WONDER WOMAN - Official Trailer [HD]

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  • Qiki Rop
    Qiki Rop 2 days ago

    I so wanted to watch this movie but then the story of this movie was so boring and fake

    • Qiki Rop
      Qiki Rop 14 hours ago

      Marco N.J. Dumb? When i said fake i meant "acting seemed puny" which made the story to be fake in even in that movie. Use your brain if you have one

    • Marco N.J.
      Marco N.J. 15 hours ago

      Yeah, because it are about a real world story right? dumb!

  • issam Baci
    issam Baci 3 days ago

    what the fuck is that is that a filmHow they put a secondary actress in the role of starring so she does not know representation

  • jeremy bullock
    jeremy bullock 3 days ago

    see lot good moves

  • jeremy bullock
    jeremy bullock 3 days ago

    not bad move

  • Yourdailytrending '
    Yourdailytrending ' 4 days ago

    Political correctness movie with full of nigger women in that age? Hahahahahhahahahahah

  • Jaden plays
    Jaden plays 5 days ago

    I loved this movie SOOOO MUCH

  • Jaden plays
    Jaden plays 5 days ago +1

    Wonder woman: 1
    Green lantern 3
    Spider man :4
    Bat girl: 5

  • Philippine Doge
    Philippine Doge 6 days ago

    Thanks to Wonder Woman. She fought the mighty Imperial German Army to save the world from horrors of the war.

  • Libor Sysel
    Libor Sysel 7 days ago

    i am above average

  • Pater DeSka
    Pater DeSka 7 days ago +1

    Great movie! Having studied ancient Greek mythology (origin of the Amazons in the WW story), I appreciate the total absence of cringe moments throughout this good film. References to Ares, god of war, and to Zeus, king of the gods (two recurring examples) do not contradict ancient Greek theology or religious belief. Impressive.

    • Pater DeSka
      Pater DeSka 7 days ago

      In the film, before Diana leaves Themiscyra on her quest, her mother warns her that she still has much to learn. Diana accepts that, unaware of what sorts of things she has to learn. She later realizes that she herself is the god-killer. Yet, the film ends before she really comprehends the inner depth of that.

    • Glenn R Harrington
      Glenn R Harrington 7 days ago

      To ancient Greeks and to ancient Romans, who called the god of war Mars, to find and to slay one's own inner Ares was the supreme spiritual goal of life. The Amazon Diana certainly embraced this, though she had not fully recognized it as such by the end of the film.

    • James Young
      James Young 7 days ago

      Diana's quest to cleanse humanity of lust for war by slaying Ares more-or-less follows the established formula for a quest. The film also delivers the ancient spiritual message (e.g. in the Bhagavad Gita) that to cleanse humanity of the lust for war we must each find and slay our own inner Ares .

  • יהונתן
    יהונתן 8 days ago

    לא יאמן שהיא ישראלית

  • crxdelsolsir
    crxdelsolsir 9 days ago

    Now that Wonder Woman has 92% in Rotten Tomato where are the DC hard core fans crying about Rotten Tomato not being a good indicator and colluding with Marvel now??????

  • shahkar zaman
    shahkar zaman 9 days ago

    This is the niccceist moviееe i еver seееeeeee!!! I advise еverуbodу to wаtсh it :) twitter.com/c979b20355b1382d8/status/867561163340472320

  • Briar Rose
    Briar Rose 13 days ago

    Finally a worth watch DC movie.

  • derek heckler
    derek heckler 14 days ago +1

    wow such a great movie that's got to be the best DC movie in a long time made it a tear row down my eye

  • Roham Bahraee
    Roham Bahraee 14 days ago +1

    When i hear the soundtrack at the end i want to start the Gym right now

  • Roham Bahraee
    Roham Bahraee 14 days ago +3

    The No Man Lands scene alone is enough to make this movie Oscar nomination

  • md.rifat hossain
    md.rifat hossain 14 days ago

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    skip the add please..

  • KAsKR
    KAsKR 15 days ago

    song name at 2:04 ?

  • Callmeromain2016
    Callmeromain2016 16 days ago +1

    the trailer gave me goospumps tbh

  • rishi awasthi
    rishi awasthi 16 days ago

    2:04 that theme

  • Marcus Maloney
    Marcus Maloney 19 days ago

    My guess is that if she is spending all this time being Wonder Woman, her cooking/cleaning duties are really suffering

    • Marcus Maloney
      Marcus Maloney 18 days ago

      HungryTv13 What a considered and eloquent reply.

    • HungryTv13
      HungryTv13 18 days ago

      Marcus Maloney dumbass

  • Jessica Jean
    Jessica Jean 19 days ago +4

    This was such a great movie

  • Technova
    Technova 20 days ago

    The movie is clearly commercial with many mistakes. All it really deserves in the film is the animation with the history of the gods of Olympus.

  • Sofia Riana
    Sofia Riana 21 day ago +4

    This movie really was amazing

  • Abby Adams
    Abby Adams 21 day ago

    This made me so sad, if you know what i mean.

  • Bawz Life
    Bawz Life 21 day ago +1

    GREAT movie!

  • KaiZ3n
    KaiZ3n 21 day ago +5

    This movie is AMAZING!

    • Bawz Life
      Bawz Life 21 day ago

      KaiZ3n yeah,Its fantastic!!🔥❤🔥

  • hpnc
    hpnc 22 days ago

    King Arthur is better than this movie!

  • peter halasz
    peter halasz 24 days ago

    I could only watch 30 min of this STUPID Jewish hollywood anti german movie! Get over you the past you fucking jews and move on!

  • JaKaMaTuS
    JaKaMaTuS 24 days ago +1

    Can't stop watching this trailer, someone welp me :/

  • Rye Dallas
    Rye Dallas 24 days ago +2

    I watched this twice all ready

  • XxRailey
    XxRailey 24 days ago

    Its really sad that he died...and the ending was like kill...kill...tears..AND END

  • doomguyification
    doomguyification 26 days ago +1

    Finally........a good one.

  • Victor Montoya
    Victor Montoya 26 days ago

    la clave para descargar wonder woman por mega cual es?

  • teo caberegui
    teo caberegui 26 days ago +1

    Beautiful movie, cried at the end. GIRL POWER!!!

  • Fenn Droge
    Fenn Droge 27 days ago +1

    This is the best wonder woman superhero movie

  • Anthony Thomas
    Anthony Thomas 27 days ago

    People with very low IQ wanted.

  • the king of Robot
    the king of Robot 28 days ago

    Tell me did you bleed yes you will , I heard about you didn't think you are real , I am real when I was useful , she with you ? I thought she is with you . Arthur Curry I heard you can talk to fish , what is your superpower again ? I am rich . You dear Of thinking threaten my mother . "In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might Beware my power--Green Lantern's light!"

  • Yoseli Montpya
    Yoseli Montpya 28 days ago +1

    Es espectacular el guión, los efectos, la actuación de Gal Gadot excelente de todos. Felicidades a todo el equipo que hizo este proyecto realidad. definitivamente me ha dejado satisfecha y que continué la saga de la mujer maravilla.

  • Chejter Cichociemny
    Chejter Cichociemny 28 days ago +6

    Gal Gadot is the most beautiful actress I've ever seen in superhero movies.

  • Miguel Marchetta Rodriguez


  • slyjayhawk 70
    slyjayhawk 70 29 days ago

    Overrated wasn't good am I the only person who didn't like it

  • Sage Smith
    Sage Smith 29 days ago +2

    i watched it and oh boy! ITS AMAZING!

  • Morgan Morrison
    Morgan Morrison 29 days ago

    my poop is squishy

  • Alanis_ Quinzel
    Alanis_ Quinzel 29 days ago +1

    2:07 can someone tell me what is this songs name plz!!

  • Mandukhai Bataa
    Mandukhai Bataa Month ago +2

    best movie of 2017! Loved every moment!!!

  • Cloud
    Cloud Month ago +1

    Temperance Brennan would like this #BONES

  • Luke Summers
    Luke Summers Month ago +1

    Amazons must have great dentists in themyscira to have good teeth at their age.

  • Fathma Noor
    Fathma Noor Month ago +1

    I must say this is the best movie i've ever watched !!!

  • Sonia Quintuña
    Sonia Quintuña Month ago

    Is mi happy de ver wonder woman

  • Lucifer Isaac
    Lucifer Isaac Month ago

    I would bang her.

  • JH on
    JH on Month ago +1

    So good movie!!!

  • Rasta Fonz
    Rasta Fonz Month ago

    Wow, she must eat a lot of humus

  • Raincentral003
    Raincentral003 Month ago +1

    20 minutes in to the movie, its better than BvS better than SS but that ain't saying much. Why can't DC make a good movie??

  • angelo wod
    angelo wod Month ago


  • creepypast-APOCOLYPTIC Earth

    Great effects, Great Ratings, Great Actors, Great soundtrack, and great EVERYTHING this movie has

    this is coming from a marvel fan btw

  • slamfire!
    slamfire! Month ago +2

    I Saw this film yesterday.. IT'S AMAZING 9,9/10 <3

  • Campbell Moore
    Campbell Moore Month ago


  • Samantha Harris
    Samantha Harris Month ago

    Chris Pine is so hot!😍

  • Reşan Can
    Reşan Can Month ago

    2 Jr

  • Dominic Van rijn
    Dominic Van rijn Month ago

    the trailer was so much better then the movie :(, i was so hyped to see this and was pretty disappointed tbh

    • Mr. 96
      Mr. 96 Month ago

      What the hell are you talking about? The movie was awesome.

    • Me myself And i
      Me myself And i Month ago

      I loved it so

  • Diamond Flames
    Diamond Flames Month ago

    I watched the movie today it was THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!🔥🗡⚔️

  • Ava Lee Go
    Ava Lee Go Month ago +1

    I love it but I'm really sad at the ending because Steven got killed😭

  • Ava Lee Go
    Ava Lee Go Month ago

    I love it but I'm so sad at the end because Steven got killed😭

  • Flickspoo
    Flickspoo Month ago +1

    Saw the movie today, fucking amazing! DC finally got it, I hope Justice League doesn't turn out to be Batman v Superman shittery all over again, that movie was awful, such a shame what Zack Snyder done to this iconic heroes, but this one is perfect,they had the momentum, they shouldn't lose it, give Marvel a competition! (I'm a Marvel fan btw)

  • Dance Ent
    Dance Ent Month ago +1

    What if the ending of this movie where she's about to go battle again she's going to save Batman from Batman v Superman??? Haha just a though.

  • Dance Ent
    Dance Ent Month ago +2

    Just watched it and such a wonderful movie, not disappointed. Gal Gadot was the perfect pick and good to look at too!! WONDER WOMAN 2 WASSUP!?

  • Esra Can
    Esra Can Month ago

    This is the worst superhero movie l have ever seen

  • Grande Girl
    Grande Girl Month ago +1

    old but gold

    the new one is amazing 🙌

  • Elaine Knox
    Elaine Knox Month ago

    great cant wait

  • Megavic.id
    Megavic.id Month ago

    this wonderwoman has dark brown hair and Brown eyes, 😑 wonder woman has black hair and blue eyes

  • Yugi Motou
    Yugi Motou Month ago

    Apparently 3rd time is the charm, best movie DC has had since DKR

  • ɧąąNi ٍSYR
    ɧąąNi ٍSYR Month ago

    it's a great movie but must Greatest then movie it's daiana "Gal Gadot"
    She is Mystery of the success of the movie
    I know she is an Israeli sexual and Everyone knows that Islam hates the Israelis
    But who cares I am a Muslim and I love her I can love all the Israelis If this stops the war
    I hope that ""love"" stop war. .. Hani from Damascus Syria

  • NapoleonBonaparte
    NapoleonBonaparte Month ago

    Hollywood should learn a bit of history and stop vilifying the Germans in ww1...

  • Minahil Arif
    Minahil Arif Month ago

    A must watch movie! Seriously brilliant direction!
    Try it here sites.google.com/view/wonder-woman-2017-full-hd/

  • Bored Eats
    Bored Eats Month ago

    save your money! not worth it

  • elizebath sad
    elizebath sad Month ago +22

    Wonder Woman 2017 FULL HD

  • Erion Cukali
    Erion Cukali Month ago

    So is she single for the moment?

  • StreetArtillery
    StreetArtillery Month ago

    this movie is so overrated. I mean it's good but not THAT good

  • Shaunwan Van Wyk
    Shaunwan Van Wyk Month ago

    *Patty Jenkins talking to DC

    Patty: A year ago these Marvel fanboys wouldn't dare cross any of you. What happened? Ya balls drop off?

    DC: What do you propose?

    Patty: It's simple. We cast Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

  • Win Maung
    Win Maung Month ago

    I just finish watching this movie pretty awesome

  • phoenix god
    phoenix god Month ago

    wonder woman goes super saiyan after her man exploded

  • Lucky Luke GR
    Lucky Luke GR Month ago


    RESHAN SHAWISH Month ago

    If you think that it's worse than Batman vs superman, then you are Right in a way you can never imagine..... The worst movie I've ever seen.
    From scale 1 to 10 <<
    Man of steel : 9
    Batman vs superman : 6
    Suicide squad : 4
    Wonder woman : - 10
    Justice league : 6 ( let's be optimistic)

  • Mahi Mony
    Mahi Mony Month ago


  • Lili Pawz
    Lili Pawz Month ago

    Anyone else come here for David Thewlis (Remus Lupin from the Harry Potter series)

  • Just Scored
    Just Scored Month ago

    I get shivers down my spine, every time I hear the wonder woman theme

  • David Houma
    David Houma Month ago

    The Gladiator and Princess Bride are STILL HOTTIES. They STILL GOT IT.

  • Farren Slade
    Farren Slade Month ago

    This movie was awful. Reviews were misleading and the CGI was bad....

    Trailer makes it look way better than it is.

  • Olivia Asuquo
    Olivia Asuquo Month ago

    the wonder woman... wonderful till the end

  • Karam Berrahal
    Karam Berrahal Month ago

    Yоu cаn wаaаtcсh Wooоondеeеr Wоman hееre twitter.com/c979b20355b1382d8/status/867561163340472320

  • dogi doge
    dogi doge Month ago

    Just watched this movie! Left me in tears. T_T Man, it's a nice movie though.

  • Jackie Skellington
    Jackie Skellington Month ago

    The new era when little girls grow up watching Wonderwoman. <3

  • Benji McCaw
    Benji McCaw Month ago +1

    One of the best thing about this movie is the fight scenes while it uses a lot of slo mo u can see what's happening cos unlike marvel there isn't a 5 cuts in 1 second

  • Benji McCaw
    Benji McCaw Month ago

    Dc Eu official saved

  • مالك قزان
    مالك قزان Month ago

    a summer blockbuster

  • Weesky
    Weesky Month ago

    I cam here because of the beautiful no man's land scene.

  • The Aggregate
    The Aggregate Month ago

    watch full movie at my channel

  • Sarc4sm
    Sarc4sm Month ago

    The cgi looks like its from resident evil series. Overall still good dc better improve it.

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