528Hz | Repairs DNA & Brings Positive Transformation | Solfeggio Sleep Music

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  • Calming Sleep Music based on Solfeggio Frequency of 528Hz which is also known as the Love Frequency, Miracle Tone, Frequency of Transformation. Here are some of the Benefits of 528Hz Solfeggio Frequency Music

    ✓ It returns human DNA to its original, perfect state.
    ✓ It brings transformation and miracles into your life.
    ✓ DNA reparation is followed by its beneficial effects of increased amount of energy.
    ✓ It also helps in balancing and tuning Solar Plexus Chakra which helps in more Self Confidence and Self Esteem

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    INFO on Solfeggio Frequencies

    BENEFITS of 528 Hz Music

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Comments: 2 939

  • Kevo7979
    Kevo7979 Day ago

    I listen to this at work. Now I don't give a damn about my job..

  • Kevin n
    Kevin n Day ago

    Since I started listening to this my stomach muscles have relaxed and I feel this pressure leave my body. Then I am awaken by coughing the sound of spraying and I feel a mist that smells like lavender. I quickly go back to resting under this beautiful sound. Thank you..

  • Joana flores k
    Joana flores k 2 days ago

    I'm sleeping already

  • Lattice Larucci
    Lattice Larucci 2 days ago +1

    I don't believe the whole DNA healing thing, but I definitely think this puts you in a better mood. Going from listening to the trash top 40 on the radio, to listening to something smooth and calming would put you in a much healthier state of mind.

  • eric underson
    eric underson 2 days ago


  • bellazinaa21
    bellazinaa21 2 days ago

    Can I listen to this while sleeping??

  • Cheryl Moniz
    Cheryl Moniz 2 days ago

    this is heart chakra energy

  • Cheimo Sitty
    Cheimo Sitty 3 days ago


  • Callie Stephens
    Callie Stephens 4 days ago

    After a while it started to sound like someone was playing bass in the background. freaky :/

  • My Info
    My Info 6 days ago

    Love is more important than anything else in this world and one day it will bring us all together. Don't let fear ruin this beautiful opportunity our creator gave us. Together we can literally change the world with the most powerful thing in the universe. And that's the first word of the sentence.

  • Rex Erection
    Rex Erection 7 days ago

    Some dude in the comment section said 528hz is bad and disconnects the heart chakra and is used by the illuminati?

  • Hi Power
    Hi Power 8 days ago

    I stopped masturbating two months ago. I listened to this tonight before going to bed. Slept for about an hour then woke up wet. I had to go take a shower, dam it. I'm not listening to it any longer. I'll listen to Christian music now.

  • Subscribe Camera
    Subscribe Camera 8 days ago


  • reda belabed
    reda belabed 9 days ago

    Stop reading the comments and go to sleep 🙏

  • John Hussain
    John Hussain 10 days ago

    Does anyone know where I can find the lyrics for this since there are no captions?


  • holly 222
    holly 222 10 days ago

    My fav!! Thank you

  • Justin Pettit
    Justin Pettit 10 days ago

    Anyone else get massively horny when they listen to meditation music? Lol.

  • Ic3d34rth
    Ic3d34rth 10 days ago

    omg, placeebing so heeerrrd. ouch my placebo hurts, oh oh oh, its good now, I am one with the placebo

  • Raymond Juarez RAYRAE
    Raymond Juarez RAYRAE 11 days ago

    Headphones are probably the best way, but i want to play this for me and my son while he sleeps & i meditate/sleep. Do y'all think using a high quality portable speaker by my headstand would be good enough?

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass 13 days ago

    Gave me the shits

  • AMG749
    AMG749 15 days ago

    Tried it twice and had two nightmares , weird.

  • Aaron Capo
    Aaron Capo 15 days ago

    will this get rid of my insomia ?

  • massimo Bargagna
    massimo Bargagna 15 days ago

    Changes disruption of my nerve pain? 3rd night...☺

  • David Monroy
    David Monroy 16 days ago


  • Budar Endario
    Budar Endario 16 days ago +1

    The length of the video is 9 hours, 9 minutes, and 9 seconds.

  • Maria Thompson
    Maria Thompson 17 days ago

    "DNA transformation?" So when I wake up, will my eyes be a different color?

  • Final Boss
    Final Boss 17 days ago

    aint DNA just genetics? not energy?

  • Melonie Jen
    Melonie Jen 18 days ago +1

    Been playing this near my hashirama cell lab, works amazing.

  • Adrian Andreiadis
    Adrian Andreiadis 18 days ago

    You can also read my Facebook wall to see how to live forever and always be healthy: Adrian Andreiadis

  • LoneChurroProductions
    LoneChurroProductions 18 days ago

    Had hopes set kind of high for this, and truly it only makes me keep thinking of my ex-girlfriend, and i am very unable to sleep. quite dissappointed

    • John Hussain
      John Hussain 10 days ago

      Try listening to 639Hz. It will help with harmonizing relationships and heal old negative energy.

  • Jason Dubya
    Jason Dubya 18 days ago

    Where can I get this file so I don't have to stream it every night?

  • Mohammed Elamin
    Mohammed Elamin 18 days ago

    Some Very Strange dreams i ever had in my life deep sleep for hours wake energezed and very good feeling... Something good happening to me

  • P JT
    P JT 18 days ago

    The instant I start listening I feel better inside

  • Alper04
    Alper04 18 days ago

    This doesn't work at all, if you believe it works then it works, if you don't believe it doesn't work and the fact is it actually doesn't work, you just trick your mind that its working

  • Kim Randolph
    Kim Randolph 19 days ago

    Is there suppose to be click like sounds in video

  • Kim Randolph
    Kim Randolph 19 days ago

    Is there suppose to be clicks in this video

  • Battlefield Chica
    Battlefield Chica 19 days ago

    Ohh this One definitely works!!!!! I feel so Good right now its a Force Field :)

  • King Bean
    King Bean 19 days ago

    Guys everything you know of is just what you believe in, what you think of the world. So just believe it will work, be patient and it will definitely work. Good luck! :D

  • Orion Xavier
    Orion Xavier 20 days ago +1

    As a child I experienced "God". God's presence is glorious, sublime, effulgent, love and ecstasy. God is what I would describe as the Divine Feminine. Having all the qualities of the "feminine", gentle, loving, compassionate, beautiful.. God conveyed to me without words, "Everything will be okay."

    When I listen to 528 Hz and videos like this while I sleep, I dream of that beauty and love, and the desire to worship "God". For "She" is so exceedingly beautiful and loving, it makes me cry tears of joy.

    I think people have been misled to the true nature of "God", as "almighty" and "The Father", and other masculine qualities that don't apply.

    I don't believe that life as we know it truly matters, except as an opportunity to express in some way, large or small, the glory of God. And perhaps that's why the universe exploded into existence, as the nature of God is so exceedingly great it could not be contained and must be "shared" and expressed many, many times over...

    I believe the meaning of life is summed up perfectly in this nursery rhyme:

    Row, row, row your boat,
    Gently down the stream.
    *Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,*
    _Life is but a dream._

  • Jolly Green Giant
    Jolly Green Giant 20 days ago

    Very mystical 😁thank you... It's perfect, nigh nigh. 😌

  • Shalanea Bratcher
    Shalanea Bratcher 21 day ago

    After I turned this on, my 2yo daughter & I had bad dreams... I had to turn it off after 4 hours... the dreams atopped. Dunno if it's a coincidence... but it was so weird that started when the music was on and it stopped when I turned it off.

  • gdouglas999
    gdouglas999 21 day ago

    Since listening to this tone doesn't change or accomplish anything (I know. I listened for hours) why are there claims being made that it does?

  • deepak joshi
    deepak joshi 21 day ago

    My dog listened it and he became a jaguar ..woooow it really works

  • Just a nigga with a rocket launcher

    This is amazing. Me and my 15 year old nephew listen to this together every night and its really improving my mood and life. My nephew agrees with me as well he says that instead of the bullies at his school taking his money and making him cry he instead gives them all his money with a smile on his face. Miracles are at work in my life as well. On my way to get my disability check out the mail this morning my care taker accidentally pushed me down some stairs while my wheel chair wheels were unlocked. Thankfully since I can't feel anything from the waist down I wasn't bothered at all by the facts my legs now looked like pretzels. In fact it led me to buy a pretzel today. I later choked on the pretzel but thats another story. Keep up the good work 10/10

  • Kiana
    Kiana 22 days ago

    This is an awesome sound! I can see why the sound healing works because we are made up of vibrating energy.

  • Aion
    Aion 22 days ago

    When you feel like a Super Saiyan.

  • Kun Gyangs
    Kun Gyangs 24 days ago +2

    *The program has cleared my obstacles [ Check Details here ===**plus.google.com/u/2/117309684281297662218/posts/a2QbEcywfap** ] that I was facing.This has given me more desire and drive towards the life that I want. Thanks. Peace and Blessings*

  • Sergio Argumedo
    Sergio Argumedo 24 days ago

    Everyone needs to do psychedelics

  • Charles
    Charles 24 days ago

    Does anyone know if there is any science behind this? I hope there's some truth to it.

  • GohModley
    GohModley 25 days ago

    Much more soothing than listening to C-Span

  • TheAmericanCanadian
    TheAmericanCanadian 25 days ago

    This gives me nostalgia on the real

  • Velte
    Velte 25 days ago

    Thank you!

  • Carson Ball
    Carson Ball 25 days ago +1

    Please show the prior plausibility for sound being able to repair DNA. Also, can you cite studies from reputable labs?


  • Sir TeddyBr0sevelt
    Sir TeddyBr0sevelt 26 days ago

    This has provided me with a good night's sleep since I have been listening to it for about a year now. At the end of our DNA is are little things called telomerase. We are born with these at a perfect length showing a full and healthy life potential. As we consume food, our bodies create insulin which decreases the length of telomerase along with other poor health habits.

    I cannot attest that this "heals" DNA, but 528hz is the frequency of the sun and a blade of grass. Since everything in existence is in constant motion, it makes since to believe that a frequency would affect us, potentially helping our prolonged existence.

    We cannot avoid that which may potentially save us, even if by only rumored speculation at this point. Human survival is paramount.

  • michael bardalez
    michael bardalez 26 days ago +1

    Been listening to this for a few days havent feel any dfferent. Am i doing something wrong?

    • gdouglas999
      gdouglas999 21 day ago

      No. I think you're normal. I keep trying to go to sleep but this strange and rather irritating sound keeps coming from this video and keeps me awake.

  • Jaiden Brockman
    Jaiden Brockman 26 days ago +1

    Wait has this been scientifically shown to repair DNA or are you just making claims?

  • Danny Adams
    Danny Adams 27 days ago

    Woke up with £50.000 on the end of my bed. Definitely have to do it again sometime

  • kalyana sundaram chandran

    Morning positive music

  • Shradz Pathare
    Shradz Pathare 27 days ago

    Is this isochronic or binaural?

  • tna2014
    tna2014 27 days ago

    my DNA is grateful.

  • Maxpro
    Maxpro 28 days ago


  • Hypernova Sims
    Hypernova Sims 28 days ago

    Does this work for aliens?

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  • Life-coaching Sarajevo

    These binaural beats are by far the best ones on YT! Love them, thank you so so much for uploading! 5 minutes are enough to increase the inner frequency and mood, just so grateful to have found this! <3

  • Michelle Shingleton

    this sound seems like my life. like yaay then calm.. pretty cool

  • ivan katic
    ivan katic Month ago

    Namaste and peace for all People in planet eart..

  • Melody Lisa
    Melody Lisa Month ago

    I played this on some down time after cleaning my house and it instantly made me feel really cold!?

  • Phllip Mclennan
    Phllip Mclennan Month ago

    Now I must find other ways to damage my DNA.

  • Amy Boake
    Amy Boake Month ago

    I woke up crying from these, apparently it worked? and had a blockage(s) cleared. Only disappointment is that I can't remember my dream (usually I can) to know what was healed while I slept from listening to this....anybody else wake up crying??? thanks for the healing and this video. love and light

  • funny
    funny Month ago +1

    8:08:08 it's favourite part😍

  • lakisbouz
    lakisbouz Month ago

    ok so am i the only one that hears a 20 second clip repeated for 9 hours???
    am i missing something..... this is making me feel anxious as to when the next chord is coming.....
    being a musician does not help i presume.

  • Exotic Parallel
    Exotic Parallel Month ago

    Is this a load of pseudoscience or what> Can someone link a few studies showing this works?

  • Rashieme McFadden
    Rashieme McFadden Month ago


  • Henry Denoncourt
    Henry Denoncourt Month ago

    this almost produces a feeling somewhat like THC, physically and mentally. the sad thing is that so many people who smoke don't have a grasp of their innerselves, since many of the smokers I know gravitate towards sense gratification and outwardly appearence. maybe one day I will be able to live with some organic edibles in my system, so I don't have to sacrifice my lung health.

  • Hollywood Vegan
    Hollywood Vegan Month ago

    I literally feel the frequencies aligning my mind especially when I'm concentrating on my breath

  • Susan Robinson
    Susan Robinson Month ago


  • John Eyu
    John Eyu Month ago

    i like to listen to this because i feel my dna has improved after listening to this

  • Matthew Dean
    Matthew Dean Month ago

    Repairs DNA?! Is mine broken?!

  • wwwBIOBIOme
    wwwBIOBIOme Month ago

    WOW! Gonna try it this night, and tomorrow, and the night after,... - thank you ;o)

  • Michael Kostbar
    Michael Kostbar Month ago

    This tone always causes me to dream. every time I sleep with this tone I dream. don't know what that means but it definitely has an effect

  • Ark Right
    Ark Right Month ago

    thx 4 repairing my uhh dna

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha Month ago

    I always was in the darkness because I liked it. I stayed alone and was always thinking alone in this world, my friends, the body, the life, the universe and always asked to myself "How". I listened this and clearly my life is now in the light, from the demon in th dark to the light with full energy and full positive hopes. My life has seriously changed, this is not a joke, I am not going to write my life. Trust the song, be happy,if you are reading then smile with a big one and let your DNA, your body do the work you are yourself and not sheeps in this life

  • themagicbanjoman
    themagicbanjoman Month ago +1

    As a biology major this title amuses me. I will continue to trust in dna polymerase to repair my mismatched nucleotides, not some arbitrary tones.

  • love thy enemy
    love thy enemy Month ago

    Oh my god the weirdest thing jusyt happend in my minds eye I sleep blindfolded pits black room as well I saw whar at first looked light a glowing giant spider which then turned into a Beatle and them came crawling towards myh eye at this point it looked as if it was crawling with loads of tiny little black bugsand then proceeded to come into my eye yes in my fcuking eye....This is some fcuked up shizzle!!!!!!

  • dattto gileero
    dattto gileero Month ago

    DNA lmao this guy has huge fantasy

  • Dan Myself
    Dan Myself Month ago

    In heaven all of this is a billion times more clear and the images ARE alive, images have a personality , and colors are emotional. In heaven, you glow for others, they admire the beauty that radiates as you grow to being a better being. The life you are experiencing now, as a 90 year old baby, on earth is only a the start of an existence that started a seed, and you have not accomplished much yet. In 1500 years from now, you will remember how your life seeded, and how your present existence was born from that episode.

  • Susan Gerry
    Susan Gerry Month ago

    curious...felt like I could lay my phone on sime new gemstones I ordered... felt it could infuse positive energy to them ?

  • Ytinfo
    Ytinfo Month ago

    What if my headset dont support 528 HZ ? Can i get any side effects or die ?

  • akashik cherry
    akashik cherry Month ago +1

    all humans are powerful beings and our feelings and thoughts matter! bless you all

  • Patricia Julian
    Patricia Julian Month ago

    L l l. K k l lm n, k, k k

  • Clara Carpentier
    Clara Carpentier Month ago

    Announcement host test over blood oh fine original by

  • you you
    you you Month ago

    my head ,face hands legs ,fingers ,eyes, nose ,teeth, mouth shape ,lips not symmetrical my skin is in unactracctive very dull my skin ,my hair
    this video make symmetrical head ,face other my problems plz ans
    me l am very depressed
    sry my bad english

  • Jessica Blackburn
    Jessica Blackburn Month ago

    We are SOULS with BODIES. Not BODIES with SOULS. It is important to remember we are souls and our body is a way we can help our soul to grow. We are here to experience being human. Learning all about the human condition helps our soul to grow. We are constantly trying to find a path to connect us to other spiritual realms and ways to feel free from our body. That is our most natural state, so we yearn for the feeling of complete freedom, perfect peace and unconditional love to surround us. Exploring the Astral planes is one way to find that feeling of freedom and another to understand our soul.

  • Aline Vieira
    Aline Vieira Month ago +1

    Que porra é essa?

  • XxhislovexX
    XxhislovexX Month ago

    Is this considered binaural beats?

  • Christopher Moore
    Christopher Moore Month ago

    Our family used this through our dogs transition into death, very helpful.

  • by SilentAssasin808

    11:11 3:33

  • Sam Lee
    Sam Lee Month ago

    "Repairs DNA"

    You're not fooling anyone.

  • Calming Sounds
    Calming Sounds Month ago

    This may be a dumb question, but how do the different Hz affect you? Or do they?

  • Stella Bodden
    Stella Bodden Month ago

    love ur music..very healing thank to one n all

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