7 Memorable ‘Best Kiss’ Moments! (MTV Movie Awards)

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  • SHSL Yuki Skywalker
    SHSL Yuki Skywalker 2 days ago

    The Will and Sacha one makes me laugh and it's damn hilarious. 😂

  • gueldy mar
    gueldy mar 3 days ago

    My favorite one is Rachel/Ryan kiss! I love "the notebook" one of the best romance-stories ever!

  • BrownGuy Promotions
    BrownGuy Promotions 4 days ago


  • Zyvia Gindanau
    Zyvia Gindanau 4 days ago

    Awww i remember watching this last year and all in my mind was the Maroon 5 song - she will be loved . 😂

  • jglow
    jglow 6 days ago

    No contest! Ryan and Rachel!!!

  • Rebecca Couch
    Rebecca Couch 9 days ago

    Robert and Taylor. Was my fav!❤ those actors

  • Malti Devi
    Malti Devi 18 days ago

    Rachel mcadams and Ryan gosling.....definitely!!!!

  • Ava Juliette Butera
    Ava Juliette Butera 26 days ago

    The note book

  • sea shells
    sea shells 27 days ago

    Definitely Rachel and Ryan's😍❤❤❤

  • Akva X
    Akva X 28 days ago

    Sascha and Will😍

  • Lara Sb
    Lara Sb 28 days ago

    Whats the name of the song that played at ryan And Rachele ??

  • PezX Candy
    PezX Candy Month ago

    freaking gays

  • Nichole Saenz
    Nichole Saenz Month ago


  • Blury Face
    Blury Face Month ago

    both guyz kissin maderfuckin bunch of faggots

  • Blury Face
    Blury Face Month ago

    both guyz kissin maderfuckin bunch of faggots

  • Joanie Spaulding
    Joanie Spaulding Month ago

    rachel and ryan forever.. they are so cute

  • Jenna Mattson
    Jenna Mattson Month ago

    Okay, we all know that we came here for Ryan, and Rachel


    rachel/ryan ♥♥♥♥♥

  • Dila POLAT
    Dila POLAT Month ago


  • Bhavana Chandramouli

    Definitely Ryan Gosling!

  • Leyla Garcia
    Leyla Garcia 2 months ago

    Rachel and Ryan of course!!!! Alwayssssss

  • Saajan Arkula
    Saajan Arkula 2 months ago

    I want to kiss the host :)

    EDSON ADNARIM 2 months ago


  • nshaboo101
    nshaboo101 2 months ago

    That Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams kiss always gives me chills 💕

  • Rosa Salinas
    Rosa Salinas 2 months ago

    Everyone focused on Rachel and Ryan and I'm over here like PAUL WALKER!! 😭😭

  • Montserrat Idbdkdndo
    Montserrat Idbdkdndo 2 months ago

    Rachel anda Ryan of course😍😍😍

  • Ellie Cloke
    Ellie Cloke 2 months ago

    Robert and Taylor

  • rockyshadow0212
    rockyshadow0212 2 months ago

    I wish I was Ryan kissing Rachel McAdams. I love her. She is Amazing!

  • Alexandra Lz
    Alexandra Lz 2 months ago

    Cece. Drake.

  • Aariyan Sinha
    Aariyan Sinha 2 months ago +1

    Does this happens in India ? And the answer is NO... Of course it's against the so called Sanskaar of the stereotypical 'n orthodox people of this so called lovely country.

  • Rossana N
    Rossana N 2 months ago

    Only in Hollywood and movie stars that its allowed to do this... Because they not loyal going around kissing man wen u got a wife at home or husband hr kids are watching you kissing a stranger.. Good role models this music and movies industry all fake pagans soul their soul and now they look like a clone b4 they were a clowns for industry now they all looking like a dead soul.. Pray to God because the body and soul belong to him... This money and honey's its only a trick from the devil dress as a man... Sheep dressed as a wolf

  • Meli Gala
    Meli Gala 2 months ago

    4:05 that boy

  • The Freaky
    The Freaky 2 months ago

    jim carey & will smith

  • Grevi Mejia
    Grevi Mejia 2 months ago

    the last kiss

  • Brianna Vera
    Brianna Vera 3 months ago

    My fave was Taylor and Robert😂

  • HP Potterhead
    HP Potterhead 3 months ago

    I'm gonna vomits

  • Sherriza Persaud
    Sherriza Persaud 3 months ago

    The notebook

  • Prazeena Khadka
    Prazeena Khadka 3 months ago

    Rachel and Ryan's breakup still breaks my heart 😔😔

  • Brittney Herrly
    Brittney Herrly 3 months ago

    No one can compete with Ryan and Rachel. Lol

  • Madeleine Cawley
    Madeleine Cawley 3 months ago

    Ryan and Rachel wins best kiss for the next 20 years

  • Lily Bino
    Lily Bino 3 months ago

    Gay and lesbians are so evil.

  • Avy  Bellami
    Avy Bellami 3 months ago

    rachel and ryan.. you broke my heart...

  • Dominique Ricketts
    Dominique Ricketts 3 months ago +1

    When I saw Paul Walker, I froze in time.

  • Kelvin Gonzalez
    Kelvin Gonzalez 3 months ago +1

    Rachel and Ryan hands down 100% never be forgotten kiss I'll give them a Golden Glow golden popcorn reward complete outstanding number one of all ages best scene kiss yet.

  • Molly Mulligan
    Molly Mulligan 3 months ago

    Imagine if Millie and Finn got nominated this year and actually won and they recreated it oml 😍😍😭😂

  • Abishek Nss
    Abishek Nss 3 months ago

    What is that last song??

  • Tanya Reeves
    Tanya Reeves 3 months ago

    The last one

  • Dharma Jimenez
    Dharma Jimenez 3 months ago

    Ryan and Rachael we just *-*

  • Komala Towson
    Komala Towson 4 months ago

    definitely the notebook

  • Jessica Laffin
    Jessica Laffin 4 months ago

    Kristen and Rob were so annoying except for the Rob and Taylor one which was hilarious

  • Apre Pradia
    Apre Pradia 4 months ago +1

    i saw Paul Walker :'( , we missed you :(

  • Sam Ledoux
    Sam Ledoux 4 months ago

    even the actors are in a dream with that movie and watching them be in love live. look at Lindsay she's like yaaas

  • Beth Bautista
    Beth Bautista 4 months ago

    ryan and rachael..sad love story at the end.

  • Isabel Hernandez
    Isabel Hernandez 4 months ago

    Rachel and Ryan

  • erev
    erev 4 months ago

    Don't need to think... Rachel and Ryan

  • Mirror
    Mirror 4 months ago

    that final kiss, the perfect music, I just wish there's rainfall, that would have been PERFECT!!!

  • Elita P
    Elita P 4 months ago

    The host looks a bit like CeCe Drake from Pretty Little Liars...

  • Evak & Vmin
    Evak & Vmin 4 months ago

    of course Ryan Gosling and Rachelle McAdams. damn..... i came here for them.

  • Tomas Moller
    Tomas Moller 4 months ago

    Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield anyone?

  • Sasha Blazevic
    Sasha Blazevic 4 months ago

    I started on a 'how to make pie' video and 2 hours later, here i am

  • stevie nicks
    stevie nicks 4 months ago

    2:15 jealous!!!

  • Gayathri Kurra
    Gayathri Kurra 4 months ago

    no doubt it's Ryan n Rachel all the time.....

  • Vanessa Ruiz Salablanca

    Obviooo Ryan & rachell😍😍😍

  • Rick Dsousa EAGLE
    Rick Dsousa EAGLE 4 months ago


  • Artem Holstov
    Artem Holstov 5 months ago

    Even when Jim Carrey tries to be serious, it does not really come out. He is stuck in this role of an idiot.

    TAYLOR REIGNS 5 months ago

    Taylor's face always kills me

  • Nadia García
    Nadia García 5 months ago

    Rachel - Ryan EVER!

  • Santiago Gonzalez
    Santiago Gonzalez 5 months ago

    the famous celeberties were famous because florida and chickfila they were in florida years ago

  • Zuen Cruz
    Zuen Cruz 5 months ago

    Shit channel

  • Ahmad Sheikh
    Ahmad Sheikh 5 months ago

    Maroon 5 - she will be loved !

    that song ! 😍

  • IJAZ 2017
    IJAZ 2017 5 months ago

    White People are stupidest

  • Farhin Raisa
    Farhin Raisa 5 months ago

    can anyone tell me what's the song playing in the background while rachel and ryan kiss?

  • The T-10
    The T-10 5 months ago

    Lol, people keep talking how sweet Gosling & Adams were... Just remember folks, he's owned by somebody else lol.

  • abdou bkh
    abdou bkh 5 months ago

    dude , when Ryan Gosling kissed Rachel McAdams , they were playing SHE WILL BE LOVED by MAROON 5 , damn , that was GREATTTTT

  • Kelvin Gonzalez
    Kelvin Gonzalez 5 months ago +1

    yo hands down 2005 was the best kiss sexual ever tight pants tight ass in face nice. The MTV Movie Awards popcorn was the biggest kiss hands down. No lie

  • Annie_10
    Annie_10 5 months ago +1

    Rachel and Ryan ❤️ they're SO PERFECT 😭😭 i still hope they get back together

  • Malgorzata Kolacka
    Malgorzata Kolacka 5 months ago

    Rachel and Ryan 😍😍😍😍

  • Angeline Mckew
    Angeline Mckew 5 months ago

    awwww the jim carrey one!!!

  • sabrina raiinee
    sabrina raiinee 5 months ago

    ryan gosling 😍😍

  • Flávia Abreu
    Flávia Abreu 5 months ago

    I feel guilty, but I still love Rachel and Ryan

  • dayita92
    dayita92 5 months ago

    Where the hell are Madonna, Britney and Christina?

  • The Rose Reporter
    The Rose Reporter 5 months ago

    Rachel and Ryan the BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sofia Torres
    Sofia Torres 5 months ago

    Ryan Gosling y Rachel McAdams Los Mejores!!! 👨‍❤‍💋‍👨❤❤👏😍😘

  • TvShows Lover
    TvShows Lover 6 months ago

    If only Ryan was single and he hadn't kids with Eva :'( I'd still have hope for McGosling

  • ruthie4short Espinosa
    ruthie4short Espinosa 6 months ago

    not to be a follower but rachelllll and ryannnnn 😘😘😘😙😙😙😚😚😚

  • jobelle87
    jobelle87 6 months ago

    Ryan's walk is life

  • arianna pucci
    arianna pucci 6 months ago

    ryan and rachel <3

  • Franko Gamara
    Franko Gamara 6 months ago

    Everyone is talking about Ryan and Rachel but I'm here thinking about Paul walker when he announced their names shit it's been a long time #neverstopdriving

  • Natalia Gnat
    Natalia Gnat 6 months ago

    what is the song with Ryan and Rachel Kiss ?? Please help me ! ;)

  • Chi Yến
    Chi Yến 6 months ago +1

    Always Noah and Allie. They r the best!!!!!! I love you guys

  • Sahzeda Raffiek
    Sahzeda Raffiek 6 months ago

    My mom votes for Rachel Mcadams and Ryan Gosling

  • lili^^
    lili^^ 6 months ago

    Rachel and Ryan !what a chemistry 😍

  • NotYourBanana
    NotYourBanana 6 months ago

    nobdy cant top rachel and ryan 😭😭

  • Shari Shahid
    Shari Shahid 6 months ago

    need name of.song at number 1 from.note book

    • nikk liu
      nikk liu 6 months ago

      Maroon 5 - She will be loved

  • S. caro
    S. caro 6 months ago +1


  • Rock Mendez
    Rock Mendez 6 months ago

    intentionally robert kissed taylor he had a desire bcoz he was secretly a gay

  • Katie Gellerman
    Katie Gellerman 6 months ago +1

    Rachel and Ryan forever hold that trophy. Although...I must admit, Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine gave them a run for their money last year...

  • KeKKi
    KeKKi 6 months ago +1

    Fuck you All

  • marion rose
    marion rose 6 months ago +2

    what is the song when ryan and rachel kiss?

  • Luz Chevalier
    Luz Chevalier 7 months ago

    Of course Gossling &McAdams had the best kiss.This movie should be a classic if is not already and endeed they have chemistry!!💖😘💖😘💖😘

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