Top 10 Video Games That Are Basically Just Ads

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  • Top 10 Video Games That Are Basically Just Ads // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW ----------------------- CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW!

    Wait, do you guys just want me to buy something? These are the thinly veiled marketing ploys, blatant product placements and flat out cash grabs that are hiding in plain sight pretending to be video games! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Games That Are Just Ads!

    00:25 #10. “Zool Ninja of the Nth Dimension” (1992)
    01:11 #9. “M.C. Kids” (1992)
    02:00 #8. “Yo! Noid” (1990)
    02:47 #7. “Darkened Skye” (2002)
    03:50 #6. “Chex Quest” series (19962008)
    04:38 #5. “Chester Cheetah Too Cool to Fool” (1992)
    05:24 #4. “America’s Army” series (20022013)
    06:19 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  • Payton
    Payton 2 days ago


  • Juan Ramirez Gonzalez

    We prefer coke :D ...

  • Cyber Soldier gaming

    Yay he's right we all like coke better *opens a Pepsi can*

  • Rouge Agent Airsoft
    Rouge Agent Airsoft 11 days ago

    do a number 2 and for number10 do the m&ms game

  • gloomanddoom666
    gloomanddoom666 17 days ago

    Smarties meltdown?

  • Mataviejitas 13
    Mataviejitas 13 17 days ago

    Want a Chupa Chup?

    Here you have it 🍭

  • Dr. Robertson
    Dr. Robertson 18 days ago

    It's clear that corporations are trying to make you their slaves. First they bribe our government officials . Now they want to brainwash you with these ad games so you will buy gmos that are used by McDonalds and mms as well as many other big food companies. They want you to eat gmos just so they can control you for the central bankers to create a one world government.

  • Stefan Moreno
    Stefan Moreno 21 day ago

    I miss the old watchmojo intro. ;(

  • Tavish DeGroot
    Tavish DeGroot 21 day ago

    All videogames are basically just ads for their own series if you wanna be all woke about it.

  • 411jt
    411jt 26 days ago


  • Dayshah Thorn
    Dayshah Thorn 27 days ago

    I lost it when they started talking about "skittles" 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Tim Pat
    Tim Pat 28 days ago

    You forgot roblox

  • Mister Yoshi
    Mister Yoshi 28 days ago

    Pepsi is the best and always will be #pepsiblue

  • Da vlog channel 24
    Da vlog channel 24 28 days ago

    I have yo noid

  • Bradley Hickey
    Bradley Hickey 29 days ago

    Does internet explorer count

  • BigBossMG
    BigBossMG Month ago

    america army best free game

  • Trainer Person
    Trainer Person Month ago

    Where is m and m's cart racing?

  • CringeCaitlin
    CringeCaitlin Month ago

    #8 bastards tryed to rip off starfox adventures with damn skittles.

  • flaggy0666
    flaggy0666 Month ago

    I had Sneak King, Big Bumpin, and Pocketbike Racer on xbox

  • N C
    N C Month ago


  • Fireshroom DXD
    Fireshroom DXD Month ago

    I read AIDS instead of ADS...

  • Jordan Keeler
    Jordan Keeler Month ago

    8:24 hey that's a level from sonic.

  • PiggyO's
    PiggyO's Month ago

    Top 10 watchmojo videos that are basically just aids

  • Firebeast Gaming
    Firebeast Gaming Month ago

    Live for now
    -Pepsi Man

  • Firebeast Gaming
    Firebeast Gaming Month ago

    I own mc kids!

  • Jackson Ramirez
    Jackson Ramirez Month ago


  • Wolf _14
    Wolf _14 Month ago

    I heard someone's military name "Palptine".

  • Karim Khaled
    Karim Khaled Month ago

    what about the kfc game that is like marion it have to chickens wearing like mario and luigi and its a platform

  • Cool Cap
    Cool Cap Month ago

    pi day

  • fishermandude280
    fishermandude280 Month ago +2

    I can handle ads
    I can handle buffer
    But when ads are buffer
    I start to suffer

  • Hydro Reefer
    Hydro Reefer Month ago

    its pronounced chubba chups

  • Mark Nielsen
    Mark Nielsen Month ago

    What about burger King Big bumpen?

  • Luke Jolles
    Luke Jolles Month ago

    UM... 666k Views...

  • Miles De Muijnck
    Miles De Muijnck Month ago

    Dammit pepsi!!

  • GalaxyPug
    GalaxyPug Month ago

    WTF!!? M8 you have 666,000 views!!! Freakin' devil!!!

  • Lucius Torsiello
    Lucius Torsiello Month ago

    why wasn't sortie en mar on this list

  • Mackenzie Dewar Gibb

    Pepsi invaders
    By coca cola XD

  • Diamond Pepe
    Diamond Pepe Month ago

    Number 1: Mobile games

  • bucktality 98
    bucktality 98 Month ago

    you forgot the drowning simulator

  • Zach Prouty
    Zach Prouty Month ago

    Every game is a ad for itself

  • Dani Hernández Gonzalez

    pepsi man is fun

  • Big B
    Big B Month ago

    fuck u don't take my Pepsi

  • Sanity Plays
    Sanity Plays Month ago

    I played Sneak King and Pepsi Man

  • SyncingMLG
    SyncingMLG Month ago

    who came here just to see the games?

  • HI 5 BRO
    HI 5 BRO Month ago

    android games

  • Hugozi
    Hugozi Month ago

    More like top 10 scariest thumbnails.

  • nicholas sousa
    nicholas sousa Month ago

    M&m kart racing should have been top 3

  • Bendy Ink
    Bendy Ink Month ago

    I play sneak king and I am offended.

  • Pcconsoleguy 16
    Pcconsoleguy 16 Month ago

    did you know that Doritos made asylum 626 and hotel 626

  • Blue Dragon
    Blue Dragon Month ago

    I use to play Burger King on Xbox 360 XD it was good tho

  • Elise Konicov
    Elise Konicov Month ago

    Chupa chups is shit and tastes like shit

  • EddieProduction
    EddieProduction Month ago

    What a burn at the end

  • Fox 1123
    Fox 1123 Month ago

    top 10 lucky/unlucky human

  • Venocia Pley
    Venocia Pley Month ago

    Mario is an ads actually
    Italiano plumbing co.

  • Purple_ Faction :-D

    I have sneak king and boy do i love it

  • Layne Carbajal
    Layne Carbajal Month ago

    anybody remember m and m's adventure?

  • Rap God
    Rap God Month ago +1


  • Gods bicep fan
    Gods bicep fan Month ago

    ohno it's a killer clown

  • irish lerpruican
    irish lerpruican Month ago

    club penguin island

  • dim ond trafferth
    dim ond trafferth Month ago

    I had sneak king XD
    And had pocket king

  • Riley Devoss
    Riley Devoss Month ago

    Americas army is advertising for there troops because some rich spoiled people are to lazy to donate

  • random man 123
    random man 123 Month ago

    I like Royal crown

  • Gaming Assassin175
    Gaming Assassin175 Month ago

    Pepsi man should be coke for life

  • Matthew Sumner
    Matthew Sumner Month ago

    I have sneak king

  • very uncreative
    very uncreative Month ago

    I remember sneek king on xbox

  • I Won't Get In The Bag

    awwww the nostalgia

  • Ethan Koch
    Ethan Koch Month ago

    I own all the burger king games

  • Patty Beisheim
    Patty Beisheim Month ago

    #pepis man

  • Jordan Galanos
    Jordan Galanos Month ago


  • Jordan Galanos
    Jordan Galanos Month ago


  • daniel labonte
    daniel labonte Month ago

    Sneak king:assassins creed burger king edition

  • Mike Gaddass
    Mike Gaddass Month ago

    To make the burger king appear, all you need to do is say the word elephant. *Burger king appears* God, he's creepy. Don't look directly into his eyes, he will steal your soul.

  • Jake Brookes
    Jake Brookes Month ago

    thay should put Pepsi man in the mcu

    p. s I like Pepsi

  • tony pereira
    tony pereira Month ago +1

    Selling ads, now that's smart.

  • EnderSlayer 2691
    EnderSlayer 2691 Month ago

    Omfg I legit own the nerf game
    It was actually really fun to play with my dad when I was 8

  • Blue Fire Inc.
    Blue Fire Inc. Month ago

    You sure you didn't forget anything? I think undertale was an advertisement for itself

  • Qitong Chen
    Qitong Chen Month ago

    Contract the rainbow
    Taste the rainbow

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy Month ago


  • Phantom Doge
    Phantom Doge Month ago

    i actually remember playing the sneaking king game on the xbox 360 😑

  • Hero of Wind
    Hero of Wind Month ago

    Considering that this is video games that are ads, I expected to see more Jontron

  • Виктор Горев

    Well, we got trend of remastering ps1 games. How about bepis man remastered?

  • XxDragon GamerxX
    XxDragon GamerxX Month ago

    i would have coke cola instead of pepsi

  • Mat Rip
    Mat Rip Month ago +1

    I have played sneak king

  • Legit gamer
    Legit gamer 2 months ago


  • JessiFire Fierson
    JessiFire Fierson 2 months ago

    What's funny is that for the sprite game, you can see the red dot destroying teeth with soda bubbles, and soda is bad for your teeth. Best Advertisment Award of 1993. Good job Sprite...

  • Maroki06
    Maroki06 2 months ago

    zool was in ghostbusters I and not some lolipop crap

    HENRY SAVARY-JACKSON 2 months ago

    the 1990s was the cheesiest decade ever .like if you agree

  • Julio Gaming
    Julio Gaming 2 months ago +1


  • JungShookin
    JungShookin 2 months ago

    Bepis man

  • Midna Lazuli
    Midna Lazuli 2 months ago

    Pepsi is the #1 Anime Drink

  • James Gaming
    James Gaming 2 months ago

    Does anybody know the game butts from vr?

  • Vurzea
    Vurzea 2 months ago


  • Pre-Teen Gaming Mishaps

    PepsiMan? Dat ass doe

  • Kai aKa Kgirl
    Kai aKa Kgirl 2 months ago

    ewwww that Sneak King game was terrifyingly gross 😝😝😝😝

  • CoolGuy5785 Not A Name.

    "to taste the rainbow" TASTE THE RAINBOW MOTHERFAKA

  • Geno Games
    Geno Games 2 months ago

    Now, I know what Chupa Chups are.

  • gnomeson
    gnomeson 2 months ago


  • Retrodude1985
    Retrodude1985 2 months ago

    I've really enjoyed Pepsiman commercials,there really hilarious 😂

  • Dimes 44
    Dimes 44 2 months ago

    bro I like pepsi more than coke.

  • Ride At dawn
    Ride At dawn 2 months ago

    We prefer coke though

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