Migos - T-Shirt [Official Video]

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  • Power of Moria
    Power of Moria Minute ago

    They all were playing far cry

  •  16 minutes ago

    Dis song made me say "Sace" in a Versace store, and the clerk asked me llike 5x what I wanted..

  • xNo Scope
    xNo Scope 50 minutes ago


  • Iya Fasebe
    Iya Fasebe 2 hours ago

    1775 same color t shirt white, 1775

  • Jordan Hayr
    Jordan Hayr 3 hours ago

    Whose the girl at 1:47?????

  • Dejan Jevremovic
    Dejan Jevremovic 3 hours ago

    the real monkeys now :D

  • RipRoach
    RipRoach 3 hours ago

    ?Who else saw the camera man from their sunglasses

  • BanezTheThugga
    BanezTheThugga 4 hours ago

    From france

  • Daviez
    Daviez 5 hours ago +2

    im probobaly a quarter of the views 😂

  • Online User42
    Online User42 5 hours ago

    Offset destroyed this song🙌

  • Slightest
    Slightest 6 hours ago

    Mama told me (aye) not to sell work (mama)
    Seventeen five, same color T-shirt (white)
    Mama told me (aye) not to sell work (mama)
    Seventeen five, same color T-shirt (yeah)

    Young nigga poppin' with a pocket full of cottage (ay)
    Woah kemosabe, chopper aimin' at your noggin (ay)
    Had to cop the Audi, then the top I had to chop it (skrt skrt)
    Niggas pocket watchin', so I gotta keep the rocket (glaw)

    Neck water faucet (water), mocking birds mocking (woo)
    Act pint, stocking (act), nats keep thotting (nats)
    Wrist on hockey (hockey), wrist on rocky (Rocky)
    Lotta niggas copy, name someone can stop me (no one)
    Bitches call me papi, (bitch!), 'sace that's my hobby ('sace)
    Scotty on the molly, pocket rocket from O'Reilly
    One off in the chamber, ain't no need for me to cock it
    Niggas get to droppin' when that Draco get to poppin'
    All I want is cottage, roll a cigar full of broccoli (Cookie)
    No check, want all cash, nigga I don't do deposits
    Bitches cross the border, nigga, bitches from the tropics
    I'mma get that bag nigga, ain't no doubt about it (yup)
    I'mma feed my family nigga, ain't no way around it (family)
    Ain't gon' never let up nigga, God said show my talent (show it)
    Young nigga with the Anna, walkin' with the hammer
    Talkin' country grammar nigga
    Straight out nawf Atlanta (nawf side)

    Young nigga poppin' with a pocket full of cottage (ay)
    Woah kemosabe, chopper aimin' at your noggin (ay)
    Had to cop the Audi, then the top I had to chop it (skrt skrt)
    Niggas pocket watchin', so I gotta keep the rocket (ay)

    Mama told me (aye) not to sell work (mama)
    Seventeen five, same color T-shirt (white)
    Mama told me (aye) not to sell work (mama)
    Seventeen five, same color T-shirt (yeah)

    Mama told you
    Mama told me (mama) not to sell work
    Mama told you
    Seventeen five, same color T-shirt (white)

    1995 (nineties) 2005 (two-thousands)
    Seen it with my eyes (seen it), dope still alive (dope)
    Real mob ties (mob), real frog eyes (frog)
    Real whole pies (woah), all time high (high)
    Do it for the culture (culture)
    They gon' bite like vultures (vulture)
    Way back when I was trappin' out Toyotas (skrr skrr)
    I'mma hit the gas (gas), 12 can't pull me over (12)
    Space coupe, Quavo Yoda, pourin', drankin' sodas

    I get high on my own sir, heard you gon' clone sir
    Stop all that flexin', young nigga don't wanna go there
    Never been a gopher, but I always been a soldier
    Young niggas in the cut, posted like a vulture
    Divin' off the stage in the crowd it's a mosh pit
    Yeah shawty bad but she broke 'cause she don't own shit
    Mama asked me "son, when the trappin' gon' quit?"
    I been ridin' 'round through the city in my new bitch

    Young nigga poppin' with a pocket full of cottage (ay)
    Woah kemosabe, chopper aimin' at your noggin (ay)
    Had to cop the Audi, then the top I had to chop it (skrt skrt)
    Niggas pocket watchin', so I gotta keep the rocket (ay)

    Mama told me (aye) not to sell work (mama)
    Seventeen five, same color T-shirt (white)
    Mama told me (aye) not to sell work (mama)
    Seventeen five, same color T-shirt (yeah)

    Mama told you, mama told you

  • Chavez Manson
    Chavez Manson 6 hours ago

    Migos go so hard $$$ Theme Music

  • mystery man
    mystery man 7 hours ago +1

    Uk rapping is way better
    Dave, bugzy Malone, skepta, jme, stormzy, mostack, krept and konan, section Boyz, akala, j hus, mist. So many names

  • Eren Kefes
    Eren Kefes 8 hours ago

    The only New generation rappers I respect. Others are straight shit that need to stop

  • Itachi
    Itachi 9 hours ago +1

    This song makes me want to tell my parents that they are adopted

    EL PENETRATOR 10 hours ago

    Best of the best

  • hu yuanze
    hu yuanze 12 hours ago

    pyrex ad?lol

  • Jackson Games
    Jackson Games 13 hours ago

    I'm Quavo's color

  • buickregal83
    buickregal83 14 hours ago +1

    Give bone thugs credit

  • Noobizze Le Lamasticot
    Noobizze Le Lamasticot 14 hours ago


  • amazing science
    amazing science 14 hours ago


    ANDREY GLADUNYAK 14 hours ago

    80 000 Dislikes are from GreenPeace

  • Royal Slays
    Royal Slays 15 hours ago


  • jessie lacy
    jessie lacy 16 hours ago

    love this song

  • John Paul D
    John Paul D 16 hours ago

    Hi follow my Instagram

  • Theresa McIntosh
    Theresa McIntosh 17 hours ago +1

    offset girl...

  • luiz lecheta
    luiz lecheta 17 hours ago


  • Pebble Hill
    Pebble Hill 18 hours ago

    Please Mom I love you too baby girl and I love you too baby girl

  • Kami Gospodar
    Kami Gospodar 18 hours ago +3

    Offset the type of nigga that make his son Upset
    Quavo the type of nigga that sell his work
    Takeoff the type of nigga that is not left off bad and boujee

  • Jose Miranda
    Jose Miranda 18 hours ago

    Woow cool music
    I like this music 👊👊👌👌✊👍

  • Jessica Hookimaw
    Jessica Hookimaw 18 hours ago


  • Frank Martin
    Frank Martin 19 hours ago

    fk the 80k with the thumbs down, this shyt fire and I'm not even from the A, Detroit City you feel me

  • Alex Hummel
    Alex Hummel 20 hours ago

    this shit litttt af

  • Vernee Andre
    Vernee Andre 20 hours ago

    love it

  • Leeanne
    Leeanne 21 hour ago

    Ok first, why tf is they wearing caveman shit I'm confused af

  • BGamer2017
    BGamer2017 21 hour ago

    go migos!-😁🎉

  • Gabriel Neto
    Gabriel Neto 21 hour ago

    What? I do not speak english,is much fuck!

  • Dope Nation4
    Dope Nation4 21 hour ago

    Who still slapping 💯👌🖑

  • mickey mouse
    mickey mouse 21 hour ago


  • Danny Balmcaceda
    Danny Balmcaceda 22 hours ago

    migos music is allways good

  • Antoinette Williams
    Antoinette Williams 22 hours ago


  • victor hg :/
    victor hg :/ 22 hours ago

    uou this face thes grils is ilare

  • Gonzo Stonefist
    Gonzo Stonefist 22 hours ago

    Mercy's Hustle emote. Thank me later.

  • Michael Shupe
    Michael Shupe 23 hours ago

    IT'S all the white man's fault !!!!!!

  • Sam Plosaj
    Sam Plosaj 23 hours ago +1

    I thought it was a halo advert at the start

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope 23 hours ago

    Offset: Young nigga stop all that flexing don't wanna go there, me: BOI IF YOU DON'T.

  • Ivan 56200
    Ivan 56200 Day ago

    fuck yeahh pray for barcelona

  • Talal Raps
    Talal Raps Day ago

    Fuck it bitches

  • Twits Gamer
    Twits Gamer Day ago

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    TOLGA PARLAK Day ago

    Bu Adam Manyak Dostum.

  • Davian Pacheco
    Davian Pacheco Day ago

    A nice song

  • Daley Radford
    Daley Radford Day ago

    I'm so glad there related I'm sure this makes writing fun. In the whole 1st verse you can hear quavo hit a bunch ambient harmonies behind the verse.

  • Cody Sray
    Cody Sray Day ago

    3:34 I wanna fucking bury that bitches little dumbass bitch face with a fucking boulder like who the hell are you even, Offset should have fucking cut her throat

  • oceanus hammock
    oceanus hammock Day ago

    hes bad ass listen to coocon by migos

  • The Apostle
    The Apostle Day ago

    It my birthday tomorrow can I get 5 likes

  • oceanus hammock
    oceanus hammock Day ago

    thats my nigga migo

  • Vanessa  Shantae
    Vanessa Shantae Day ago

    Takeoff.... Lick your lips. They look parched baby

  • Cameron B
    Cameron B Day ago +2

    1:24 mystic got jokes girl not lie look

  • Gaia University
    Gaia University Day ago

    Migos running the Planet

  • Firebullet 26
    Firebullet 26 Day ago

    Cavemen back and better than ever


    quavo is the hottet fareal mama told me not to sell work 17 5 same color t-shirt

  • AXL Incorporated
    AXL Incorporated Day ago +2

    Satanic shit theme !!

  • Amir Jemison
    Amir Jemison Day ago

    So much money shit if I had that I will use it fast ik it's weird

  • Lila Duke
    Lila Duke Day ago


  • Missy Watkins
    Missy Watkins Day ago

    Love y'all... You be doing too much though LMAO

  • Diugel4dayz ;D
    Diugel4dayz ;D Day ago +2

    I wish dat old man at 0:32 XD

  • Dhank Williams Jr

    They sound retarded momma told me I got white T shirt! Morons!, the Labels are owned by Old white men and Gay men!! They have to put out what ever they are told by their bosses! This is what you get when the man molds rappers to act like they want the masses to act and buy bs!

    DUARTE Day ago

    Too much Game of Thrones... oh my

  • Darius Ionut
    Darius Ionut Day ago

    Is this Far Cry Primal

  • KeShaun James
    KeShaun James Day ago

    momma told aye its yo bed time

  • somalianb0y
    somalianb0y Day ago

    They fr got the most ug hoes on this. They look like scraight bimbos. Compared to the dimes in bad and boujee 😍. Song still fye tho

  • Cees 3500
    Cees 3500 Day ago


  • Cees 3500
    Cees 3500 Day ago


  • OfficialJacob
    OfficialJacob Day ago

    80,001 dislike. I dont like this song

  • Rhodell Franklin

    obama told not to sell work 2008 still my president

  • SaVaGe__MeXiCaN_

    This shit slaps!

  • Ethan Flannigan
    Ethan Flannigan Day ago

    Who thought this was a halo game at first

  • Shifty Sniper
    Shifty Sniper Day ago

    Migos: "Quavo let's dress up like mountain men for the video."

    Quavo: "Alright let me get my rolex." 😂

  • Kermit Mafia
    Kermit Mafia Day ago

    Whom watchin in thou 367BC?

  • Niya Bell
    Niya Bell Day ago


  • 100 Subscribers No Videos

    Why does Quavo look like a legoman at 1:05?

  • Myconerd
    Myconerd 2 days ago


  • ZzryaEn0
    ZzryaEn0 2 days ago

    1;24 her name ???

  • MarcoLello TownDzn09

    I was like WTF my friends never told me about this song now me never will tell about there new song lol but I now the full letter of the song........... Mama told me not to sell work (mama) 75 same color t-shirt....thanks ma brothers love you guys no homo though...,😬😇

  • Jordan Badillo
    Jordan Badillo 2 days ago

    Take off has lil yachty glasses

  • Kiwi Protector
    Kiwi Protector 2 days ago

    Mama told me, not to sell work

  • Lia Kopar
    Lia Kopar 2 days ago

    Does anyone know where this was filmed?

  • Graham McIntyre
    Graham McIntyre 2 days ago +2

    IDK y but when takeoff says bitches call me papi and he screams BIIITCCHH in the background I die😂

  • Rob Kelly
    Rob Kelly 2 days ago

    Takeoff could survive in any era.

  • Befooo RotMG
    Befooo RotMG 2 days ago

    What r they talking about?

  • Levi Last name
    Levi Last name 2 days ago

    This is crap song

  • Zeke Osif
    Zeke Osif 2 days ago

    or migos

  • Zeke Osif
    Zeke Osif 2 days ago

    who is this 21 savage

  • deonte johnson
    deonte johnson 2 days ago

    wasn't that bad

  • Ranger
    Ranger 2 days ago

    10 likes= No selling work

    M0NST3RL0VER 2 days ago

    ok so what's the meaning behind this song? I was catcalled while walking down the street the other day by these two guys and the one started rapping part of this and I'm confused

  • Anime móvil 506 Kakarotto


  • DUDRUSH powerforce
    DUDRUSH powerforce 2 days ago

    my pc caught on fire

  • Chrisfort Weight
    Chrisfort Weight 2 days ago +1

    So we just gonna ignore Quavo @2:14

  • Fnafbros 456
    Fnafbros 456 2 days ago +1

    They song FIRE THOUGH 🔥🔥🔥

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