THE NEW FASTEST CAR | Gangstar Vegas

  • Added:  3 months ago
  • The new remodelled GL Series (Limited Edition) is here, and here's a quick review on it.

    PS : If you feel like Cyanex removed something from the video, it's coz my mac got virus somehow, hopefully it'll be fixed soon :(
    Original video was 9min long, 1 Min was eaten by virus xD

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    Disclaimer : All of the characters and Story is purely Fiction, just trying to make a story in game. This Story is created from my Imaginations and Ideas, thanks to Gameloft and the games. Some things that I do in the game, is part of the imagination may not happen in your game. Do not dislike this video just coz it's not in the game, as it took me a lot of time to bring those imaginations to reality :)
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  • Nova 260q
    Nova 260q 3 months ago +34

    Can you pin this for no reason?

    • Family Guy
      Family Guy 3 months ago

      Posty Loonie. well man sorry to hear that

    • Posty Loonie.
      Posty Loonie. 3 months ago

      Nova 260q Cynex you're always ignoring me, you ignored me on my birthday :( i sent a message oj your fb cyanex. i was begging for a gift :(

    • Greg B
      Greg B 3 months ago

      Nova 260q Whats the name of the subscribe song?

  • Axcel Mendoza
    Axcel Mendoza 2 days ago

    Hey guys I got a cool Thing. When you get Chased the police go to The airport And the police will stop chasing you faster

  • Axcel Mendoza
    Axcel Mendoza 2 days ago

    The helicopter I got it From The Everyday Surprise

  • Hajira Beevi
    Hajira Beevi 3 days ago

    Cyanex Land a helicopter inside the iffil tower please

  • Karim Gamer
    Karim Gamer 3 days ago

    Yes really!

  • Munira Khan
    Munira Khan 8 days ago

    Cyanex can you send me a gl series

  • Damian Ortner
    Damian Ortner 11 days ago

    Unfortuanetly I couldnt get the deluxe but with the noy deluxe version I am #1 on the current event the ring challenge one

  • Andy Cheung
    Andy Cheung 12 days ago

    Limited katori

  • crazy gamer
    crazy gamer 18 days ago

    how do you put your hellmet on

  • Jaylin Brown
    Jaylin Brown 29 days ago

    could you please send me a gl series

  • Edz Mikail
    Edz Mikail Month ago

    i got the normal gl series

  • kenichiwa
    kenichiwa Month ago

    My fastest car is katarina

  • Yuan Marco Timbal
    Yuan Marco Timbal Month ago

    Cyanex i challenge yu to spawn a dragon ride on it and kill it 😎

  • Tanisa Tasnim
    Tanisa Tasnim Month ago


  • Abdullahi Said
    Abdullahi Said Month ago

    how you gonna put fuel

  • atul saxena
    atul saxena Month ago

    cyanex plz tell how to get it

  • George Bell
    George Bell Month ago +1

    Craynex its fast but how do you know it's the fastest 6 more VIPs to go

  • Javen Richardson
    Javen Richardson 2 months ago

    I don't have v.i.p

  • Javen Richardson
    Javen Richardson 2 months ago

    And also can you give me a car like that pls

  • Javen Richardson
    Javen Richardson 2 months ago

    Cyanex I'll friend you on gangster Vegas I have infinite coins from tutuapps

  • Ali Sher Khan
    Ali Sher Khan 2 months ago

    And stop saying REALLY all the time

  • Ali Sher Khan
    Ali Sher Khan 2 months ago

    Learn proper English before speaking

  • Marina Ochoa Zapata
    Marina Ochoa Zapata 2 months ago

    Meta sas le carro

  • Fachri CooL
    Fachri CooL 2 months ago

    Cyanex i work in game loft

  • Edison Santiago Eguilas

    yes can you thia for no reason

  • Eirron Seth Vibar
    Eirron Seth Vibar 2 months ago

    how does it go that fast if it's gold plated!?

  • Mohd haffidzan
    Mohd haffidzan 2 months ago

    nice car..

  • Z E O X
    Z E O X 2 months ago

    Please sent me that car......

  • pk_gaming757
    pk_gaming757 2 months ago

    hello cyanex!!! I followed yor channelfor a long time..but now that i made a youtobe channel i managed to subscribe!! Can you pleas tell me what grafic settings you have??? please. (please like my comment. .i will love it!!)

  • Nouman Khan
    Nouman Khan 2 months ago


    JPS DEVESH 2 months ago

    cyanex is the race really in multiplayer mode

  • Ashlyn Cockburn
    Ashlyn Cockburn 2 months ago

    did he say gangstar wegas

  • Jerwin Patiga
    Jerwin Patiga 3 months ago

    bro can you send me these items please bro please:
    Latin fedora lvl.3
    Zoot suit lvl.3
    Pachuco pants lvl.3

  • Rodrigo Freitas
    Rodrigo Freitas 3 months ago

    my name is rodrigo

  • Andrew Bachan
    Andrew Bachan 3 months ago

    can u plz send me a tank car or a gun plz my name is gangstar 33224

  • bashar dayekh
    bashar dayekh 3 months ago

    is there cheats for this game?

    • cus care
      cus care 2 months ago

      bashar dayekh ممثقمل

  • Sparker's
    Sparker's 3 months ago

    Cyanex can u give me a Tyrant pls user : Johntoy

  • Satnam Singh
    Satnam Singh 3 months ago

    Hi cyanex where can I meet you in gangster Vegas

  • Lokesh K. Dogra
    Lokesh K. Dogra 3 months ago


  • Lokesh K. Dogra
    Lokesh K. Dogra 3 months ago

    Cyanex you are very cool .How you got so much money?

  • JokerBoss
    JokerBoss 3 months ago

    can you send me something good ,Slinger lvl 3,jetpack please please please please man?

  • WolfPasGaming Tr Tunç
    WolfPasGaming Tr Tunç 3 months ago

    cok hizli

  • Denis Arapaj
    Denis Arapaj 3 months ago

    very good cyanex😎😎😎.
    i know i'm being egoist but if you don't mind->can you please send me one laser suit 'cause i really like it but i don't have the money😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Denis Arapaj
    Denis Arapaj 3 months ago

    nice video cyanex.
    i wonder what we would do without you 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  • Rhena Gabutan
    Rhena Gabutan 3 months ago

    Cyanex can you pls gift me any vehicle that has a built in weapon except Damocles cause I already have one my name is gangstar 36430

  • magic tricks
    magic tricks 3 months ago

    cyanex plzzz send me gift

  • ayan ali
    ayan ali 3 months ago

    Hi Cynex i love your videos

  • Resaed Kendella
    Resaed Kendella 3 months ago

    Hello I can't do the trophy listen to all radio can any one help me becase I listen to all and I never won him please help me

    OM TIWARI 3 months ago +1

    Cyanex please make video in how to send multiple gifts in one time gangstar vegas

  • Zeddrick Whitfield
    Zeddrick Whitfield 3 months ago

    can u gift me a 34 diamond pls im a big fan of yours my ign Cj entus

  • Malachi Asmah
    Malachi Asmah 3 months ago

    I've always wanted to know how you do your intros

  • Karim Mohamed
    Karim Mohamed 3 months ago

    I have this car

  • Zhu ff
    Zhu ff 3 months ago

    Cyanex could you give me a jetpack please. thank you very much! My name is | | 24

  • brahma reddy
    brahma reddy 3 months ago +2

    cyanex can you please extend your gang for me

  • DeViL's ZeUs1809
    DeViL's ZeUs1809 3 months ago

    why don't u reply to me

  • DeViL's ZeUs1809
    DeViL's ZeUs1809 3 months ago


  • DeViL's ZeUs1809
    DeViL's ZeUs1809 3 months ago


  • iGroweee GT
    iGroweee GT 3 months ago

    Cyanex,im Jeboy28 pls donate me mini gun

  • Legend of LOL ?
    Legend of LOL ? 3 months ago

    what recorder do you use

  • Legend of LOL ?
    Legend of LOL ? 3 months ago

    hey cycy can you like this for the gang

  • Michael William
    Michael William 3 months ago

    Wow the car texture changed ? I owned it already wow

  • Rafael Ruelo
    Rafael Ruelo 3 months ago

    Can someone give me an exoskeleton my name in Gangstar vegas is Rafael Ruelo if it won't work Rjruelogaming will work


    You said your vehicle is running out of gas but it is not. You're just trying to play realistic. You fuel vehicles in this game. You are just trying to fool people that don't play. You can drive forever without fueling gas into your vehicle in this game, guys!

  • Shez
    Shez 3 months ago

    cyenex I got a challenge for you escape the military base with in 20 seconds with the new GL sires

  • Robie101
    Robie101 3 months ago

    we will not lose health w
    the f1gets damaged

  • Hazem hesham
    Hazem hesham 3 months ago +1

    This is the fastest car I saw in Gangstar vegas awsome

  • jason joseph
    jason joseph 3 months ago

    cyanex I want an oxteo-x lvl 1 please ( the fast running suit

  • Ra! ta!ta!ta!
    Ra! ta!ta!ta! 3 months ago

    gangster wegas?

  • Gerardo Rivera
    Gerardo Rivera 3 months ago

    quien me invita a un barrio :v porfa

  • Krzysztof Kołtun
    Krzysztof Kołtun 3 months ago

    You are the beat player in ganster vegas

  • Barbara Brakkee
    Barbara Brakkee 3 months ago

    Cyanex Please Send me a mini gun my name is Ruffian ||

  • Krishna Iyer
    Krishna Iyer 3 months ago

    cyanex i am MR.EPIC AWESOME who u saw on that wuyi saiche live stream of gangstar new oreleans and i sent u a friend request im krishna iyer in gangstar vegas and a limited edition hand mortar. CAN U PLEASE SEND ME A DEVILS WING JETPACK OR ANY OTHER GOOD JETPACK PLEASE

  • Michael Russinger
    Michael Russinger 3 months ago +1

    More people to vote GL Series is fastest car

  • DylanSurfs Games
    DylanSurfs Games 3 months ago


  • Expecto Ninja
    Expecto Ninja 3 months ago

    what do u use for recording

  • Rainboy Minecraft-Gangster vegas

    what is your level

  • ShazatVEVO
    ShazatVEVO 3 months ago

    still waiting for gno

  • Karim Wael Hashem
    Karim Wael Hashem 3 months ago

    Cyanex please accept me as your friend I sent you an invitation and can I join your gang,please but most importantly I want you to accept my invitation please.

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd 3 months ago

    I I'm poor on the part of diamonds and I'm not VIP so I only have gl series lvl 1

  • zarif atif
    zarif atif 3 months ago

    hi india

  • zarif atif
    zarif atif 3 months ago

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    zarif atif 3 months ago

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    zarif atif 3 months ago

    hey can I have a nail gun lvl 3

  • Shayan Manchanda
    Shayan Manchanda 3 months ago

    Who want new gl series vs nitro car

  • Gaming-Grizzly
    Gaming-Grizzly 3 months ago

    I still can't believe that you won that race against me 😳🐻

  • Dwi Meisandra
    Dwi Meisandra 3 months ago

    gta 5 in pc pleaseeee?!!!!

  • Sujata Biswa
    Sujata Biswa 3 months ago

    many not

  • Shivang Singh
    Shivang Singh 3 months ago

    I have that car too it is awesome

    AS PHANTOM 3 months ago

    I challenge you to drive the highest paid vehicle on water (not the alien car)

  • Jonny Barrett
    Jonny Barrett 3 months ago

    i hope they remodel the other limited edition and deluxe items and make them look different than the original not just a paint change and boost the stats like they did with gl series.
    the red watawokka deluxe is cool and way different than the normal watawokka and has 2 laser robots!

  • Michael Russinger
    Michael Russinger 3 months ago +1

    Limited GL Series it's different

  • Iliac Clive E. Cada
    Iliac Clive E. Cada 3 months ago

    I obtained a GL Series (not the limited one) by luck from a diamond box.

  • Jonny Barrett
    Jonny Barrett 3 months ago

    cyanex can you ask gameloft to put the guitar machine gun on sale

  • Mr: Melon
    Mr: Melon 3 months ago

    cyanex can you give a shoutout to my channel?

  • V. Sriram Sundar
    V. Sriram Sundar 3 months ago

    Hey cyanex can you make a new series on the gameplay of Gangstar Rio.

  • Deepak Varma
    Deepak Varma 3 months ago

    why don't u drive this car in city that will be too crazy

  • Faris Arrazi
    Faris Arrazi 3 months ago +4

    hey what's up guys it's cyanex playing gangstar WEEIGAS

    • Cyanex
      Cyanex 3 months ago

      Good Joke! XD

  • Premlata Kumari
    Premlata Kumari 3 months ago

    why you do not play gangstar new orleans

  • Gopi Krishna . Pittu
    Gopi Krishna . Pittu 3 months ago +1

    he to download a gangstar Vegas

    AS PHANTOM 3 months ago

    I challenge you to drive the highest paid vehicle on water

    • Mr: Melon
      Mr: Melon 3 months ago

      funny cause he will fail XD

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