How Well Do The DUNKIRK Cast REALLY Know Each Other? | MTV Movies

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  • Chris William
    Chris William 5 hours ago

    kenneth branagh is totally different in the movie

  • FabledSomething
    FabledSomething 8 hours ago

    Chris Nolan does not have a mobile phone? WHAT! ?

    Is he sending up smoke signals every time he wants to do a movie?

    • RandomGuy
      RandomGuy 3 hours ago

      probably calls his agents on a landline from home

    • FabledSomething
      FabledSomething 3 hours ago

      Yeah because he doesn't have email either.......

    • Captain of Squad 11
      Captain of Squad 11 3 hours ago

      Or somebody does it for him 😂 I just love the man

    • Captain of Squad 11
      Captain of Squad 11 3 hours ago

      FabledSomething I find it awesome LOL but probably does emails

  • Muscle Shark
    Muscle Shark 16 hours ago

    Kenneth Branagh the mosr senior actor and hes been paid off. Sad really.

  • sxfiacastpp
    sxfiacastpp 23 hours ago

    Fionn is such a cutie!

  • Maliha Intikhab
    Maliha Intikhab 3 days ago

    Cillian always looks like the world has gravely disappointed him and beautiful ofcourse.

  • Maliha Intikhab
    Maliha Intikhab 3 days ago

    Jack's accent is so addictive!

  • lololee24
    lololee24 4 days ago

    This grown arse woman is annoying as fuck who in the hell hired her? and can she be fired from the next red carpet event?

  • A.M Lash
    A.M Lash 5 days ago

    The way Jack pronounces Harry Styles oh my god

    • Elena Saccon
      Elena Saccon 1 day ago

      A.M Lash "ÆRI" so cute 😂❤️

    • A.M Lash
      A.M Lash 4 days ago

      True, I am fascinated by Jack's accent

    • Renae Edwards
      Renae Edwards 4 days ago

      A.M Lash their accents are amazing especially Jack 😂

    • A.M Lash
      A.M Lash 5 days ago

      And Fionn talks in such a delicate way, so sweet

  • ktaurus
    ktaurus 5 days ago

    Fionn did well!

  • 81094aj
    81094aj 6 days ago

    " Who begun their performing career as ____ musician?" What does she say?

  • Bailey 010906
    Bailey 010906 6 days ago

    First comment

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