Are Tablets Dead?

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  • Matthew Watson
    Matthew Watson Day ago

    A 12inch iPad 64gb cost 800$ for that price you could get a pretty good PC that can do more things or a laptop that has a graphics card and kills the tablet so in my option tablets are obsolete other than a switch

  • Jener Carl Dais
    Jener Carl Dais 2 days ago

    Save da tablets like if you agree ✅ 📲📱💻

  • Antonio APC79
    Antonio APC79 3 days ago

    there not dead you dead Marcus brownlee

  • Daniel Fernandes
    Daniel Fernandes 4 days ago +1

    Who else is watching this on an IPad

  • SlimeKing87
    SlimeKing87 6 days ago

    I wasted $2000 dollars on IPad :(

  • Tom Waznis
    Tom Waznis 7 days ago

    Still waiting for a better Android tablet than my old Note Pro 12.2" with the full size Logitech keyboard case and micro-mouse

  • JimexJimex
    JimexJimex 8 days ago

    It's mid 2017, and I have NEVER seen a SINGLE worker in an enterprise / industry setting that decide to use a tablet instead of a laptop.

  • Nasseri Samir
    Nasseri Samir 12 days ago

    U can watch porn on'em

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 13 days ago

    I am dead

  • Wilbert Gaming
    Wilbert Gaming 13 days ago

    im from 2017 and the 10.5 inch ipad pro has 120hertz display split screen macbook dock and drag and drop file and the sale launchs up!

  • Ryan Fry
    Ryan Fry 13 days ago

    a new phone every 12 to 18 months? i get a new phone every 5 years haha

  • Scott B
    Scott B 17 days ago

    Surface pro is great. Tablet and laptop

  • Bubbaj001
    Bubbaj001 19 days ago

    Watching on a tablet

  • ItsWookii
    ItsWookii 25 days ago

    someone please tell this bloke how to say Niche'

    I AM PROMETHEUS 25 days ago

    The reason tablet sales are not going up is because the software is the same as ios or android. We need a tanlet that has a hybrid software that runs android and windows or chrome os together. Or a ios and mac os hybrid software. Thats what people want.

  • JZ
    JZ 28 days ago

    None are putting SSDs in them. Wish they would.

  • AquaArmor 1026
    AquaArmor 1026 Month ago

    AT LAST!! These things are dead

  • Anthony Corbin
    Anthony Corbin Month ago

    I use my tablet a lot why are they dying so bad

  • lord-ksa999
    lord-ksa999 Month ago

    i bought my ipad2 5 years ago and now he's begging me to use it .

  • Random Fandom
    Random Fandom Month ago

    smartphones have gotten bigger and also better specs, but tablets haven't really had much innovation the specs are usually less than the phones.

  • Science Quencher
    Science Quencher Month ago +3

    *tech guy asking a random person* Tech guy: what phone do you have? Random person: the iPhone galaxy edge 31S plus. Tech guy: What tablet do you have? Random person: what's a tablet? *after 4 hours of thinking* ohhhhhhhhh... you mean the laptop with no keyboard?

  • Motgarbob
    Motgarbob Month ago

    im using my ipad every day, i watch videos on that, i watch films on that i surf net on that. its WAAAY more confortable then using my phone or my pc

  • Arun G
    Arun G Month ago

    my 2011 iPad 2 works just fine. why change it

  • alex chamber
    alex chamber Month ago +1

    No... I think laptops are going, tablets are just "your tech." Want to google? Use your tablet if it is near.
    Want to play a cool game? Use your tablet.
    Want to write a document?
    Get the word app and write.
    You get the idea...

    However, I believe it is going to return to things like the iPad mini instead of the IPad.

  • Stella Bieber
    Stella Bieber Month ago

    I'm 14 and all my friends have tablets and iPads. I think it's because they're a cheaper alternative for a laptop.

  • Emil Forslund
    Emil Forslund Month ago

    we have a Ipad 2 from when there was the original iPad the iPad 2 and the iPad 3 was just coming out but it is pretty slow now

  • ImMig
    ImMig Month ago

    tablets are for 2-6-year-olds and grandmas

  • Nathaniel Spencer
    Nathaniel Spencer Month ago

    We use these things to replace books, I'm getting an IPad 9.7 this July for Gr. 7 and I'm pretty excited

  • A lonely Soul
    A lonely Soul Month ago

    The only use for tablets are for watching MKBHD vids and nothing else.

  • TheGreatOrochi sweg

    i have laptop tablet phone andpc i love tablets becyase they have good games

  • Wizard.
    Wizard. Month ago

    Tablets are amazing for watching porn.

  • David Robitaille
    David Robitaille Month ago

    I love how Apple is completely ignoring the Mac, yet trying to push the iPad Pro as a replacement to a PC

  • Fabio Canales
    Fabio Canales Month ago

    T-shirt: Back it up baby or Dump baby?

  • Morgan Reece
    Morgan Reece 2 months ago

    Do you live there

  • TECHNO lab
    TECHNO lab 2 months ago

    what is the word on your shirt

  • Kellerkind
    Kellerkind 2 months ago

    You even wear tge excact same shirt as in ghe ipad pro video lmao

  • audioedge
    audioedge 2 months ago

    Neesh not nitch

  • darren spohn
    darren spohn 2 months ago

    I bought my tablet with some free money I got.
    I had negative pre-concieved ideas about them that were wrong.
    But my tablet is used only when I am in bed. And it is perfect. You can lay in ways and hold a tablet easier and more comfortably than a laptop.
    But downloading music and transfering them to my flash drive and phone is something i can't do with my tablet. So for now my lap top is more important.

  • Duke Dragon
    Duke Dragon 2 months ago +1

    I'm actually watching this on an Acer Predator 8

  • Jack Gaming
    Jack Gaming 2 months ago

    did Any one noticed the guy in the back ground in 0:38

  • Rei Rescu
    Rei Rescu 2 months ago

    I still using my ipad mini 2 in 2017

  • Matthew Highley
    Matthew Highley 2 months ago

    Ipads: Dead
    Android Tablets: Dead

    Windows tablets: The new king of tablets

  • BatKoop GameZ
    BatKoop GameZ 2 months ago

    Tablet Is not dead So don't think It Is, Samsung Just Realeased A New Tablet

  • Crunk Playa69
    Crunk Playa69 2 months ago

    Tablets are dead or they're dying so fast they might as well be dead. No need trying to be nice about. A smartphone does almost everything a tablet can, plus it's easier to carry. A laptop does everything and MORE than a tablet, and it's only a little bigger. Only thing a tablet is useful for is a toy for kids and seniors.

  • morcputer
    morcputer 2 months ago

    I use my iPad Air 2 every day in university, it's perfect to write on scripts and take notes

  • RareFrost Minecraft & More

    I'm using a iPad right now because my old phone is bad and I'm searching for a new one and came across this

  • Megatron2013
    Megatron2013 2 months ago

    I'm probably going to buy a second phone to replace my dying tablet. At least most new Android phones are up to date. I know I won't have a large battery life and screen size, but some high end phones are cheaper than tablets.

  • Techon - NBA Videos, Gaming And More!

    2:20 lmaoo

  • Maulana Malik
    Maulana Malik 2 months ago

    I really Love Work with my iPad, but the main problem for me is i need more professional apps and games..

  • KELLI2L2
    KELLI2L2 2 months ago

    Tablets are great but they need WiFi and unless you have a personal hotspot you can't use it everywhere and who wants to pay for a network like a phone 📱 has when WiFi is out of range!? I don't... But a personal hotspot costs $ too.
    Seems they are phasing out personal WiFi hotspots according to Circuit City. 👎

  • Jonathan Pait
    Jonathan Pait 2 months ago

    I still use an iPad mini 2 and I totally understand because I honestly wouldn't think of buying a new one. it plays movies and YouTube just fine so there really isn't any need for me personally to get a new one. definitely love how he explained it in this video

  • PumperWolf
    PumperWolf 2 months ago

    In my case, computer is the most important tool, second, the phone and third the tablet, if my iPad die, sincerely I will not feel the need to replace it, is more like a luxury complement to me, if my Mac dies, I need to buy another one as soon as possible.

  • DJ Ezasscul
    DJ Ezasscul 2 months ago

    I think tablets are dead, I still use my Xoom for reading comics and watching movies, listening to music etc. I know I can get a new one, but why? Kinda like how you wouldn't buy a new computer until the old one breaks or starts malfunctioning.

  • aviator m8
    aviator m8 2 months ago

    *_Meanwhile im watching this on my tablet._*

  • Charles Hainsworth
    Charles Hainsworth 2 months ago

    niche is pronounced neesh.

  • MrKerozinn
    MrKerozinn 2 months ago

    nothing better to read my everyday manga than my 8" galaxy tab s2.

  • Trevor Sullivan
    Trevor Sullivan 2 months ago

    I use my iPad mini 4 for reading books

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi 2 months ago

    I use iPad Mini 1st gen. No need to buy a new one.

  • Tech Life
    Tech Life 2 months ago

    Tech of the Year: Tablets!

  • quonzika
    quonzika 2 months ago +1

    1:46 that moment when mkbhd declares one third to be "like a 20% difference"

  • Roald Enzo Torres
    Roald Enzo Torres 2 months ago

    you know i broke my Coby Kyros, Starmobile Engage 7 lite and Starmobile Diamond S2 (phablet) but not my Huawei Media Pad T1 7.0

  • Prodigy CS:GO
    Prodigy CS:GO 2 months ago

    What about tablet 2-in-1's?
    those a neat.

  • {Xyro} Nitronixus
    {Xyro} Nitronixus 2 months ago

    Ipad 2 running for 6 years now...... Slow asf but still works

  • MuscleMan
    MuscleMan 2 months ago

    No because the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 was released this year lol

  • The Triple Threat Koderz

    Are tablets dead?
    My iPad is dead and I can't find the charger...

  • Tjd3211 Gaming
    Tjd3211 Gaming 2 months ago

    Not gonna lie I love my iPad

  • JokingChris 101
    JokingChris 101 2 months ago

    new Nexus 7 2013 please greatest tablet of all time
    still use mine using it to watch this video.
    waiting for a new one to upgrade haven't had a reason too it works great screens great .

  • Mrmot Games
    Mrmot Games 3 months ago

    I have a Lenovo a369i phone with a 2MP back camera, no front camera, 500 MB of RAM, 1.5GB of internal storage, 4" screen, Android 4.1...

  • Ricky41032
    Ricky41032 3 months ago

    Mobile OS tablets are dying because 2 in 1 convertibles that can do real work are rising. So the concept of a tablet is obsolete.

  • Will Prowse
    Will Prowse 3 months ago

    I love the crap out of my tablets

  • Romer Loime
    Romer Loime 3 months ago

    Jup my tablets are dead!

  • tripslikstar
    tripslikstar 3 months ago

    My galaxy note pro 12.2 is still pretty bad ass

  • Ariel Charles
    Ariel Charles 3 months ago

    what is the name of that game!!?? 2:18 please

  • Cms7899
    Cms7899 3 months ago

    Watching this on my tablet lol

  • Bread
    Bread 3 months ago

    fuck yeah they are

  • Tanzim K
    Tanzim K 3 months ago

    Before I started using the Nexus 4, I often used my 7" tablet because the phone I use is very small and is underpowered.

  • TechLife
    TechLife 3 months ago

    Just buy a projector and a Chromecast, stick it to the back of your bed and then you can watch YouTube in bed. There's no point in getting a tablet just for YouTube, plus you get a bigger screen and better quality on projectors.

  • will riseabove
    will riseabove 3 months ago

    I never really liked tablets mainly because they're like a laptop with no keyboard or disk drive. if I want something small I'll use a phone if I want something big I'll use a laptop or use screen mirroring with my Amazon fire stick from my phone.

  • The Singlelead
    The Singlelead 3 months ago +1

    The problem is mobile phones are getting more powerful in a way compact size and even more power more big screens more battery and better displays better cameras more optimized apps for smartphones but still the Tablets are not dead there is potential in tablets just wait for a revolution and see who's winning Tabs OR Phones

  • Wolfgamer 297
    Wolfgamer 297 3 months ago

    i use my tablets for gaming

  • Alex Disibio
    Alex Disibio 3 months ago

    Tablets are useless, unless you are an artist or music producer. For the average consumer, you are likely wasting your money if you get a tablet.

  • Mike Sico
    Mike Sico 3 months ago

    Just bought a tablet. Wait no a laptop. No no no a tablet. Laptop? WTF is this thing. Ohhh a Surface.

    Anyways it's actually great.

  • Clemintine da boss AKA :Siri Great

    Ipad is dead not surface

  • Clemintine da boss AKA :Siri Great

    Ipad is dead not surface

  • Bloodstainer
    Bloodstainer 3 months ago

    The reason why people buy less tablets is the same reason people are buying less computers, they use them for longer than a year.

  • Antonio Burrell
    Antonio Burrell 3 months ago

    What games is he playing at 2:19

  • Keimarr
    Keimarr 3 months ago

    Wow I thought these videos was a month ago time flies...

  • Adrienne McCue
    Adrienne McCue 3 months ago

    yes they are dead. I use mine for only reading books or videos. 🤣🤣

  • TechFusion AZ
    TechFusion AZ 3 months ago

    Makes sense. With how good phones are today, there's not as much of a use for tablets.

    For example for me, I have a big fat high custom built rig for my daily use. Then use my tablet for note taking. My new phone i'm buying will do all my note taking, so now my tablet will sit around a lot.

    GAIMING WITH FEWKEY 3 months ago

    i hkd a table i watching YouTube with it

  • Talia Brown
    Talia Brown 3 months ago

    Tables are not dead

  • Sam Felton
    Sam Felton 3 months ago

    I LOVE my iPad

  • Paul Nedoiu
    Paul Nedoiu 3 months ago

    Dual boot tablets: windows 10 + android are the best and really justify the price. The ipads are for kids.

  • Braden Sampson
    Braden Sampson 3 months ago

    I bought a playbook on launch day and loved it for a solid few months. I realize they're not up to par with other tablets but for a while it was really cool to have, at least for me.
    I found that I kinda missed using my laptop and now only use my phone and laptop. Never touch my tablet

  • dipesh bhatta
    dipesh bhatta 3 months ago

    i think their should be bezel less and thin tablet to attract more people.

  • Jack Waterhouse
    Jack Waterhouse 3 months ago

    The only reason i don't use my tablet is because it's shit, other than that I'd use it

  • Mutyi80
    Mutyi80 3 months ago

    Whats that game at 2:18?

  • Brandon H
    Brandon H 3 months ago

    I use my tablet for reading books and comics. That experience is still not very pleasant on a smartphone

  • zCausper
    zCausper 3 months ago

    I consume most of my video on my iPad 3. So as a media device I think that they are really relevant. (You kind missed that point?).
    But yeah it is totally because of the upgrade cycle that sales has dropped. A lot of people own a tablet but May might not use it as much or see the need (or the justification) to upgrade

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