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  • This is EPIC! We found a REAL treasure chest full of money! Amazing! YESTERDAYS VLOG: tvclip.org/video/kdOITdkdsJM/&list=PLHStQFQUewgUtEimJrvJi16uTT8x0jPoW&index=1
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    Uncle Ryan spent months on making this most epic of treasure hunts ever! He created each of these clues and did it all(most of it) hidden from the prying eyes of our crazy cute kiddos. They were on to him but it was still more awesome than anything we have ever seen before!

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    Intro Theme song by Cody Crabb:

    So many adventures are in this one show,
    I cannot believe my mind didn’t blow!

    Contained in this video At 18:53
    What is this piece of technology?

    Isn’t this fun? I’m so excited you’re here,
    This treasure hunt goes back to last year!

    A beautiful moment in our history,
    Charlie’s birth is what you need to see!
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    CHECK OUT OUR LATEST TREASURE HUNT! tvclip.org/video/jtw3q9X84Uo/

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    wait if this is fake how do they make it with out the kids noticesing

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    Liel sayda Hour ago

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  • Rose Rogers
    Rose Rogers 2 hours ago

    Fake! The lil guy gave it away by telling about Ryan making box, and pencil with note. Dad , and mom fake yea's at the end you could tell it was all planned. Including areas, where everything was hidden . Nice try👍🏻

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    Om nom.06 2 hours ago

    is this real or fake guys plz help me out !

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    What. OMG😮

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    Michael Serrano 4 hours ago

    Bless your dear family 👪

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    Joshua Brown 5 hours ago

    the kid lying hard

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    The parent totally set that up

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    1. This is so cool for them to do for their kids
    2. What an awesome house they have having a secret chamber in their shed and all the other space in the house

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    Is this fake or real

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    Ur intro is cool with the music

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    Was day real!!!!???

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    It's Secret

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    this is real because there is stuff from 100 years ago

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    Can someone explain to me how this looks fake when there is actually dust on some of the items?

    • Momo Alex
      Momo Alex 18 hours ago

      for starters if this was a real treasure from a 100 years ago there wouldn't be guns that look like that
      the money isn't the same money that they used a hundred years ago
      you can easily get some dust from the ground and put it on the stuff
      and if you still don't beleive in the description it says that the kids' uncle did it for them

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