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  • Funny Labradors! These labs are just too cute!
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    Funny Pets prepared for you LABRADORS ARE AWESOME, check it out!

    So there you have it! LABRADORS ARE AWESOME.

    Labrador -Labrador puppy - Funny Babies have fun with Labrador Retriever
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    Funny Labrador devours dandelion

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Comments: 723

  • Mukund Thorat
    Mukund Thorat 19 hours ago

    Labs so playful and often destructive.Somehow you don't get angry when they destroy things.

  • Hard Style
    Hard Style 1 day ago


  • Labi Báró Andrási Gyula

    labi yes love

  • Chacha Ji
    Chacha Ji 3 days ago

    We don't deserve dogs💔

  • Nicholas Fox
    Nicholas Fox 3 days ago

    I have one ! and it really makes me happy

  • Neelu K
    Neelu K 4 days ago

    Choooooo Cuteee Umahhhh

  • SamGames
    SamGames 5 days ago

    i have a labrador retriever,hes name is Jax

  • Patriot of Justice
    Patriot of Justice 5 days ago

    This video was made around the same time my own Labrador Retriever died last October. I just can't let him go.

  • Марина Ким

    3.13 убило просто)))))

  • Regiii _
    Regiii _ 11 days ago


  • Moazzam Zaman
    Moazzam Zaman 12 days ago

    wow this is so cute labrador i like video

  • YaBoii Mike
    YaBoii Mike 15 days ago

    This reminds me of my dog named boomer RIP

  • Mr.Waffelz !!
    Mr.Waffelz !! 17 days ago

    The dog who the 3 balls in his mouth must have really wanted to play fetch

  • Mohit Gabhane
    Mohit Gabhane 17 days ago

    when u cant catch your tail .. catch your leg 😂😂

    RAMESH BARPHE 18 days ago


  • Sarah & Eryn
    Sarah & Eryn 19 days ago

    This is life right here in one video! 😂❤️

  • Dekho Isko
    Dekho Isko 21 day ago

    2:10 thats not funny at all he wont get oxygen like that

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee 25 days ago

    And spot the difference 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Sean Lee
    Sean Lee 25 days ago

    This is so cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😎

  • Popan Ovidiu
    Popan Ovidiu 26 days ago


  • Lima Zaurbekova
    Lima Zaurbekova 26 days ago


  • Maznah Baquery
    Maznah Baquery 1 month ago

    1:03 so cuteee ❤️❤️❤️

  • Christina Rose17
    Christina Rose17 1 month ago +1

    I like dogs more than people since they don't talk back

  • el mejor frisón
    el mejor frisón 1 month ago

    so cuteeee 😍

  • xiaomi redmi2
    xiaomi redmi2 1 month ago

    2:11 it's not funny

    GURLY ARTZ 1 month ago

    we humans don't deserve digs

  • BoromirFudgeYeah
    BoromirFudgeYeah 1 month ago

    Used to have a red heeler black lab mix, best dog ever honestly

  • Marko Fazlinovic
    Marko Fazlinovic 1 month ago

    4:56 Awwww......So cutee!

  • BananaBro48
    BananaBro48 1 month ago

    2:12 is what my dog does

  • BananaBro48
    BananaBro48 1 month ago

    I have a labrador he is the best dog i have ever had

  • Romy Lexi
    Romy Lexi 1 month ago +1

    We have a charcoal colored Labrador and my grandma a champagne colored <3

  • Anandhu A
    Anandhu A 1 month ago

    Just bought a yellow labrador couple of days ago :D

  • Michael Paliden
    Michael Paliden 1 month ago +1


  • Michalina Kroplewska
    Michalina Kroplewska 1 month ago

    ha to smieszne

  • Sarah Reynolds
    Sarah Reynolds 1 month ago

    I love Labradors, I have one in real life and instead of barking (he doesn't howl) he seals

  • Haley Frost
    Haley Frost 1 month ago

    i got a new lab two days ago, and i was watching this video for whatever reason, and she was laying on my lap. it was so funny in the video with the little yellow lab playing with that orange ball because when it squeaked my dog shot straight up and scanned the room for a ball!

  • tuleilene41
    tuleilene41 1 month ago

    labs are amazing!

  • Ева Ник


  • Luna Lovegood
    Luna Lovegood 1 month ago

    I'm finally get to have a dog but can't decide between a beagle or a Labrador..

  • #7 WALKER
    #7 WALKER 1 month ago


  • Aurelio Torrisi
    Aurelio Torrisi 1 month ago

    the italian guy who finally gets definitively good to the dog ,,, the fuckeing dog was really hard to stand

  • Pikachu Ssj3 star
    Pikachu Ssj3 star 1 month ago

    I'm getting one of these dogs on my tenth birthday and I can't wait

    DG THE YT KING 1 month ago

    i wish labs were living longer

  • Ashutosh Singh
    Ashutosh Singh 1 month ago

    Hope 3:22 is not a boy!😂😂

  • Blue Fire
    Blue Fire 1 month ago

    541 cats disliked this video :( I told u cats were evil

  • Susan Friedman
    Susan Friedman 1 month ago

    Memorial Day
    Concert Granville twins

  • Captain Landrover
    Captain Landrover 1 month ago

    3:43 When Sims bugs out

    DG THE YT KING 2 months ago

    i have chocolate lab puppy i think he is cutest thing ever


    I have 1 golden and 1 lab. Both are 2 years old but their not family related. They are best friends and both boys

  • hoa bach
    hoa bach 2 months ago

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  • Joshua Easterday
    Joshua Easterday 2 months ago

    my dog she apologizes the same way lol

  • _idekanymore
    _idekanymore 2 months ago

    I've had my yellow lab for 9 years now, she's so kind hearted. Not once has she ever barked inside the house, and she can sense when people are scared of her, so she won't approach them, she waits for them to make the first move. She's the sweetest thing ever.

  • Alina Tkaczyk
    Alina Tkaczyk 2 months ago

    Ucho prezesa

  • VOID
    VOID 2 months ago

    What are you a fucking Jew

  • Matheus G. S.
    Matheus G. S. 2 months ago

    Lovely labradors, but where is the orange tabby cat?!?!?!

  • Modi124 - Roleplay
    Modi124 - Roleplay 2 months ago +1

    Fuck dogs

  • Mathilde Petit
    Mathilde Petit 2 months ago

    tribal counsel again defend expose permit

  • Лиза Василива

    какие же они милые

  • Ashley Thao
    Ashley Thao 2 months ago

    Missing my black lab. She was awesome! Learned two languages and was my best friend.

  • Honel fam
    Honel fam 2 months ago

    the people who given thumbs down are cats

  • whitewolf96wagar
    whitewolf96wagar 2 months ago

    Love labs! Had a chocolate lab mix and a yellow lab during my younger years! Baxter, the chocolate, was a good dog though he was stubborn. My yellow lab, Casey, was just a huge marshmallow. She wanted all the attention and pets she could get. She was a super sweet dog and so far the best dog my family has had!

  • MrGervaiss
    MrGervaiss 2 months ago


  • Daniel Castro
    Daniel Castro 2 months ago

    i have a Chihuahua husky labrador mix he his
    only 6 weeks RN

    TONY LARIOS 2 months ago

    This is clickbait. Where's the one with the dog sitting on the cat?

  • Klein Katze
    Klein Katze 2 months ago


  • emma 98a
    emma 98a 2 months ago

    4:01 so funny

  • hari krishnan
    hari krishnan 2 months ago


  • Anshi Sharma
    Anshi Sharma 2 months ago +1

    labradors are really awesome .... I have a yellow lab named Jacky and I love him more than myself this comment how agrees labs are the best

  • Misty Blue
    Misty Blue 2 months ago

    How can anyone not like this Do not watch it that is just not normal

  • Misty Blue
    Misty Blue 2 months ago

    Labradors are my all time favorite I can't have one in my apartment they just are too big They need to run I have two cats BUT I walk the sidewalk by the dog run lots of fun there

  • Awais Nazir
    Awais Nazir 2 months ago

    At 3:49, I was like thank God that ain't from the other end if you know what I mean XD hehe

  • is everybody in *
    is everybody in * 2 months ago

    This is wasting our lives.

  • tr Sl
    tr Sl 2 months ago

    Never equate dogs to humans, they are better than humans

  • Джейсон Хичкок

    Lol. At 8:28 I thought that was a cat inside a white microwave oven for a split second. It was a OMG WTF moment for me.

  • US Army
    US Army 3 months ago

    I'm about to get a golden lab in about a week, the only other dog i have had was a great dane. Does anyone have any advice for taking care of a golden lab

  • Jina Jayawardana
    Jina Jayawardana 3 months ago

    its 3.00 am in the morning. don't know why I am watching this, even I don't have a dog. !!

  • Alon Emil Cheishvili
    Alon Emil Cheishvili 3 months ago

    For the 477 dislikes, I will punch them all in the face

  • gentlemen.
    gentlemen. 3 months ago

    I own a Labrador and a cocker spaniel

  • Oi
    Oi 3 months ago

    1:42 whahahahaah

  • Navaneeth Gireesh
    Navaneeth Gireesh 3 months ago


  • Eugenio Comelli
    Eugenio Comelli 3 months ago +1

    White: Men tonigt WHE EAT BEAR
    Black: HELP IT GOT ME !!!
    To cute XD

  • Kukac Mr
    Kukac Mr 3 months ago

    My favourite dog!

  • Rudransh Shankar
    Rudransh Shankar 3 months ago

    lybra aur so good doggs in the place of jarmen nice video

  • Rrianne Achaia Anchola
    Rrianne Achaia Anchola 3 months ago

    I would like to have 1 lab, 1 chihuahua, 1 of the wolf like at 8:24, 1 pug! AND A HAIRY PUPPYYY!!!!!!! they are are soo cute

    DEEPALI VATZ 3 months ago

    can anyone tell me lab at 4:49 why it is different from other types of lab ???

  • Roee fdsfsadsas
    Roee fdsfsadsas 3 months ago

    used to have a mixed lab for 10 years, best dog ever

  • blast head
    blast head 3 months ago

    Labs providing a little sunshine in this dark world.

  • ERIE Berry Marshall
    ERIE Berry Marshall 3 months ago

    I'm just gonna adopt 10 labs and love them so much😍😂❤❤

  • Raj Banerjee
    Raj Banerjee 3 months ago

    very funny video

  • Subrat kumar Mohanty
    Subrat kumar Mohanty 3 months ago

    awww so cute.. Labrador way of beg forgiveness

  • Toby Davison
    Toby Davison 3 months ago

    Labradors are a great breed and such great dogs!

  • WTF Gaming
    WTF Gaming 3 months ago

    omg All Of Them Looks My Golden Labrador Argo

  • Gennaro rossi
    Gennaro rossi 3 months ago

    why don't gays adopt dogs instead of babies?

  • K9uKNIT
    K9uKNIT 3 months ago

    They're good dogs brent

  • T J
    T J 3 months ago

    Dogs will always rule...

  • Little Young Artist
    Little Young Artist 3 months ago

    4:57 LOL😂👍🏻

    Edit: 5:04 is funny too XD

  • Little Young Artist
    Little Young Artist 3 months ago

    0:21 lol, my family shares 2 dogs and it does the same thing down the dog slide we bought for them😂

  • Emo Queen
    Emo Queen 3 months ago

    my dogs ignore my existence..

  • lydia althouse
    lydia althouse 3 months ago

    10:06 literally my lab 😂 love her to death thou

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