Jelly + Glitter Stamping elegant nail art

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  • LOOK I CAN FINALLY STAMP AND THIS TIME I HAVE A MAT TO MAKE A MESS ON! This nail art design is perfect for fancy Christmas parties! I don't go to any though.

    ♥ XL Sticky Stamper
    ♥ Scraper for Nail Stamp Plates
    ♥ Stamping plates: 5-01, 5-02 (elegant pattern used in nail design), 5-03
    ♥ VIP List - Glitter Dust (silver holo)
    ♥ Invite Only - Glitter Dust (black holo)
    ♥ My Secret Garden - Glitter Dust (iridescent green)
    ♥ Girl on Fire - Glitter Dust (iridescent orange)
    ♥ Magic Dust - Royal Affair
    ♥ Uber Mat:

    Other products used:
    ♥ Gel-effect glossy top coat:
    ♥ Peel-off base coat:
    ♥ OPI 'Push and Shove':
    ♥ Sally Hansen Triple Shine 'Sea-through' (green):
    ♥ Sally Hansen Triple Shine 'Jell-ous' (red):
    ♥ Stamping polish:

    ***don't forget to use my code SIMPLY for 10% all orders from ***

    *Code expires on Dec 12, 2016.

    Featured Russian: Sveta Sanders
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    ♡ My fav nail art products (brushes, nail vinyls, loose glitter):
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    ♡How NOT to Stamp♡
    Laugh at my failures:

    ♡How NOT to Watermarble♡
    Learn absolutely nothing here:

    Don't ever do this to your nails:

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    Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC OS HSM lens for Nikon:

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    VoiceOver mic - Blue Snowball USB mic:
    On-camera shotgun mic - Sennheiser MKE 400:

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    Music: YouTube Audio Editor || Kevin MacLeod - Killing Time
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    Disclaimer cause I love you guys: This video was sponsored by UberChic Beauty, but all opinions and statements made are my own! After all... who would endorse glitter crack lines?
    All artwork/design is my own. Some links above are affiliate links.
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  • Διονυσια Ρεπ.


  • Victoria
    Victoria 8 days ago

    In the thumbnail i thought they were mustaches XD

  • Bella Holzknecht
    Bella Holzknecht 8 days ago

    Around 2:40 i was thinking "I'm no a holosexual" but then when she painted that glossy taco on those flowers I completely lost it *♥o♥*

  • gemcalma19
    gemcalma19 9 days ago


  • gemcalma19
    gemcalma19 9 days ago

    Can i have all of that

  • Ekko Dragon
    Ekko Dragon 10 days ago

    Wait did she put the first nail polish she used in the description?

  • Charlotte Jacques
    Charlotte Jacques 11 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who is annoyed that she didn't paint in the nail from the mat?

  • Abbigalye
    Abbigalye 12 days ago

    Holy shit it's actual nail art😱😂. I love you 💗

  • Kai Fish
    Kai Fish 12 days ago

    Those magic Russian scissors are called nail scissors...they're for cutting ur nails and u can get them basically anywhere including amazon and eBay.

  • JadeCrystal
    JadeCrystal 15 days ago

    Am I the only person that thought of AmazingPhil with the song at 6:15?

  • Graceanne Groom
    Graceanne Groom 15 days ago

    I tried to go on full screen.
    I was on full screen

  • cat meow
    cat meow 16 days ago

    Is it just me or does the music at 2:53 sound like the music from dhmis the creativity song? Idk. I'm weird.

  • mittens meow
    mittens meow 18 days ago


  • Alexia Willemen
    Alexia Willemen 18 days ago

    Prettyyyyy, I want them on my nails... never gonna happenend

  • Eryn Tan
    Eryn Tan 20 days ago

    I pronounce decal the same way you do!!

  • jeanne kayaert
    jeanne kayaert 21 day ago

    Hey Cristine from 2015 it's a glossy taco btw:)

  • Tess Terry
    Tess Terry 22 days ago

    "When life gives you a holo mess all over make holo coke lines"
    - Christine 2017

  • Daisyyy .354
    Daisyyy .354 24 days ago

    The Russian scissors are at boots if you can't find them

  • Jayden Alexander
    Jayden Alexander 24 days ago

    Omg you are awesome! so informative and entertaining lol i couldn't stop laughing and your nails came out extremely nice. cant wait to try for myself.

  • ローリンガール

    Bro I love that anime

  • MultySuso X
    MultySuso X Month ago

    sometimes I want to buy and put this precious art on my nails, then I remember I'm poor.


  • Sarah Mosley
    Sarah Mosley Month ago +1

    Okay so I really got chills when she added the taco to the flower decal.

  • basura 101
    basura 101 Month ago

    you should do what we do in mexico, we put real scorpions on our nails lol

  • Bianca Stewart
    Bianca Stewart Month ago

    I can't wait to try my nail mat new stamper and decals vinyls etc 😁

  • Lilly Johnson
    Lilly Johnson Month ago

    do 100 layers of nail art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rhianon Garrett
    Rhianon Garrett Month ago

    I have forgotten how to say decal? properly lmao :')

  • 1981amillia
    1981amillia Month ago

    Wouldn't life be awesome if there was a holo cocaine that was FDA approved and when you sniffed it up your nose, you see a holo world where everyone and everything was holo?? It would be holotastic!! lol

  • ODD People
    ODD People Month ago

    omg Cristine is such a fetus in this video. she hasn't even started saying holo taco

  • it is going to be ok

    omg wen added the glossy top cote over the flavours and holo.... just hoooollooooo!!!!😍

  • Christina Musgrave
    Christina Musgrave Month ago

    +1 (978) 404-0196

  • Mangle's Mechanic
    Mangle's Mechanic Month ago

    I think she should do a holo bath challenge

  • Furious Butterfly
    Furious Butterfly Month ago

    U should do this with holo

  • that Slytherin girl

    I thought I was the only one that doesn't do my other uand

  • Awesome Ava
    Awesome Ava Month ago

    Hmmm I think it's sponsored

  • Muzammil Saeed
    Muzammil Saeed Month ago +1

    now she knows much better with glitter burnishing!!

  • GlamGirl47 Younique Presenter

    How did you learn how to do your nails so well?

  • WolfGamer
    WolfGamer Month ago

    Awwww baby Cristine. Before polish mountain!

  • 88Supercutelama88
    88Supercutelama88 Month ago +1

    did y'all know that snorting chocolate is a new trend

  • Luna Rose
    Luna Rose Month ago

    Those scissors are in any basic literal dollar store manicure kit

  • Still Searching For A Good Name

    2:44 sooooo satisfying I JUST CAN'T OK 😍😍😍😍😍💿📀💿📀💿📀💿📀💿

  • ļįṿṿɏ
    ļįṿṿɏ Month ago

    close your eyes and make a wish.
    go to 2:44

  • Emma Plisetsky
    Emma Plisetsky Month ago

    Me: I need to be classy at this party.

  • Tipsy Unicorn
    Tipsy Unicorn Month ago

    Can you plez leave a link to the sheer jelly polish

  • b ob
    b ob Month ago

    Omg she likes anime to... IM NOT ALONE!!

  • Cassandra Butler
    Cassandra Butler Month ago

    "Magical Russian Scissors"
    thread scissors.
    they're literally just curved thread scissors

  • Bruce Bruce
    Bruce Bruce Month ago

    lol I thought the title Sayed Eggplant

  • Daniel George
    Daniel George Month ago

    anyone notice her longest finger the nail has like a bump on it x

  • Maggie-Claire
    Maggie-Claire Month ago

    The captions tho.

  • Derpy Mozzy
    Derpy Mozzy Month ago

    4 million! soon.... I was with you since 100k xxx

  • xPinkBlushx
    xPinkBlushx Month ago

    Glitter coke lines hahahahaha

  • Maura Lundh
    Maura Lundh 2 months ago

    What's the name of that blue ish polish in the introduction? The first polish you see I need!!

  • Alyson Boyle
    Alyson Boyle 2 months ago

    I have 2nd degree burns on my sunburn and it's healing! I made an all natural rub with water/ice and aloe plant. Idk why you need to know this but yah.

  • Melody Shapman
    Melody Shapman 2 months ago

    Why use product 1 time then peel it off .....that's basically wasting product

  • kaitlyn alam
    kaitlyn alam 2 months ago

    When I was 6 I got a nail stamper and I was so clueless at that age.i never want to be 6 ever again because then I would of never discovered my holo sexualness!!!!! Holo is the best thing that has ever happened to me

  • Alaina Miller
    Alaina Miller 2 months ago

    can you do your nails at 3 a.m. in the morning

  • Adrianna Bogusz
    Adrianna Bogusz 2 months ago

    I read not elegant ,but pregnant...
    What im doing with my life...

  • Littlemissluna
    Littlemissluna 2 months ago

    you didn't do whats on my other hand

  • DerpyDragon346
    DerpyDragon346 2 months ago

    holo bye holo bye holo bi holosexual bisexual

  • rosebvrst
    rosebvrst 2 months ago +1

    If I'm correct those "magical Russian scissors" are just angled surgical scissors

  • Sarah Teel
    Sarah Teel 2 months ago

    What is the first nail polish showed in the first frame of the intro?

  • Leah Helfer
    Leah Helfer 2 months ago

    Do Wonder Woman nails

  • Sealz DoesCrafts
    Sealz DoesCrafts 2 months ago

    I actually have those "magical Russian scissors"

  • flikkeringLightz
    flikkeringLightz 2 months ago

    i just watched the glitter burning tutorial and went like "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" when she did the glitter part :p

  • Social Trashcan
    Social Trashcan 2 months ago

    glossy taco

  • Eleonora Gallocchio
    Eleonora Gallocchio 2 months ago +1

    The nail art is very good, but your nails are very yellow!!! That's horrible!

    • Cylipelt I.
      Cylipelt I. 2 months ago

      Eleonora Gallocchio Its actually not a bad thing! It's just staining from excessive painting in her case ^^ You can hear more of why yellow nails don't matter in her video, "Why Yellow Nails Don't Matter."
      Its usually in the description of most her videos, so you can probably find it there!

  • CakeCat 2015
    CakeCat 2015 2 months ago

    When she put the topcoat over the first holo flower decal and it turned all HOLO I was like: YAAAASSSSSSS ❤️❤️😱😱

  • Playing with Girlyoshi321!

    Jeez this shit is pretty

  • Ageha Watanabe
    Ageha Watanabe 3 months ago

    You sure do love your Holo don't you Cristine? 😂😂😂😂

  • Jake Pauler
    Jake Pauler 3 months ago +1

    Who else screamed " TACO" when she said top coat?😂...just me.

  • Betti Bruckner
    Betti Bruckner 3 months ago

    u are soo funny😂😂😂

  • WhoCares IDo
    WhoCares IDo 3 months ago

    Cristine: "Hey, guys it's me Christine (she never said no H)"


    Cristine: "*Without southern accent:* Thanks so much for watching bye."

    Me: *Triggered*

  • Angelina Zhao
    Angelina Zhao 3 months ago

    4:11 wait... so is ben's parents stuck ups???

  • Alessandra Leigh
    Alessandra Leigh 3 months ago

    I have those magical russian scissors.

  • Lahni Crowhurst
    Lahni Crowhurst 3 months ago

    You should giveaway some of the plates *hint hint*

  • Super Potato
    Super Potato 3 months ago


  • Olivia Peralta
    Olivia Peralta 3 months ago +2


  • Gauri Punja
    Gauri Punja 3 months ago

    2:40 the law of conservation of holo

  • Gauri Punja
    Gauri Punja 3 months ago

    2:40 the law of conservation of holo

  • Princess_ Raichu
    Princess_ Raichu 3 months ago

    Who is watching in 2017

  • Kionna Olsen
    Kionna Olsen 3 months ago

    woops wrong thing bt yes it is super satisfying

  • Kionna Olsen
    Kionna Olsen 3 months ago

    you should do a video of Harley Quinn nails but the heart with the left side red and right blue

  • EpicDiamonds
    EpicDiamonds 3 months ago

    HOLO day is the best day

  • blue diamond
    blue diamond 3 months ago

    at first I thought she said elephant nail art

  • Madison Northup
    Madison Northup 3 months ago

    Am I the only American that says decal like Cristine does? Yes? Ok then...

  • Aliyah
    Aliyah 3 months ago

    Bu deşifre əgər ... Siz, sizin vaxt sərf Congrats belə! (Bu comment kimi, bu tərcümə üçün vaxt)

  • Emily Chesser
    Emily Chesser 3 months ago

    Sailor Moon

  • Leslie Truan
    Leslie Truan 3 months ago

    I'm pretty sure the "Russian scissors" are just eyebrow trimmers from Sally's.

  • sharona synekhandal
    sharona synekhandal 3 months ago

    lol you know I never realized she pronounce decal funny until it was pointed out lol

  • Laurentzia vlogs and such

    I dare ya to play this video with captions

    ABTOCMEPTb V 3 months ago

    those russian scissoes are aold at any drugsyore even in canada they r just slightly angled

  • Claudette Marshall
    Claudette Marshall 3 months ago

    I just recently saw another nail tech video. The tech is from Canada, and guess how she says decal. Just like you CRISTINE, Yeah you, without an "H." I think it's a subliminal technique that the Canadians are using to take over the world! Be scared children, be very scared. You too could end up being POLITE❣💅🏼
    Tell Ben this 61 year old granny thinks he is HOLO HOT! And blessings to all of you. See you later😽

  • enc 28469
    enc 28469 3 months ago

    yay sailormoon was in the video

  • Angel Star
    Angel Star 3 months ago

    You're making me love holo more and more

  • kk80428
    kk80428 3 months ago

    u will get my likes IF u show ur face. without it ur vids are boring

  • savanna w
    savanna w 3 months ago

    those "magic" russian scissors are also in america.

  • Layla Hellsing
    Layla Hellsing 3 months ago

    I vote coloring in a sailor moon coloring book with nail polish

  • LPS CaramelPup
    LPS CaramelPup 3 months ago

    Anyone watching in 2003?

  • Katherine Wilkerson
    Katherine Wilkerson 3 months ago

    if only i had the stuff to do this but i never can find it but any way you do a great jod with this viedos

  • Lion Oak
    Lion Oak 3 months ago

    I watch a NONHOLO nail polish add labeled holographic nails I'm dead

  • Carina Chan
    Carina Chan 3 months ago

    I dont even do this, but i just love watching this. Btw this mani is so pretty

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