How Stereotypes Affect Your Test Scores

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  • It turns out stereotypes can affect you—whether you believe in them or not.

    Hosted by: Brit Garner
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  • superkoekje
    superkoekje 15 hours ago

    Brit really likes sharks.

  • L Cate Smith
    L Cate Smith Month ago

    The original research on stereotype threat recently came under fire by the replication studies. The effect itself might be a thing (I can't imagine it's not), but it sure didn't replicate in the way it was originally studied. :(

  • Bridge Pepper
    Bridge Pepper Month ago

    I really don't see what you are trying to get at people decide their own grades based on a number of factors simply because one group does worse than another doesn't mean this will hold true...

  • torosalvajebcn
    torosalvajebcn Month ago

    I do, I do, I do believe in fairies!!

  • Soly Le
    Soly Le Month ago

    This is so important.

  • gromitvt10
    gromitvt10 Month ago

    U can only be dank if u believe u can be :)

  • Aadityakiran S.
    Aadityakiran S. Month ago

    What about the S brain and E Brain of Men and Women?

  • BaoPlays Gaming And Updates

    I'm Asian-American.

  • AtarahDerek
    AtarahDerek Month ago

    Study concusion: Self-fulfilling prophecies are real and common.

  • Madelyn Hanes
    Madelyn Hanes 2 months ago

    another interesting thing that i find i do is when i tell myself that i will do bad on a test, i will. but if i'm open minded or confident, i do well!

  • Satie TheTutor
    Satie TheTutor 2 months ago

    veritasium did a video on learned helplessness, which is somewhat on a similar note.

  • Tohfa Walker
    Tohfa Walker 2 months ago

    would this mean that when you fill out your name might affect your mark if you have a name that you associate with your race or gender?

  • Samuel Nilsson
    Samuel Nilsson 2 months ago

    Women are worse at math than men? For a stereotype that seems really backwards. I guess things are different here in Sweden.

  • Unbearable Pain
    Unbearable Pain 2 months ago

    Screw Standardized Testing.

  • That Thaddeus Kid
    That Thaddeus Kid 2 months ago

    .... how... how is this a form of propaganda...? I'm looking over the comments, and I'm utterly confused.

  • Uranium
    Uranium 2 months ago

    There's a stereotype that women are bad at math?

  • Pollux
    Pollux 2 months ago

    are people reminded the stereotypes before they pass a test? I mean , it seem that it is a short time effect and that you really have to remind the participants that a stereotype exists to be able to mesure stereotype threat. So I'm a bit skeptical that stereotype threat is really the source of an achievement gap. If someone could explain this to me. Great video, love this channel.

  • Angelika Skoroszyn
    Angelika Skoroszyn 3 months ago

    A lie repeated 100 times becomes truth

    It's not surpising at all, I know it from my own experience. Now I have studies to quote on it

  • Michael D'Augustine
    Michael D'Augustine 3 months ago

    Side note. Computer Programming used to be viewed as a "woman's job" because it was "tedious and like secretarial work." Most of the earliest computer programmers and pioneers in computer programming were women. Today it has become a male dominated field. I remember learning about all the people who pioneered the field of computer science, many of them were women, including Ada Lovelace who came up with the idea of a programming language nearly a hundred years before Alan Turing invented the first "Turing Machine" now known as computers. It always struck me as odd that women played a huge role in the beginning of computer science, yet the ratio of women to men in my classes was always like 1 to 10.

  • Amos Hassan
    Amos Hassan 3 months ago

    This was great! Awesome presentation as well, thank you Brit!

  • TK Tang
    TK Tang 3 months ago

    As an Asian, I felt that I must perform well in maths, not doing so brought a level of shame. Hence, I put a tonne of time trying to get better at it and didn't pay much attention to subjects like Geography and History.

  • William
    William 3 months ago

    Scientists have had trouble replicating this result in the last couple years after the awareness of P-Hacking began to spread. You shouldn't spread these results without caveat, certainly not without any significant mention of the replication trouble.

    Remember when P-Hacking was in all the science news and psychologists found that they couldn't replicate the results of a significant number of classic studies? This was one of those studies.

  • DéJi Vu
    DéJi Vu 3 months ago

    So many comments talking about all the comments being something... I've yet to see any of the original comments in question but I'll take it from the comment commentators that they are whatever they said they were.

  • Sarah Kuzell
    Sarah Kuzell 3 months ago

    My parents are not as in tune with the Psychology world as they are in the Math world but being from a mathematically gifted family probably helped to inflate my mathematical abilities and allowed me to enjoy algebra, physics, and chemistry significantly more than my peers especially when we had a teacher that wasn't especially nice.

  • T1Oracle
    T1Oracle 3 months ago

    Another factor to consider is childhood exposure to lead. Lead is a neurotoxin and the highest levels are in the south, the west, inner cities, and any place with old buildings. Typically the poor and minorities live in these places. Lead exposure causes ADD, lower IQ, and an inrease in violence in adulthood.

    Of course self confidence matters, so you shouldn't tell a test taker this before an exam.

  • Darel Halgarth
    Darel Halgarth 3 months ago

    While the stereotype threat effect may be true- and we shouldn't just say "There is research so it must be true" because a lot of research can be flawed, and indeed you can pick up a few flaws in the research from this video alone- that doesn't mean this video is free from the influence of any agenda or bias. Take note of which group they looked at as victims of stereotype threat the most- women. Funny fact about women/girls is that (in the UK at least, and since that's where I'm from that's the data I'm familiar with) they actually outperform men/boys in most of our schooling system. Girls are likely to get higher GCSE and A-level scores than boys for nearly all subjects... maths being one of the only subjects that is an exception to this. So if you wanted to reduce the performance​ gap between boys and girls then the focus should primarily be on helping boys (still helping girls with maths of course). Yet whenever this sort of topic is touched it's girls who are depicted as the 'victims', the ones who are underperforming in education due to stereotypes or discrimination; people cite that women are behind in maths but not that they're ahead nearly everywhere else. More women attend university than men, yet we still talk about encouraging more women to go to uni (specifically into STEM, because it's not like women can make their own choices, huh?). One can only speculate as to why this is, but my own theory is that those who are trying to support women's rights and wellbeing are actually still strongly under the influence of the stereotype that women are weak and victims. I think a lot of supposed equality advocates are incredibly condescending towards women, and that's not going to have a good influence. Giving women so much extra encouragement to go into STEM when they're already have that choice open to them, doesn't it give the message (even if unintentional) that you believe women are incapable of getting into STEM without extra support? Well those are just my thoughts. I'd like to note that I don't think this is something SciShow does intentionally, exclusively, or to a greatly significant extent; this is just a symptom of a society wide phenomenon, that even advocates of women treat women like helpless victims.

  • woodfur00
    woodfur00 3 months ago

    How do non-cisgendered people respond to gender-related stereotype threats?

  • Magi Mystik
    Magi Mystik 3 months ago

    Being with people who believe in you can make you smarter than when you are with people who think your not..

  • Jr B
    Jr B 3 months ago

    Y'all gotta think youre asian and you'll be ok

    • Gargoyle Named Lexington
      Gargoyle Named Lexington 2 months ago

      I'm an ancient alien.

    • Jr B
      Jr B 3 months ago

      NO NO NO WAIT! Aliens are better! Think youre a species from a advanced civilization that is superior to humans! >:D

  • Sam Roy
    Sam Roy 3 months ago

    I am incredibly appreciative for the fact that the video showed that attempts to recreate the study both succeeded and failed. It shows an admirable degree of scientific impartiality.

  • Rad Ravenclaw
    Rad Ravenclaw 3 months ago +1

    I'm going to remember this when I go into testing soon.

  • TheOrbitalDropShock
    TheOrbitalDropShock 3 months ago

    Can we just agree that this is a thing? The problem with social justice isn't the pointing out that stereotypes is a root of some problems but their proposed solution of trying to avoid stereotypes all together. The best way is to learn what stereotypes are (rough generalisations) and use them accordingly. That is to learn to "just deal with it". Misuse of stereotypes is the problem, not the stereotypes themselves.

  • Brian Mason
    Brian Mason 3 months ago

    women don't not choose stem fields because of culture, it's because they would rather have children.

  • Gabriel Montiel
    Gabriel Montiel 3 months ago

    muh mind gap

  • Oren Ashkenazi
    Oren Ashkenazi 3 months ago

    This video is incredibly valuable, thank you Crash Course.

  • daeho2
    daeho2 3 months ago

    This host is freaking awesome, I reckon she'd make a wonderful teacher.

  • *Comment Reader*
    *Comment Reader* 3 months ago

    Step 1: Be Asian
    Step 2: Remind yourself that you're Asian.

  • Leader Fangrill
    Leader Fangrill 3 months ago

    Guess the phrase I tell people before test works. "Believe in yourself and you will believe in you. You want at least one person to believe in you and that person might as well be yourself."

  • GeneraL_LOL
    GeneraL_LOL 3 months ago

    My country uses codes to identify the students so the examiners won't know who is who

  • Henry Tompkinson
    Henry Tompkinson 3 months ago

    Everything said in this video is true. So is the statement: 'Black Americans perform worse across academia than white Americans.' But the statement obviously has a bias, in this case some sort of racial bias. In the video the bias is towards representing minorities and women as the sole recipient of stereotypes, when in fact there are just as many stereotypes that men are terrible at writing English essays as there are that women are terrible at maths. Ignoring this while having a history of allowing SJWs to repeatedly preach their gospel does not look good.

  • Kaylee White
    Kaylee White 3 months ago

    So the SATs and AP exams with all those question about who you are before?

  • UnknownXV
    UnknownXV 3 months ago +1

    There is no gender diffenrence notification on the SAT tests, yet girls consistsntly have underperformed vs men for decades now. It's not a bias effect. Men are better at math than women are, and that is okay. lots of stuff women are better at men. Stop trying to homonegize all of culture and society. There are better individuals than others in certain facets. Same for gender and even race in some more minor points.

  • TheFistPuncher
    TheFistPuncher 3 months ago

    whats that tattoo say? legumes??

  • Aeri Tree
    Aeri Tree 3 months ago

    This reminds me of the racism simulation brown eyes vs blue eyes experiment on elementary schools. Children being told that blue eyes are better than brown eyes affected them in a way that the brown eyed children didn't perform as well and vise versa when they suddenly switched the roles.

  • TheCowgirlgem
    TheCowgirlgem 3 months ago

    Well explained!

  • False Smile
    False Smile 3 months ago

    Also people just get bored and don't try.

  • T SexyRexy
    T SexyRexy 3 months ago

    extremist tears are my lotion, and their broken dreams are my sock.

  • Angry Educated Perverted Nuclear Milf

    The world is like a dream, in the sense that how you see it can affect how you work in it.

    Yes, it is important to know the statistical truth, but that's only half of it. You must also know that you still have power to make change. Become aware, and free yourself from the slavery of your genes and the culture resulting from it. You may not be faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, or able to leap tall buildings in a single bound like some circus performer in blue tights, red cape, and underwear on the outside, but you can at least command your own body.

    Never let the wills of others determine who you are. Doesn't matter if it's a statistical reality, as ultimately it is your reality.

    There are no strings on you.

  • Jabberwocky
    Jabberwocky 3 months ago

    I wonder what effect does telling men that they're sexual predators have on sexual assault rates.

  • Sheldon Robertson
    Sheldon Robertson 3 months ago

    the achievement gap is largely due to the fact that some groups of people are higher achievers than others.

    the effects of stereotype threat are barely significant and are dwarfed by the effects of environmental, cultural, and heritable stressors on intellectual ability.

    I am saddened by the trend of modern scientists choosing to disbelieve their data when it doesn't conform to their social dogma.

  • Kelsey Zimmerman
    Kelsey Zimmerman 3 months ago

    Coooooool vid

  • RhianKristen
    RhianKristen 3 months ago

    So how do you believe in yourself? Especially if some of this is subconscious...

  • Wooop whoop woop woop woop woop

    This topic is probably one of my favorite topics you guys have covered

  • Sid
    Sid 3 months ago +1

    I'm not disagreeing with actual research, but here in India, boy, oh, boy do boys suck at math. Girls are supreme

    • Hilfigertout
      Hilfigertout 3 months ago

      And now we watch as Indian boys and men begin to perform worse than girls due to processes mentioned in the video.

  • Yasmin Alansari
    Yasmin Alansari 3 months ago +1

    It makes you wonder why APs and the SAT have ethnicity and gender questions before you take the test. Even if it's an unintentional side effect, they should at least have students fill that out afterwards instead of requiring it beforehand!

    • Yasmin Alansari
      Yasmin Alansari 3 months ago

      Might have only been a thing a few years ago then. I remember all my hispanic friends getting (rightfully) offended when that question came up. It was literally something like are you hispanic or of hispanic descent? Y/N? They did say these questions are for statistical purposes though, so maybe it was fully intentional. And we might have gotten regional variants since I think that's a thing they do

    • Linh Mai
      Linh Mai 3 months ago

      Yasmin Alansari omg... that's an interesting point. perhaps they're also seeing if there is an effect on the students' test taking abilities ? it could be their own "experiment," so to speak.

    • Hilfigertout
      Hilfigertout 3 months ago

      I just took the SAT today, there weren't any gender questions. Though as to the AP test, good call. I didn't think about that.

  • Bob Bobson
    Bob Bobson 3 months ago

    What if there also was a biological predisposition for math that favored males? It could be part of a plurifactorial explanation for the performance gap.
    Should we not even consider this hypothesis because of political correctness?
    This attitude doesn't seem very scientific to me.

    • Bob Bobson
      Bob Bobson 3 months ago

      Some research show differences between the genders at a very young age, even at birth. These differences are also shown in other primates. Brain scans also show differences between the genders.
      I suggest reading Baron-Cohen's studies :

    • Hilfigertout
      Hilfigertout 3 months ago

      Bob Bobson
      That still leaves a lot of unanswered questions though. Like why wouldn't this difference manifest until teenage years, and what about the studies (including those mentioned in this video) that show women performing equal to or higher than men? This hypothesis should be considered, but the evidence seems to have a different correlation.

  • Michelle Ziems
    Michelle Ziems 3 months ago

    Your dress looks like mrs frizzle is about to study the ocean

    I like it

  • PsyhicPanda HS
    PsyhicPanda HS 3 months ago

    berkly is cucked thats why the experiment "failed" there

  • KS Ng
    KS Ng 3 months ago

    This is exactly why feminists need to stop telling women that STEM fields are misogynistic, this is the main reason why women aren't interested in STEM.
    I come from Singapore, we are the most mathematically and scientifically literate country in the world and we have one of the most gender equal work forces and women actually dominate bio and chem courses. This is because we don't spread the idea that the STEM field is misogynistic.

  • ​ ​
    ​ ​ 3 months ago +1

    both sjw and conservatives freaking out in the comment section

    *grabs double popcron*

  • ​ ​
    ​ ​ 3 months ago +1

    A video that make both sjws and the alt-right freak out? thats going to be really good.

  • Petros Adamopoulos
    Petros Adamopoulos 3 months ago

    Wait, does it still work on people who believe "Stereotype threat" is real? If so, how can it?

  • Johnny Robinson
    Johnny Robinson 3 months ago

    No shit sherlock. If I tell you that you will do bad, you will likely do bad. The women expect to do bad so they give themself slack on working hard. The men think they will have to do well, will work harder. It OBVIOUS.

  • Mystic Dust
    Mystic Dust 3 months ago

    What's weird is that a few stereotypes could actually be beneficial. For example, the stereotype that Asians do better in mathematics actually led to an increase in test scores (so it wouldn't necessarily be a "stereotype threat" in this case because the stereotype actually motivated them to do better).

    • Linh Mai
      Linh Mai 3 months ago

      Mystic Dust but it's a double edged sword for those asians who aren't as good as math. theyll remember the stereotype that they should be good at math, become disparaged, and perform much lower than they should be

  • Jornam
    Jornam 3 months ago

    So tests should actually ask me for my name at the very end, so as to not remind me of the dumbass I am xD

  • Unseelie
    Unseelie 3 months ago

    I know it's normal in English, but it always sounds weird to me, when people talk about human "races".

  • mvmlego1212
    mvmlego1212 3 months ago +2

    Never in my thirteen years of public school or two years of community college have I heard anyone claim that males are better at math than females.

    P.S. All but one (me) of the ten highest-GPA students of my high school class were female, and all but one (me) of the eleven people in my community college's honors program were female. Let's see a video about that.

    • mvmlego1212
      mvmlego1212 3 months ago

      +David Li -- 53-54% of our students are female. A 10:1::Male:Female ratio is still three standard deviations more "female" than average.

    • David Li
      David Li 3 months ago

      maybe the ones going to community college were mostly female

  • Cameron Hawkins
    Cameron Hawkins 3 months ago

    "How Stereotypes Affect Your Test Scores"

  • dfjshjkd
    dfjshjkd 3 months ago


  • Graa
    Graa 3 months ago +1

    I wish this was SciShow Brain. Then you could also focus on some more detailed neuroscience as well as psychology!

  • Dawnbringer 6
    Dawnbringer 6 3 months ago

    Love the videos love the channels but this one im not to fond of cause its gonna give feminists more ammo to fuel useless and time wasting arguements that hold no value and will halt the worlds progress i mean hell i bet we dont have fusion technology cause they think its rasist sorry for the rant i shouldent do it here in the science community but i wanted to get a word in loved the video

  • Fluffy Panda
    Fluffy Panda 3 months ago


  • yeyforever
    yeyforever 3 months ago

    the dress tho!!

  • RedKorGamer
    RedKorGamer 3 months ago

    I feel like this is poorly done. It's less about the stereotypes and more about doubting yourself or your abilities. You should follow it in that order and not use something like stereotypes as clickbait.

    • RedKorGamer
      RedKorGamer 3 months ago

      And I'm being picky here but the title should be Stereotype threat and how it CAN effect test scores. Emphasis on the can because even the current title would be greatly improved by it. Stereotype threat isn't something absolute that an individual has no power against. At the end of the day we're all capable of being capable individuals. I sincerely believe that and will continue to believe that until the day I die.

    • RedKorGamer
      RedKorGamer 3 months ago

      To clarify this, Stereotype threat should be defined as a form of self doubt. It should not be defined as it's own thing entirely.

  • Okaro X
    Okaro X 3 months ago

    This is absolutely ridiculous. I do not deny that such effect could be to small extent but to think that this somehow explains all the differences is ridiculous. I do not get why people normally could be reminded of their race or gender before a test.

    And even if it is true so what. If you cannot handle the pressure of the stereotypes, yo do not belong to STEM fields. If you test only women you get results of only women.

    How about the fact that boys and ben are just more interested in technical things and there just are more smart men than women. Same applies to stupid men also. I do not get why people are so willing to accept facts when men are worse than women but when they are better there are dozens of excuses.

  • Piotr Zioło
    Piotr Zioło 3 months ago

    @SciShow, are you aware of these results: Please, double-check any clearly politically involved results and stick to science. You're the best popular-science channel on the Internet. Don't ruin it.

  • MrInternetHermit
    MrInternetHermit 3 months ago

    While the science is definitely interesting and should be kept in mind, I will have to disagree with her on one point. It is not that women have barriers in stem fields, because when studying whether women or men get promoted more show that neither gender even gets up to a five percent difference (In statistics anything 5% or more is considered usual), but the people who go after promotions and make their desire to get promoted known are 85-95% more likely to get promoted. Studies have shown that part of the work culture is that men are more likely to ask and chase promotions, while women are more likely to wait for the promotions to come to them. What we need to do isn't to punish guys for chasing promotions , but encourage gals to chase after promotions too.

  • Chetz
    Chetz 3 months ago

    What? The stereotype threat is an artificial exaggeration of something which almost always exists naturally. "The difference goes away"? No it doesn't, it shrinks. Science isn't politics. Every group isn't an exact copy of another like your equality cult thinks.

  • Kali Takumi
    Kali Takumi 3 months ago

    This is how the Asian kids be killing those test scores 😤

  • pegasBaO23
    pegasBaO23 3 months ago These Veritassium leads to the idea that this phenomenon is bonkers

  • nGon-
    nGon- 3 months ago

    I see more comments complaining about comments from anti-SJWs than actual comments from anti-SJWs

  • RexXflash
    RexXflash 3 months ago +4

    Seems like flawed studies. There's simply achievment gap because average man is more intelligent than average girl which you can notice at their teenage years.

    • Hannah Wolfe
      Hannah Wolfe 3 months ago

      RexXflash my school has not had a Male Validictorian in years. I'm a girl and I have a 5.4 weighted GPA, got 1310 on SAT and am top in my class. Girls aren't stupid.

    • Serena Suni
      Serena Suni 3 months ago

      False. The average IQ is similar, women have a slight advantage. However, there are more men of the high and low ends of the spectrum. That is why the achievement gap exists, people with the highest IQs are reviled during more advanced courses.

    • greenteasenpai
      greenteasenpai 3 months ago

      RexXflash lmaoooi

  • MormonKitty
    MormonKitty 3 months ago

    At my school girls are smarter than the boys because 99 percent of the boys are gang bangers....

  • Jabberwocky Draco
    Jabberwocky Draco 3 months ago

    So stop focusing on grade statistics and just teach? Sounds good to me.

  • Janella Baxter
    Janella Baxter 3 months ago

    SciShow: I appreciate that you highlighted problems of reproducibility and small effect size. But you really should qualify your presentation of what we "know" and what is "clear" about why there is an achievement gap. Many social psychologists look at stereotype threat with particular suspicion because of failure to reproduce and small effect sizes.

  • L Blueful
    L Blueful 3 months ago

    I like her style of presenting, really comprehensive and intuitive! Nice video! ;)

  • Fandyus
    Fandyus 3 months ago

    I am the loser stereotype.

    FIRAT KOZAN 3 months ago

    Boys do better than girls on math in teenage years?
    Fucking %80 girls have 90+ average while boys are trying to save grades

  • سلمان الراجحي


  • john pardon
    john pardon 3 months ago

    so, believe in yourself!

    that you failed miserably and have all kinds of mental/physical health problems doesn't matter!

    i disagree, i think we should tell people to try, and care less about how they are compared to others.

    believing in yourself works only if you have reason to do so or if you do not see your own flaws (which sometimes is a blessing)

    i rather say, hey. i'm shit. but guess what, so is half of the world. "normal people" do not exist. don't compare yourself to others and try to make the best of your own live and of the people around you.

    its alright to be sh*t. <3

  • ZackeTheBrute
    ZackeTheBrute 3 months ago

    The thing about psychological resarch is that its super hard to do good studies. She said so herself, one of the studies did not confirm. I think this probably has some truth to it but that the effects are negligible.

  • Symmetrical Docking
    Symmetrical Docking 3 months ago

    But who is reminding these people every time they go to drive a car?

  • lyngsdk
    lyngsdk 3 months ago

    Why spend 3+ min. rambling about stereo types when this is basicly about self-confidence, which is almost logical and straight forward. Stick to the basics please! 3:52

  • Cachi Nero
    Cachi Nero 3 months ago +5

    They explained adequately lots of studies about “how stereotypes affect your test scores” - fine.

    They mentioned that stereotype threat isn’t the only thing that causes group differences on standardized tests – fine.

    They said that some groups have more limited access to education – fine.

    They said that our current culture can discourage women – fine.

    They didn’t even mention the fact that genetics might make individuals from different groups (statistically not individually) a little bit different – BAD.

    I understand that people is scared about the stupid racist/sexist/etc ones that could use studies which explain that differences between different ethnic groups/sexes are not only the consecuence of our actual society but also the consecuence of our genetics.

    The thing is that there’s nothing bad about that, and since it is the reality we must accept it and not censor it. You just have to explain people that a small difference in statistics can’t define an individual person and that if you prejudge someone for that you are being retarded.

  • Remer714
    Remer714 3 months ago

    This does not seem to be political at all.
    Take it simple: If you always hear "You, as a boy, perform better at math because boys are math-talented!" then you, as a boy, are more confident in your math-test and that confidence makes up this gap. Even if you believe that boys and girls are evenly good at math you simply are more confident in doing the test and - therefore - score better.

  • alex bluestein
    alex bluestein 3 months ago

    so according to this the reason i get As on every test is because i think im better than everyone else? im fine with that.

  • My main is Kid Cobra go away Min Min

    But I'm not a student in the US. Dislike Unsubscribe etc.

  • Tell Me This
    Tell Me This 3 months ago +1

    Wait, haven't they done a video on this already? I swear i remember a video with these similar facts

  • x Whaledream
    x Whaledream 3 months ago +4

    As a proud appache helicopter i feel offended by the standardized Tests.

  • soloxcan
    soloxcan 3 months ago

    In Australia, girls are best at most things in school

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