6 Kitchen Tricks - Food Hacks

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  • 6 useful food tricks you can use in your home kitchen

    In this video you will see six great tricks you can use in your kitchen, these are the tricks you will see:

    1. Egg freshness test
    2. Ginger peeling trick
    3. Instant mayonnaise
    4. Cutting board movement
    5. Making soft butter trick
    6. Easy poached egg

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  • Polinati Srinivas
    Polinati Srinivas 17 hours ago +1

    nice πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŽπŸ€‘πŸ€‘πŸ€‘

  • Dayshiaa Sheriff
    Dayshiaa Sheriff Day ago +1

    Hi it's devals kitchen I want you to co

  • Boom Whaaattt
    Boom Whaaattt 2 days ago +1

    The boiled eggs are going on a swim on their floats

  • Paea Helu
    Paea Helu 3 days ago

    it moved a little when u done the wet paper towel

  • Noah  Brooks
    Noah Brooks 5 days ago

    Um the 4th one about the slipping cutting board isnt really a hack they teach you that in culinary to use the rubber like mat or a wet hand towel to keep it from moving heck we even had a board that didnt move because it already came with the rubber material on the bottom of it so.....

  • Caterpie
    Caterpie 6 days ago +1

    Another way to soften butter is heating up a glass,turn the glass upside down and cover the butter with the mouth,it would take longer than the cheese grater part but still the butter will be soft

  • Jo Chapman
    Jo Chapman 7 days ago

    You can keep eggs fresh for a much longer time by coating them in wax or mineral oil. It works! You can also add vinegar to the water for poaching eggs, and the whites won't get all stringy.

  • Kanwal Shahzadi
    Kanwal Shahzadi 7 days ago

    U r cool

  • Abbz- Evanzxx
    Abbz- Evanzxx 7 days ago

    I tried the butter one and it worked quite well!! thanks!😁

  • lelanya burgess
    lelanya burgess 10 days ago

    My theory 4 the 5th is the friction make it hot

  • Cabebara
    Cabebara 11 days ago

    Is it weird that I'm only 13 and literally have used most of the cooking hacks without even seeing the videos first? Probably because I explore with cooking :p

  • MegaBloodlust
    MegaBloodlust 14 days ago

    i sub

  • Angel D
    Angel D 15 days ago

    Just like so.... Just like so... Repeated over and over again.. Grrr

  • Panic! at the 21 Crybaby fall out boys

    Or you can buy a lot more mayonnaise!!! If you don't have the stuff in your house it will be a lot more expensive!!!

  • The Bow Squad
    The Bow Squad 15 days ago +1

    4:17 to 4:19 watch The cutting board move

  • SkyyKin
    SkyyKin 16 days ago

    what is this music name

  • LilyShiroGane_ Playz & more

    I will NEVER see mayonnaise the same way .......

  • Robloxian Baby Moon Studios

    And I use a gadget for my poached eggs...

  • Robloxian Baby Moon Studios

    I put hot glue on the bottom of my cutting board, but I have one with rubber on the bottom.

  • nona M
    nona M 20 days ago

    I wondering if it's safe to put the egg in plastic and exposure it to high temperature !

  • Dante Finnerty
    Dante Finnerty 22 days ago


  • Red Moon
    Red Moon 23 days ago

    ..."just like this " πŸ˜‚

  • Hanne Oxholm
    Hanne Oxholm 23 days ago

    A little tip for the "Cutting board movement": I use my 2 rubber pot holders.
    They are always at hand in the kitchen.

  • danichocolate22
    danichocolate22 24 days ago


  • Syed Hanif
    Syed Hanif 24 days ago

    Eggs pouched in plastic wrapping paper is sure unhealthy and can lead to cancer. A better way to poach those eggs would be using a natural material like banana leaf which can wrap the egg tight without leaks and after cooking it imparts a lovely flavor too.

  • Jahnavi Gajula
    Jahnavi Gajula 25 days ago

    First time here

  • Carter Galvin
    Carter Galvin 26 days ago

    4:18 he said it doesn't move and then it moves

  • Evie powell
    Evie powell 27 days ago

    he said eggsbendict from fnaf sl

  • Zahra _TV
    Zahra _TV 27 days ago


  • AngelicWolf 2005
    AngelicWolf 2005 29 days ago

    Everytime i watch you my mum just starts criticise your every single move xD

    HEBER ROJAS ZAMORA 29 days ago

    que dices hablas ingles yo hablo espaΓ±ol

  • Hanzo[ν•œμ‘°]

    This was clickbait:

    *Look at his channel name*

  • windbreaker57
    windbreaker57 Month ago

    Re 1st part, fresh egg test, I suggest care in "dropping" the egg into the water. Fresh eggs sink rather quickly...and break the shell. "Lay" them gently.

  • Tim Doheny
    Tim Doheny Month ago

    The freshest eggs will lay flat on the bottom . The older they get they start to stand up . Its bad before it floats if standing straight up .

  • Sharjeel Faryad
    Sharjeel Faryad Month ago

    This guys is love with eggs

    RAMPY BOYZ Month ago

    I love your channel

  • satyam yadav
    satyam yadav Month ago +1

    good video

  • Ryan W
    Ryan W Month ago


  • Rechilda Iren Alpay

    Ummm... He didn't say it was a plastic wrap

  • PolskiMurzynek PL
    PolskiMurzynek PL Month ago

    mokry papier - Januszowe rozwiΔ…zanie xD

  • Adriana Alencar
    Adriana Alencar Month ago

    vocΓͺ nΓ£o fala nenhuma lΓ­ngua em portuguΓͺs

  • Ahamd Hudaib
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  • Cook Boss
    Cook Boss Month ago +1

    i love it.im from the caribbean.subsribe to my channel.COOK BOSS.thank you

  • darkespeon64
    darkespeon64 Month ago

    what country prints dates on the eggs

  • Tony Vang
    Tony Vang Month ago

    Wsdr is a good man and he is a good man and he is a good man and he is a good man rrrrrr a man who is a good man and r I have no idea what I want to do

  • Tristan Wibberley
    Tristan Wibberley Month ago

    What was the seasoning used in the mayo recipe? It sounded like "Fake Soap" :D And the following sentence wasn't clear either ...

  • Ivy Family
    Ivy Family Month ago

    I'm going to start a cooking channel, mostly of what I've seen on-line and stuff, and I'm not a cook lol, but I want to show off my family while doing it. Came from Las Vegas for my family. Do me a favor and subscribe to me please.

  • ali Shahid
    ali Shahid Month ago

    4:53 that can be dangerous to the health

  • Alex Is Unstable
    Alex Is Unstable Month ago

    Who poaches an egg in water

  • fun,gameing Angela
    fun,gameing Angela Month ago

    did u say ikea

  • Vanessa Motswapo
    Vanessa Motswapo Month ago


  • Kim Oyorsaba
    Kim Oyorsaba Month ago

    what if u don't have a cheese cutter for the butter you can put the butter in hot water then take it out and u can cut a slice

  • Ahnaf Amer
    Ahnaf Amer Month ago

    In our country we have a way better way to make poached eggs 🍳 and that's very very very very very easy and 100% safe

  • skulspike92
    skulspike92 Month ago

    Can i give you a suggestion for your future videos?

    Try to speak faster, I was watching this video on 2.0 speed, and your talking speed was the same as most videos on 1.25-1.5.

  • Diamond Derp -random games

    whats the song?

  • world wanderer
    world wanderer Month ago +1

    the first "trick" does not prove that the floating eggs are bad. It merely proves they are not as fresh.Boil them and they will taste just fine and be very easy to peel.

  • IJustWannaPlayGames

    3:23 if you put dots of hot glue on each corner it also shouldn't move πŸ”ͺ

  • Shava Chihera
    Shava Chihera Month ago

    why not just boil the egg in its shell????

  • Joumana Diab
    Joumana Diab Month ago


  • happy rou
    happy rou Month ago

    The first and sesond tricks do it since birth.🀰

  • Freddica 1987
    Freddica 1987 Month ago

    I got another idea about the Soft butter trick. Dip a glass in a hot water, and place it into the butter

  • Ella Bruce
    Ella Bruce Month ago

    I thought the trick to poached eggs is adding vinegar to the water.

  • Timothy Whitson
    Timothy Whitson Month ago

    Mayonnaise is much better because you need more greedy and which cost a lot usually just buy

  • Brandin Crawcford
    Brandin Crawcford Month ago

    you are stupid

    • How To Make Sushi
      How To Make Sushi  Month ago

      sorry you feel that way, did you not find any of the hacks useful?

    R.J. SECOND LIFE Month ago

    you could have just put the whole egg with the shell in the pot

  • Elena kostova
    Elena kostova 2 months ago


  • Brendon Urie's Forehead

    My uncle lives on a farm and we get fresh farm eggs all the time, you can tell the difference between store bought and fresh eggs

  • Kitana Vega-kelley
    Kitana Vega-kelley 2 months ago

    I'm going to kill you

  • Jamie Casey
    Jamie Casey 2 months ago

    Didn't actually move the chopping board when demonstrating the IKEA material, literally just moved his hands πŸ˜‚

  • Whaz Up
    Whaz Up 2 months ago

    For the instant mayo, could you use a whisk or anything else besides an electric hand mixer?

  • nicolette morrison
    nicolette morrison 2 months ago

    WOW!! these videos are very informative.

  • GamesGamingForYou
    GamesGamingForYou 2 months ago

    When I clicked on this, I thought this was DaveHax

  • Nguyen Luu
    Nguyen Luu 2 months ago

    Or you can just buy mayonnaise

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    ngerti bahasanya

  • brennan Richmond
    brennan Richmond 2 months ago

    Shaw your face

  • brennan Richmond
    brennan Richmond 2 months ago

    I love you vidoes thay are cool

  • Swapnil Biswas
    Swapnil Biswas 2 months ago +1

    VAS. very. very. very. sexy

  • Elsbeth Broek
    Elsbeth Broek 2 months ago

    do a hot glass over the butter

  • Milonso
    Milonso 2 months ago

    Instead of doing the last egg thing you could just cook it with shell...

  • Droid
    Droid 2 months ago

    Just put the whole egg and after boiling get rid of the layer it will be better

    • Droid
      Droid 2 months ago

      NotOatmeal ok

    • NotOatmeal
      NotOatmeal 2 months ago

      Droid but it's poached eggs, not hard-boiled eggs

  • Yt Game
    Yt Game 2 months ago

    can you make indonesian sub

  • JellyJamWafflez
    JellyJamWafflez 2 months ago

    4:18 it moved

  • Nazakat Ali
    Nazakat Ali 2 months ago


  • Michael Jefferson
    Michael Jefferson 2 months ago

    >remove the egg from the natural shell
    >make a carcinogenic plastic shell
    wtf ?

  • Khuzema Gulzar
    Khuzema Gulzar 2 months ago


  • Catherine Brown
    Catherine Brown 2 months ago

    LOL I thought you put flaked SOAP in the mayonnaise, had to listen again to get "salt".

  • Zaeem Inam
    Zaeem Inam 2 months ago

    why you are ccopying of each other

  • C. Lindberg
    C. Lindberg 2 months ago

    Re: Making mayonnaise. Could not quite understand the ingredient after the water. It sounded like flaked soap. Was it flaked salt? Cathy L.

  • AniMe FaN
    AniMe FaN 2 months ago

    2:15 he said it is the key of the whole thing..
    dousen't even tell us what it is... -_-

  • rashmi randika
    rashmi randika 2 months ago

    good jobe

  • Robin Beukeman
    Robin Beukeman 2 months ago

    I'm totally hooked on your channel ... love love love your personality & the way you do things. Great accent too! Keep up the great work!!

  • Mahdiyya Babygirl
    Mahdiyya Babygirl 2 months ago

    the yolk was not really cooked at the 6th hack

  • Mahdiyya Babygirl
    Mahdiyya Babygirl 2 months ago

    the mayonnaise has raw eggs and you cannot eat raw eggs

  • Redlyn Lim
    Redlyn Lim 2 months ago

    I dont have mustard😭

  • Mario Gaming
    Mario Gaming 2 months ago

    Eggstraordinary eggsperiments! Eggscellent!

  • Tapatios GDL
    Tapatios GDL 2 months ago


  • Panda is mah Baby
    Panda is mah Baby 2 months ago

    i'd rather buy a mayonnaise

  • Panda is mah Baby
    Panda is mah Baby 2 months ago

    the ginger hack tho

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