Top 10 Facts About the Mile High Club (EPIC)

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  • Hello and welcome back to another DailyTop10s Top 10 video. Today we are going to be looking at the Top 10 Facts About the Mile-High Club! It’s one of the most exclusive clubs on the planet, but technically anyone with a plane ticket can join – if they’re careful enough to not get caught. But here are ten facts about this sauciest of societies that you might not know…


    Number 10: The Mile-High Milestone
    Number 9: Lie Back and Think of England
    Number 8: Where Fantasy Takes Flight
    Number 7: Getting to Fourth Base
    Number 6: Stranger Things Have Happened
    Number 5: Switch to Autopilot
    Number 4: Making Out on the Hay While the Sun is Shining
    Number 3: You’ll Be Happier with the Right Airline
    Number 2: Celebrities in the Club
    Number 1: Mile-High Money


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  • dave pamell
    dave pamell 1 day ago

    I sucked the pikot of and fucked all the cabin crew

  • MrEdKester
    MrEdKester 6 days ago

    Over Seas flight, Strangers in the Flight : }~

  • No use for lazy people None.

    Just fly to Denver, Co,,and do it ANYWHERE,,,it's at Over A mile high. And, you won't have to worry about getting caught.

  • Alvin Al
    Alvin Al 11 days ago

    Your end where you're mockery of Jesus was sick. to think we have to sub to get to heaven.

  • Patrick Faint
    Patrick Faint 14 days ago

    number 5 is a lie because autopilot is there if the pilot accidentally goes to sleep or forgets to do something autopilot is also there if the pilot is knocked out in the co-pilot can turn it on if there a new recruit so number five can go piss off!

    ONE SPEED 14 days ago

    really lololo...

  • Todd Belding
    Todd Belding 15 days ago

    Really? You try the religious trap crap to make us subscribe? It's bad enough that the "major religions" try to brainwash people to join things, but a fake "jesus"?

  • tippy Dog
    tippy Dog 17 days ago

    my average hard-on is about 7 when my wife and I join the mile high club it grew to about 11 or 12 even it was huge

  • Chadohog
    Chadohog 17 days ago +6

    I consider myself in the club. I've done it over 5,240 times a foot of the ground.

  • Stephon Mohammed
    Stephon Mohammed 19 days ago

    Who want to join the club with me

  • S
    S 19 days ago +1

    1d r members

  • Gary Scarbrough
    Gary Scarbrough 22 days ago


  • Donnie Brown
    Donnie Brown 26 days ago


    • Donnie Brown
      Donnie Brown 26 days ago

      ALL EXCEPT THE DUDE CALLING HIMSELF BY MY lord n saviors name! someone should slap he dog sh@t out of him.

  • Carol Harmon
    Carol Harmon 27 days ago

    If you like stuff like this, the sexiest book that I have ever read is "The Pro SHE IS A WINNER". And after that book gets you all HOT, then read "The Pro TWO". Las Vegas is where this girl lives most of the time, and she is a one in a million girl.

  • mathew harry
    mathew harry 29 days ago

    The cabin is pressurised, idiot.

  • jockellis
    jockellis 1 month ago +2

    Are you sure the predecessor of the MHC didn't start with the first balloon flights given by the Mongolfier freres? Seems young ladies (les jeune filles) were the most eager to go up.

  • Wade Guidry
    Wade Guidry 1 month ago

    Ok, are there any British babes that would like to "induct" me in 1st class?

  • Joseph VanDyck
    Joseph VanDyck 1 month ago

    What about Chad Ochocinco and all of the other celebrities that travel private?

  • Mystery Bryan
    Mystery Bryan 1 month ago +1

    I've been a member since 1985....haven't paid dues in awhile though....

    • Donnie Brown
      Donnie Brown 26 days ago

      i joined too...but i was by myself...does that count?

  • Daniel Bridges
    Daniel Bridges 1 month ago +3

    now we know were united came up with tbeir united

  • Chris M
    Chris M 1 month ago +3

    I got a buddy to fly a private plane so my girlfriend and I could join. He even obliged us with some mild aerobatics so we got some zero G mile high action. I love flying!

  • James Patrick
    James Patrick 1 month ago +6

    Getting caught is not the's wether a bitch will let you or not! I've been asking my wife for almost 20yrs! Nothing but blue(high)balls here!

    • Donnie Brown
      Donnie Brown 26 days ago

      oh,i meant the "fatt bitch"part in the best possible way.n i would erase it,but i cant edit on this pc

    • Donnie Brown
      Donnie Brown 26 days ago

      why r u even taking your wife somewhere anyway?leave that fat bitch at home, n take a smoking hott, not very bright young lady with u for that kind of stuff.

  • matthew babij
    matthew babij 1 month ago +8

    Did you guys know that RnB princess Aaliyah was a member of the mile high club? shortly after her plane took off she was FUCKED

  • madsexymanofthenight
    madsexymanofthenight 1 month ago +7

    thats it im flying british this year.

    • madsexymanofthenight
      madsexymanofthenight 11 days ago

      Proger13 10 its not rocket science.

    • Proger13 10
      Proger13 10 12 days ago

      madsexymanofthenight Flying British ? Or do you mean flying to Britain or flying on British airways .

  • Mike West
    Mike West 1 month ago

    is there a subterranean sex club? because the subway is full of sex.

  • Daniel W.
    Daniel W. 1 month ago +4

    is it illegal to have sex in a airplane bathroom while it's in air

  • drewAndThru v
    drewAndThru v 1 month ago

    Call of duty modern warfare's last mission
    Mmm I love that game

  • Siward Beorn
    Siward Beorn 1 month ago +2


  • Tane Apanui
    Tane Apanui 1 month ago +5

    It's 6080 ft. Nautical mile not a statutory mile people - come on!

    • Chadohog
      Chadohog 17 days ago

      Tane Apanui This is a dumb conversation

    • Chadohog
      Chadohog 17 days ago

      Tane Apanui a miss is as good as a mile

    • Donnie Brown
      Donnie Brown 26 days ago

      lol, im just tryin to make u laugh. peace my friend,n best wishes

    • Tane Apanui
      Tane Apanui 26 days ago

      Donnie Brown haha🤣 I guess pal

    • Donnie Brown
      Donnie Brown 26 days ago the statute of, if u screwed that young chick several years ago,they cant charge you,right? i got it

  • Shwepsyness
    Shwepsyness 1 month ago +1

    Mirander kerr!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Donnie Brown
      Donnie Brown 26 days ago

      omg,your photo looks smoking hott.if thats u,let me kno if u need some help,lol

    • Shwepsyness
      Shwepsyness 26 days ago

      Donnie Brown for sure

    • Donnie Brown
      Donnie Brown 26 days ago

      so...u wanna join? lol

  • Lukey
    Lukey 1 month ago +6

    Gotta love jesus at the ending

    • Lukey
      Lukey 26 days ago

      ah, sorry to hear that, yeah I can see how him milking the character of jesus for money to be a bit annoying, but dw, people only like him as a meme, they aren't taking him seriously or dissing the real jesus.

    • Donnie Brown
      Donnie Brown 26 days ago

      it pissed me off. i am a christian, n dont appreciate him makin fun ... but i did enjoy the video

  • Ry Muzic
    Ry Muzic 1 month ago +3

    I gotta a boner on a plane once,and on a coach

  • EveryNightInMyDreamsISeeYouIFeelYouThatIsHowIKnowY

    Love is in the air...

  • Mojalistic
    Mojalistic 1 month ago

    interesting thx fr sharing :)

  • Mojalistic
    Mojalistic 1 month ago

    you just won another subscriber :)

  • illegalsmile  シ
    illegalsmile シ 1 month ago +36

    Air Canada treated us well. When we got out of the washroom, some people applauded.

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