Was The "Peoples’ Summit" Really Progressive?

  • Added:  2 months ago
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  • Runtime: 11:52
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Comments: 715

  • latebluebird
    latebluebird Month ago

    jimmy and jordan are jerking each other off. there is nothing to learn here besides watching jimmy and jordan make each other very very happy.

  • Kelly Siders
    Kelly Siders Month ago

    Fuck this prick. Jordan is a arrogant corporate shill! #occupyDNC

  • Gooberwalla
    Gooberwalla Month ago

    Jimmy Dore was for Ro Khanna's position, eh? How about when Ro mentioned that President Assad is a "killer" and other propaganda? Listen Jimmy: Ro is an Obama in the making and I suspect that he is just as much a neoliberal, perhaps a neocon too. Liberals and 'progressives' deserve what they reap. Capiche?

  • Roshan Black
    Roshan Black Month ago

    Seems Stein and Kshama Sawant were excluded though they wanted to go. Sorry, Jimmy, but this is highly problematic. Obviously it was progressive as in "progressive gatekeeper", which I suppose has its place, but are you really down with it?

  • Truth Finder
    Truth Finder Month ago

    Was there an MMT booth? Because the most important thing we need right now is a new economic policy and MMT provides that difference.

  • Truth Finder
    Truth Finder Month ago

    Let's take back the lexicon from the "neoliberals", who are really fascists! We have a fascist infestation in this country, who think they can roam our congressional halls, take up permanent residence in lobbying firms and think tanks, monopolize our media and further infest state and local control. Let's just full on call all neoliberal democrats and republicans fascists to their face.

    The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists. ~ Winston Churchill

  • Johnnyc drums
    Johnnyc drums Month ago

    Tulsi Gabbard wasn't on the radar as not being rabid anti-Assad last year. She is anathema to the establishment now. Her and Rand Paul stand almost alone on Syria and Russia in both Houses of Congress.

  • klkdc
    klkdc Month ago

    Jordan still trying to recover from stigma of tyt sellouts - i hope he can break away

  • klkdc
    klkdc Month ago

    dems will turn good content at peoples summitt into plutocrat government

  • klkdc
    klkdc Month ago

    its good (summitt) As long as it doesnt fool people into thinking they can get dems to take on the banks or wall street or prison industrial or drug war or end war or end fracking- it's no risk for corp dems to take good policy positions now and then represent corps

  • Chris Shawn
    Chris Shawn Month ago +1

    Just not a fan of Jordan anymore, don't trust the guy.

  • Crunch
    Crunch Month ago

    Kill millions of people for money with votes in congress = "politician"

    Wound one said politician and the people protecting said politician = "maniac"

    Seems like a clear case of self defense to me. The cops shot the wrong guy.

  • Ray Ciaf
    Ray Ciaf Month ago

    "I didn't have time to look into the funding, but they were ripping the Dems, so it must be cool" doesn't sound very convincing. It's just like "as long as they are against Trump, I don't care what their motives are." Dem Exit-Dem Enter-Dem Exit-Dem Enter is ridiculous at this point.

  • ringworm
    ringworm Month ago

    i think jordan upgraded his internet package. thank christ.

  • Trap Jaw
    Trap Jaw Month ago

    TYT's Konst is an ex-DNC shill and yet she spoke on the panel. Get the garbage out of your network or risk losing what little credibility might be left.

  • Seattle Liberal
    Seattle Liberal Month ago

    You were with the draft Bernie movement? Bernie is the pied piper
    leading people back to the DNC. At that point YOU ARE WITH THE DNC.
    Extra points for constantly dropping Jill Stein's name with Bernie's to
    make him look like an honest progressive and not a DNC tool. Wow Jimmy.
    How can I NOT believe you're getting paid to shill?

  • downtourth
    downtourth Month ago

    Progressive isn't even progressive anymore. It's part of the new think ideology. Comes with a new language too woo woo hubba hubba

  • Jeremy Ellwood
    Jeremy Ellwood Month ago

    Stein and Gabbard both said that they were invited but they had scheduling conflicts.

  • Wayne Chapman
    Wayne Chapman Month ago

    I recently found this petition regarding an effort to get Jimmy Dore on "Real Time with Bill Maher." If you're as fed up with Maher feeding bullshit to his viewers while discussing the current state of politics, having someone like Jimmy challenge him on his own turf would be the most awesome example of punching up that I can imagine. Let's see if we can make it happen! www.change.org/p/bill-maher-get-jimmy-dore-on-real-time

  • Bob Gardner
    Bob Gardner Month ago

    "Democratic Party" is a mere label. Very few voting Dems, nor voting GOP party members are pure democrats nor pure conservatives from an ideological standpoint. These are simply convenient labels just as "neoliberal" is, and are used to conveniently label individuals because one lacks actual point by point good arguments.

  • Integrity Now
    Integrity Now Month ago

    Yes, they kept y'all taking about minutiae and continuing the two party tyranny. Cabal loves it!

  • Kelli Danielle
    Kelli Danielle Month ago

    The issue wasn't the people who attended. The issue was dark money. There is no way you can refute that. Dark money is what got us here in the first place. CIA plot? It's public info. Glad to see good ppl get together, however, they uninvited Black lives Matter, several disabled individuals were turned away. Wasn't this supposed to be inclusive? This a legit argument. What Jordan did to smear other journalists was totally fucked up. Never seen a journalist do that before. If you are for policy, it's probably a good idea to fact check where that d-money is coming from. There is no spin to that. Jimmy- do better

  • otownrvr
    otownrvr Month ago

    is jimmy dore a level headed and rational person?

  • Blackatchaproduction

    im pretty sure the piece of shit that got shot during the baseball game. DESERVED IT! why wish a racist/"white" supremacists a speedy recovery? "white" people stay on code no matter what.

  • Joseph Martin
    Joseph Martin Month ago

    if youd just use corporate media tactics, then you wouldn't even address the criticism and you'd just go on and on about how successful and wonderful the conference was. sometimes the far left is just too nice, giving voice too even the craziest opposition just to be fair

    VEGITAS4 Month ago

    isn't taking up arms against the government part of the reason behind the 2nd amendment? Its not crazy if it's part of our constitution. if you say its crazy, then you're saying the constitution of the United States is crazy and should be dismissed the same way. we now have a government that is actively seeking to endanger the lives of most Americans and their children all to make themselves and their corporate bosses more wealthy than they already are. Laws in some states are being proposed to opress and in some cases, kill peaceful protesters. what is a person to do when their own government is trying to take away their health insurance, resulting in their death or the death of their family? was that man crazy, or just desperate? Or was he taking advantage of his constitutional right. the government we have today is tyrannical. protesting only gets you but so far, until they decide to outlaw it and kill you. something has to give.

  • fudo003
    fudo003 Month ago

    This are not enemys of progres this are enemys of Free people. They are working on inslavement of all humanity

  • Saltyforeal
    Saltyforeal Month ago

    I liked the positive energy, progressives needed it, we're being blamed left and right. But it must be addressed many Greens weren't invited. It needs to be more than what looks like only democrat progressive.

  • frank erck
    frank erck Month ago

    Why no Tulsi Gabbard?

    Bernie/Nina haven't told the truth about the Dem Party. Anyone talk about the neo-lib takeover in Cali?

  • Kellypurr
    Kellypurr 2 months ago

    I'll go when Gabbard or Stein attend.  Sorry.  Not much respect for Jordan anymore.  He's a good reporter but he is turning into a big attack dog who badmouths progressives a la Kyle, with no apologies..can't bear to see it.  Nasty attacks from both Kyle and Jordan.  Lost my respect.

  • Angela Baiers
    Angela Baiers 2 months ago +1

    The fact that three judges in Debbie Wasserman Schultz district have been killed, Jared & Elizabeth Beck and others involved in DNC Voter Fraud lawsuit/Bernie's stolen nomination/funneling of Bernie's donations into Clinton's Foundation being intimated and physically threatened with violence on top of the all the other incidents-Seth Rich & Shawn Lucas murders, Congressional shooting should make more voters wake up to the reality that the DNC and Democrats/Liberals supporting it are truly not working in Americans best interests.

  • Blah deBlah
    Blah deBlah 2 months ago

    I hate Jordan Chariton...I can't sit through this video and watch it all.
    He makes me so mad...Jordan and Cenk and Ana are awful people.
    I will *NEVER* vote for another Democrat!
    (...or a Republican, for all the partisan freaks out there...)

  • Angela Baiers
    Angela Baiers 2 months ago +1

    The guns have no will. People do. Relentless fake news, hate speech in art or rhetoric to incite & encourage violence, especially toward a President or political supporters does matter. I don't agree that it doesn't at all. It is sad you are pushing gun control when it would not have mattered. People get access to weapons legally or illegally. Even with previous felonies or restrictions. People need to be held accountable that push false narratives & incite violence. Period. Beating the daily war drum has consequences. C'mon Jimmy & Jordan!

  • Dave Z
    Dave Z 2 months ago

    Why the left is losing:

    -You hate guns and then...
    -When you need help you call someone with a gun and then...
    -You criticize those same people you call for help and then...
    -You want higher taxes and to give those people (gov't) more power.

    You guys are pretty confused. So was I when I was a teenager and in my early to mid twenties. That is why 'progressives' go after the youth. Same reason why the military goes after the youth.

    As long as you deny these realities, you will continue to lose.

  • archy2frank2
    archy2frank2 2 months ago

    Was Bernie tell the truth about RUSSIA?!

  • Peter Petrov
    Peter Petrov 2 months ago

    Hopefully the progressives realize they've got Michael Jordan on their team. (That would be Jimmy Dore!)

  • Matthew W
    Matthew W 2 months ago

    It must be sad to be a progressive and always lose.

  • Shin Gozira
    Shin Gozira 2 months ago

    A true progressive want's Trump in Power! Liberal Revolution with the GOP in power! Aggressive Progressive! Back the Gop Policies!

  • AR Frances
    AR Frances 2 months ago

    Worried about Bernie pushing for sanctions against Russia and other statements anti-Russia...

  • MrWebster
    MrWebster 2 months ago

    Ro Khanna is a silicon valley corporate stooge. There will be at times when corporate democrats may intersect with progressive policies. And as a practical matter, should be worked with. But at the end of the day, they will obey their corporate masters.

  • idmhead0
    idmhead0 2 months ago

    How could Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard not get invited???????

  • Mung Mung
    Mung Mung 2 months ago

    "Democrats need to become progressive as progressive as possible. Tell white people to shut up, because they will never know what its like to be poor. If you are not a minority, then you will never know the struggles of the poor."
    ~Bernie Sanders

  • apostate001
    apostate001 2 months ago

    Progressives need to read Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the US" to see how Progressive movements get absorbed and controlled. Socialism now!

  • Jesus Elizondo
    Jesus Elizondo 2 months ago

    Jeff Bazos is not a libertarian.

  • Jesus Elizondo
    Jesus Elizondo 2 months ago

    you guys still think guns are the problem. we should not let mentally ill people have guns, yes, but guns aren't the problem. basically you guys want to centralize guns only to the people in power and their cronies, cops. what is the point of keeping guns away from the public if our own government runs them to drug cartels and gangs?

  • Bronwyn Beistle
    Bronwyn Beistle 2 months ago

    "Energize the troops," Jordan? Would that be us? Whose troops are we, exactly? I guess we are troops belonging to some of the people at People's Summit. Are we the troops of...the directors of NGOs? the political candidates? famous activists? people who appear on TV? people who have shows? When you go to the People's Summit, how do you tell who are "the troops" and who are the leaders whose job it is to energize them?

  • Lanny Cotler
    Lanny Cotler 2 months ago

    Tulsi was NOT invited. Why not ask her?

  • Holley Ohar
    Holley Ohar 2 months ago

    they all tell the truth yet in the same breath support the very party they speak against. Nina Turner supports CNN she called it "my CNN" in an interview with Jordan so we all know MSM is a huge part of the problem so when someone popular like nina turner or Bernie Sanders goes on their show or defend them. it it turn gets people to watch and adds credibility to MSM which doesnt deserve it.

  • Bronwyn Beistle
    Bronwyn Beistle 2 months ago

    Oh, wow. One of the first things that gets stated in this video: "some people are never satisfied with anything." A character attack on the critics, one very close to the "purity pony" meme. Second, the "nothing is perfect" talking point. Any minute now somebody's gonna say you can't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

    Not having been there, I have no idea whether it was progressive or not, but using these memes, which are regularly used to attack both reformers and revolutionaries and basically everybody who says "The status quo is some intolerable shit," doesn't tend to make me trust the viewpoint of the one saying them.

    Could have simply addressed a few of the criticisms and disproved them on their merits, or simply disagreed with them, but no. A character attack and a broad general statement that implies that the critics are demanding perfection. Which is, I guess, also a character attack.

  • Agent Oblivion
    Agent Oblivion 2 months ago

    There are at least 15 things on my desk alone that I could use to kill someone. Shall we ban pens, pencils, combs, ashtrays, wallets, make up mirrors, coffee cups, mason jars full of water, tweezers, cool rocks, nail polish, towels?

    None of those items have telekinesis to pick themselves up and do the job themselves- and neither does a gun. I have to do it myself.

  • Kate Hudson
    Kate Hudson 2 months ago

    Here is my general take on donations from millionaires and billionaires that want to support a progressive agenda (probably rare idk). No pac money, and no we won't do your bidding, no favors and no exchanges later on. However, we will take their donations with a cap of 2500 bucks. Have at it if you want to help but don't expect anything in return as far as policy goes

  • Kate Hudson
    Kate Hudson 2 months ago

    Here is basically a summary a butt hurt people complaining. I do think it's sinister that some Soros backed organizations (moveon.org) were sponsors. I don't really know much about him at all...however...I do know that there is an increasing number of millionaires joining progressive groups to help American workers because they see the hurt that libertarian tax causes.

    Tax cuts proposed by the current rep ruled gov cause so much harm to the lower and middle class. Some millionaires realize...oh fuck. If we don't help the population they won't work as hard and will be unhappy...and could revolt.

    It's the irony of the republican legislation. People can only be fooled for so long until they revolt and kill the profits of billionaires and millionaires. So maybe some do actually have our best interests at heart.....best to investigate it first though. We don't want to be labeled as Soros puppets...which is exactly what happened to libertarianism and the Koch bros.

  • Marc Jones
    Marc Jones 2 months ago

    We just passed a law here in WA that disallows someone from owning a gun not just if they've committed violence, but if someone (anyone) says they think someone might potentially do something to someone. In other words, people can block another person from ever being able to buy or own a gun out of retaliation or spite, or any other reason (and in a sociopathic, false-victimhood, authoritarian society there are many cases like that). For example, I was living in a house five years ago with someone that turned out to be psychopathic...and I had to get out. So I gave my 30 days notice (as per our law), and a few days later the cops came into the house, told me I had 5 minutes to pack a few things, to leave and never come back. No notice needed. Just a woman making up that she was in fear of me as soon as I said I was moving, then out on the streets with no notice or warning. Authoritarianism. Take away someone's legal rights first and ask questions later. That's what this law is. You can't possess a gun if someone accuses you of something, you can't own a gun if someone says they fear you seem "irrational" or "unreasonable." Well guess what? People are spiteful and retaliatory. Especially in America, where sociopaths and fake victims are everywhere and now forcing laws down our throats that infringe upon our rights as American citizens. DON'T TREAD ON ME AUTHORITARIAN LEFT.

  • Jesse Simmons
    Jesse Simmons 2 months ago

    The problem is not the guns. The problem is the people behind the trigger fault the man could of used a knife or hammer to attack the congressman. STFU about guns are the problem no. Lost respect for Jordan for his stupidity for not seeing the big picture.

  • maxpower1232
    maxpower1232 2 months ago +1

    Hey Jimmy! Luv U... But I can't stand to watch Jordan anymore. I don't know if there is any reason for having Jordan on your show every other day now... but I suspect Jordan is trying to regain some of is recently lost credibility through your show. Thing is... it's having another effect... It's tainting your show. I am sorry but I don't care how important the story is... I find it unpleasant to listen to Jordan and I am certain I'm not the only one. It's just like when I used to watch TYT main show and they would bring Ben on... I had to shut it off. PLEASE MORE JIMMY & LESS JORDAN.

  • Elizabeth Vos
    Elizabeth Vos 2 months ago

    I disagree about the People's Summit, but think your show is awesome.

  • Derek
    Derek 2 months ago

    I watched a terrible PragerU advertisement all the way through for you, Jimmy.

  • Athos Zubiaur
    Athos Zubiaur 2 months ago

    This makes no sense. The People's Summit is excluding....people. That right there is very revealing.

  • T Sechlainn
    T Sechlainn 2 months ago

    Really, So they need to take the ability of the people of this country to own a firearm. When that is the last and only defense we have against a corrupt government that tortures us, uses us for human experimentation, watches every single thing we do, runs programs for the systematic raping of women. A government that is murdering us one by one, imprisoning us and doing all types of illegal things imaginable.
    And what we struggle for is that they take a firearm from us, our only and last method of defense?
    I can tell they haven't done it to you and the people who speak like this. Because if they had you would be thinking differently.

  • Mars To Sirius
    Mars To Sirius 2 months ago

    Dear Jimmy please cover the UNAC conference, it is an annual event so would be awesome if you cover the next one in 2018. Real discussions, workshops on solutions, very proactive.

  • John Wally
    John Wally 2 months ago

    "Matthew Hutcherson" is a channel name that is re-posting your videos. Not sure if that is allowed or if you know about it.

  • John Kesich
    John Kesich 2 months ago

    "...to the left of the Democratic Party's mainstream..."
    Wow, left of center right, how much more progressive can you get?"

    Stopped watching half way through. Sadly, looks like Dore is just another Judas goat selling Sanders' lie that the Democratic Party can be reformed. And he's not even getting the big bucks like Rachel Maddow...

  • bennino2204
    bennino2204 2 months ago

    Jill Stein was told not to come. Tulsi Gabbard was not invited. The Funding of THE PEOPLES'S SUMMIT was really questionable. I Smell The DNC behind This. They will sheep dog everyone back into The DNC with the assistance of TYT who they are now FULLY aligned with.

  • Maxfield Stanton
    Maxfield Stanton 2 months ago

    This summit was a masturbatory feel-good nonsense festival built by controlled opposition. Bernie's speech was littered with propaganda and more lies about Russia. It catered to romanticism and emotions instead of a rational diagnosis of our problems. If anyone feels inspired by this, congratulations, you are part of the anchor holding back progress, and you'll likely become very useful to the powers that be.

  • Lora Chamberlain
    Lora Chamberlain 2 months ago +2

    But not 1 plenary about election fraud - that is my biggest bitch - they will not pay attention to election fraud - and I was there

  • mads max
    mads max 2 months ago

    we have a stage one communication system as a civilization. We can make it to a full stage one civilization now cause we have mechanization tech, which in effect cripples capitalism. so our vision of the future can no longer be based on past or current social systems. it seems if we do not step really far back, and correct the issues at their cores, using the known available tech and resources of the planet, the scientific method, sustainability and efficiency as the core of the entire social system, then nothing will really change. We keep going after people and policy with no real long term positive outcomes for the people or the planet that inhabit it. We have to show the different known approaches at these summits. Maybe then we could create a functioning social system for everyone. I dunno man, i know its complicated but it really doesnt seem that complicated. It kinda feels necessary at this point in time, maybe this chaos of trump is the organic path to this inevitable conclusion. i hope pence and trump dont fuck us, i know pence will take over at some point. would have been hilarious if trump picked jesse ventura as his vp, but too bad for us trump turned out to be a douche. This just seems fucked. The people really need to discuss a new approach at these summits as the entire thesis. IT is up to us, then maybe the fed and all that can be shut down for real. There is a path to this but it requires a mass following actually doing the proposed ideas. HOw and when is this going to happen is the only ?. Has too at some point. or maybe we will just have a have and have not future that eventually becomes like a mad max movie, at which point i will name my tumors ivanka, trump, and pence. We are all one, there is a unified theory that can prove this with geometry. The vector equilibrium, look into it while you have a free internet. if the corporations can censor the net, we will have full fascism. The net is literally the only reason the people are not in check mate. We have to start knowing and stop believing to move on, we can fail this test, as a civilization.

  • Ted*Thor*Swayze
    Ted*Thor*Swayze 2 months ago

    "#FuJustUsDems; Jimmy Dore is a #BernieNinaTulsiCultist! #TrueDemExit = #BernieNinaTulsiWarrenExit! #CenkSoldOut! #TYTSoldOut! No True Progressive would vote for the warmonger Hillary *Tulsi, Nina, Warren, & #SellOutSanders Voted For Hillary!’ -tk Nothing wrong with networking & meeting progressives but the summit was BS!

    • Ted*Thor*Swayze
      Ted*Thor*Swayze 2 months ago

      I’m done with Jimmy Dore; He supports The #FuJustUsDems Supports #SellOutsTYT, He Supports Tulsi Gabbard the new DNC shiny object sheepdog, Dore supports #FuDraftBernieBS! I’m Done with him!

  • Johan W
    Johan W 2 months ago +1

    If you Bernicrats don't vote for all the Dems in 2018, you will not have to worry about the People Summit in 2018 because you will have to worry about my size 12 Jumpman's up your ass. Motivation!!!! :{

  • mads max
    mads max 2 months ago

    it seems if we do not step really far back, and correct the issues at their cores, then nothing will really change. We keep going after people and policy with no real long term positive outcomes for the people. We have to show the different known approaches at these summits. Maybe then we could create a functioning social system for everyone. I dunno man, i know its complicated but it really doesnt seem that complicated. It kinda feels necessary at this point in time, maybe this chaos of trump is the organic path to this inevitable conclusion. i hope pence and trump dont fuck us, i know pence will take over at some point. would have been hilarious if trump picked jesse ventura as his vp, but too bad for us trump turned out to be a douche. This just seems fucked. The people really need to discuss a new approach at these summits as the entire thesis. IT is up to us, then maybe the fed and all that can be shut down for real. There is a path to this but it requires a mass following actually doing the proposed ideas. HOw and when is this going to happen is the only ?. Has too at some point. or maybe we will just have a have and have not future that eventually becomes like a mad max movie, at which point i will name my tumors ivanka, trump, and pence. We are all one, there is a unified theory that can prove this with geometry. The vector equilibrium, look into it while you have a free internet. if the corporations can censor the net, you will have your fascism. The net is literally the only reason the people are not in check mate. We have to start knowing and stop believing to move on, we can fail this test, as a civilization.

  • mads max
    mads max 2 months ago

    has anyone heard of the Thrive movement or zeitgeist movement? Some really progressive stuff both with differnt kinds of solutions to all our social issues. i heard non of those kind of ideas at the people summit. Think tanks are not on the forefronts, our people summit approach is a bandaid on the problems. No long term sustainability or efficiency in the approach.

  • occupynewparadigm
    occupynewparadigm 2 months ago

    More like a progressive circle jerk. Controlled opposition that is all. Wake the fuck up all roads lead back the the democratic party and it's corrupt leadership and rank and file members. Fuck the democrats fuck anyone who tries to sheep herd us to the democrats. We aren't going. Fucking middle of the road don't want real change jerkoffs.

  • perfectoflu0ro
    perfectoflu0ro 2 months ago +1

    I'm thinking no one here even knows what they're talking about because the Green Party had their own booth there. Furthermore Tulsi was scheduled to speak up until the week of, who knows what happened. If people from all corners of America are traveling to see Bernie, Tulsi, Nina, TYT, Amy Goodman, Glenn Greenwald, Thomas Frank, Roseanne Demoro, Danny Glover, Jimmy Dore, Susan Sarandon, and COUNTLESS others, COVERED IN RED, roses abound, Socialists, Democratic Socialists, ALL independent media, People for Bernie, Progressive candidates for 2018, Veterans, Medicare for All, Tax the Wealthy, End the Wars, Truth in Media, Real News, Money out of politics, end super PACS, and hardly anyone wearing a suit..I call that a Progressive Summit. JACOBIN MAGAZINE HAD A BOOTH SELLING THE ABC's OF SOCIALISM BOOKS. Are you people crazy? Was I the only one there? Those reading articles and pushing this "they're establishment" narrative who didnt even attend can literally buzz off. I sat in lectures outlining exactly how the government has been bought and how the banks are ruining the world. I watched Bernie Sanders stop his speech several times because DRAFT BERNIE was being chanted by 5000 people in the audience. I listened to Bernie Sanders tell me that the DEMOCRATIC PARTY HAS FAILED AND THE FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY IS PROGRESSIVE.
    You people need a reality check. Stop being so short sited and so impassioned that you can't think pragmatically and reasonably. This is ridiculous. Learn to read between the lines and think critically about things. Not everything is EVIL vs. US. Anyway I was there and I spoke to hundreds of people and I can assure everything the People's Summit was a Progressive gathering. If the Deep State funded it they did a horrible job because I left with a deepened invigorated passion to do my part to take back our corrupted government.
    Keep going Jimmy. You're doing great.

  • Cat's Cradle
    Cat's Cradle 2 months ago

    Loved watching Debbie from Sane Progressive at the Peoples Summit

  • Mrdead Inmypocket
    Mrdead Inmypocket 2 months ago

    The Democratic party is the place activism goes to die.

  • Friends of Bernie Sanders

    Jimmy, I still think the People's Summit should have invited Jill Stein and Tulsi Gabbard. If they want to be "the" progressive summit, why should they exclude big name progressives like Jill and Tulsi? But it's good you and Jordan got to meet other progressives. A lot of us wanted to attend, but we don't have the funds to afford a trip to Chicago. Power to the people (especially the poorest of us).

  • DJKantelz
    DJKantelz 2 months ago

    I think there is a reason today that progressives are not happy with anything. We have been robbed over and over by the DNC!! The DNC is a sham.

  • TemujinMSM
    TemujinMSM 2 months ago

    The problem is voices that are opposed to working within the Dem Party, such as Jill Stein and Kshama Sawant weren't allowed to speak. You don't have to agree with them but they deserved an invitation. The Green Party was rudely rebuffed when they asked to speak. I wish it wasn't so. I'm very involved but I sat this one out.

  • Marc Jones
    Marc Jones 2 months ago

    Did Jordan really just say "the guns are causing them to do this" ? lol

  • AmericanNohbuddy ™
    AmericanNohbuddy ™ 2 months ago

    Why isn't Jimmy talking about the Bernie supporter trying to kill a congressman?

  • Wayne Hiltz
    Wayne Hiltz 2 months ago +1

    Let's knock off the circular firing-squad among progressives! Let each advance progressive issues in their own way without sniping & slinging mud at each other.

  • ECSRice
    ECSRice 2 months ago

    Understand Jimmy's point regarding if people are for certain "positions" but the problem is they can claim to be but not actually act with the power they have. If Newt said he was for free college tuition I would be skeptical. You? And Ro Khanna, I fear is pretty mainstream. He has got to prove he is not. Remember Liberals think they are progressive or Leftist.

  • ECSRice
    ECSRice 2 months ago

    I and other Leftist probably think the Summit was a positive thing for sure. But do not criticize the "growing chorus who are not happy with anything", that skepticism of elites has been EARNED BY ELITES. The National Nurses United Labor group is bad ass and they actually do things on the ground. However, what we need is action not echo chamber summits, I understand getting folks together is a good start but not sufficient. Also problem of not showing up is Summit was expensive and or invite only. I do not think many working people could be at the summit

  • A Evans
    A Evans 2 months ago +2

    Whoa, Jordan Chariton kicks off with an insult to the 'progressive side'. And Jimmy Dore, you are leaning more and more the way of the Justice Democrats. YUCK. Please don't be another one of the sell-outs to slip between the cracks. You're already sounding like you're heading that way. :/

  • Christian Chiakulas
    Christian Chiakulas 2 months ago

    Jimmy, come to Socialism 2017! It'll be much better than the People's Summit, I promise!

  • Thursday Next
    Thursday Next 2 months ago

    Then why weren't Jill and Tulsi invited? Not good. The conference is a sheep-dogging event. The dem party wants the very-liberals there. Keep 'em in the party. That's the point. Period.

  • ArcWeldCam
    ArcWeldCam 2 months ago

    You need to stop waging war on your own viewers, and so does TYT. You've fallen into the same trap that lost Hillary the election, ignoring progressives you disagree with instead of understanding them and talking to them.

    "Unless you think the nurses are working for Trump"

    "People who disagree with me don't even leave their homes."

    Guys, have some bloody respect. Establishment doesn't automatically equal Trump. To willfully misinterpret the point people are trying to make and yadda yaddaing about Trump yet again? That shows how out of touch you've become.

    I'm in favor of the People's Summit and Bernie. But how about trying to respect and level with people, that's the only way to change their mind. Merely laughing at them like some mainstream media hack does not win over anyone.

  • Linda Jansen
    Linda Jansen 2 months ago

    Guess Jimmy and Jordan kind of like the veal pen. Shame.

  • mr patrick
    mr patrick 2 months ago

    8 years of trump and 'Bannons War against the Left is not an option. Progressive Democrats in California voted against the Grand Old agenda. Smart.

  • Declassified Matrix
    Declassified Matrix 2 months ago

    The promoting of Bernie Sanders has to stop.

  • D Best
    D Best 2 months ago

    holy shit, Jordan just trivialized everyone whom has a problem with him as people that never leave their couches, wow, couldn't be that Jordan insulted H.A. Goodman, Tim Black and Nico House.  It couldn't be that Jordan and Jimmy are carrying water for Cenk and the Justus Dems.  Fuck that straw man argument Jimmy, no one said you were Ro Khanna's cheerleader we said it was hypocritical of you to "play dumb to support your position" with your choice Jimmy to NOT cover the WikiLeaks emails from Ro Khanna's campaign to Podesta that showed corruption.  As you said Jimmy easy questions what did you know and when did you know it?  When did you know about those damning emails from Ro Khanna's campaign promising Podesta and the Establishment Dems 50 million dollars?  Any chance your going to answer your own easy questions Jimmy?

  • joanofarc33
    joanofarc33 2 months ago

    So wait a Libertarian isn't to be trusted b abuse they're libertarian? Wow! I KNEW there was something I didn't like about that Cenk who was a Republican! Did you lot dismiss his opinions because he was a Republican? There are libertarians who can think. Were you guys dismissive of Keith Ellison? He's not anti war, certainly not when it comes to Syria.

  • joanofarc33
    joanofarc33 2 months ago

    Of course not, they're Justice Democrats who are sitting on the DNC's Unity board. It's not about Progressivism, it's about drawing progressives back into the Democratic Party. It's a co-option. Talk to me about this "hopey- changey" coalition when the Democrats stop running interference very time a progressive is on the ticket. This whole conference was for optics, a pretense that the Democrats are changing. They're not!

  • Joshua Perry
    Joshua Perry 2 months ago

    I just came to watch the ad, I knew if I watched more than 5 minutes of the video, I'd be disappointed and unsurprised.

  • Jeff Beland
    Jeff Beland 2 months ago

    Great job as usual by Jordan and Jimmy. I'm glad they both made it to the People's Summit. The problem with the Summit wasn't that it was limited by the establishment. Thank goodness, for once it's not a corporate facade.

    The problem was the lack of depth and maturity to the awakening leftist movement. It's all moderate stuff. The proto-revolutionary forces stirring in the US have been deprived of their leadership, starved of intellectual diversity, and indeed, even had the very language of the left taken from them, and replaced with more synonyms for fascism. Without being able to talk about class warfare, monetary policy, control of enterprise, etc; then the Summit can only deliver the solutions that would resuscitate predatory capitalism, and put the necessary restraints in place to make us all tolerate the establishment again.

    I watch the whole spectrum of political opinions, and the confusion about the far left is understandable, especially when the less educated members are there simply because they trust nothing and no one. But the holdouts use the metric of Jill Stein because she represents a third party, and that conversation must be had. There must be parties outside the Democratic Party, even if deals are made for election strategy. The platforms must be debated, and the Republicans and Democrats share a narrative that everyone can see is fake, now. I believe that's the main thrust of the far left's argument about the Summit.

    I must agree with that argument, but I recognize that the summit still must be held, and that it's a very good sign. These people have to get to know each other. But in the long run, this should evolve to either include political parties, or political parties should hold their own summit in competition or cooperation with the People's Summit, depending on how the Nurse's Union decides to go. But I wasn't surprised that they didn't invite Jill Stein. Bernie Sanders treats her like she doesn't exist, as well.

  • adammontana9
    adammontana9 2 months ago

    Love you Jimmy but Chariton I could do without and I'm not sitting at home blogging all day. Was curbing our military industrial complex a top talking point at the summit? As a long-term GREEN I'll support the Draft Bernie Party or another 3rd but not drinking the Justice or Progressive Dem Kool Aid.

  • Jimmy Cotreau
    Jimmy Cotreau 2 months ago

    It's not the guns it's the regulations that aren't being enforced.

  • Human Being
    Human Being 2 months ago

    Ya no Jill Stein , LAME

  • TheKiddy3
    TheKiddy3 2 months ago

    Tulsi was of course invited and had a schedule conflict. Everything is not sinister.

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