Luxury Underground Bunker - The Aristocrat

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    Introducing the ARISTOCRAT underground bunker complex. The luxury line of floor plans are designed to to offer all of the creature comforts of modern living while providing all of the same protections that come with all of our bunkers. These underground shelters couple both practical, self-sustainable living with lavish aesthetics and the comfort of modern living. This spacious underground bunker is completely customized with limitless options just like the rest of the luxury series but the Aristocrat comes loaded with game rooms, sauna, gym, media room, bowling alley, gun range, and a swimming pool bringing the term “luxury” to new underground heights. In addition to those features it also has custom flooring and carpet, a custom kitchen with beautiful cabinets and counter tops, a refrigerator, multi vehicle garage with motor-cave, green house for sustainable food sources, large storage rooms. These units are also equipped with full plumbing / septic systems and wired for dual power allowing the bunker complex can run on or off “the grid”. (some features that require a great deal of power may not run effectively using the solar powered systems)

    This luxury bunker also has an above-ground “safe house” insulating the bunker entrance. The structure looks like an ordinary pre-fab building to the eye, but behind the standard sheet-metal walls are bullet resistant walls made of 1/2″ plate steel. Behind the standard shop door lies a heavy blast door. This door is double lined in 1/2″ plate steel and it is equipped with a 2 foot plate dead-bolt locking system. Once you are inside the safe-house, it offers one more layer of protection for the bunker entrance. The bunker’s hatch lies behind a false wall. This false wall is made from 1/4″ plate steel (like all of the other interior walls) and it’s dual purpose is undetectable to the naked eye. This wall will open to the bunker entrance once you release the hidden locking mechanism. Once you are inside the hidden “hatch-room” the door can be locked from the inside as well using 2 sliding dead-bolts.

    This massive fallout shelter includes all of the standard “UPGRADED” amenities: bullet resistant doors, NBC air filtration systems with blast valves and over pressure valves, double counter with sink, shelving for food storage, water pressure pumps, showers, water heaters, grey-water evacuation tanks, grey-water evacuation pumps, 12 volt LED lighting, solar generated charging system with batteries for back-up power, 12 volt TV/DVD combos, infrared security system, fresh water inlet, 120/240 volt inlet, staircase w/ handrail, painted interior and exterior coating/corrosion protection.


    Enough beds and futon couches for 50+ people to sleep comfortably
    Individual Master Bedrooms with Queen Beds in addition to the shared rooms with bunks
    NBC Air Filtration Systems complete with Blast Valves and Over Pressure Valves
    Personal Bathrooms with showers
    Full Custom Kitchen, complete with stoves, double sinks and custom cabinets
    Refrigerator & Freezer
    Gym/Health & Fitness Center
    Hot Sauna
    SwimmingPool and Hot Tub
    Game Room with Billiard Tables and other games
    Bowling Alley
    Media Room with Theater Seats
    Gun Range
    Large Family Room
    Large Dining Table
    Dining Hall
    Green House w/ LED Grow Lights and Automated Irrigation
    Motor Cave Exit
    Garage/Tool Room/Workshop
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Comments: 63

  • LOL GG
    LOL GG 9 days ago +1

    I see no PC OR Laptop places to put them, why? there's even gaming room but no pcs? @Rising S Company

  • Chewligan
    Chewligan 17 days ago +1

    No golf course ?

  • copcop13 Barton
    copcop13 Barton Month ago +1

    This is the PERFECT Lunar habitat A luxury utopia on The Moon

  • theodore tait
    theodore tait Month ago +1

    Energy and water filtration? Also, why is there no plantation for vegetables?

  • flagal519
    flagal519 2 months ago +1

    If its the end of the world, do they really think there will be TV channels?

    • Juan Herrero
      Juan Herrero 4 days ago

      Read the website, DVD player. You could also plug a multimedia hardisk to the TV.

    • Alex0Man123
      Alex0Man123 6 days ago

      Movies and you can have old shows

  • Henrique Vefago
    Henrique Vefago 3 months ago

    Cost only $8,350,000! So cheap that T will buy two.

  • Nofretari
    Nofretari 3 months ago

    People who don't take this seriously are very foolish. My family is preparing for the next world war. We don't have a bunker but as far out as we are I don't think it's necessary.

    • Juan Herrero
      Juan Herrero 4 days ago

      Check out how far radioactive fallout spreads. At the very least you should build a family fallout shelter like those in the 60's Civil Defense drive. Cheap, can build them yourself in a couple of weekends and will keep you from dying of radiation sickness.

  • HomeWatchViewer
    HomeWatchViewer 3 months ago +3

    We are gonna raid these when the time comes.

    • Juan Herrero
      Juan Herrero 4 days ago

      Hidden sections with guns safes and surveillance monitors connected to battery-powered hidden cameras in them. Good luck.

  • EPlex
    EPlex 4 months ago

    anyone else preparing for the third world war?
    it's gonna happen one day in the near future I can tell you that

  • EPlex
    EPlex 4 months ago

    and is there any way that you could possibly do deals in Australia

  • EPlex
    EPlex 4 months ago +1

    how do the plants grow? don't they need sunlight?

    • Phasor Pain
      Phasor Pain 3 months ago

      Love must be enough and a little bit of pulling....

    • SAVKE popara
      SAVKE popara 3 months ago

      EPlex they need uv light which comes from the sun. they can use artificial also it's same

  • Aaron Moore
    Aaron Moore 4 months ago

    Designed for Mormons? I see a GINORMOUS kitchen...

  • Redd YT
    Redd YT 4 months ago

    How deep underground are these? Also, is there any way to modify the models to our satisfaction? For instance, add more farming area, more dormitory area or even storage?

    • Elibur Zenos
      Elibur Zenos 15 days ago

      Bernhard Richter Yeah i would swap the sauna for more storage.

  • IIIwke
    IIIwke 4 months ago

    Have you ever built the real thing, I would like to see more than just a blueprint made with your computer.

    • IIIwke
      IIIwke 4 months ago

      Thanks :)

    • Rising S Company
      Rising S Company  4 months ago

      Absolutely, We've built lots of bunkers that you can see on our website:

  • kaiju blue
    kaiju blue 4 months ago

    do y'all ever have like freebie days where we can get one of these for like 1/10,000 of the usual price ?

    otherwise very nice but it's just out of my budget range.

    • SAVKE popara
      SAVKE popara 3 months ago

      kaiju blue they have some for like 40k$ for 2-4 person. but they only have like kitchen, bathroom, bunks, and storage

  • Red Paris
    Red Paris 4 months ago

    So what like, $50?

    • 1
      1 3 months ago


  • Giovanni Morenghi
    Giovanni Morenghi 4 months ago

    I don't think survivors will be so happy to live in a post nuclear world... 😱

    • shagggy jinxxx
      shagggy jinxxx 25 days ago

      Survivors well freak when they don't have a shopping center to do things for them...

  • Wooly Bling Puppy
    Wooly Bling Puppy 5 months ago

    Need nicer carpet in those areas with that striped stuff. Otherwise this is quite nice. It'd be awesome if you could make one with a big underground mini-river loop around the outer perimeter of the entire thing, and put a couple jet-skis, or even a small motoryacht! :) Also maybe a nascar track for if you want to go for a drive, but can't because of radiation up above. And a cigar lounge, casino, bar, library, burger shop, and coffee shop.
    I'm thinking about buying one.
    But first I just need to win the Mega Millions lottery! And buy a huge piece of land.

  • Jack
    Jack 6 months ago

    Can you live in there full time?

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 8 months ago +3


    • Victor Chavez
      Victor Chavez 2 months ago

      good to see your still around Mr. Bleach..

  • Ivan Borsh
    Ivan Borsh 8 months ago


  • Bob Grabowski
    Bob Grabowski 9 months ago

    how many acres would you need for one of these things?

  • elliott turpen
    elliott turpen 9 months ago +1

    can one heat this space?

  • sasuke2483692
    sasuke2483692 9 months ago +5

    If you took a yearly payment from everyone you guaranteed a slot in your bunker, you'd make the investment back tenfold.

    Load this up with doctors, military operators, bushcrafters, farmers and lots of children. One of these could very well save humanity.

    • MSO Gaming
      MSO Gaming Month ago

      not exactly safe humanity but if a few of these let's say 10 were nearby and lead by a good leader it could very well save them

  • Andrew Austin
    Andrew Austin 10 months ago +1

    Impressive looking bunker but do they camouflage the external venting and how many solar panels doe's it take to power this. Nice video but lacking a few practical details that anyone spending the kind of money this will cost would want to know. I'm guessing your going to need a lot of solar panels an amount that cannot be easily concealed or not be conspicuous and given the size of this bunker getting supplies into it looks troublesome. They don't have to go into even minor detail but at least state they have considered these things and have practical solutions.

    • Juan Herrero
      Juan Herrero 4 days ago

      LED lights, and there are static bicycles with dynamos. Exercise and power generation all in one. Also gasoline/diesel generators and battery banks. Until there is trouble you can have them charged via mains. You are only meant to spend a few weeks there.

  • Lucy and Annie fun
    Lucy and Annie fun 10 months ago

    I would like to live in the bunker

  • Shawn.The.Don
    Shawn.The.Don 10 months ago

    I need this.. planet x will be here in 19 weeks

  • donald wycoff
    donald wycoff 10 months ago +3

    How resistant are the air intakes/exhaust to external attack? For example, someone parks a truck on top of the opening, plugs all the vents.

    • Juan Herrero
      Juan Herrero 4 days ago

      First they should know where they are. Grow some bushes around them, camouflage them as streetlights, etc.

  • Blake
    Blake 10 months ago

    What about waste? Energy? Oxygen?

    • Jim Marshall
      Jim Marshall 10 months ago

      Probably utilizes components that are used in the International Space Station..
      At $8.4mil. and up to construct, those components should be included.

  • Noah Namey
    Noah Namey 10 months ago +1

    "Death defying, mutilated armies scatter the earth, Crawling out of dirty holes, their morals, their morals disappear"

    That the oligarchs are scurrying around like vermin, building holes and lining them with soft amenities makes me smile inside.

  • Richard Jackson
    Richard Jackson 10 months ago

    too much crap u dnt need

    • Guy Person
      Guy Person 10 months ago

      but imagine being stuck underground for yrs. without entertainment, u will go CRAZY

  • Marcelo F. Cardoso
    Marcelo F. Cardoso 11 months ago +3

    First aid?

  • FuturalGames Info Technologie


  • ticklesadist
    ticklesadist 11 months ago +1

    has anyone actually built one of these less interested in costs then the getting it done aspects

  • william theis
    william theis 11 months ago

    whats the cost

    • krouser24
      krouser24 11 months ago

      If you have the cash to build this thing how much do I have to pay to secure a spot in your bunker? lol I promise I come in peace

    • krouser24
      krouser24 11 months ago

      not sure but go to and you can call says their number is (214) 893-8007

    • william theis
      william theis 11 months ago

      i have 100 acs up in new york up state new york thats is can you build one there

    • william theis
      william theis 11 months ago

      still great price how long does it take to build

    • krouser24
      krouser24 11 months ago

      over 8 million! I know definitely not cheap!

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