Top 10 Rube Goldberg Machines in Movies

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  • Talk about zany action and crazy contraptions! Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Rube Goldberg machines in movies. For this list, we're taking a look at over-engineered devices that result in jaw dropping chain reactions, and which are usually designed to complete a very simple job. Click here to subscribe: or visit our channel page here: Also, check out our interactive Suggestion Tool at :)

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Comments: 374

  • Ronnie Unicorn
    Ronnie Unicorn 27 days ago

    What about the one from "Waiting..."

  • Nayana Diva
    Nayana Diva Month ago


    HOMIE BEAR 2 months ago

    I watched this at school with my class lol

  • Ben Sostaric
    Ben Sostaric 2 months ago +1

    But what about the kid machine that the female pig makes in Sing??? That was awesome!!!

  • KoolKatMoney20
    KoolKatMoney20 3 months ago

    My teacher accidentally played this and stopped in the beginning when it showed final destination. A girl cried, but she is in 4TH GRADE!!!

  • Cheese Nips
    Cheese Nips 3 months ago

    Dude these suck...half of these have motorized machines or something else that's functioning some how without a reaction from the prior phenomenon...

  • tom donahue
    tom donahue 3 months ago

    buster keaton

  • uomosenzanomo
    uomosenzanomo 3 months ago

    3:16 Just the germans and their engineering....

  • Simon Beil
    Simon Beil 4 months ago

    PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE WAS RELEASED IN 1985!!!!!! NOT 1995!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alex Damon
    Alex Damon 4 months ago

    The One Smalls Made In The "Sandlot"?

  • Weas Lander
    Weas Lander 4 months ago

    *dabs at Paul*

  • Weas Lander
    Weas Lander 4 months ago

    hey ms. mynk

  • Wally  Korona
    Wally Korona 5 months ago

    Even though it was at the end of the credits the movie waiting had a kick as beer opening machine not mad just thought it should be mentioned

  • Sean McCluskey
    Sean McCluskey 5 months ago

    Was kinda hopin' Peewee's would be number one, but number 2 behind one of my favorite animated films is acceptable.

  • Akellas channel
    Akellas channel 5 months ago

    HI ABI

  • Carmen
    Carmen 7 months ago

    when I saw the title i immediately thought of the breakfast machine in chitty chitty bang bang. and I wasn't disappointed.

  • ECL28E
    ECL28E 7 months ago

    Do none of these machines build sushi?

  • amandabankston1987z
    amandabankston1987z 8 months ago

    This video should be shown to those at the fast food shops that walk up to their bosses demanding $15/hour!

  • Timber Wulff
    Timber Wulff 9 months ago +1

    Back to the future 3 I can giv eyou but in the beginning of Back to the future each one of docs inventions is beset by a time that activates the device so Rube Goldberg doesn't seem accurate for that.

  • Credit MacDaddy
    Credit MacDaddy Year ago +1

    I was hoping peter griffin's breakfast machine would at least get an honorable mention.

  • PlayStationX-2 Games

    Hey,can you guys do the Top 10 PlayStation games of all time,meaning,from the first PlayStation to the PlayStation 4.

  • Jake Taller
    Jake Taller Year ago

    I love it❤️😅👍🏼😸

  • dylan stewart
    dylan stewart Year ago

    Maybe stop trying to be half funny in your listing. You're rarely funny and come off like you're not really caring about what you're saying. Why bother? The material usually speaks for itself. I came to see the items on the list, not suffer your half-hearted attempts at humor. Your delivery is lacking.

  • Thomas King
    Thomas King Year ago

    Wallace and Gromit - A Close Shave when Wallace gets ready for window cleaning through so many cool contraptions and Gromit just opens and closes the door to hop on the bike and put on his helmet.

  • Dave Pipe
    Dave Pipe Year ago

    The inventions in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" were made by Rowland Emett.

  • Dave Pipe
    Dave Pipe Year ago

    Hmm let me see, W. Heath Robinson born 31 May 1872 and Rube Goldberg born 4 July 1883. AND Heath Robinson was inventing before Rube Goldberg.

  • Domino Boy 08
    Domino Boy 08 Year ago

    Pee Wee's Big Adventure came out in 1985, not 1995!!!!!

  • Kyran Allgood
    Kyran Allgood Year ago

    chitty chitty bang bang

  • MutantMustache22
    MutantMustache22 Year ago

    Really no home alone movie machines and gadgets

  • Jillybean711
    Jillybean711 Year ago

    Yeah the Goonies and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang one deserves this list by far. xD

  • Narcan Goat
    Narcan Goat Year ago

    Awww, the wall display from 'Waiting' didn't make the list. :( ((Watch after the credits, or on certain 'deleted and bonus scene' editions.))

  • Zachary Maneja
    Zachary Maneja Year ago

    the reason why I was so into science and engineering

  • José Tomas Buitrago

    Look Snub Pollard's silent comedy from 1923, entitled "It's a gift". There is another breakfast machine.

  • Apollo
    Apollo Year ago

    On 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' the dad built a dog treat dispenser.

  • Raquel Robles
    Raquel Robles Year ago

    anyone else remember the breakfast-in-car machine from Barney's Big Adventure? or maybe that was just a weird dream I had... it's been like 16 years since I saw that movie

  • Alexander Ip
    Alexander Ip Year ago

    for my breakfast machine (No Eggs but toast)

    I would include Lunch and dinner machines

  • Alexander Ip
    Alexander Ip Year ago

    wait till it's rube goldberg machine crossing over with Charles Babbage mechanical Computer (marbles, tracks, gears, etc)

  • Nikolaj Lund-Volkmann

    Jackass the movie...

  • John Frothingham
    John Frothingham Year ago

    No mention of Casper!?!?!

  • Chad Prater
    Chad Prater Year ago

    Great Video. My Tech kids loved watching this video before we started our Rube Goldberg Projects. They also love Mr T cereal!!!! :)

  • Selma Insley
    Selma Insley Year ago

    Wallace and Grommit is more Heath Robinson...

  • ScrabbleDiva
    ScrabbleDiva Year ago

    I always liked the "up and at'em" machine from Casper. :)

  • Tony Lindberg
    Tony Lindberg Year ago

    I second the voting for the Tommy Lee Jones movie "Blown Away" (1994), which has some amazing Rube Goldberg trigger mechanisms for the mad bombers bombs.

    SLMOE Year ago +1

    I think this is the first time you mentioned Robots in a Top 10 list. Robots is an underrated movie.

  • Z1GMA12
    Z1GMA12 Year ago

    what song is that mechanical backround Music?

  • Conspiracy Jobs
    Conspiracy Jobs Year ago +1

    Very funny on the silver screen only. It's one thing with bowling balls starting chain reaction that makes your coffee & breakfast butt another when that chain reaction, or series of misfortunate events is designed to destroy your life, & justify alleged life saver your containment & forced treatment based on false cause & fabricated premise

    • Conspiracy Jobs
      Conspiracy Jobs Year ago

      +Glenn Jobs (Glenn Jobs-Page) Never mind the newspapers r telling the black ink truth & your Yahoo! Oxford group private label internet Apple / IBM servers (with few exceptions - AOL, IheartRadio ) telling lies

  • Dante Bowen
    Dante Bowen Year ago

    PeeWee Herman better be on here.

  • Cameron Maltwood
    Cameron Maltwood Year ago

    I feel like Garfield was overlooked. Possibly because the machine wasn't planned. But nevertheless, the greatest and funniest Rube Goldberg scene ever.

  • SupermarketSweep777
    SupermarketSweep777 Year ago +1

    Honda Cog Commercial for non-movie ones.

  • ginnrollins211
    ginnrollins211 Year ago +1

    There was a Rube Goldberg test in Waiting... that was used as the decorations in the restaurant, but they've managed to set it off in the movies making of documentary. Plus, Jackass tried doing a Goldberg test with the crew being apart of the test, but it failed.

  • zack johnson
    zack johnson Year ago

    I think people need the breakfast machine for conveneince I dont think people eat enough breakfast

  • marisela BAS25
    marisela BAS25 Year ago

    i agree with the casper the friendly ghost comments

  • NeverSaySandwich1

    That first one is not better than pee wee Herman's, that was done for real, not some animation

  • Don Boczini
    Don Boczini Year ago

    Number one was... lame

  • Chaos89P
    Chaos89P Year ago

    Rube Goldberg machines, so needlessly complex, but so fun to watch.

  • Stupid The Hedgehog
    Stupid The Hedgehog Year ago +1

    What was the point of all that? It doesn't shoot you at all, it just makes breakfast!

  • TheGrapplingGamer

    Crazy old Maurice huh? Crrrraaazy old Maurice

  • nuttyprof99
    nuttyprof99 Year ago

    This list made me hungry.

  • deloreanfan81
    deloreanfan81 Year ago

    I don't remember pee wee coming out in 1995 ??!?!

    DANIELMAND DK Year ago

    Here you can buy the Mr. T Cereal

  • Arnel De Leon
    Arnel De Leon Year ago +1

    tom's mouse trap? anyone?

  • Remy Carreiro
    Remy Carreiro Year ago

    Note to self, Disney loves breakfast machines.

  • BiZza0 Us0
    BiZza0 Us0 Year ago

    what about honey I shrunk the kids?

  • litusensei
    litusensei Year ago

    You Forgot to Mention at least the Family Guy Parody machine that made Peter shoot himself xD

  • Zvi mur
    Zvi mur Year ago +1

    Does the rolling boulder in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" count?

  • azure adams
    azure adams Year ago

    what about Wakko's rube goldberg thing from animaniacs?

  • Ender Gearl
    Ender Gearl Year ago +1

    Why so many breakfast machines? Don't people eat lunch and dinner too???

  • Pokémum Expert
    Pokémum Expert Year ago

    No ending to the first jackass movie?

  • E - Paige
    E - Paige Year ago +3

    I loved these machines when I was a kid.

  • snarkus63
    snarkus63 Year ago

    All of the devices in "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" were created by Rowland Emmett,a cartoonist and kinetic sculptor. Like everything he created,they all actually worked,in their own limited way (although the filmmakers did exaggerate what they could actually do).

  • Brandon Binder
    Brandon Binder Year ago

    peewee number one

  • mastick
    mastick Year ago

    YES! The Great Mouse Detective at #1!

  • Sion
    Sion Year ago

    I'm impressed that you remembered the Charly Chaplin machine :D

  • Llorrac TN
    Llorrac TN Year ago

    I'm surprised that there's nothing from any of the "Home Alone" films in this Top 10

  • ekswfrenwn7
    ekswfrenwn7 Year ago +11

    This fuckin' Pee-Wee is creepy as fuck

  • Paul Cyr
    Paul Cyr Year ago

    What is it with breakfast??

    • Spam TheChat
      Spam TheChat Year ago

      Waking up and having your breakfast already made is possibly the best thing that can happen

  • MitchCyanFilms
    MitchCyanFilms Year ago

    The Goonies was the first film I thought of ^_^

  • Jory Porteous
    Jory Porteous Year ago

    You know what pissed me off the most as a kid was how Peewee had two bites of his breakfast and then left.

    • DareToBeDeviant
      DareToBeDeviant Year ago

      +Jory Porteous All the time with me, too, when in TV or movies these people get large orders or fancy plated dishes then a minute later they get up to do something else. The _Pee Wee_ movie, _Jurassic Park_, and _the Benchwarmers_ come to mind.

  • SuaveGemini
    SuaveGemini Year ago +1

    What about the one from "Waiting"? That one was awesome.

  • Sean Robinson
    Sean Robinson Year ago

    Pee Wee's Big Adventure was 1985

  • aienatu
    aienatu Year ago

    Why is there a constant annoying grinding soundtrack throughout the video? Who thought that was an appropriate backing for a video?

  • Frederic Beaudet
    Frederic Beaudet Year ago +1


  • TyrionXavier
    TyrionXavier Year ago

    Rube Goldberg Machines.

    *watches #1 be an animation*

    *head desk*

  • Potato Guy
    Potato Guy Year ago


  • Alexander Engholm

    2DHouse a channel on youtube makes some interresting machines..

  • E VoltageRGMs
    E VoltageRGMs Year ago +1

    I am a Rube Goldberg artist and seeing this video made my day!!!!!!!!!

  • Ardimo Harsa
    Ardimo Harsa Year ago +2

    If there any Top 10 Rube Goldberg Machines in Music Videos, OK Go will win for obvious reason.

    • Clayton Harbeson
      Clayton Harbeson Year ago

      Really? Next, do you wanna do "Top Ten First Person Shooter Gun Skins"?

    • scarletrobin
      scarletrobin Year ago

      +Ardimo Harsa I was trying to think of 10. All I can think of is Ok Go and The Bravery's "Honest Mistake"

  • Teeje
    Teeje Year ago

    I dislike the background music.

  • Kizer5Red
    Kizer5Red Year ago

    I always wanted to build a Rube Goldberg machine when I was a kid, have it set up in my house like the breakfast machine in chitty chitty bang bang or  any evil masterminds Traps, like The great mouse detective  or the older james bond and dr. evil movies.

  • PaePahTrain :D
    PaePahTrain :D Year ago +1

    0:40 Buzz's flight is not by "pure coincidence" HE CAN FLY!!!!1!! HE IS A SPACE RANGER!11!!1!!

    Disliked. Unsubbed. Reported to Zuckerberg.

    WatchMojos Top Ten Ninkumpoops:

    10: Adolf Hitler
    9: Katie Hopkins
    8: Harrison Ford (hates Star Wars)
    7: Justin Beibers mum (mom)
    6: Justin Beibers dad (dad)
    5: Justin Beibers manager
    4: Katie Hopkins again
    3: Shia Labeouf
    2: Justin Beiber
    1: WatchMojo


  • Project 10/31
    Project 10/31 Year ago

    Please enter without knocking.

  • Richard Canipe
    Richard Canipe Year ago

    no wonder Casper wasn't on this list!

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    • blindsightedkill
      blindsightedkill Year ago

      Can't wait till you do the tv version # 1 has to be Wakko's Gizmo from Animaniacs.

    • Clayton Harbeson
      Clayton Harbeson Year ago

      If I saw my friend with any of that I would kill him, because he thinks this content is helpful and worthwhile.

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  • DKQuagmire
    DKQuagmire Year ago +1

    I know its not a movie but there was a sketch on Family guy with a Rube Goldberg Machine, that supposedly makes breakfast, but ends in a gun being fired at Peter Griffin. I do believe he was using the same machine as Peewee's.

  • Neopulse00
    Neopulse00 Year ago

    Would the machine in "Fracture" be considered what? It doesn't complete a function, but it's nice to look at though.

  • Benjamin Szitas
    Benjamin Szitas Year ago

    Top 10 movies for halloween please

  • Guns Blazin
    Guns Blazin Year ago

    Top Ten Rude Goldberg Spears in Movies?

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