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    The white chevy driver ran a red, causing another vehicle to hit it.
    Instead of stopping, she ran, and was caught in her own drive way
    later. Running from an accident is never an option.




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    20. tvclip.org/video/0oiErxp2djQ/&feature=youtu.be - [FyourLSX]

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  • DDS TV 2
    DDS TV 2  3 months ago +45

    Hope you guys enjoy this juicy xxx compilation ;) Lots of goodies in it! Thank you so much for all your support, and for people who sent in clips. <3 #DDS4Lyfe

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    • legofreak
      legofreak 3 months ago

      Mojo Reanimated Groundhogs are smarter then her

    • Nebula Universe
      Nebula Universe 3 months ago

      DDS TV 2 In the 7th clip, was that in Houston? Because I think I've passed through the area a couple of times.

    • Mojo Reanimated
      Mojo Reanimated 3 months ago

      *Cerebral capacity of a groundhog*

      That's just magic words right there. :)

    • Ryan Difrancesco
      Ryan Difrancesco 3 months ago

      DDS TV 2 takes no shit from anyone literally had me laughing! always love a good compilation by you, I watched everyone so far!

    • Levon Strachan
      Levon Strachan 3 months ago

      Jim Holmes Except usually you get fucked trying to be nice. I agree, but the LAW states those merging into the highway must yield.

  • Matthew McGinley
    Matthew McGinley 11 hours ago

    0:53 Not the same as a video game, is it, dude, where you bounce off the embankment with no damage. Now you have to pay for everything, and insurance will probably drop you. Welcome to reality, dude.

  • derpyryan
    derpyryan 2 days ago

    GROUNDHOG...best insult

  • Alexander
    Alexander 3 days ago +1

    Tesla-zero emissions? 7 years worth of pollution to produce 1 cars batteries and where does the electricity come from to charge the snowflake mobile???

  • Gamerz Grip
    Gamerz Grip 4 days ago

    Love that you give the audio for the crashes .

  • TheCactusGamer 2.0
    TheCactusGamer 2.0 4 days ago

    6:28 Who the heck orders pizza at 3AM???

  • Tom Slak
    Tom Slak 4 days ago

    Clip # 1 & 20...teers for the cars, none for the idiot drivers.

  • XD40 Springfield
    XD40 Springfield 4 days ago

    What I learned today, don't tell the cops you did it even if you did!! No need to pay for damages and a ticket!!!

  • gjtt
    gjtt 5 days ago

    1:26 Hello asshole! Way to merge over a solid white line and then not yield to cars already in the lane. Then take off the scene of an accident that you caused. To top it off - no license or insurance. This is one of the reasons I got a dash cam.

  • satisfiction
    satisfiction 5 days ago

    "cerebral capacity of a groundhog" 11/10

  • Jack B.
    Jack B. 6 days ago

    that last video is not a subaru haha its a GT-R (look at the grille and tail lights) i can see where you could get confused

  • Chris Johnston
    Chris Johnston 6 days ago

    First one was great. Rookie fail hard. Hahaha

  • wraith0127
    wraith0127 6 days ago

    Can I also add that in the clip at 2:16, that type of long hood truck has a very big blind spot directly in front of it. The camera is sitting higher up so we can see what happened, but there is no way that truck driver could see that car at all.

  • rivgs
    rivgs 6 days ago

    7:00 Just proves that money and brains do not necessarily go hand in hand. I'm rich enough to buy a $100,00 car, too stupid to keep my foot on the brake.

  • Royce Ardery
    Royce Ardery 10 days ago

    Oh, you can not be that dumb, You have to have the cerebral capacity of a groundhog…

    I LOVED THAT lol

  • MrSponge1985
    MrSponge1985 10 days ago

    Giving you a dislike for multiple ads. Super annoying and you don't need 5 in a 10 clip

  • 22megaton
    22megaton 10 days ago

    I think the first and last are privately owned streets

  • flin flam
    flin flam 11 days ago

    It depends, really

  • Cody Moncrief
    Cody Moncrief 11 days ago

    You have to have the cerebral capacity of a ground hog!

  • Duckiestorb
    Duckiestorb 11 days ago

    if you want to be fast go to a race track

  • VideoRocketz007 Millar

    Got off work this morning.. Old woman racing to turn into parking aisle one way I'm going out she couldn't squeeze past me with her big car I just sat there until she moved to the next parking aisle where she should be. Glad I exited slowly otherwise she would have turned and slammed into me. Good grief!

  • CrazyMan76
    CrazyMan76 12 days ago

    06:05 Domino's is open at 3AM?

  • Allen Martin
    Allen Martin 12 days ago

    Cammer at 3:15 was at fault...He tried to turn well before he should have. The woman did not expect him to turn as to turn before cammer got to turn area and neither would I. She could have safely turned if cammer didn't make turn early.

  • Alexander Govea
    Alexander Govea 12 days ago

    12 OMG crash at devils hour aka witching hour

  • December34th
    December34th 12 days ago

    Clip 17 is from Fresno, everyone here drives like a fucking tool

  • mathew nagle
    mathew nagle 12 days ago

    9, that's how much it annoy me

  • phillipag66
    phillipag66 13 days ago

    Anybody ever thought after assholes got their license, they throw the handbook out the window. Or they got em out of Cracker Jacks box.

  • Joshua Han
    Joshua Han 13 days ago

    If all 5 drivers weren't paying attention then how is fault determined?

  • Brayan Mendoza
    Brayan Mendoza 14 days ago

    1:19 DON'T BE A FUCKING DICK!! You don't lose anything by letting him go infront of you

  • Ben Reid
    Ben Reid 14 days ago

    Is 4:50 the publix plaza on Dunn ave in Jax FL?

  • Synyster Gabes
    Synyster Gabes 14 days ago

    #14 your car can drive itself, wtf is your excuse

  • Y23Y
    Y23Y 14 days ago

    Lets give a round of applause to all the people who admit fault and dont try to point fingers and run away.

  • Korn Willis
    Korn Willis 15 days ago


  • colderplasma
    colderplasma 15 days ago

    2:20 yeah okay the guy tried to force his way in, but the cammer in the semi is an absolute cunt too for deliberately closing up the gap when he saw the white car was indicating. absolutely no need for the aggression. would it really kill you to give up 2 seconds of your day to let someone in? if only we all knew the right lane to be in at all times.

  • KmanPlayz
    KmanPlayz 15 days ago +1

    Send these idiots back to Drivers Ed

  • Moose004
    Moose004 16 days ago

    I realize that technically the cammer wasn't at fault in #2 and #4, but it wouldn't cost them more than a second or two to let the other car in. Generally if somebody has got their turn signal on, and they're ahead of me, I'll back off and let them in. But I do agree that just turning on the signal doesn't give you the "ride" of way.

  • Randy Morobitto
    Randy Morobitto 16 days ago

    Now why did that driver insult groundhogs like that?

  • Lukeno52
    Lukeno52 17 days ago

    Why are so many people incapable of easing off and letting in people who are obviously going to barge their way over regardless? All they do is trash their cars, and number 2 should cop a lot of flak for prolonging the collision as much as possible. Easing off a bit takes a few seconds, smashing your car up takes a lot, lot longer out of your day. Nothing excuses the Volvo driver's laundry list of offences, but you should put your own car and wellbeing first.

  • Matthew McGinley
    Matthew McGinley 17 days ago

    9:56 NO, dude, keep the "fast and furious" moves to the video games, otherwise you're stuck with the repair bill and insurance will cancel you for being stupid.

  • Matthew McGinley
    Matthew McGinley 17 days ago

    1:25 Why do you guys have to be such dicks? Just let the guy in. You only proved what a jerk you are, like, "Im a selfish punk, I'm not going to let you in!" What a punk! NO sympathy here, punk.

  • Matthew McGinley
    Matthew McGinley 17 days ago

    0:52 Tried it in Need for Speed, didn't you? Not the same as a video game, is it? Now you know.

  • inetfraud
    inetfraud 18 days ago

    SHOUT OUT to DDS TV 2- you rock! This is a GO-TO channel for sure. Love it!!! Great work...its truly appreciated! Peace!

  • inetfraud
    inetfraud 18 days ago

    #1 Might as well be a murderous sociopath. Driving on such a narrow two-way road at that speed... @sshat. Hope he loses his license for life. Moron. As for #2- what an ass: he'd rather get into an accident and go through all of the bullsh-t that entails instead of letting the guy in. WHAT IS THE BIG FUKKIN' DEAL ABOUT LETTING PEOPLE IN...EVEN IF THE PERSON IS AN ASSHAT!!??? I'm guessing the dude has a tic-tac for a dick. #6: lear how to fukkin' turn! Idiot made like a 15 degree turn, RIGHT into the path of the waiting driver. WTF is with people!?

  • John Que Phone
    John Que Phone 19 days ago

    I wonder if number 10 had their blinker on?

  • Bo Hector
    Bo Hector 20 days ago

    The cerebral capacity of a groundhog? ROFLMAO!

  • Jim Mayer
    Jim Mayer 21 day ago

    Was acting stupid in my MR2 and got into an oversteer situation on a public road. I was lucky and didn't crash it or kill someone.

  • Chaos Zombie999
    Chaos Zombie999 22 days ago

    3:26 that's why I love Halo haha

  • Yamil Montes
    Yamil Montes 24 days ago

    When you car understeers, your suppose to apply your brakes softly and NOT turn the wheel to full steering lock.

  • Phylicia Piernas
    Phylicia Piernas 24 days ago

    2. What a douche

  • li yang
    li yang 25 days ago

    6:22 I am wondering why the car brake light on while it got hit? it doesn't look like anybody in the car, during the accident.

  • Pookie Penguin
    Pookie Penguin 25 days ago

    Good payback for a person who pulls the shit that red car did with the parking space: if you drink soda, juice, coffee, or some other form of drink that gets sticky, and you're a smoker, leave a little bit of the drink in the bottom of the bottle. Use this as an ashtray while you're driving. If someone does that crap to you, wait until they go in the store, take your soda ashtray and dump it all over their windshield and into the vents at the base of the windshield. Hopefully, you'll get lucky enough to witness their reaction when you finish your shopping.

  • TreeRunner
    TreeRunner 26 days ago

    subaru srx drivers are consistently this: 17-39 years old and rude as fuck

  • crappyatlife
    crappyatlife 26 days ago

    I'm glad you put the emojis in the thumbnail. Otherwise I wouldn't know how to feel.

  • titanium man
    titanium man 28 days ago

    Sad to see that STi in that condition, probably still had temporary tags on her...😕
    Edit: just saw it 'was' an Oregon- Exotik

  • PantiesGoneWild
    PantiesGoneWild 28 days ago

    keep the racing on big straight highways
    not on twisty trail mountains
    that poor STI

  • Nick E. Sparks
    Nick E. Sparks 28 days ago

    "cerebral capacity of a groundhog." Lmfao!

  • TheFillyFill
    TheFillyFill 29 days ago

    👎 too many ads man holy crap

  • LamborghiniReven1000
    LamborghiniReven1000 29 days ago

    Also the last one is clearly on a secluded road, what's possibly going to happen?

  • LamborghiniReven1000
    LamborghiniReven1000 29 days ago

    8:34 you mean sedan? That's not an SUV

  • JohnnyCage MortalCombat

    1:30 the cammer mustve been a huge dude because the guy in the jeep didnt do shit

  • Jacob Baird
    Jacob Baird Month ago

    I've actually got another funny parking lot story. So its graduation day at my school and everyone's leaving the practice ceremony so its fucking packed (400 kids leaving at once) and no one would let me back out but the person next to me got out. So I then proceed to make a 5618192 point turn and manage to get myself parallel with this bitch that wouldn't let me out and she left just enough space for me to force my way into the line waiting to leave. Funnily enough we met again in the parking lot after the real graduation and I basically did the exact same thing again lol

  • Jacob Baird
    Jacob Baird Month ago

    I almost had a lady in a Charger steal a spot I was about to take....i watched her and stared at her as I inched closer and closer to the car leaving to establish dominance. I ended up getting the spot lol

  • JustinSTeam2
    JustinSTeam2 Month ago

    Dope video

  • Tara Wetzel
    Tara Wetzel Month ago

    where did clip 15 happen?

  • Devin Black
    Devin Black Month ago

    childish gambino 3005

  • survivor
    survivor Month ago

    8:36...uh,yeah,it WOULD have been the cammers fault.And anyway...I just don't get how these 'cammers' are plainly maintaining their speed when they see someone doing something like cutting into their lane.So much better to just slow up,let em in,and be on yer way problem free.So damn stupid.What,they maintain 'a car length' for the sake of letting someone run into em?"I'll show you"...how stupid.Most of these people pulling into the lane are just not aware.So us people that are need to think first before 'not giving an inch'.

  • nouse use
    nouse use Month ago

    5:17 the same thing applies for the cammer. the cammer probably wasnt signaling, so the toyota went around. its no ones spot until they enter it, toyota got to it first.

  • Dj Zeroblade
    Dj Zeroblade Month ago

    0:24 is the camera ejecting through the car?

  • bassman686
    bassman686 Month ago

    #10- 45 to the 895th power!!!

  • James Clark
    James Clark Month ago

    #10 the anger scale is a 10. That shit infuriates me.

  • Babyboy 1738
    Babyboy 1738 Month ago

    The guy at the end of the video in the gtr lived around the block from me it was a nice car

  • Amadeusisme
    Amadeusisme Month ago

    Damn I might've considered suicide pretty heavily if I was the driver of that GTR in the last clip

  • Leilu Dapp
    Leilu Dapp Month ago

    #2... that entrance/exit is TERRIBLE! People have almost an entire mile to get over into that lane, even when it's already pretty congested to SR 16. I don't feel bad at all for the Volvo since it was literally the last possible moment to get over. You'd have to drive and see the interchange in order to get some understanding of Daniel.

  • Jen Natalia
    Jen Natalia Month ago

    sucky sucky

  • G Morgan
    G Morgan Month ago

    Did we just get Rick Rolled in one of those videos?

  • Abibulla KAZAKHSTAN

    *You have boring cars in the USA, look at Russians how fun on the roads! Hello from Kazakhstan !* 😅😅😅

  • Ian Boomsma
    Ian Boomsma Month ago

    A ford fusion is not a fucking suv. Anyone else triggered by this?

  • Anthony Gutierrz
    Anthony Gutierrz Month ago

    last car was a gtr

  • Donnabelle Lorenzo
    Donnabelle Lorenzo Month ago

    I am heart broken I own a tesla model x and at 7:16 he though it was a manual car so he let off the brake and rolled back.

  • Donnabelle Lorenzo
    Donnabelle Lorenzo Month ago

    People r so dumb when they turn on trucks. Do u think a truck driver is gonna see u like 10 or 15ft high with the long and big engine in front of it.

  • Paul Kelly
    Paul Kelly Month ago

    Oh shit. #5 is in my town of Newnan GA. Very cool.

  • Sas Quatch
    Sas Quatch Month ago

    karma police, not karma cop... ya know, like the song? great vid though, love the lessons you post in each one 🎅. there, have a santa

  • FreedomSoftware
    FreedomSoftware Month ago

    you get an STI and all the sudden you're a race car driver

  • Super SafariSurfer
    Super SafariSurfer Month ago

    Please make subtitles larger; too hard to read when so small.

  • purple8gold
    purple8gold Month ago

    1:43 - Can someone explain to me why there are people out there driving without a driver's license and insurance?

  • Carl FromTheOC
    Carl FromTheOC Month ago

    Person in the red Toyota whole stole the parking spot - wait until she is in the store, then let all the air out of all of the Toyota's tires. No damage to the tires, just no air in them.

  • Gregory Phillips
    Gregory Phillips Month ago

    The cerebral capacity of a groundhog line made me ROFL.

  • atombomb232610
    atombomb232610 Month ago

    4:53 Thats when you park their car in and after shopping, you sit with your hazards on behind them while you eat lunch, update your FB, post a snap, search for whatever is on your mind, clean your vehicle's interior, hold a complete conversation with the phone scammer from india that just called you, Fart and roll down the windows(how good can food you just ate in your car really be?), check all your under hood fluids(to escape from what you have just done to your cars interior air quality),organize trunk and check the psi of your spare while your in there and anything else you could think of. By this time a squad car or tow truck should be rolling into the lot so you can bid your parking companion a good day and drive off into the sunset!

  • Demon50
    Demon50 Month ago

    Get your car/truck off of the road if you're going to check on a accident victim, you're only going to cause another one doing dumb shit like leaving your vehicle parked at a stoplight.

  • David Stratton
    David Stratton Month ago

    # 10 - Wait til they are good and inside, take out a hammer and bust out the headlights and leave. Make em think twice before being a douche.

  • UberEATSDriver
    UberEATSDriver Month ago

    What Dominoes delivers at 3 AM? I want their number!

  • Jacob Howie
    Jacob Howie Month ago

    cerebral capacity of a ground hog. lol

    • loves storms
      loves storms 14 days ago

      I know! How dare he insult that poor groundhog. I'm sure it's smarter than her. lol

  • Jumo 004
    Jumo 004 Month ago

    6:13 I used to deliver for Domino's! I used to carry a car topper just like that!

  • John Lyes
    John Lyes Month ago

    Folks just aren't courteous anymore

  • sensualeye
    sensualeye Month ago

    Note the WRX STi driver (first clip, red car) had turned off his traction control. If you're not on a closed circuit track there is no reason to defeat you're traction aids. Not very smart.

  • Mrwaffleandmilk
    Mrwaffleandmilk Month ago +1

    I dont know about you but im not about to get in an accident to prove a point. It aint that serious! I love my car to much to put it through that!

  • Isaac Saenz
    Isaac Saenz Month ago

    When u read the description in 1:41 when it says "daniel takes no shit "that is me

  • Garrett Rhines
    Garrett Rhines Month ago

    Most of these bikers ride fast to purposely instigate their "YouTube" stuff. That biker was a douche. " you're going on you tube tonight!?" What an asshole.

  • tete Bbb
    tete Bbb Month ago

    Awd drive does not mean go around the corner at 1000

  • Stephen P
    Stephen P Month ago

    @5:18 That lady in the red car who stole the spot probably would have has some rubber added to her paint job. I drive a hot little truck with street legal slicks that like to sling chunks when spun. Safe or not my point would have been made.

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