl, it's already over!" I said, "It's not over, they can come back."  She said "yeah right" and rolled her eyes like the bitch she is. 31-28 Pats. In yo face beotch!

    • Brandon Armi
      Brandon Armi 2 months ago

      No need for namecalling I haven't called you any fucking names

    • FapDeezNuts
      FapDeezNuts 2 months ago

      meh, stfu dipshit

    • Brandon Armi
      Brandon Armi 2 months ago

      FapDeezNuts at least get the score right before you run your mouth

  • Letícia Suzuki
    Letícia Suzuki 3 months ago


  • Hikato Shohe
    Hikato Shohe 3 months ago

    Her accent is hot.

  • johanzo88
    johanzo88 3 months ago

    Crazy that she makes way more money than Tom.

  • Gabriel Edward
    Gabriel Edward 3 months ago

    That sb was the first time ever that I doubted Tom Brady never do it again even if we are losing 52-3

  • Paul Aiello
    Paul Aiello 3 months ago

    Remember in 2004 when these two were in the movie Taxi together?

  • Tim Curtis
    Tim Curtis 3 months ago

    Who is she?

  • bngltinkerbell
    bngltinkerbell 3 months ago

    Go away

  • Tyler Blair
    Tyler Blair 3 months ago

    I hate Tom Brady. Just fucking lose already you cheating bastard.

    • Nikki Morris
      Nikki Morris 3 months ago

      Tyler Blair Suck on it, moron. Jealousy will get you nowhere. Stick to your loser team.

  • Martin Aguirre
    Martin Aguirre 3 months ago

    Forget all the Super bowls he won for the Patriots, his best play ever was skipping the WH event to meet the douche Trump.

  • Dylan Edwards
    Dylan Edwards 3 months ago

    "Successful people meditate, I GOTTA DO THIS"

    Dude how much more successful can you be can you save some for the rest of us? I don't think the world could handle a meditating Jimmy Fallon

  • Dylan Edwards
    Dylan Edwards 3 months ago

    This is the most LA conversation I've ever heard in my life

  • Tahsina Tasnim
    Tahsina Tasnim 3 months ago


  • Eduardo Almeida
    Eduardo Almeida 3 months ago

    She is perfect! Don't you disappoint us, Gisele!

  • Vedant Shah
    Vedant Shah 3 months ago

    The Falcons blew a 28-3 lead

  • Tim Falardeau
    Tim Falardeau 3 months ago

    You think if I meditate, Tom Brady will marry me too?!

  • Gabriela Gomes Da Silva

    representa 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Colt 45 zag
    Colt 45 zag 3 months ago +1

    who else hates tom Brady with a passion! 🤔🤔

    • Colt 45 zag
      Colt 45 zag 2 months ago

      Nikki Morris my #raiders are gonna kick the shit out of your CHEATING patriots!! ASSHOLE! 🤔😁&🖕🖕

    • Nikki Morris
      Nikki Morris 2 months ago

      Colt 45 zag Hey idiot, everyone knows he is the greatest QB. Stick to your loser team.

    • Colt 45 zag
      Colt 45 zag 3 months ago

      Nikki Morris aww I'm sorry I hurt your cheating feelings! I guess you love to cheat!? 🤔🤔🤔😂

    • Nikki Morris
      Nikki Morris 3 months ago

      Colt 45 zag Just jackass morons like you.

  • SK8fourL1F3
    SK8fourL1F3 3 months ago

    Taxi reunion 👌

  • crieseasily
    crieseasily 3 months ago

    werent they in that one taxi movie together? with queen latifah lol

  • Walter White
    Walter White 3 months ago

    esses dois estão no filme <3

  • wilson lopes Júnior lopes

    #ElaÉDemais #Yloveyou #superquerida

  • Lanny Borges
    Lanny Borges 3 months ago +3

    Every single video where Gisele speaks English people talk shit about her accent. There's one thing you all should think about: she's not a native and she'll never be. The goal when one learns a second language is to be understood, not to speak like a native. By the way, she has an accent when speaking Portuguese as well, so, there's never a real standard. Stop this nonsense. Do people understand her? Yes, they do. So, that's enough.

    • Hemerson Brenner
      Hemerson Brenner 2 months ago

      Lanny Borges That's right! her english is great, I talk about her accent but just because i like how soft and understandable it is, of course she got a slight brazilian accent but like you said, she also has a different accent when talking in portuguese which completely cool, ACCENTS ARE GREAT STFU

    • Nikki Morris
      Nikki Morris 2 months ago

      Lanny Borges They are jealous that they don't speak a second or a third language. Most Americans do not have this ability like Europeans and South Americans.

    • Matheus Pereira
      Matheus Pereira 3 months ago

      yes, i agree with you. and those people who are always talking shit about her accent are(us) brazilians

  • All The Love É o Caraio

    A Gisele é uma rainha, maravilhosa né mores

  • Fernanda Tralala
    Fernanda Tralala 3 months ago

    She's so lovely :)

  • Leon Allan Davis
    Leon Allan Davis 3 months ago

    That Fallon fellow certainly is annoying. If I ran into him at a cocktail party I'd probably give him a clip upside his earhole. "Back off, ya simpering little twit!"

  • Happy30Too
    Happy30Too 3 months ago +1

    Cool...and great to hear her talking about what the David Lynch Foundation does to help people in need. As she said, Transcendental Meditation is simple, natural and effortless. And as a Veteran, I can say that TM is the single most important and effective tool I have found to reduce stress and increase happiness. It is the best...check out the David Lynch Foundation website...

  • Phil Spencer
    Phil Spencer 3 months ago

    VAI BRASIL!!!!!!!!!

  • TheIllusiveDon fuck you and yo feelings

    Taxi two god damn it

  • Flo Furaha
    Flo Furaha 3 months ago

    effortless beauty is when u can throw on a pair of khaki pants and a white T and look like that 👌

  • Michele Clark
    Michele Clark 3 months ago

    Hmm, I don't think she took credit, she asked people to pray and so I think she's giving credit to divine intervention... meditation was to calamity her down instead of a xanax

  • Karthik Sundar
    Karthik Sundar 3 months ago

    Bruh she has like holding 6 puppies while I'm over here asking for 1.

  • xKingSamx
    xKingSamx 3 months ago

    She seems like a great wife

  • hhgyufhrehfu
    hhgyufhrehfu 3 months ago +1

    Rainha Brazileira

  • Rick McDick
    Rick McDick 3 months ago +1

    Useful to meditate while Tom Brady is fisting you with his rings on

  • Alain Bruno
    Alain Bruno 3 months ago +17

    Gisele Bundchen is one hot Brazilian woman😍

    • Mailin winder
      Mailin winder 3 months ago

      I can't believe she has kids too, she looks amazing!!

    • andreeaabro
      andreeaabro 3 months ago


    • merdesh
      merdesh 3 months ago

      Her smile is contagious

  • Student of Theology
    Student of Theology 3 months ago

    Oh look this woman communes with demons, lets all applaud her... Oh and hey look at this liberal host saying yea we should all meditate... Yep, welcome to secular insanity.

  • Joao P. Oliveira
    Joao P. Oliveira 3 months ago


  • George Paras
    George Paras 3 months ago

    She is the type of Girl you would need to Duck tape her mouth shut before you Fluff Her

  • Felipe Uebio
    Felipe Uebio 3 months ago +2

    Usually I dislike Brazilian accent but I'm okay with Gisele accent, I want to speak as good as her :)

  • skylar luna
    skylar luna 3 months ago

    jimmy is getting worse and worse

  • Petterson Publisher
    Petterson Publisher 3 months ago


  • EsEs A
    EsEs A 3 months ago +9

    Imagine winning a Super Bowl and going home to someone like that. tom brady is the luckiest guy EVER

  • You get a car!
    You get a car! 3 months ago

    Jimmy said in an April interview he meditates with Headspace and he was in level 3, why did he say he hasn't tried it?

  • Giovanna Vieira
    Giovanna Vieira 3 months ago

    Cade os brs??

  • Brent Wiggins
    Brent Wiggins 3 months ago

    I bet her balls are perfect.

  • Kiki Anas Ahmad
    Kiki Anas Ahmad 3 months ago

    Meditation is the best thing tbh.

  • ΗΔΖΞ
    ΗΔΖΞ 3 months ago

    Guest:My dog died:(

  • Emmanoella Laborê
    Emmanoella Laborê 3 months ago +5

    Quem mais pensa no Tom Brady como Mr.Giselo Budchen?

  • Gemini Man
    Gemini Man 3 months ago

    Another reason to hate Brady!!!

  • Kung-Fu Kenny Family
    Kung-Fu Kenny Family 3 months ago +5

    Gisele Bündchen has built a great man #Tom Brady❤️

  • Frank
    Frank 3 months ago

    You'd think a model would do something with her hair when making a public appearance. Bed hair is really not a good choice.

  • Las Personas
    Las Personas 3 months ago

    I love Her outfit!

  • Marina Coutinho
    Marina Coutinho 3 months ago

    ela é real? RAINHA DO BRASIL

  • datDANK
    datDANK 3 months ago +1

    So Gisele is the richest most famous star from Brazil has all the money in the world and can have any guy in the world so who does she pick? the most all American Football quarterback

  • Badstuber
    Badstuber 3 months ago

    Gisele Bünchen, Brazilian queen 👸

  • Elem Caetano
    Elem Caetano 3 months ago


  • Faleosina Mata'afa
    Faleosina Mata'afa 3 months ago

    She is so beautiful!! I don't think she has aged at all!

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf 3 months ago

    Gold digger

    • Nikki Morris
      Nikki Morris 3 months ago

      Lone Wolf Hey idiot, she makes like quadruple what Brady makes

    • Miss Lia
      Miss Lia 3 months ago

      HAHAHAHA imbecile

    • hellblazer021
      hellblazer021 3 months ago

      She is a lot richer than Tom Brady.. Google it.

  • MulishaMike1986
    MulishaMike1986 3 months ago

    Dees man Tome' Brady.... I deflate he's balls.

  • Tom brady #TB12 #GOAT
    Tom brady #TB12 #GOAT 3 months ago


  • Rebeca Leite
    Rebeca Leite 3 months ago

    é do Brasil🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  • Vinay Kumar
    Vinay Kumar 3 months ago

    That Falcons fan that watches this

  • Chanel Santos
    Chanel Santos 3 months ago

    I love Gisele sm

  • James Bond
    James Bond 3 months ago


  • Albert Grant
    Albert Grant 3 months ago +2

    I knew pats were going to win I was forced to clap for every falcons touchdown at a superbowl because i was the only pats fan there and I told those jokers the pats were going to win.

  • Zoe Jeremy
    Zoe Jeremy 3 months ago

    Why have I always thought she's spoke Spanish or Russian. Boy was I wrong.

  • Auyer Rafael
    Auyer Rafael 3 months ago

    THIS IS BRAZIL! (Don's voice)

  • Bernardo Felsenfeld
    Bernardo Felsenfeld 3 months ago

    Linda e maravilhosa como sempre. Gorgeous and wonderful as always. Thaís os our GISELE, from BRAZIL!

  • Tom's Vlogs
    Tom's Vlogs 3 months ago

    Jimmy Fallon is fake af

  • Mike Allard
    Mike Allard 3 months ago

    Gisele looks like a knockoff version of Melania trump 🤔

    • vertigoman1
      vertigoman1 3 months ago

      Maybe is the other way around.

  • Nobru Oakley
    Nobru Oakley 3 months ago

    One of the most stupid jobs in the world

  • Mariana Oliveira
    Mariana Oliveira 3 months ago

    Rainha faz assim

  • Pryde Racing
    Pryde Racing 3 months ago

    I think I enjoyed that more because she didn't speak english all that well nor did she butcher it... I don't know why..

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