5 Fun Physics Phenomena

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  • Conrad Grace
    Conrad Grace 2 days ago

    For the teabag rocket, you light it from the bottom a and it goes higher.

  • we will keep u updated


  • Maximilian Wicén
    Maximilian Wicén 3 days ago

    What happens if you lubricate one finger and try the center of mass thingy on a cane?

  • Vlad Lucian
    Vlad Lucian 4 days ago

    Cereal is magnetic because it contains iron.

  • FabianTheGreat
    FabianTheGreat 4 days ago

    The first "phenomenon" is stupidly simple.

  • 3D sky
    3D sky 6 days ago

    sometimes i through physics is magic of real world

  • Cristobal Cruz
    Cristobal Cruz 9 days ago

    cereal is magnetic because it has iron in it.

  • wumbology
    wumbology 12 days ago

    3:14 was my high school nickname

  • Minjae Song
    Minjae Song 12 days ago

    All of these are pretty stupid and unoriginal..

  • Wild Animals
    Wild Animals 13 days ago

    Whats the music called?

  • rhythmandacoustics
    rhythmandacoustics 14 days ago

    That tea experiment was fascinating.

  • Demos
    Demos 18 days ago

    Why are you sheepeople stuck on that phone MOVE ON!!

  • Masum  Billah Masum
    Masum Billah Masum 19 days ago


  • I Listen to Lucid Planet

    1. friction increases on the finger that is closest to the center of gravity, therefore making the other finger slip.
    2. the center of mass is not in the center of the phone.
    3. the magnetic field of the cup warps spacetime causing the water to follow the curved space.
    4. the cereal has iron in it
    5. the rising column of hot air creates a lower pressure above the tea bag

  • MinusChava
    MinusChava 22 days ago

    the phone one I think is because of what's inside taking it off balance since the weight isn't equally distributed. the Tea bag Rocket is just the fact that once it burns it gets so light it floats. The cereal is because cereal has Iron in it.

  • Selachimorpha
    Selachimorpha 23 days ago

    One of the least satisfying videos created by this channel. Even though I saw an iPhone flip, he didn't really explain a lot.

  • 57Konst
    57Konst 24 days ago

    The Smartphone is changeing its rotation-angle because the momentom of inertia is smaller for the other axis

  • 57Konst
    57Konst 24 days ago

    Havent read it before, but I think, that water behaves paramagnetic. It means, that the molecule gets atracted by an extern magnetic field.

  • Jacob Cooney
    Jacob Cooney 26 days ago

    Teabag Rocket - My new "Finishing move".

  • Ben Hobbs
    Ben Hobbs 27 days ago

    I believe the cereal is magnetic because of the added iron in it

  • that guy
    that guy 1 month ago

    so the tea bag one is pretty easy. The tea bag itself has mass. that mass is heavier than air and it is somewhat rigid so it can sit on the plate and hold form. That mass is also flammable so when it is lit on fire it will burn. As it burns down the mass itself becomes less and less. The energy from burning that mass is transferred into the air. The air then begins a small convection cell and begins to churn. Eventually the energy that was burned from the mass to create the convection cell becomes stronger than the weight of the burning tea bag so the bag will raise.

  • Patrick Hodson
    Patrick Hodson 1 month ago

    Your alliteration is a lie.

  • blueberry hedgehog
    blueberry hedgehog 1 month ago

    i think i did half of a phone flip with out it spinning weird but i don't know how to send him a video can someone help me send the video of the phone flip

  • pappapaps
    pappapaps 1 month ago

    the first one is weight shift! I am sure !
    Almost :)

  • Niko Kiknadze
    Niko Kiknadze 1 month ago

    this video helped me to see physics as a very interesting subject. cool!

  • ICantBelieveMyLife _

    the cereal is attracted to the magnet because most cereals contain iron, which is magnetic. the cereal isn't magnetic at all, just the iron stuck to the cereal is.

  • Heil Poppy
    Heil Poppy 1 month ago

    1. The weight on the cane will be more or less depending on where your fingers are making your fingers end up where the weight is equal.
    2. When you flip it will have at least a tiny tiny amount of spin and when it gains speed it will spin faster and seem as though you cant make it spin straight.
    3. Who knows maybe it is the small amount of lead in the water
    4. Idk lead?
    5. Hot air rises and when the fore burns away the weight of the top of the tea bag the bottom is left and the weight of the remainder of the tea bag is little enough weight for the fire to carry it.
    These are all random prediction I made throughout the video and decided to comment. These are probably all wrong.

  • Kun Peter
    Kun Peter 1 month ago

    2nd one is unethical. Ive flipped my phone 360' vertically a few times

  • please let me have this name

    the cereal has iron in it

  • Granny Chique
    Granny Chique 1 month ago

    1. As you move your fingers, you can sense the imbalances and you will automatically work to correct it.
    2. Imbalance of internal components along the axis of the phone.
    3. Reorientation of the water molecule causes them to be all aligned in the same direction. The triangular shape1. As you move your fingers, you can sense the imbalances and you will automatically work to correct it.
    2. Imbalance of internal components along the axis of the phone.
    3. The static field causes the water molecules to be all aligned in the same direction. The triangular shape of the molecule becomes stacked, and youre left with a similar effect to stacking lots of file binders on top of each other.
    4. Most breakfast cereals are fortified with iron which is, you guessed it, magnetic.
    5. The fire creates an updraft. Once it reaches the bottom of the teabag, it pushes it up like a rocket

  • Aboud Zxzx
    Aboud Zxzx 1 month ago


  • Vadim Platonov
    Vadim Platonov 1 month ago

    No 2 is pretty dumb...

  • Aksels Nemme
    Aksels Nemme 1 month ago

    2: the phone is not balanced
    3: the cereal is magnetic cause of thr iron inside it

  • smasher101
    smasher101 1 month ago

    the teabag works because heat rises - and the teabag is so light at the end?

  • Azi Sandwich
    Azi Sandwich 1 month ago

    The teabag flies cuz it's hot (hot air is easier than cold) and it's almost as easy as air.

  • Louis Hackett
    Louis Hackett 1 month ago

    It's because the water is moving for #2 that the molecules flip, just like your phone and they reach a tipping point on the force field.

  • Wiled man 24
    Wiled man 24 1 month ago

    magnets how do they work man?

  • Armadillo Hero77
    Armadillo Hero77 1 month ago

    For the floating cereal being pulled by a magnet is because cereals has iron in it

  • Zygy __
    Zygy __ 1 month ago

    the phone flip is simply because air resistance adds force as it flips upwards against gravity and then the phone tries to find the path of least resistance

  • Ubuntu Tricks
    Ubuntu Tricks 1 month ago

    I subscribed your channel yesterday and i watched all of your videos

  • 0Dark30
    0Dark30 1 month ago

    I can't do the tea bag experiment because my tea bags are pyramid shaped

  • Vikram Bankhele
    Vikram Bankhele 1 month ago

    can't you answer these questions

  • ANSH :A dance legend

    in water experiment the water positively charged and the cup is negatively charge so ...........

  • Medievalfan94
    Medievalfan94 1 month ago

    1.: Friction between finger and pole is higher on the longer lever which causes the other finger to slip, resulting in alternating slipping until the fingers meets under COM.
    2.: Rotation against main axis is always unstable.
    3.: No fricking clue, I am engineer, not a chemist.
    4.: Cereals contain nutritional traces of iron, just enough to be attracted to a magnet.
    5.: Thermodynamics at work, warm air is channelled through the paper and causes a stable up pointing force.

  • Seyhan KAYA
    Seyhan KAYA 1 month ago

    why does the tea bags fly in the air

  • ice bread
    ice bread 1 month ago

    the phone physics are probably because the phone doesnt have the same mass overall

  • Kayvon Rad
    Kayvon Rad 1 month ago

    _Here is how the cereal one works:_

    It only works with *Cheerios,* not all cereals because at the time of this video (they have now changed it) Cheerios used to have extremely tiny bits of *metal* inside them to make them more *crunchy*. They got away with it by putting "iron" in the ingredients list and making people think it's the iron in blood instead of metal. This has nothing to do with physics. I know this because I did a project on it.

  • That Nerd Guy
    That Nerd Guy 1 month ago

    The iron in the cereal is magnetic

  • Pizza Bird
    Pizza Bird 1 month ago

    I know #4. The cereal is moving because it has iron in it.

  • Uddeshya Raj
    Uddeshya Raj 1 month ago

    for the first one, when your fingers are at equal distance from C.G of rod , the torque acting on rod about both fingers are same so is the normal reaction force, and the force of friction b/w the rod and fingers and rod doesn't stick to any finger and the reach C.G at same time. But when fingers are at unequal distance from C.G the torque acting on the closer finger by the rod about the farther finger is greater than the torque acting on the farther finger by the rod about the closer finger. so normal reaction force b/w the rod and closer finger is greater and so is the frictional force and it sticks to the rod and only the farther finger moves towards C.G till both are at equal distance from the centre. And then things go on as it is in the first case

  • Hectic Haze Gaming
    Hectic Haze Gaming 1 month ago

    i did the phone flip first try lol

  • Fülya Can
    Fülya Can 2 months ago

    I, who has nothing to do with physics - at all, would guess that the cereal is not dragged by the magnetic but by the water that reacts to the magnetic vibes. . ? .

  • Laura Tew
    Laura Tew 2 months ago

    With the teabag rocket it is because the hot air rises because it makes the air molecules move faster.

  • Star Atom Jinjo Tweety

    The first: the left side has bigger mass that means it is heavier than the end of the right side.. so you tend to find the balance on the left side. The second: the speed of spin chooses the least energetic movement. The third: I guess Vanderwaals Force? The plastic cup has highly excited electrons so therefore it attracts the delta positive side of water. The fourth: cereal contains iron. The fifth: heat goes up like think of fire specially in 1 g gravity on Earth, therefore it floats up.
    .. it is a quick reponse so do not judge me too much..

  • smart buddy
    smart buddy 2 months ago

    love you Boss

  • Ho Wing Yip
    Ho Wing Yip 2 months ago

    0:30 MINDBLOWN.

  • Alex Murfy
    Alex Murfy 2 months ago

    Such an interesting phenomenon....... 😑😑😑😑😑

  • Alexander Pak
    Alexander Pak 2 months ago

    1 trick is simple. You move your fingers and you feel if one side of the stick is going to fall. At That side you leave your finger and on the other side you move your finger still. So you do it unless your fingers will meet themselves

  • Tadeusz Klonowski
    Tadeusz Klonowski 2 months ago

    #1 It's balancing itself because of difference between dynamic and static friction force

  • Divyesh Gamot
    Divyesh Gamot 2 months ago

    last one cause, the density difference is so high it can lift up the last few grams of paper!but paper must be very light

  • _*Austin Parker*_
    _*Austin Parker*_ 2 months ago


  • MrEdUrAt
    MrEdUrAt 2 months ago

    Where is my dad?

  • Anastasia Majick
    Anastasia Majick 2 months ago

    "Then set it on fire"

  • _untitld
    _untitld 2 months ago

    i stopped watching this highly intellectual video which can further my understanding of our universe to watch porn. then came back to finish it.

    aren't humans great

  • cool kid
    cool kid 2 months ago

    Anyone click cause you thought it was about Danny brown

  • Peter H
    Peter H 2 months ago

    Almost landed that 720 phone flip

  • Daniel Middleton
    Daniel Middleton 2 months ago

    teabag is easy. when it gets close to the bottom, tilt becomes so light that the suction from the fire using up the air above is able to list it

  • Chris B
    Chris B 2 months ago

    How many people broke their phone because of this video

  • Philip Yao
    Philip Yao 2 months ago

    With the water one. With the negative force repelling, the molecule rotates until only the positive side is being attracted

  • neuro hydraulics
    neuro hydraulics 2 months ago

    Wonderful Vaeritasium people, here is a theory i'd like to discuss with you, please run it past you logic circuits;

    Bouyancy creates a centre to peripheral potential force that relative to gravity is crucial in terms of biophysics.
    Like a rubber submarine, with a rubber central heating system inside it. The deeper it goes underwater, the more it pushes back aginst the crushing forces around it.

    This crushing force is fed through the rubber walls into the rubber pipes and struts inside the submarine and is continuously shifting, changing density and changing volume.
    Even when completely still, the potential force stored in the elastic tissue is significant.

    Any oscillations caused by sonic / seismic type energy the submarine encounters due to environmental noise AND internaly generated sound /pressure waves are altered by this potential force because density changes pitch, tone and volume.

    The curved surfaces angle of the elastic membrane tissue changes as it is compressed and relaxed but even while still, acts as a parabolic sonic mirror to any internal vibrations,
    curved egg shaped parabolic surfaces being the only efficient shape to deal with pressure differentials and bouyancy requirement.

    Here for the rubber sub analogy to continue we have to fill the submarine with water and lift it onto the air, let's call it "H.M.S. human body" an anti submarine, whose job is to protect the water inside being evaporated off in all directions, and the sailors called kidneys, liver, spleen from being too dry or roughly treated.

    The parabolic mirror shape of the fascia and skin type outer layer of the H.M.S. human body means that any regular sonic activity inside the submarine, eg.sailor heart playing his drums, will bounce around the watery internal cavities for a long time as water conducts sound brilliantly.

    As the sound waves bounce off the satelite dish shaped outer shell, in certain places in the "human body" the sound waves form standing waves and nodal lines of extra volume and relative silence , especially if someone left the sound system on and it is generating feedback in very tight high pitched ultrasonic frequencies, and very low throbbing infrasonic frequencies.

    Air behaves like a fluid and creates 1.03kg of force per square centimeter at sea level, the human body has on average nealry 2 square metres of skin.
    That is two tonnes of crushing force being generated at seal level relative to being on a planet such as Mars.
    If one stand inside a large enough bell jar and releases the potential energy, ie create a vaccuum the body expands as the potetial energy is released.

    Does that mean that through diligent practice one could gain the ability to dilate the central nervous system in it's entirety and release this potential energy in tiny, invisble ranges of movement?
    Hell yes! you just have to learn to NOT think for long periods of time as thinking contracts the nerves. Plus have fantastic postural alignments and superlative breathing habits.

    Come on people, two tonnes of force at your fingertips!
    The art is called nei kung and is popular in parts of China.
    I learned it from a strange and wonderful man called Bruce Frantzis who runs a company called energy arts.

    I am steeped in the language of physics from my family background (Father, grandfather all physicists) yet i learned these skills out of neccessity as i was disabled in my late teens.
    I am trying to engage with open minded people about the possibility that there is a difference between genuine fighting masters of the art trying to talk to scientists and hippies mouthing off because they want to feel special.

    Please check out my Youtube channel where I show these phenomena in action and let me know what you think.
    And breathe from your belly;)

  • Zeninji -D
    Zeninji -D 2 months ago

    The finger with the weight on it eventually gains the traction to push weight onto the other finger, once the other finger has more weight it does the same thing back, until both fingers are together under the center of mass.

  • Genius Z
    Genius Z 2 months ago

    i really liked it because i'm very curious about physics topics and unsolved equations but the problem is i haven't learned physics much .only in mid school and high school
    does anyone know any physicist youtuber?
    or a way to teach myself college's physics

  • Dari Mellusco
    Dari Mellusco 3 months ago

    are those snatoms in the cup one?

    HXAPÉWiZZ 3 months ago

    i have already (before watching this), done the phone flip.

  • tbdz
    tbdz 3 months ago

    The first one is actually very easy to explain.
    When you have a lengthy object like a cane, the amount of force applied to your hands depends on where your fingers are placed. If you place them exactly 10cm from each end, the end with the most weight will apply most force, and the other hand will easier move towards the middle. When that happens, there is a loss of force at the other end, and when it becomes small enough, the hand at that end will start to move towards the middle.

  • Mohsen Ensafdaran
    Mohsen Ensafdaran 3 months ago

    Thank very much you for this beautiful channel!

  • Yashas
    Yashas 3 months ago

    I can't sleep for 10 days now

  • Bishnu Mishra
    Bishnu Mishra 3 months ago

    oh !! i liked it very much. i didn't know that polarisation of water by charged cup isn't the correct explanation for bending of water.

  • moonly
    moonly 3 months ago

    thank you for your video

  • Perineum
    Perineum 3 months ago

    Cereal has iron. That's all I got.

  • cragnog
    cragnog 3 months ago

    that first one depends on you trying not to drop it. If you moved both fingers in at the same rate it would most likely not work, but you changed the rate either finger moved accordingly so that the cane didn't fall either side

  • I'm Not Sure About This

    CEREAL: it contains iron which is a mineral from which we get bones

    TEABAG: the heat actually made it lighter than air as hot objects tend to go up

  • Todd Lerfondler
    Todd Lerfondler 3 months ago

    what im able to flip my phone like that...

  • Christian Pelchat | Gaming

    I read that book :D

  • m b
    m b 3 months ago


  • m b
    m b 3 months ago

    CEREAL IS MAGNETIC BECAUSE IT HAS MOFUCKING IRON IN IT. and it is also less dense than water so it can be moved around by the magnet while floating around on water. OR BECAUSE THE WATER IS ATTRACTED TO THE MAGNET SO THE WATER IS PULLING THE CEREAL WITH IT.

  • m b
    m b 3 months ago

    IS IT NOT SO THAT: hydrogen atoms are positive and oxygen atoms negative in H2O, Your body released e- and became less negatively charged, the cup absorbed the negative e- and became more negatively charged, cup= -, H= -, cup and H attracted, water drawn to cup?

  • Skinematic Films
    Skinematic Films 3 months ago

    Nice ring, I see you're an engineer!

  • TheRealRaichu
    TheRealRaichu 3 months ago

    The iron is cereal is magnetic

  • MDshayan!
    MDshayan! 3 months ago

    Now that's physics

  • Diamant Muska
    Diamant Muska 3 months ago

    That's not a teabag rocket. It's a Norweigan Space Rocket

  • Lucas Chamorro Tudurí

    My takes are:

    1- The finger that is closer to the center of mass supports more weight, and thus has a stronger contact and friction than the finger far away. This always makes the finger further away to move more easily to the center of mass than the one further away.
    2- Aerodynamics, turbulence, and the fact that the secondary rotation axis has less moment of inertia.
    3- The electric field from the cup is not uniform. I've heard that the electric field generated from rubbing can actually be very powerful.
    4- Cereals have a lot of iron (?).
    5- Hot air rises, taking the remains of the bag with it when it's light enough.

  • baileyboy125
    baileyboy125 3 months ago

    Actually if you spin the phone fast enough along the long axis around its centre of mass it doesn't deviate from said axis.

  • A.J. Miller
    A.J. Miller 3 months ago

    I had a mini heart attack when you dropped your phone

  • Tyler Zang
    Tyler Zang 3 months ago

    i peed a little on the toilet. just a lil

  • Rane_
    Rane_ 3 months ago

    3:12 cause it has iron in it..... Badum Tiss?

  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming 3 months ago

    That was so dumb waste of my time

  • Blarph Blublub
    Blarph Blublub 3 months ago

    4. It's because it has iron fillings in 'em.
    I don't know the others.

  • Toxic Caffeine
    Toxic Caffeine 3 months ago

    One side of the phone is heavier, consequently making the phone rotate on a turned axis

  • Toxic Caffeine
    Toxic Caffeine 3 months ago

    The cereal attracts to the magnet due to the great amount of iron in the cereal

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